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The truth is, unless you let go, unless you forgive yourself, unless you forgive the situation, unless you realize the situation is over, you cannot move forward.
—  Steve Maraboli
I believe in the power of forgiveness. No point in holding a grudge. I wish the best for you and hope you continue to grow and heal.
—  Affirmation of the day.
Pay less attention to the words that people say and greater attention to their tone of voice, the look in their eye, their body language—all signals that might reveal a nervousness or excitement that is not expressed verbally.  If you can get people to become emotional, they will reveal a lot more.  Cutting off your interior monologue and paying deep attention, you will pick up cues from them that will register with you as feelings or sensations.  Trust these sensations—they are telling you something that you will often tend to ignore because it is not easy to verbalize.
—  Robert Greene, Mastery
While The Boys Are Away | Bobby [M]

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Anonymous said: Could I request a smut bobby? Where it’s your first time sleeping together? Thank you!

Anonymous said: can I request Bobby smut where you guys have been dating for a while and have the first time at his dorm when no ones over but nearly get caught at the end💜

Warning: Fluffy smut. Oral, cunnilingus, and very vanilla sex.

Word Count: 3,266

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13 Reasons Why (Tape 2)

Characters: sister!reader, Dean, Sam, Crowley, mention of John, readers mom

Warnings: blood, angst, death, swearing, blackmail

Word count: 4775

Summary: Dean listens to tape two and learns the truth about what happened to your mother. His suspicion grows as he finds out more about who is and who isn’t part of the reasons why.

A/N: sorry I’ve left you waiting for so long but part two is finally here!

Series: Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7 Part 8 Part 9 Part 10

You ran inside your old house, it felt strange to be home. But that’s where this place was… Home. Your place with John was never a home, it was just a motel; a room with four walls. That’s not what a home meant to you, it was a person more than a place. That person to you was your mom and you needed her now more than ever.

When you opened up the door you had expected her to be on the couch watching a movie or something. The TV was on, however she wasn’t there. Your mom would never have left the TV on and gone to bed, so where the hell was she? You shut the door behind you and checked in the living room once more.

Heading up the stairs you heard the noise of the TV from her room. Why would the upstairs and downstairs TV be on?

“Mom?” You called out, but there was no answer. “Mom, it’s me, Y/N… I’m sorry, things didn’t work out with John.”

You walked into her room and saw her foot hanging off the end of the bed. You figured she must have fallen asleep while watching TV. You smiled as you thought of her peacefully laying there and not having to worry about anything. You wanted to cover her with a blanket but as soon as you walked in, you saw something you weren’t prepared for.

Everything stopped for a moment, you couldn’t move or breathe. Not a single sound came from your mouth, you just stood there and stared at her lifeless body covered in blood. “No.” The short word just about escaped your lips. Your throat was dry and you still couldn’t move. You weren’t sure if it was fear or shock doing this to you but it was as if you had been frozen on the outside yet your mind was screaming on the inside.

Then the smell hit you. That smell your brothers and father had told you was an instant alert of demons. Sulphur.

“Fuck. No, fuck fuck fuck,” you finally screamed now that your body finally let you move. “Mom?” You sobbed as you moved forward and held her body close to you. You didn’t care that you were getting blood all over your clothes, all you were desperate for was to bring your mother back. “Please wake up!”

You laid her back down on the bed and looked down at her. She looked so… Peaceful. That’s not how someone should look when they’re dead, should they? Before you could even begin to think of a way to fix this somehow, a voice spoke.

You jumped and turned around to see a man in a black suit, an evil grin plastered on his face. “Hello, love,” he spoke in a British accent.

“What the hell are you doing here? Are you a demon?” You snapped as you stood away from your mom. “Did you do this to her? I swear I’ll-”

“Yes, I know. You swear you’ll kill me and bleed me out and blah blah blah blah,” he interrupted. “And I’m not just some demon, little Winchester. I am the king of hell.”

* * *

“Crowley. Welcome to your tape,” you revealed.

He couldn’t believe what he was hearing. He had no idea that Crowley was the demon that killed your mother. Now that Dean recalled it he realised that you never really gave details on who killed your mother. But why?

“Not only did you destroy my life by taking my mother away from me, but you also made sure I could never tell anyone it was you because you knew my secret. You held that secret over me to make sure that my family never came after you for hurting my mom… I kept you safe to keep myself safe,” you explained. Dean fidgeted in anger and anticipation. “But now I’m gone, I’m dead and I don’t have to keep my secret anymore… Now I can let it out on this tape that you are the one that murdered an innocent woman. But when people know your motive, well, that’s the real twist in this story.”

Dean had so many questions about this. He had mixed emotions: he was confused, angry and intrigued. Crowley being the one that murdered your mother wasn’t the twist of his story? What the hell could his motive have been? What could you or your mother had done to make him want to hurt you so badly? But if Dean needed answers, that’s what the tapes were for.

“So, Crowley,” you said in a sassy voice, a voice that Dean missed so much. “Let’s begin with my secret.”

* * *

“I know who you are, Y/N,” he smiled. “We just need to have a chat, my names Crowley.”

“I don’t fucking care who you are,” you spoke dangerously low through gritted teeth. Tears of anger and sadness slid down your cheek as you talked to him. “I wanna know what the hell you’re doing here, what happened to my mother?”

“All in good time, darling,” he smiled evilly. As much as you wanted to just jump forward and kill him, you needed answers. The fact that you had just lost your mom failed to sink in, the mixture of rage and sadness was more towards the fact that something bad happened and it was out of your control. Right now, talking to Crowley was the only way to take control of the situation.

“We shouldn’t talk here,” Crowley insisted. With a snap of his fingers you were gone from your mothers bedroom; you appeared in a humid room full of people with black eyes. Crowley simply raised his hand as a motion for them to leave and they did it right away, no questions asked.

So maybe this guy really was the King of Hell, he had such a power over everyone. He walked over to a large, black throne and took a seat where you stood a few feet away from him. It felt like he was your King and you were bowing down to him but there was no way you would ever bow down to this asshole.

“Why did you bring me here?” You demanded.

“We need to discuss things. There are reasons I killed your mother, and there are reasons you can never tell your brothers or your father. They would kill me,” he explained.

“That’s exactly what I want,” you spat through gritted teeth. “There’s nothing you can say that will stop me from telling my brothers that you are the one that killed my mom.”

Now, now,“ he spoke confidently. “There’s a little more to it than that, Y/N. I know things… Things you wouldn’t want your family to know about you.”

“And that is?” You questioned, you had no idea what it could have been but there were so many options. You had a lot of secrets and a lot of bad history. How would Crowley know about any of them?

“Do you remember-” he stood up from his throne, walked down the step and towards you, “-that night you were drunk, we spoke in the bar.”

Now you started to remember him. You were so drunk that night you didn’t even think about who you spoke to. He circled around you as he continued to explain the story. “Drunk girls really like to open up about their feelings, especially the feelings about their daddy’s that leave them.”

What the hell did you say about John? What was Crowley talking about?

“I remember you,” you said with a shaky voice. “But, I didn’t talk about John. You just helped me out of the bar and back to my motel room, then you left. That was it.”

“You really don’t remember, do you?” He asked with excitement in his voice.

You stayed still in your place as Crowley continued to walk around you in a circle, time and time again. “I do- I don’t- I don’t remember.”

“You really don’t remember the fact that you wanted to kill John Winchester?” He questioned and now it all hit you. You remembered the whole night. You remembered that you told Crowley about hunting, thankfully he already knew about it or you would have revealed it to someone who might then start telling everyone. You thought back to sitting in the bar and telling Crowley your whole life story; how you father left you; how your mother was all you had; the fact that you were bullied for questioning your sexuality all through school; the amount of times you had sex with countless people just because you wanted to feel something other that hurt. He knew everything.

* * *

“You knew everything about me, didn’t you? You made sure you did your research before hurting my family so that you could cover your back. When we met in that bar… I thought you were kind. I guess I always made judgements too quickly.”

Once again, Dean paused the tape. Instantly, Crowley was a dead man walking. There was no chance that Dean would let this dick get away with it. But then he remembered the message at the beginning of tape one, you said there is someone making sure they always listen to the whole thing. Maybe this person watching is also making sure Dean or whoever is listening can’t react by hurting the others.

Dean stepped out of his room. He left the tape in the player but put the rest back inside the box so he could find them easily for the time he listened to them.

John, Mary and Sam were all in the library and looking for a case. “Hey,” Sam said as he noticed Dean. “I think we found us a case.”

“It was Crowley?” Dean snapped, changing the subject of the conversation completely.

“You’re only on the second tape?” Mary demanded. “What’s taking you so long?”

“It’s hard to listen to,” Dean replied.

“I listened to it in one night the first time,” Mary revealed. The first time? She listened to it more than once?

“We need to have a life outside of these tapes, okay?” John intervened. “Look, Sam has found us a case and we haven’t been on a hunt in weeks. I say we go check it out.”

“Not all of us need to go,” Sam said as he held his laptop in his hands and looked at the case. “You two can just go, I can tell you’re eager for a hunt. I can find another one for me and Dean.”

“Sure, we’ll take this one,” Mary agreed. “I’ll go get some stuff for the road,” she told John before walking off.

Sam walked away with Mary and said it was to help her pack things but Dean was sure it was so they could talk about the tapes. He looked over at his dad who was slouched in the chair; he must have been drunk again.

“Why are you all so fine with these tapes?” Dean demanded. “Why have you all listened to them and never brought them up? Why aren’t they affecting you?!“

“Dean, they did affect us. And no one on these tapes could tell anyone anything, Y/N said it was part of her legacy to be the one to tell everyone how they ruined her life,” John explained as he stood from his chair. He pushed himself up by leaning his hands on the table. He was barely fit to drive, Dean had no idea how he was going to hunt.

“We’re family,” Dean snapped. “We’re supposed to tell each other everything!”

“We used to the first time around. But since your mother and I came back, things have been different.” John shook his head as he walked past Dean to go and find Mary.

Dean shouted before John could leave, “what about Sam?”

“He’s not even on the tapes!” John hissed. “He was the first one to listen to them and now he’s making sure all of us do too.”

Dean was taken aback by what John had revealed. Sam isn’t on the tapes. Sam is the one that you talked about on the tapes when you said the people listening are always being watched. But how did Sam know what to do? Did he know that you were going to kill yourself and not stop it?

Dean had too many questions running through his head. He wanted to ask John about it but if he tried to speak a jumble of words would just pour out like vomit. He waited to speak to Sam, he wanted answers right from the source rather that trying to get more out of John.

Once your dad and Mary had headed off for the hunt, the boys were left alone in the library which gave Dean the perfect opportunity to ask questions.

“Dad told me that you’re not even on the tapes,” Dean revealed.

Sam was shaken by what Dean said. He knew he would eventually find out, but never this early. He hated that he would have to explain this all. “I can explain.”

“Did you know?” Dean questioned which left Sam a little confused.

Sam stared at his brother with furrowed brows, “did I know what?”

Dean had to take a second to realise what he was accusing him of. Him and Sam had done some terrible things over the years, but suggesting that he knew you were going to kill yourself and letting it happen wasn’t something he would do. Never. His eyes darted to the floor, he was trying to think of what to say but it didn’t matter; Sam figured out what he was implying.

“No,” Sam shook his head. “No, you can’t accuse me of that, Dean. Of course I didn’t know she was going to kill herself, do you really think I wouldn’t have done everything I could go stop her?”

“I know,” Dean agreed. “But that doesn’t explain anything, Sammy. You’re not on the tapes, but you were the first person to listen to them.”

“Y/N left me the box with a note on the inside,” Sam began to explain.

* * *

The box was sealed and ready. You made sure Sam busy in the kitchen before hiding in the drawer in his room. He wouldn’t need to go in there until tomorrow when he changed his clothes which meant he wouldn’t find the tapes until you were already dead… He wouldn’t find them before it was too late.

It was hidden under a few of his shirts to be sure that if he did go in the drawer to put something away he wouldn’t be able to see it. When you left his room, you had a quick thought, something changed inside of you and you started to believe that maybe you could beat this.

You pushed past it. You couldn’t let that get in the way of everything.

* * *

“A few days after she… Took her life,” he stuttered as he looked down at his hands. He tapped them against the table nervously. “I found the tapes in my drawer. Inside was a note, she explained about the tapes and that I needed to listen to them and make sure everyone on the tapes heard them. She wanted me to make sure that no one could hurt each other until everyone on there had heard them. I have the note here if you wanna read it.”

Sam pulled out his wallet and dug out the note. He held it and looked at it for a few seconds before passing it to his brother.

Dean took the crumpled, folded piece of paper and held it in his hands. “I don’t know if I can. Not yet. Can I keep it for a while?”

“Sure,” Sam nodded. “As long as you need.”

“This note is instructions on what to do?” Dean asked.

“She said it’s her only legacy…” Sam replied. “She wanted me to pass it on for her.”

“Why are you?” Dean questioned. “Why not just kill everyone on the tapes?”

“Because there are people on there that I care about. And Y/N begged me to not do anything until everyone had heard the tapes… I owe it to her to make her mark,” Sam explained. He stopped tapping on the table and moved his hand to his mouth where he nervously bit his nails. He didn’t know what to do with his hands, he felt awkward and weird. He finally just folded his arms over his chest and stood still.

“People you care about are on there? What about Crowley?” Dean snapped.

“We can do something about Crowley when you finish the tapes. You’re the last one on there,” Sam told him.

“The last one? So everyone else on there has heard them?” Dean asked but he already knew the answer.

Sam nodded. He didn’t want to answer anymore questions because what you wanted was for people to know your story through the tapes.

“I just have one more question. Just one more,” Dean promised.

Sam looked up from the floor and back over at Dean; he noticed how serious his face was. Sam knew he wouldn’t be prepared for whatever question was going to follow, but he never knew those words would leave Dean’s mouth.

“Did I kill Y/N?” His hands shook as he asked the question. He knew he would have to listen to his tape, but he would have to wait through everyone else’s first.

“We all killed her,” Sam replied, avoiding the real answer.

“That’s not what I asked,” Dean spat. “Sammy,” he spoke in a sad voice, “after listening to these tapes, and knowing what you know now, answer me that. Did I kill our little sister?”

Sam paused as he stared at his older brother. Dean had never looked so broken or damaged. There was no point in lying because Sam was a terrible liar. Dean knew what the answer was.. But he just needed to hear it. “Sam..”

“Yes,” Sam finally said. “Yes… You did.”

Dean just nodded. He heard what he needed to hear, that one simple word summed it all up for him. He was at the end because he was the final reason.

“But Dean, it doesn’t mean you did it on purpose.” Sam tried to convince him that somehow this wasn’t his fault. “It was just what happened, there was nothing you did or could’ve done… It was just the final straw that drove her to the edge.”

“She’s dead because of me,” Dean concluded.

“Dean!” Sam shouted because his brother wasn’t listening to him. “I already told you. We all killed her.”

There was no reply. He just walked off and went back to his room to listen to the tapes. Dean knew it wasn’t just his fault, but the fact that he even had a part to play in this all was something he would never forgive himself for.

Back in his room, he picked up the tape player on his bed, put the headphones back on and played the tape again. It was like an endless cycle. He felt like all he was doing was listening, leaving his room, listening, leaving his room. Maybe after this tape he should go on a hunt… Even if it’s just a hunt for Crowley. Dean is the last guy on the tapes, Sam said so himself. So if Dean went after Crowley it wouldn’t stop your story from being passed on.

He held it in his hands and once again pressed play.

“So now you know, Crowley, that the people on these tapes will find out that I did want to kill my own father. Everyone knows my secret, now it’s time they knew yours. You do remember why you killed my mother, right?”

* * *

“Why did you do it?” You cried. “What did she do to you?”

“Your mother had a lot of secrets,” Crowley revealed as he stood still in front of you. “There were a lot of things about her that you didn’t know, love. It’s even one of the reasons she wanted you to go live with daddy.”

“No,” you shook your head. “She sent me to live with him because she wanted me to know my father. She always said that a girl should think well of her father.”

“Not that you ever did, considering you wanted to kill him,“ he replied sarcastically.

“You’re still not answering my question,” you hissed. “What the hell could my mother have done to make you do this?”

“Your mother,” he said with power in his voice, “was a hunter.”

“What?” You demanded. “No! She had no idea about hunting, she would never have sent me to live with John if-”

“She sent you to live with John because she wanted you to have knowledge of the life,” Crowley interrupted. “And the reason she couldn’t be the one to teach you was because she was going to do the trials.”

“The trials? You mean like- like the ones that Sam-” you stuttered. “Like when Sam was going to close the gates of hell?”

“Exactly,” he nodded before walking back to his throne and sitting down. “She was going to destroy this place, I couldn’t let my kingdom go down.”

“It wouldn’t go down it would just be closed meaning demons can’t get out! You hate earth anyway, why would you want to stay? You had no good reason to kill her!” You screamed as you stepped closer to to him. You swore that for a minute you put the fear of God in him. “You fucking asshole!”

“I did what I had to do!“ He shouted back. “Your mother became a hunter when John left you because she wanted to protect you from demons.”

“Exactly, she wanted to protect me!” You screeched through tears of anger. “She was a kind woman who wanted to help the world and you killed her so you could feel powerful… You did it so that everyone in hell didn’t know that you are weak, Crowley.”

He knew that everything you were saying was true, but he couldn’t put up with it. Not if he wanted to keep up his image as this big, scary King that ruled hell. He pushed his hand out and as if by magic you flew back into one of the pillars. When you stood up he was standing directly in front of you with a knife pressed against your face. It dug into your skin and cut along your cheek, causing you to whimper.

“If you speak a word of this to any of the Winchesters, and I mean any of them, I will feed them to my hell hounds and make sure you’re the last one and that you suffer. And even before that your secret will get out and they may even try to kill you themselves. It’s not like you ever fit in with them anyway,” he growled. “Do not try me, Y/N. I’ve already killed someone you love, you weren’t there to stop it. Don’t let it happen again.”

Crowley snapped his fingers and you were back in your mothers bedroom. The warm blood was dripping from your cheek and onto the floor. Your moms body was gone, the only thing to show that she was once there was the pool of blood on her sheet. He must have taken her to hell when he sent you back home.

Now you just felt numb. Nothing could happen to change your mood right now. Someone could literally come running at you with a knife and you would just let them. You didn’t care at all because at least you would be feeling something.

The only thing you had left now was going back to live with John. You didn’t want to; the only plus side was that you would get to live with your brothers again. You didn’t really know what to feel about Mary yet, you hadn’t known her long enough but you had a strong feeling that she didn’t like you.

You rummaged through your backpack and found your phone. You called the only person you thought you could trust right now. Sam.

You clicked on his name and waited. After three rings, he finally picked up. “Hey, Y/N. Look, I’m sorry about what dad did to you, I know that he regrets-”

“Sam,” you spoke. Your voice was at a low tone, the kind that if someone spoke in that way anyone would know something was up. “Sa- Sammy.”

“Y/N? What’s-”

“It’s my mom,” you sobbed. “She’s, she’s dead.”

“Y/N, where are you? Stay right where you are I’m coming to get you. Dean!” He shouted to his brother. You heard a door open, Sam must have stepped outside when you called. “Get the keys we need to go get Y/N.”

“Sam,” you cried. “I- I don’t know what happened. It smells like sulphur so it must have been a demon… But I don’t know who.”

“Did you see the demon?” Sam asked as you heard the Impala door shut and the engine roar. They were on their way. “What did it look like?”

“I don’t remember… It cut across my cheek with a knife but everything just happened too quickly,” you lied. “I just, I need you to come here and get me.”

Sam stayed on the phone to you until they arrived. Once they were there they broke the door down and ran upstairs to find you in your mothers room. “The demon took her,” you told them as they came in.

Dean held Ruby’s knife in his hand firmly as he moved around her room to see if anyone was still there. He then walked out of the bedroom and went to look around the rest of the house. You weren’t paying attention to what Sam was doing until you felt his body weigh down the bed next to you.

You both sat next to each other on your moms bed in silence. Anything he said wouldn’t have been enough, so he wrapped his arms around you from the side and held you close. That’s all he could do and the comfort was what you needed. Sam and Dean were the only people left that you considered as family.

It felt like all you could do was cry in the arms of you big brother and hope that his comfort would be enough to not only help you through losing your mother, but help you forget that you have to lie for the man that murdered her.

“This is all my fault,” you whispered.

“No, Y/N don’t say that,” Sam replied as he kept his arms around you. “This isn’t your fault. I promise you are going to get through this. We love you.”

You simply shook your head. “I don’t deserve to be loved.”

* * *

“You ruined my life Crowley,” you concluded. “Have you ever heard that saying, ‘keep your mouth shut and your eyes open’? Well, that’s what I did all those years. I thought my brothers would figure it out, because sometimes silence speaks more than words. But they never did… So now that I’m dead I don’t have to keep my mouth shut. And my eyes may not be open anymore but I’m glad that I can open everyone else’s to what you really are. I can open yours to what you really are. A monster and a coward.”

And that was it. That was the end of tape two. Dean knew what Crowley had done to hurt you and he had never been more angry. Rage took over his body as he thought about that accent in a black suit destroying your life and forcing you to lie to your family. Crowley didn’t just break your family, he broke your trust which meant you never felt safe with trusting someone ever again.

Those were issues that followed you until the day you died. You were hurt and alone and that was all the fault of Crowley. The worst thing Dean realised was that there were 11 tapes left of awful things that people had done to you.

He would have to sit through even more of these and know that people had hurt you and he didn’t do anything to stop it. He would have to listen to everyone else’s tapes.

But worst of all, at the end of it… He would have to listen to his.


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Prompt #1

 This took way longer than it should have done… Anyway, this is for the two anons who both sent in similar requests!

Warning: smut, rated M

Hello,angel! I just want to give you a Malec prompt because I really like the way you write them. :) So basically Alec hears Magnus speak/sing something in Spanish and is angry and grumpy because he’s probably the only one who doesn’t understand and can’t talk this language (Izzy& Simon are like perf, Clary and Jace have the basics) . When he tells Magnus, the warlock decides to teach him, but in more intimate and erotic way, while they are in the bedroom. 

“Alec, are you okay?” Magnus asked, suddenly interrupting the previous fifteen minutes of complete silence.

They were sitting on opposite sides of the bed, the mattress between them  cold and the air between them still. Which was fine. Magnus of all people knew that everyone needed some quiet-time every now and again. He was spending this particular quiet-time reading his battered copy of Wuthering Heights for the nth time. Alec, however, did nothing except stare down at his fingers which must have been absolutely fascinating as they fiddled with the frayed hem of his baggy t-shirt.

Nonchalantly, Alec turned his head and said, “Yeah, I’m fine,” his eyes directed at Magnus but not looking directly at Magnus.

Magnus raised an eyebrow. “You sure?”

Alec nodded and shrugged. At the same time.

“What’s that supposed to mean,” Magnus deadpanned.

With an arduous sigh, Alec said, “I’m fine. Really.”

After folding down the top of the page carefully, Magnus snapped the book shut and placed it on the bed-side table, then turned back to Alec. “You haven’t exactly been talkative this evening,” he stated. “Not that you’re usually particularly talkative… Let me paraphrase that: you haven’t exactly been more talkative than the less than talkative but sometimes pretty talkative that you usually are.”

Alec snorted and, despite trying as hard as possible to keep his expression stony, a tiny smile pulled at the corner of his lips. Mission accomplished, Magnus thought, feeling very pleased with himself.

“Really. It’s nothing, Magnus,” Alec eventually said.

“Well it’s your loss,” the warlock said, still not entirely convinced.

And then the silence returned.

“Did I do something?” Magnus asked.

“No,” Alec said in the most unconvincing way possible.

“You’re a terrible liar,” Magnus informed him. “And don’t think that I don’t recognise the silent treatment when I’m given it.”

“How am I giving you the silent treatment?” Alec exclaimed, a hint of uneasy indignation in his voice. “I’m talking to you now, aren’t I?”



“You know what.”

“I actually don’t.”

The warlock rolled his eyes to the ceiling and sent a quick prayer to any deity who may be listening. “Alexander,” he sang.

“Magnus,” he sang in reply.

“Don’t make me come over there,” Magnus warned.

“I’m not-”

Too late. Magnus was already crawling towards Alec and before the Shadowhunter could react, he was straddling Alec’s legs. “Come on. Talk to Aunty Maggie.”

Alec grimaced.

Magnus huffed. “At least give me a clue as to what’s wrong.”

All he got was a slow, displeased blink.

Magnus narrowed his eyes and considered leaving the grumpy Shadowhunter to stew in his own petulance, when a thought suddenly hit him.

Magnus gasped comically, a grin spreading across his face. “I know what it is!”

Alec gave him a sheepish glare.

“Oh, don’t look at me like that Alexander.”

Alec folded his arms across his chest defensively and glared at the duvet beside him. “S'not my fault,” he grumbled.

“Not your fault… what?”

“That I can’t speak Spanish.”

Magnus’ grin dropped from his face. “What?”

Alec’s head snapped up as he realised his mistake. “I thought you said…” At Magnus’ confused expression, he then said, “Wait. Why did you think that…?”

“I thought you were angry because I shrank one of your sweaters when I tried to do the laundry manually!” Magnus exclaimed, his voice rising in pitch as he spoke.

Alec frowned. “You did the laundry manually?”

“Yeah. Whatever. But what do you mean, you can’t speak Spanish?” Magnus asked, completely ignoring that last comment. “Why are you upset because you can’t speak Spanish?”

“You don’t remember, do you.”

“Remember what?…” Magnus asked, suddenly feeling a little guilty.

Alec bowed his head as he tried to hide the embarrassed blush that tinged his cheeks and he worriedly chewed his bottom lip.

Magnus was still straddling Alec’s legs as he sat in thought. He wracked his brain for something- anything. He’d tried to run through all the events of the day in his head, remembering what he did first thing in the morning, and then at midday, and then-


Alec seemed to pick up on Magnus’ realisation, as he then said, “I know it’s not a big deal and I know you didn’t say anything bad, but Izzy and Simon understood you, and so did Clary and Jace and I–” He took in a deep breath. “I just want to know what you said.”

“You could have asked-”

“I did,” Alec said quickly. “But you… I don’t think you heard me at the time. And you had clients in the afternoon, so I didn’t want to interrupt.”

Not knowing how to respond to that, Magnus found himself yet again speechless because of Alec, who seemed so insecure and uncomfortable as he confessed what had been on his mind. This was a shadowhunter who was insecure about not being able to speak Spanish. Most shadowhunters, Magnus knew, would never find it in themselves to care about something as mundane as that. But Alec wasn’t most shadowhunters, and although Magnus already knew this, he still found himself surprised at some of the smallest things that Alec would do.

So Magnus leaned in and kissed him. The contact was slow and gentle, but deliberate. It was clear that Alec hadn’t been expecting it, but he eventually relaxed into the familiar contact and brought his warm hands up to the back of Magnus’ neck and rested them there as if the touch reassured him.

When Magnus pulled away slightly, Alec softly asked, a smile in his voice, “What was that for?”

“For being you,” Magnus answered easily.

With a light snort, Alec told Magnus, “You know, I still want to know what you said earlier.”

Magnus paused, in thought.

“It wasn’t anything bad, was it?” Alec suddenly said, worry creeping into his voice.

“No! No, of course not!” Magnus exclaimed.

“Then why…”

Magnus smirked, and then he was kissing Alec again, slow and teasing. The shadowhunter couldn’t resist at first, but when he seemed to gather his senses, he pushed against Magnus’ chest and pulled away. “Seriously, Magnus, I want to know what you said!”

“All in good time, my dear,” the warlock teased, taking Alec’s wrists and slowly moving them apart as he moved forwards and pressed his entire body against Alec’s so that he couldn’t escape. He nipped and kissed his way down the side of Alec’s neck, following the large, inky-black pattern of the deflect rune and ignoring Alec’s continued complaints as he did so.

As he reached the collar of the shirt, he released Alec’s wrists to snap away the inconvenience, causing Alec to squirm beneath Magnus as goosebumps broke out over his tattooed torso. Before Alec could push him off, the warlock snaked his magic around his wrists to keep him in place.

“Hey! That’s not fair!” Alec cried indignantly, pushing against the force holding him down but to no avail.

“Did I ever mention being fair?” Magnus drawled. “I think not.”

And then he snapped away the last of the material between them: his own dressing-gown and Alec’s boxers. Alec blushed heavily as he lay completely bare beneath Magnus, who was equally naked. Even though Magnus had seen him naked many times before, the shadowhunter’s pulse would always increase nervously as his clothes were removed.

Magnus then proceeded to make sure Alec was as unselfconscious as possible. He pressed his lips in an open-mouthed kiss to every rune and scar that painted Alec’s chest and stomach, tracing the lines with the tips of his fingers as he went. Alec had ceased straining against the magic that bound his wrists, instead yielding completely to Magnus’ power and relaxed slightly.

When Magnus reached Alec’s throbbing erection, he didn’t dive in straight away. First, he kissed and licked at Alec’s hipbones, well aware o another particular part of his body that would like the same attention.

When his lingered at Alec’s hips for a few seconds longer than necessary, Alec stirred. “Magnus,” he said, his voice throaty and deep. “Magnus, please…”

The warlock cocked an eyebrow. “Yes, Alexander my darling? What is it?”

“You know damn well what it is,” Alec growled.

“I’m afraid I do not understand,” Magnus said nonchalantly. “You’re going to have to explain it to me.”

Alec merely grunted in response, the sound a mixture of a sulky huff and a pained whine.

“Use your words, Alec dear-”

“Okay okay!” the shadowhunter nearly yelled. “Please, Magnus. Touch me, suck me- anything!”

A second later, Alec’s entire erection was engulfed by Magnus’ mouth. Alec let out a choked cry, arching his back off the bed before he could stop himself as he felt the back of Magnus’ throat. Magnus held him like that for a few moments, swallowing around Alec’s pulsing erection, and then pulled off, only to go back down again, causing the Shadowhunter’s entire body to shudder. With his free hands, he gripped the base of Alec’s cock and kneaded his heavy balls, eliciting even more moans from him.

“You do realise,” Alec said shakily as Magnus continued to bob his head, slowly and without rhythm, up and down Alec’s cock. “Th-that I still want to know what you said earlier… This isn’t going to make me forget.”

Magnus pulled off and said, “I’m not telling you what I said. I’m showing you,” before returning his attention to Alec’s straining erection.

“M-Magnus,” he stammered after a couple more minutes of the torturously slow friction. “I’m gonna… I’m going to…”

Magnus pulled off with a smirk. “So soon, darling?”

Alec flushed a darker shade of red and looked away. “Shut up,” he mumbled.

“I thought you wanted to know what I said…” Magnus said with a teasing tone.

“I thought you were in the process of showing me,” Alec shot back cleverly. “Or whatever that’s supposed to mean- By the Angel!” he exclaimed as Magnus swallowed him once more, only this time Magnus set off at a pace designed to make his boyfriend come as quickly as possible. Which he did.

Not even thirty seconds later, Alec came down Magnus’ throat with a throaty whimper which he would have smothered with his hands if his arms weren’t pinned down by Magnus’ magic.

Once Alec’s body had relaxed and stopped quivering with the after-shocks of his climax, Magnus released his softening cock and shuffled up the bed to lie beside his boyfriend. His own erection was still very much hard and throbbing, but it could wait.

“So?” he asked. “Any thoughts on what it was that I said?”

Alec’s eyes were closed and he was still catching his breath when he sleepily said, “I dunno… Something to do with blow-jobs?”

Magnus chuckled. “Nope.”

“Ugh, why won’t you just tell me?” Alec whined.


Alec pursed his lips. “Then at least let me finish you off,” he said with a glance down to Magnus’ cock.

“That does sound nice… But still nope.”

Alec sighed. “Fine then. Have it your way.”

A couple of seconds of silence.

“Magnus. Just tell me.”

“Okay then…” He pressed a deep, tongue-less kiss to Alec’s lips, and said, “I’ll tell you tomorrow.”

“What?!” the shadowhunter exclaimed. “Why tomorrow?!”

“Well,” he said, feigning deep-thought. “It depends.”

“On what?” Alec growled, narrowing his eyes.

Magnus grinned. “On whether that stamina rune of yours can get you up for a round two.”

Kiss Me

Request:  Can you do Wally West angst with “Kiss me or stop leading me on” please

AN: Wasn’t sure which version of Wally you wanted so I did YJ.  Also I’m really bad with angst

“I so wanna kiss you right now Arty.”  You frowned, watching from the doorway as Wally flirted with Artemis.  “Watch it Baywatch.” As Artemis walked out passing you, Wally noticed your presence.  “Kiss me,” you said after she left, closing the door to the room.  

He shook his head.  His orange hair moving with him.  “I can’t.”  When his arm moved forward to grab you, you moved back.  Your body shoved past his, shoulders bumping just to prove a point.  “I hope you’re happy with her, Wally.”

Wally watched as you slammed the door on your way out.  

“Kiss me,”  you grabbed wally by the arm and pulled him into the hallway.  This was an important mission, and instead of focusing on it he focused on the girls.  And you were done.  

“Kiss me or stop leading me on.”  His smiled set into a sad one.  When he looked at you, you only saw pity.  He pulled you into him and pressed his lips against your cheek.  

“I’m sorry.”

There wasn’t a sound in the room as the team stood silent.  Bodies of the manta stings covered the floor, the few alive retreating.  It was a victory.   “We sure showed them huh Y/N.”

Never would he have thought that this day would come.  The day where you would lay lifeless in his arms.  He never thought that his love for you would go unrequited.  

“Kiss me.”  He brought you close to him and sobbed.  It was too late.  “Come back.  Please.”

But you weren’t there to hear his words.

Don’t subject yourself to being in the wrong company, crowd or relationship. Protect your energy; mind, body and spirit. People’s vibes are contagious.
—  Lalah Delia

I love Manorian too much to not write it. I tried a new writing technique for this one, so it may not be up to par. Either way though I hope you all enjoy it! 

Title: Bedtime

Characters: Manon and Dorian

Summary: Manon and Dorian prepare to go to bed, however like most things, there is always a sass-filled standoff before such a thing can occur. 

“I won’t lie; your clothes look fantastic on me.”

Dorian watched from behind with an amused expression as Manon examined herself in the mirror. One of his navy blue button-up shirts hung loosely around her svelte frame, dipping below her waist just slightly. Of course, with Manon being Manon, the first three buttons at the top were undone to be more than a little revealing. A pair of his matching blue pajama pants barely clung around her waist, the pant legs pooling at her feet. Even with the pant strings drawn completely they were still only a few hip sways away from sliding right on off. Not that Dorian minded, of course.

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She’s Built Better Than Em Part III FINALE

Inspired by user Felinalain and their prompt of Aliens and animals, specifically what if aliens were confused by the nature of humans using other predatory creatures as assistants in place of more effective machines. The following is a yet another story in my vastly growing universe, and uses this prompt. Without any further ado, enjoy!


Sasha had finished repairing her arms as best she could, sighing at her work, “Well girl looks like we’re gonna need to find a few replacement parts for my arm,” she rolled her left mechanical shoulder, struggling to get it to move up to chin level. She got up and moved to lay down on the bed, “Breka, arm,” she clicked her tongue. 

Breka stood up excitedly and trotted over towards the table, grabbing the arm in her jaws and coming towards her friend. She angled it accordingly, and put it in the socket and everything. Gently nipping a few exposed wires and shoving them into the arm, the rather intelligent beast yawned, then growled happily at its work. 

“Thanks girl,” Sasha moved to pet Breka’s head with her left arm before finalizing the installation. “There we go,” she rolled her right shoulder a bit, open and closed the fist a few times, and nodded, “Perfect. This’ll work great.” The middle finger suddenly fell off, causing her to drop her smile and sigh, “Well … At least now I won’t be tempted to flip off anyone, eh Breka?” she turned to see her companion cock her head to the side in confusion. 

Sasha pet Breka and then got up, moving towards the Engine room to start monitoring her work once more, she was suddenly thrown off her feet as a shockwave went through the ship. “All crew to your stations repeat, all crew to your stations!” The ships alarm sounded off. 

“That ain’t good,” Sasha stood up as Breka gave her something to hold onto. “Better go find what’s on the up, stay here Breka, make sure my stuff is safe,” she ordered, to which Breka whimpered but nodded. Sasha started to jog, heading for the bridge. Upon reaching it, Sasha stopped as she saw a Heavy Cruiser bearing down on them. “What in the hell,” she blinked as she saw it Lorokian, a rather powerful and expansive empire and well respected member of the council. “What in the hell is going on?!” She shouted to Captain Ta’talia. 

The Captain turned back nervously, “A miscalculation.”

“What the hell kinda mess a numbers got us with a Lorokian war ship on us? In the Gol System of all places?!” Sasha stomped forward, “Answer me!” 

“It was not our fault! We had a suitable bribe, but the last human aboard took half of our profits! Even with your credit chit, we couldn’t afford to bribe the local patrols to ignore us.” She snapped finally, the stress eating away at her. 

“Why the fuck would you need to bribe them?!” Sasha was utterly at a loss. Lorokian even on the outskirts of space rarely stopped merchants. “Unless,” Sasha stopped and suddenly glared, “What are you transporting.” 

“That’s none of your concern, look you’re a soldier, tell them the Terran Republic will give them favor to leave us alone! We haven’t tried to bribe them yet so there’s nothing to worry about!” 

“What are you transporting,” Sasha stated again. 

Silence hung in the air. It was maddening to some of the officers on deck who were equally as choked up. “It’s none of your concern!” With this said, Sasha moved forward in a lunge, her body moving like a battering ram as she smashed into the Captain, pinning her to the ground and placing a metal foot on her neck. After giving a threatening gaze for a few minutes, and the rest of the crew unsure of what to do, the Captain finally croaked. “O-Ok,” she coughed. 

“Speak up!” 

“Dorium!” She shouted. “We’re transporting two crates … Of Dorium,” she continued to gasp for air. 

“Dorium?!” A familiar voice shouted. Sasha looked up to see a familiar Saurian, Jungo looking absolutely enraged. “You had us moving Dorium?!”

“Jungo?” Sasha perked up. A console next to Jungo began to light up. Everyone froze. They were being hailed by a notoriously obtuse and severe empire when it came to criminals. Dorium was anything but an exception, as the highly addictive Euphoria inducing substance was highly illegal throughout most settled space. Even most crime organizations banned the stuff, as kicking it was almost impossible. “Answer it,” Sasha nodded. 

“I,” Jungo hesitated. 

“Trust me, I got this.” Sasha waved him off to go ahead and answer. As the screen came on, Sasha suddenly dropped her jaw and starred in utter surprise. The creature before her looked as though it was an amphibious like creature, with large beady eyes and pale green skin. It wore a rather impressive uniform, yet before it could even speak, it’s jaw dropped as well. “Well shoot me now if that isn’t who I fucking think it is. A’rav, is that you?” Sasha blinked and leaned in to the screen before them. 

“Sasha? Sasha from that mission on Jul seven years back, do my eyes deceive me or is that really you, you massive bucket of fuckery?” The creature responded. Much of the crew sitting around it’s Captain’s chair on screen looked as confused by the break in protocol, as the crew around Sasha looked terrified at the fact this human knew the Captain in front of them. 

“In the flesh, you old bastard. Well,” she held up her arm missing it’s middle finger, “Mostly in the flesh,” she chuckled. 

“I wish you woulda called ahead, what the hell are you doing on this rust bucket? Got business out in the Gol system?” A’rav leaned in and smiled, showing a distinct lack of any kind of teeth. 

“That I do, hitched a ride here with Breka … Had no idea what they were transporting.” 

“Any other Captain wouldn’t have bought it, but I know you, my friend. I believe you. We’ll just need to take most of the officers in for questioning and detaining. Got a list of names and everything so we can be done in about 5-10 minutes Earth time, tops” he took off his military hat and leaned back in his chair. “And you should come on board. We can get you exactly where you need to be, no trouble.” 

“Aw shucks A’rav, you sure you’re not just trying to get lucky again?” She laughed, A’rav joined, while everyone remained on high tensions, their interactions adding more fear to the mix. 

“Ah old times, old times, this is strictly business for a friend.” A’rav raised his hand as he finally caught his breathe. 

“Ain’t no trouble. Yeah come on over buddy, we’ll have the officers ready.” Sasha nodded. 

“Wonderful, got a few minutes to chat while we dock?” A’rav inquired with a smile. 

“Sure thang, let me just head on back to my room, grab my bag. Stay on the line, ya hear?” She smiled back before getting off of Captain Ta’taliah. “I’d recommend you officers stay put, A’rav here won’t like it if you bolt, he’ll gun you down without issue,” Sasha grinned before turning her back to go back to her room. 

“Oh no you don’t,” Muttered Ta’taliah. She sprung up and lunged at Sasha with a knife. 

“Sasha behind you!” A’rav shouted. 

Sasha turned around, and brought up her arms to defend herself, but the blade tore through her left mechanical arm, lopping it off before she was kicked on the ground. “I’m not going back to prison!” Shouted Ta’taliah as she stomped on Sasha’s robotic knee, breaking it as well. 

Sasha cried out in pain before slamming her good arm into the Ta’taliah’s lower gut. Ta’taliah coughed up up blue blood before kicking Sasha in the face, knocking her on her back. “Cheap shots are my specialty, I didn’t work this hard for my own slice of paradise, just to see it taken away by a damn monster like you humans!” She dropped the knife and pulled a blaster out, aiming it right for Sasha’s head. 

“Sasha!” A’rav shouted in horror, standing up from his chair. 

Ta’taliah fired, but the shot did not hit Sasha. A loud whimper filled the bridge before the sound of screaming and flesh being torn replaced it. The entire present party witnessed in fear as Breka had barreled through the halls, took a blaster bolt to her eye, and was now proceeding to tear apart Ta’taliah like she was some sort of chew toy. No one dared stop the beast, and Sasha saw no need. 

“Breka!” She shouted after she knew Ta’taliah lay dead. The Vin’lek stopped, and she moved to help Sasha up on her one good leg. “Thanks Girl,” Sasha pet her friend and then flashed a smile towards Jungo, “Think a machine woulda done that?” She turned her eyes to A’rav, “Hey A’rav, got any spare parts for my arm and leg?” 

A’rav sat down in relief, “We have upgrades even, on the house, my friend,” he said rather quickly.

Sasha chuckled softly and reached for her cigarettes. “I’ll be here, do make it quick.” 

“We’re docking now,” A’rav nodded before the com was cut. 

“Like I said Jungo,” Sasha looked over to him again. “She’s built better than em machines.”


HEY YOU! How’s it going? It was a pleasure to work on this arch of the short stories I’m doing to pass time during my last year of university. Once again don’t forget, if you have any prompts you want me to work on just send me them, tag me in them, anything at all! I will put them in the que if I like em! All my stories are connected so never fear, old characters will always come back! Until next time, Fly safe fellow Explorer’s of the unknown.


NOW is the time. Start it. Apply for it. Study for it. Train for it. If you have to go back to school for it, ask God to provide and prepare yourself because He will make a way. Whatever IT is, you are more than capable of achieving if you believe, You just have to see it.  Forgive yourself -stop comparing yourself to others or what could have been because of past mistakes. Would you have been mentally, physically, emotionally or spiritually prepared if you got what you wanted then? Is what you wanted then still what you want for yourself now? Take the time to ask yourself what it is that you want. Most importantly, do IT for yourself (something I wish I was told earlier in life). You deserve that much. And those of you who are choosing something- specifically in college because “it will be quicker” as opposed to something else please, don’t let time be the deciding factor on the choosing of your career path, you’ll regret it trust me. For those who feel it is too late…I know an associate of mine who graduated from medical school at the age of 39 with 3 kids and is now a doctor fulfilling her dream.Doctor or renown esthetician, whatever it is doesn’t necessarily have to be work related… start planning now. Study/Reach out (if possible) to those who do what it is that  that you seek as a source of inspiration and background knowledge. The road may not be easy and may feel impossible but mannn I got stories…If you have to break some habits-e.g Instagram, video games or whatever (you know what takes up your time unhealthily) start by limiting the time you spend on those things daily. Keep a record of the things you spend time on to show your progress. If you have to lose some friends-bye,-may seem harsh but it’s the truth. You’ll naturally lose some people along the way as you progress, genuine friends will stick around. Faith is powerful and the words we speak against ourselves just the same. Trust in God, Move Forward. Your vision is only impossible when you say it is…

Engraved pt. 22

<– Engraved 21 | Sheltered 4 -> | Engraved 23 –>

Short: You’re a tattoo artist for a gang known as EXO who own a club down town. (read synopsis at masterpost)
Words: 3534
Notes for Update: 40
Warnings: Bombs, bondage (not the kinky type), threatening, manipualtion, dark hints, sedatives
Pairings: D.O. x Reader, slight Chen X Reader
A/N: Anothter super short and boring part, i’m rlly so sorry guys. But yeah idk this is happening…I hope you still enjoy it!

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Your pov

You stood there, unmoving, unbreathing, nothing came from you. It was like your body had completely frozen. He moved, stepping forward. You wanted to move away, to run, to bolt, but you couldn’t. There was no way, you were too afraid. His hand raised, and he reached out for your face. You squeezed your eyes shut, ready for the impact.
It never came, instead came a graze, soft fingertips over your cheekbones. “My beautiful little fawn. How have you been?”

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Not Again

by: mldrgrl
Rating: PG-13
Summary: See chapter 1

Chapter 2
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Chapter 14

Chapter 15, Day 169:

Reyes calls Mulder and asks him how quickly he can get to Montana.  She doesn’t tell him why, doesn’t want to say over the phone.  Doggett is in the hospital under a short quarantine from possible exposure to a biological agent.  With no one to make excuses to, he tells her he’ll be there right away.

When Mulder arrives in Helena, Reyes gives him the file of a suspect in custody who was arrested the night before for trespassing on a rancher’s property.  While the police were arresting the young man, another call came in from a rancher a few miles away that he’d found a body in a field on his property.  No body was recovered, but the neighbor of the rancher spotted two men coming out of the field shortly before the police arrived.

“The boy in custody, Richie Szalay, claims he was chasing a UFO and followed it onto the rancher’s property,” Reyes tells Mulder.  “He says his best friend was abducted in Oregon, just a few days before the others.”

“That’s true,” Mulder says, nodding.  “I know him.  Scully and I met Richie in Bellefleur a few days before the abduction.  Gary was already taken at that time.”

“I thought you’d be the best person to interrogate him.  He may not know anything about our missing fourteen, but he may still know something.”

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anonymous asked:

keith in love with his future s/o but he never gets the chance/courage to confess to them but they end up getting seriously injured (but live) and he ends up kissing them a little after he confess when they wake up? thank you, I love your writing!

SHADO”S NOTE: Michelle Tanner voice: You got it dude  I actually had to think what kind of serious injury the s/o would have but then again B) I do love this sort of stuff. / gun fingers at. But I’m so glad that you love my writing ;A; <3 / smooches. && also WOW THIS ASK BECAME LONGER THAN I THOUGHT ?? BLESS IT BE. I mean I personally love long responses to ask but ayee. I apologize for some grammar error && spelling lmao I couldn’t be bothered to re-read this to check.

     ❝ KEITH !

     YOU YELLED AS LOUD AS YOU COULD TO TRY TO catch the red paladin’s attention. But with each shout you did that was at least one pitch higher than the next , it did began to put a stain on your vocal chords. It was as if your own words  went out one ear && out the other as he stood a few good feet away from you. At times the male’s temperamental personality did start to annoy you , whenever both of you guys would team up to infiltrate one of the Galra’s ships. Sure you weren’t a paladin , but you weren’t the type to simply sit back at the castle && wait around ; most times you would likely pace around waiting for the others return. Though if you hadn’t spoken up one day during a meeting , that you wanted to join in ; then none of this that is happening right now wouldn’t have happen. You did held your ground , fighting off any of the galra that managed to get near you. Luckily enough the karate lessons that your father had put you through did came in handy , && not to mention a staff that Pidge managed to made as well did marvelous wonders. Making the design of it to your liking && to make it easier to move along with your body.  Your grip tightened around your staff , knuckles slowly turning white from your sheer annoyance at this very moment. 

      I’m not leaving ! We got this in the bag ❞ he yelled , his own voice had also started to strain ; not once averting his gaze away from the incoming enemy. Clicking your tongue against the back of your teeth , releasing a small tsk  through your lips ; your ears perked up hearing unfamiliar footsteps behind you. Guard quickly rose && immediately over looked your shoulder ; pupils widen in mild shock witnessing more numbers of the galra soliders heading your way.  ❝ Oh quiznack. ❞ Their rushing footsteps grew louder && louder ; followed by their fierce battle cry that quickly startled you to the bone. Hoisting your staff up with both of your hands steadying it near the top and bottom of the silver called weapon ; the sound of metal quickly collided it. Sparks of fire ignited from the sheer force of both weaponry , where the only thing that put some distance between the enemy && yourself. Teeth gritted ; brows furrowed while feeling a salty sweat rolling along the side of your face.  Your body had already began to weakened ; from the number of galra groups that both Keith && yourself had managed to take down , it did put some toll onto your body.  

       It was as if the timer from within had started a countdown ; mentally && physically preparing yourself to drop to the ground from any lack of strength that was wasted away fighting the enemy back.  With the force of the galra that was pushing his own strength against yours , you began to slowly bend backwards , your elbows && knees started to follow suit ; you knew your strength was weakening at each tick that went by.  

       ❝ What’s wrong human ? Getting tired already ❞ the galra solider spoke venomously ; baring their own teeth towards you , using their strength to force you down to the ground as possible.  Each inch you tragically lowered closer to the metal flooring ;  fear quickly struck into your eyes ; not once averting your gaze away from the galra male that was about to pin you down. You knew you weren’t that strong enough like the other paladins and your stamina never once had boosted like you wanted after you had stopped your training back on earth to study under the Garrison to becoming a fighter pilot. Still , this can’t end now ! Not like this ! Both you && Keith need to get out of here alive ; if not then both paladin && yourself would be captured. The mere thought of it did frightened you , becoming a prisoner of the enemy ; who knew what they would do to the both of you. 

        ❝ The only thing  . . ❞ you began to utter beneath your lips ; trying to gather all of the possible strength you had left to push the solider off. ❝ . . that I’m getting tired of is , seeing your ugly face ! ❞ Letting out your own battle cry between your lips , your voice rumbled from within your throat. The sound of your own cry startled the enemy ; giving you the chance to force all of your arm strength to push them away. Succeeding what you wanted to , the solider stumble back before regaining his footing , silently cursing at you underneath their breath. Aiming their sharpened blade to slash your upper body horizontally. With the sound of the air getting sliced by the metal blade , you quickly ducked down , bending your knees down as far as possible missing the metal blade that could have possible came into contact with your skin. Sadly to say that the ends of your locks were sliced , small pile of you ( H/C ) slowly fell to the ground behind you – acting as a stand in for your blood.  ❝  ARHHHH ! ❞ Pulling back your dominant hand , quickly form your hand into a tight fist ; before thrusting it forward to make a direct hit to the solider’s mid-section. 

       Heavy grunts exhaled through their purplish lips , stumbling back and immediately hunching over ; their grip not once dropping their sword.  ❝ YOU LITTLE SNAKE. ❞ he growled underneath his breath. Your eyes immediately squinted && quickly pushed yourself up. Twirling yourself to the side while swinging your staff within your palms ; with your grip tightly around it – you quickly brought it down with such force that made a sickening pop noise as the tip of your staff hit the back of the galra’s head. Knocking him out-cold. Your chest rose up && down , your mouth hung open – panting to catch some breath. Your throat burned with the sudden hastened breath ; cold air coming into contact with the hotness within your mouth.  With your body hunching over , you did began to feel your knees about to give out ; you knew there were more that had entered the wide open space between you && the exist that both Keith && yourself needed to get through and escape.  PLEASE MOVE. you thought to yourself , begging your own body to move forward or at least take one step. Hesitatingly you had managed to at least take a step forward ; aiming your weapon towards the newly unbeaten galra only to ultimately began to fall to the ground. You prepared yourself to hit the flooring letting your exhausted  body to lie motionless on the ground ; only to be caught into the arms of someone you knew. 

        Wearily you averted your gaze to meet up with gravel grey irises ; by the mere sight of it had made your heart skip a beat.   ❝ ( S/O ) ! ❞ His voice quivered , you can immediately tell he had begun to exhaust. Keith’s own chest matched the same movement of yours ; as if both of yours were in sync.   ❝ I- . . I’m fine. We need to get out of here && fast. ❞ Keith nodded in agreement. He never had expect to have this much of galra within one of the bases you guys needed to infiltrate. Shifting his gaze away from you , he stared down the new group of galra soldiers that had entered. By the looks of it , they were the last ones.  ❝ Let me handle the rest ( S/O ) , you stay here.  ❞ It wasn’t a request , it was a demand.  ❝ Keith , you can’t possible handle them. You need my help as well ! ❞ you exclaimed , trying to push yourself up with the support your staff.  ❝ You’re not a paladin ( S/O ) !  ❞ His words were sharp as a knife , those words had crushed your heart. The ebony haired male was right . . you weren’t a paladin. You didn’t piloted a lion nor you had a so-called bayard. But so help you , you weren’t going to stay around being so useless. You wanted to help your friends . .&& Keith – whom you had a crush ever since the start of your journey together.   ❝ I don’t care , I WILL help. && you can’t stop me !  ❞ Your voice rung out loud , hinted in determination that no one would you. 

         Silence grew between the two , both paladin && yourself gripped onto your weapons ; getting into your guys’ final stance for the day.  ❝ DON”T LET THEM ESCAPE. CAPTURE THEM BY ALL MEANS. ❞ one of the soldiers hollered hoisting their blasters up towards them && fired. With the purple beam of light heading directly between you && Keith ; both of you guys managed to evade the attack && returned your very own to them.  

        Everything had happened in a blink of an eye , somehow both you && Keith managed to take all of them down by yourselves. Your own body ached , pleading – sending signals from within to rest desperately. Your once clean battle attire now tattered in dirt , tiny splatters of galra blood and ripped cloths. Placing your hands on your knees , you looked up weakly to Keith – who return looked back at you. A warm smile crept across his face ; your cheeks tinted in pink returning your own angelic smile to him. It was then you saw him inching closer to you , the gap between started to short until finally he stopped right in front of you. His own hands slowly reached out to yours , gently grasping && intertwining his own digits with yours.  ❝ I’m . . glad you’re safe. ❞ he whispered , the sound of his voice began to crack a bit. Hearing what he had to say you couldn’t help but to feel the organ within your chest start to beat faster. Letting out a small exhausted giggle ; in which you swore that Keith had blushed in response.  ❝ Same to you Keith.❞ 

        Pulling his hands away slowly , he nudged towards their exist. Seriousness began to dwell on his features.  ❝  Let’s go , the others should be waiting for us at the docking bay.  ❞ You nodded , eyeing at Keith who turned his back and slowly walked away.  He wasn’t much of the type to show his emotions of affection during a mission , but at times he would either give you a small warm smile ; or a hug that you wish would have last forever. But the intertwining of your guys’ fingers together was something new. Could it be that he had began to have romantic feelings to you ?  ❝ As if . . ❞ you whispered softly to yourself. Sucking in some cold air through your lips , you began to walk behind the teen. Step after step , you manage to close the rather large gap between the two ; but enough to at least give somewhat of a smaller large one. 

        It was then you heard some rustling from the fallen bodies from behind that quickly caught your attention. Brows knitted together , the look of confusion clearly visible on your face. Exactly what was that noise ? Your movements halted , over-looking your shoulder only to see one of the fallen had miraculously survived ; barely hoisting their blaster to aim at the red paladin directly behind his back. Your eyes widen in horror , your face twisted into fear && immediately looked over towards Keith. Unbeknownst to was what happening behind.    

       ❝ WATCH OUT !

       You hollered in horror , causing the Red Paladin to halt his movements ; over-looking his shoulder to the galra already firing to Keith. Your hands let go of your staff ; your legs moving as fast as they can. Everything had happened in slow motion ; you couldn’t even recall what had happened. All you knew that you had managed to ran faster ; your arms extending out to push the paladin away into safety. The thud of his own body hit the flooring beneath him ; a grunt escaped through his lips as managed to roll twice before landing on his stomach. The galra who had shot quickly fell over ; as if his own duty there was done. The sound of their weapon hit the floor along beside him.  

         Keith quickly shook his head side to side , lifting his head up to see what had happened. His eyes widen in horror , fear had twisted his face upon witnessing you staring down your front of your body. Crimson liquid started to pool down your body , painting your once lovely attire and exposed skin into red. A wound that was clearly a bit large than the average of a bullet ; presented itself in your mid-section. Pain shot through your entire body ; feeling the gaping wound beginning to pulse ; as if itself were alive. 

        ❝ ( S/O ) !  ❞

        His voice hollered loudly in horror , Keith immediately pushed himself off the ground in a blink of an eye ,  && quickly ran towards you before your body finally begun to fall to the ground. The ebony haired male quickly slid ; catching you in a nick of time before your body had made a sickening sound to the ground.  ❝ No , no , no ! ( S/O ) look at me , you’re going to be alright !❞ his voice started to crack ,  his hand pressing down onto your wound. You felt the pressure of his hand on your mid-section only to cough in response as the taste of iron overwhelmed your mouth. Blood seeping down your parted lips as Keith’s blood began to ran cold.  ❝ I promise , you’re going to be alright. ❞ Lowering your upper half to the ground , Keith placed both of his hands on top of your wound ; shifting to sit on his knees – hunching over to protect your body from any more possible danger.  ❝ K-Kei.. ❞ He quickly shushed you , Keith didn’t want you to use anymore of your strength if even it means you needed to talk.  ❝ Don’t talk ! ❞ Panic quickly followed after him , his own lips parted as he began to shout looking away from ( S/O ) towards the doors that was suppose to be your guys safe haven. 

          ❝ SHIRO ! PIDGE ! LANCE ! HUNK ! ANYONE ! ❞ he yelled at the top of his lungs. The red paladin quickly looked back at you && down to his hands. A coat of red liquid painted onto his body suit , his gaze shifting  underneath you – only to notice a giant pool of blood beginning to form. Silently cursing to himself ; he moved one of his hands to his helmet. Clicking onto a small button  next to his ear to start verbally communicating to his team-mates.  

          ❝ Keith ? What’s wrong ? Where are you && ( S/O ) ? ❞ the sound of Shiro’s voice was the first to ask ; his own tone started to get a bit worried. Keith choked up a sob , a lump started to dwell in his throat.  ❝ I-It’s ( s/o ) ! she’s badly hurt && bleeding. I. . I need help immediately ! ❞

          ❝ What happened to ( s/ o ) ?!  ❞ Pidge’s voice pipped up worriedly.  

          ❝ How badly is she hurt ?! ❞ Hunk’s own concern followed suit  panicking over what could be the worst situation ever. 

           ❝ Don’t worry buddy , we’ll be over to help ! ❞ Lance offered a source of comfort. 

           Keith knew everyone started to panic but the sheer tone of their voices.  ❝ Just please hurry ! ❞ Was all he could say before the communications went dead. Your body started to get cold , you knew you were going to die. If he was this worried about your state , then you knew the wound you had receive from pushing Keith aside to safe him was serious. Your body trembled , your own tears rolled down your cheeks mixing into your pool of blood.   ❝ I- I’m scared … ❞ Your voice was strained && your own sobs had combined with Keith’s.  ❝ You’ll be fine ( S/O ) ! You won’t die ! We’ll get you into a pod as quickly as we can. Just please don’t leave. ❞ Your eyes started to get heavy ; too tired to even stay awake or even try to hold a conversation. With Keith seeing your reaction ; he did started to yell out your name. Darkness quickly overwhelmed your vision a low groan heard through your lips. The only thing you saw was Keith begging you not to leave him as his own tears began to roll down his cheeks. With the sound of his voice beginning to get fainter && fainter ; until other voices had joined in right before you just passed out.

          Spicolian movements came && went , each quintant felt it went by longer. Keith waited patiently outside of your cryopod , not once that the ebony haired male had left your side. If they would have waited another varga ; you’d definitely be dead by the amount of blood that had spilled out of your wound. Everything that had happened between then && now was such a huge blur ; all that Keith could remember was their quickened pace towards the Castle of Lions. Your barely lifeless body draped over his arms , immediately greeted by a horrified Allura && Coran.  ❝ Allura please ! We have to help ( s/o ) !  ❞ his voice pleaded towards the Altean Princess.  ❝ Keith I don’t know if the cryopod can handle these sort of injuries  –  ❞ she responded her own worries about your well being was important to her ; not just hers but others as well.  ❝ We should at least try ! ❞ Minor bickering of heated words were exchanged between everyone. Simply over how bad of your injury were && also how far of the capabilities that the cryopod could actually heal. Even if they were to possible stop the bleeding ; they wouldn’t if the entire wound itself could regenerate back to what it was use to be.  ❝ I love ( S/O ) okay ! I can’t afford to loose ( S/O ). ❞ It was those exact words that put at least some hope into their souls , they should at try && help. With that being said ; they had managed to heal top the bleeding && immediately placed you into the pod. All they can do now is wait && see if you were healed completely.  

            Your eyes began to flutter , groggily opening your eyelids – moans heard through your closed lips. Slowly you begun to open your eyes ; meeting with the vision of the blurry world in front of you. The bright lights stung your hues ; wincing in slight pain trying to avoid unnecessary tears that could possible appear. A faint voice called out your name ; it did took you a while to adjust your hearing && to gain back your proper vision. What had looked like to be a blob of red corrected itself to make form of a figure standing right in front of the cyropod.  With a low whisper that came from the pod opening up followed by a small visible mist that had collided to the outer atmosphere quickly dispersed. Your body began to topple over – only to land in the arms of the ebony haired teen.  ❝ ( S/O ) ! ❞ he exclaimed eagerly , gravel grey irises scanning every inch of your body. The once attire you had wore before were now replaced with the special suit that was strictly only used for the pod.  ❝ Keith . .  ❞ you spoke ; the sound of your croaking voice did made his heart skip a beat ; his own digits traced your face his thumb brushing against your lips before cupping your cheek with his hand. 

            You had greeted him with a small warm smile ; slowly lifting your own hand && placed it gently on top of his. Though what surprised you the most was the fact that you saw Keith’s eyes starting to water ; tears dripped down to his cheeks and slowly splattering on yours.  ❝ W-why are you crying ? ❞ It was as if the terrible incident that had happened to you , completely flew over your head , you wanted to know why he was crying. Worry plastered across your face , only to his face sadden even more.  ❝ I . . I thought I lost you. I thought you were going to die in my arms. ❞ Hearing what he had to say ; your heart ache. The thought of being died did struck a cord of fear from within ; leaving this world && leaving the one person you love behind would be truly devastated. Seeing Keith in pain , it was not what you have wanted.   ❝. . I’m here alive because of you. ❞ you uttered underneath your breath. Corners of his lips slowly turned into a small smile , his own tears continued to flow down his cheeks ; parting his lips to speak once.  ❝ Yeah you are . . seeing how close you were to death , I . . can’t live without you. Ever since we met one another ; you were . . ❞ a small chuckle to escaped him to at least to make light of the heavy atmosphere around the two of you.  ❝ a pain in the butt. But over time we spent time with one another. My feelings for you grew && I didn’t even realize them until I had almost lost you. ( S/O ) I love you so much. ❞  

             Pulling you closer to him , into a tight hug wrapping his arms around you – as you did the same.  ❝ I love you too Keith. ❞ You whispered to his ear , burying his face to the crook of your neck. Everything felt so surreal , you couldn’t help but to feel your insides doing back flips by the mere thought of Keith confessing to you. Though both of you guys had wished the situation was different. Pulling away , Keith && yourself stared into each other’s eyes – witnessing him gently resting his forehead against yours ; ticks went by until finally he had pressed his own lips against yours. They were wet && salty but you didn’t care at all. Kissing him back , both of you pulled away lightly smiling at one another. At least now you were alive && well , that was all that mattered to the red paladin.  ❝ I guess we should least the others know that you’re alive && well. ❞ he whispered. You nodded slowly , intertwining your guys’ fingers together.  ❝ Yeah we shouldor we can stay like this a bit more. ❞ Lifting your other hand up to his cheeks to wipe any visible tear in sight , Keith leaned in once more and planted another kiss against your lips.  ❝ I like that idea. ❞

No Explanation || Jihoon || Oneshot

Word Count: 661

Genre: angst

Summary: A cliche breakup in the rain.

In games, there are screens that pop up like “Do you wish to continue?”, “Would you like to start from your last save point?” and “Are you sure you want to delete this file? All progress made up till this point will be lost forever and you will have to start over again”. At some point, Jihoon had mused how useful those types of screens would be and how handy of a function it was but he could never find a point in his life where he would regret something so much he’d resort to those. But as he stood there, his umbrella doing nothing to protect him from the rain and his jacket doing little to shield him from the cold, Jihoon wished that those options were a reality.

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Rainy Day (Inseong KNK)

Request: “Help a sista out with some knk inseong smut plss ;-D thanks a ton!!”

Hell yes an Inseong request! He’s my bias wrecker in KNK. Thanks for requesting. Hope this is what you wanted. Enjoy ;)

~Admin Cherry Bop :*

Warning: SMUT ahead——

It was a rainy day, and you were watching a movie with your sunshine-of-a-boyfriend Inseong. He had his arm around you as you cuddled under a blanket. He had moved in about a week ago, and the two of you were supposed to go out on a date to celebrate him finally living with you after months of dating. However, it had rained for the past week that he had been living with you, and that made you feel gloomy, and you couldn’t really focus on the movie. Inseong noticed that.

“Y/N, do you not like the movie?” He turned his head towards you and you placed your head into the crook of his neck. “We can watch something else?”

You sighed and crossed your arms. “I really wanted to go on that date with you.” Inseong chuckled at your whining. 

“Baby, we will go! Just on a day that isn’t so rainy, I promise.” He kissed your forehead and turned his head back to the t.v. to continue watching the movie. 

You pouted and uncrossed your arms, moved closer to him, and placed your hand on his chest. You suddenly felt like you had to after he just brushed you and your feelings off like that. He didn’t seem to notice because he was practically absorbed into it, and you just weren’t having it. So you decided to mess with him a little bit.

Slowly, you moved your hand down his chest to his stomach, and looked for a reaction. He still had his eyes glued to the t.v., so you trailed your hands down to his sweatpants to meet his crotch, finally getting a reaction out of him. He looked at you with widened eyes and was clearly taken aback. 

“Babe… You really don’t want to watch this movie, do you?”

Your hand was still on his crotch and he lets out a little grunt as you got up and sat on his lap, straddling him. “Do you? Because if I’m interrupting…”

“No, it’s o- fuck.” he groaned as you started to palm him and kiss his neck.

You moved your hand from his crotch and moved your body forward, so that your chest was touching his, and placed your arms around his neck. He started to kiss you passionately on the lips and had his hands on your thighs. His hands rode up under your shirt and he grabbed your breasts, making you lean into him even more and roll your hips into him. You could feel his cock becoming hard underneath you, and his breathing became short and heavy. 

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Inseong took off your shirt and removed your bra, kissing your neck and chest. You moaned, and he took both of your breasts in each hand and sucked on one of your nipples and rolled his fingers around the other. That made you moan even louder, and he loved it. He continued with one breast, and took his other hand down to underneath your shorts and into your panties. His thumb was on your clit, and his middle finger lightly traveled along your folds.

“Fuck, babe, you’re so wet.” Inseong took you off of him and laid you down on the couch. He took off your shorts and panties and continued what he started. He licked your wet folds and placed a finger inside. Inseong always made sure to pleasure you before himself, and he loved doing it, too. He did a pretty good job of it, but you were impatient.

“Inseong, hurry…” You whined. “I need you inside me.”

With that, his sweatpants and boxers were off, and his hard member was exposed and in front of your entrance. He spread your legs out even more and entered you. It was slow at first, but when you became adjusted, Inseong thrust himself into you faster. He let out a grunt each time he rammed into you, and you felt ecstasy. The sex felt like it lasted a very long time, and both of you were hot and sweaty. Inseong kissed almost every single area on your neck and chest.

“I’m close, babe-”

His face was in the crook of your neck as he kissed you and groaned into your ear. He came into you, and kept going to make sure that you came as well. After both of you reached your climax, his breathing got calmer, and he began kissing you all over your face. Inseong went back to his silly, always joking self.

“Maybe I should watch a movie with you often… forget about that date.” He smirked and you pouted at him. He kissed your cheek. “I’m joking! We’ll still go, of course. Love you.”

You rolled your eyes at him and jokingly pretended to be annoyed. “Love you, too.”

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Divided - Part 2

Pairings: Steve x Reader eventual/possible Bucky x Reader

Warnings: Violence

Word Count: 1671

Summary: You head out on a retrieval mission with the team but things go awry when and unexpected player enters the field.  

Authors Note: There is something about this reader character that is just freaking doing it for me, so hopefully y’all are into it as well. Anyway I’m really excited about this one and can’t wait to see what you guys think. Tagging is open, just ask

Divided: Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7 Part 8 Part 9 Part 10 Part 11 Part 12

@imhereforbvcky @iamtal @nickel5socks

You inch down the alleyway, your favorite knife poised in your hand as Steve advances in front of you, shield raised. “Be sure to be aware of your left flank beautiful, you always leave it vulnerable.” Steve says turning back to you as you roll your eyes at his observation, noticing before him the new presence of an opposing agent in the alleyway right in front of Steve.

You quickly raise your knife and propel it past Steve’s ear, imbedding it squarely in right shoulder of the hostile, causing Steve to whip round just in time to see the dropping body in front of him. “Yes Captain, please tell me more of my ineptitude.” You tease as you skip past him, retrieving your patterned handle from the chest of the man while he clutches at his wound.

Steve follows you as you turn the corner, seeing a guard with his back to you patrolling in your path. Without hesitation, you swap your signature close range knife for a heavier distance knife, the handle wrapped in black leather for added weight. You spin the knife delicately in your fingers, allowing the blade to point back towards you as your arm recoils into a 90-degree angle.

With a sharp flick of your wrist, you release the knife. It flies forward silently, embedding in the center of the guard’s shoulders, right below his neck, severing the spinal cord and killing him instantly. The guard silently crumples to the ground as Steve moves past you once more, “You could have just knocked him out, you didn’t have to kill him.” He scolds you, never fond of your emotional disconnect from the more violent aspects of your career.

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Looks Like They Didn’t Need Our Help After All 

It was just another night for you here in Gotham City. That was of course until a group of thugs grabbed and threw you into the back of their truck. A brown sack is still covering your head when the vehicle stops, so you have to rely on your other senses. The only sound that can be heard is the quiet chatter of the men who took you but there is a distinct smell of rotted wood and damp among a few other unpleasant smells. You screw your face up in disgust underneath the material that is currently covering your face. 

Finally, the back doors of the van open up and two guys grab each of your arms and usher you out. “And to think I thought you guys had forgotten all about me.” You say to them jokingly. “You could of at least picked a better place to hold me hostage this place smells like your grandma’s.” They shove you onto a wooden chair and restrain you with ropes. 

“Looks like we got ourselves a smart mouth, Hal.” A gravelly voice says to the other. 

“You guys have done this before, huh? It’s just I can’t help but feel I’m dealing with non-professionals here.” You never did learn to stop talking in inappropriate situations, plus you love agitating people. 

“We know what we’re doing.” The one called Hal scoffs and dismisses your comment. He proceeds to tie the rope tighter around your wrists and ankles to ensure there is no way you can get away. 

“If you say so, Hal. Can I call you Hal?” You tilt your head to the side with the brown bag still firmly attached. “This thing is a little itchy be a doll and take it off at least?” 

“Fine.” He growls and does as you ask, seeing no harm in it. 

For the next few minutes, you spend your time observing the group of men around you. Their grip around their guns grows tighter as time passes. They appear to be rather nervous, proving that they are total amateurs. Knowing this makes you smirk. You adjust yourself on your chair, making yourself more comfortable. Listening as they make demands to your father (the Mayor of Gotham) as a ransom for your life. 

“I’m only worth two million, really?” You are almost offended. “Come on guys, think bigger!” 

“In fact make that five million.” They amend their demand. 

“That’s more like it!” You manage to move your seat forward by moving your body up and down.

“Is it just me or do you think it’s a little weird they ain’t scared?” One of them whispers and the other just shrugs their shoulders in response. 

I feel pretty. Oh, so pretty. I feel pretty and witty and bright!” You sing from the top of your lungs enthusiastically. Everyone gives you a strange look and some even appear uncomfortable. “Come on, sing it with me, Frankie! I know you know the words!” 

“Shut up before I blow your brains out.” Hal points his gun directly at you. 

“Jeez.” You raise your eyebrows in response. “How charming.” You roll your eyes before humming the rest of your song. 

“She better be worth this goddamn cash.” 

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All of You (SMUT) (xmen)

Request: quicksilver smut

Note: smut for sure, based upon xmen: dofp peter/pietro and yeah J, I most likely spelled maximoff (his last name) wrong but deal with it, this includes a lot of body positivity for both genders in this (male and female) which is rad,  its very refreshing to get an xmen imagine too instead of Lex Luthor! ALSO I saw xmen apocalypse today so send in a few! Also I might write another set in apocalypse later too maybe. real fucking long too (the smut not the movie)

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