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Improvement at anything is based on thousands of tiny failures, and the magnitude of your success is based on how many times you’ve failed at something.  If someone is better than you at something, then it’s likely because she has failed at it more than you have.  If someone is worse than you, it’s likely because he hasn’t been through all of the painful learning experiences you have.

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I met an Australian exchange student and I was half asleep and not thinking straight so she mentioned she hadn't been to Sidney and somehow my second pick was asking if shr was from "Canberra" to which she replied "Oh god not that shithole why eould you even think that?". How do you feel about Canberra?

Canberra is fucking BEAUTIFUL. It’s colder than most places in straya and it has fucking awesome parks with mazes and good times but I also might just be romanticising it because I lived there as a kid. But I’m always tempted to move back there.


An R76 week contribution.

Day 1 -  “How We Were” - History/Decay

He remembered what they used to be.

Young love. Burning passion, precious and ever so foolish. Gabriel would like to believe it started out purely physical. After all, nobody could say Jack wasn’t attractive. He was beautiful, skilled and had the characteristics of a saint. He was top in training, best soldier on the field, could handle almost every situation like a pro.

Jack Morrison was perfect, and Gabriel sort of hated him a little.

Jack was the sun that blotched out all shadows. He flourished and thrived in the light. Jack was all that was good, righteous and golden. But he was also deadly, a well-sharpened blade that had befallen many. Jack was the brightest and, at times, the cruellest of them all.

It would have been easier to pretend it all came from physical attractions.

They came from different worlds. They were very different from each other, and then not so much. Their experiences were the same after they had entered this new life, leaving everything behind and, essentially, only had each other. A sense of companionship developed, out of attraction or the weakness of the hearts, Gabriel couldn’t say for sure, but it was there. In lonely nights after training, painful hours after SEP treatments, bleary after-missions mornings, in the awkward stories they shared when things got a bit too sentimental.

And it grew from there. Into fleeting smiles and stolen moments. Shared warmth and touches. A togetherness that was forged in blood and hardship. There wasn’t much for them out there, their future decided. But in each other, they found a normalcy, in claustrophobic iron bunkers and sleazy bars wherever deployments were. There were the scanty days off-duty, when they would go to see a movie, months after its release. A ration bar in place of birthday cake, right in the middle of a bombardment. Surprise “dates”, with packaged meals and secretly-stashed wine. The embarrassment and hidden glee when they mixed up socks.

It was something both so beautiful, and terrible in the long run.

Jack carried much on his shoulders. Duties were always more important and so were opinions of others. It was an obsession and, in it, he slowly lost himself. Ever so pristine, ever so proper, Jack Morrison became more of an icon than a soldier, or even human. No longer were the nights spending with Gabriel, rare as they already, no longer were the small talks, about little things and life. Celebrations and anniversaries were put on hold, and slowly drifted to nonexistence.

And yet…petty as he was, Gabriel couldn’t say that it wasn’t just Jack who had changed.

Time passed. And the rift between them grew.

Funny how Ana always joked that their chemistry was explosive.

The rest was history.

Reaper was a far echo of what Gabriel Reyes was, what he could have been. Oh yes, he was sore and he would never forget the chain of events that later would lead them to this. What he had become.

He was a monster, idly watching the smog of his breath floating towards this blotched, broken ceiling. The walls were coming apart and the floor could barely endure the weight of one man. The furniture was faded and bursting at the seams. Windows barred and sinks leaking.

And then, there was a snore.

Silver-crowned head in his lap, well-cut but aging body cocooned in bandages, there Soldier76 lay, sleeping like a child. Talons came to rest above his steady chest, feeling the warmth seeping through caked blood.

Some things never changed. Some things were worth the pain.

Tipping his head back, the mask slipped away from Reaper’s hand. For now, he would wait, for the sun to rise once again.


i’m still not over the scene where kim shin meets with the boy that was being abused by his adoptive parents. kim shin states that he has helped bring many miracles to many people, but most of them then begin to rely on miracles instead of taking charge of their own life and helping themselves. however, this boy experienced one small miracle and then took control of his own life to become a lawyer and help many other people, which is why kim shin has such a strong attachment to him.

this is really a message that resonates deeply. one should not rely on luck. one should work hard to not need luck. others should also not disregard someone’s efforts by believing they were just lucky. everyone goes through difficult situations and to say that they got where they are just by luck is ignoring all of the effort and hardship they had to struggle through. calling someone lucky is not a compliment to them, it is in fact an insult where their hardworking traits are reduced to just luck. 


“Mass is not proportional to volume.

A girl as small as a violet,

A girl who moves like a flower petal,

Is pulling me toward her with more force than her mass.

In that moment,

Like Newton’s apple I rolled toward her

Without stopping until I reached her.

With a thump, my heart keeps bouncing between the sky and the ground.

It was my first love.”

I mean this combined with gong yoo’s voice…i think my own heart kept bouncing between the sky and the ground. 



Around here, however, we don’t look backwards for very long. We keep moving forward, opening new doors, and doing new things, because we’re curious and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths. - Walt Disney

If you’ve never seen Meet the Robinson’s before, you really need too. The whole movie is based around the phrase “Keep Moving Forward” and how failing =/= failure. 


Nailed It. #lazytown#apple#fail#love#to#move

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When I was asked if I still have feelings for you, my mouth said no yet my heart said yes.
—  Things I realized when I was struggling, part IX

I noticed that the biggest reason why Edward was so angry when Oswald said “I did it for love”, because it reminded the riddler wheh he said “I did for you” when he killed Doughery for Kristen. And that moment, Oswald reminded that darkest part of Edward’s life and he hates it.
So making sure Oswald dies knowing he would never be capable of loving someone would help him move on. But it failed miserably when Ozzie proved him wrong when he had such a strong epiphany, which makes Edward more furious; so furious that he hates himself, cause like what @ohnygma said, Oswald is always one step ahead of Ed.


So tonight was the Mixed Martial Arts awards. Haha, no. It was the Melon Music Awards but seriously, whenever I see MMA, I just think caged fighting. Not that the actual awards show was that much different and I know for a fact that there is definitely fighting going on somewhere but let’s be positive (for a moment). 

1. EXO won many things. Brand New Information. I’m suspicious that they might have stock shares in turtlenecks though. Particularly in shades of brown and sienna. Dear SM Stylists, it’s 2016. Come join me in these modern times where actual shirts exist for men. 

2. BTS. You know what’s really funny? Last year BTS lost the Best Dance Performance award to Shinee then came out with that iconic lightshow choreo for ‘I Need U’ that people still remember. This year they lost to EXO then came out with a literally incendiary performance of ‘Fire’ with that one move that never fails to blow minds. The best way to get back at something is to just get better and they’re always proving that. Black oceans are immature, petty and don’t mean shit when when you’ve just won Album Of The Year. 

3. IKON. It was a mess but they looked like they were having so much fun. It was so great to see them again because you know, I’m not Japanese and I don’t have that kind of access. Haha. I will never not enjoy Bobby. Ever. He’s like best kind of trainwreck. 

4. BeWhy was great! I was so surprised to see him but so happy he got a stage and some more attention. Seeing him makes me wonder why Jay Park and his AOMG crew are always so ignored at these award shows. It’s quite peculiar. 

5. Zico. I always hope someone performs with a live band and god bless, he did. He is such a good performer and it was such a refreshing change from all the pop dancing the preceded it. I’m so glad he got proper recognition at the MMAs this year, he truly deserves it.

6. Okay Real Talk. I don’t think ‘Worldwide #1 Artist’ was a very accurate thing to put for EXO during that video intro of theirs. I’m just saying. Facts are being ignored here. I’d be more inclined to agree if they had said ‘Asia’s #1 Artist’ but Worldwide? Not for 2016. Receipts? I have 37. 

7. Hanbin won Life. When he walked out I was like, “Shit, that hot dude looks like a grown-up Hanbin.” And it was actually him. In all black. And wearing earrings. I will never be over this. I already know. I’m, what the millennials would say, completely shook. 

8. Bring on the MAMAs. And maybe give me an IKON arrival this time. Thank You God and all your Friends. 


aaaand it’s done!

Just a lil appreciation video dedicated to Taylor and her famous dance moves that never fail to brighten my day :)

Thank you for all the energy and inspiration @taylorswift ! 😘

Premise: A robber snuck into our cleric and wizard’s room in the middle of the night and was holding our cleric at knifepoint while our wizard slept.

GM: Okay, so the robber failed his move silently check, waking (the wizard) up.

Wizard: I sit up silently and assess the situation.

GM: The wizard is holding the cleric at knifepoint

Cleric (OOC): I swear that if you go back to sleep…

Wizard: I grab my spellbook from the nightstand as quietly as I can.

(succeeds move silently roll)

Cleric (OOC): What the fuck are you doing?

Wizard (OOC): Saving your ass. I stand up as quietly as I can and creep across the room.

Cleric (OOC): You’re not going to cast a spell?

GM: To be fair, all his spells require a vocal component, and the robber could slit your throat before he’s done.

Wizard: I whonk the robber across the back of the head with my spellbook.

GM: You have a clear shot, and it’ll count as a sneak attack… let me see… how much does the spellbook weigh?

Wizard: About 10 lbs.

GM: Wow. Okay, so roll 3d8.

Wizard: Total of 17.

GM: Wow. Okay, he only had 9 hp, so now he’s dying. (Cleric) do you want to save him?

Cleric: Fuck no. I’m going back to bed.