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The Dancer and The Singer

Peter Parker One-Shot

Summary: AU || You got zapped by one of Tony’s inventions, teleporting you to another universe. Where Peter is a dancer and you’re a singer. You wanted to give it a chance, but as fame got to Peter’s head, things started to go bad. You got sick of the stuck up Peter, and wanted the dorky Peter Parker back.

A/N: Not my gif :) Credit goes to the owner ♥ 

Word Count: 2,247

Warning: fluff , swearing

You could feel the floor shaking from the blasting music from downstairs. You tried to ignore it and try to continue your book, but it felt like the music was getting louder and louder. You finally just gave up and threw your book down and huffed with anger. You stormed your way downstairs and bursted through the door to the kitchen.

‘’Can you turn that racket off?! I’m trying to read upstairs!’’ you shout.

You paused as you heard what song it was, you knew exactly who listened to this kind of music. The song Take On Me  was blasting through the whole entire kitchen. Peter’s favorite song.

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Soul Music - Undisclosed Desires

So I know this won’t get as much attention as High Tensions cos it’s an OC and for some reason tumblr hates OC’s but I implore you to give it a chance. And if you read it, please leave love!

Music features very heavily in this story as well hence the title.

Spencer sat at the bar nursing his third whiskey, the amber liquid mixing with the almost melted ice. 

He didn’t particularly want to be here but then again he didn’t particularly want to be anywhere right now. He’d come here on a whim, having entered his apartment three hours ago and suddenly feeling so sick and tired of seeing the same walls. Sick and tired of being alone with his own thoughts. 

He knew he could have gone to JJ’s or Derek’s , or even Penelope’s but he couldn’t cope with their sympathetic glances, them trying to touch him, hug him, anything to bring him out of himself. Rossi had been the only one he’d actually spoke to about his feelings, and even that was a while ago.

Sure he was coping okay when he was at the BAU. He knew how to put on a brave face, and he wasn’t letting his mental state affect his work. But he made excuses every time the team invited him out. The first few months they’d understood but now it seemed that they were almost annoyed with him for not wanting their company. JJ had knocked on his apartment door only a few weeks ago, calling his phone when he didn’t answer. He knew she knew he was home. And he felt terrible about hurting her feelings but he just didn’t want to talk to anyone about it. No one understood how he was feeling. The only person he thought would understand was gone. 

Tonight, it finally got too much for him. So he went out in hope of a distraction. No, not that kind of distraction. That was the last thing on his mind. Hell, when he couldn’t even stand to let his closest friends show any physical affection towards him, there was no way he was ready for that.

He just wanted something to take his mind off it. Something to distract him from the images that crept into his head. The scenarios of the time they should have had together. What should have and could have been. And now, never would.

So he’d wandered the streets until he’d seen a sign for a small dive bar, The Notes Of The Wind. A chalkboard on the pavement outside advertising live music. He’d walked down the short alley to get to the door, the doorman eyeing him up carefully before moving aside to let him in. He’d paid the small cover fee and entered the bar area. A small stage with a DJ booth to one side. Two walls were covered in various different band posters, layered over each other. Another wall covered in polaroids, presumely of the patrons as he had spied two cameras and boxes of film behind the bar. 

There was a tiny dance floor, tables and chairs surrounding it, a few booths along a wall  the leather seats looking old and worn. Most of the tables and booths were taken, so he’d taken a seat at the bar ordering a beer when the bar tender had come to him. She was pretty, a young girl who looked barely old enough to drink alcohol herself let alone serve it. She’d tried to make conversation with him asking if he was waiting for friends but he’d just shaken his head, asking for a whiskey when he realised the beer wasn’t going to touch the sides. 

The live musical act had already started, a couple by the looks of it. The guy was playing guitar and providing back up vocals, but the female was the main attraction. Her voice was hauntingly beautiful, pure and clear. And their song choice was interesting. Covers, but mostly of indie or rock music, all songs by bands fronted by a male singer, but now being sung by a female.

He watched feeling himself relaxing slightly and ordering another whiskey, the bar tender whose name badge had read “Ally” having to tap his arm to get his attention when she’d placed his drink down in front of him. He’d jumped at the contact having rarely allowed himself to be touched in the past eight months. She giggled at him, “She’s good isn’t she?”

Reid nodded agreeing, “Very good.” He downed his drink in one before asking for another. Ally took his money before bringing him another, this one a double. She just shrugged when he raised his eyes at the amount in the glass.

Spencer turned his attention back to the singer. As well as having a voice that reminded him of warm, melted chocolate, she was phsyically stunning. She wasn’t stick thin like most girls thought they had to be these days. Her figure was the classic hourglass, curves in all the right places and she was showing it off in a dark purple skater style dress  made of crushed velvet. The neckline had a slight scoop to it, showing a hint of smooth creamy white cleavage. She wore black sheer pantyhose, her feet encased in green Doc Martins. Dark hair was worn loose, one side clipped back slightly. Her make up was simple but effective. Dark eyeliner outlining eyes that he wasn’t close enough to tell the exact colour of, and a deep plum coloured lipstick. 

She scanned the crowd on a regular basis, seemingly making eye contact with each one of her fans who were all mesmerized by her. In between songs, she chatted to the crowd charming them with anecdotes and storys. She’d glanced over at Spencer a few times, him avoiding eye contact with her everytime she did. 

The crowd had just applauded as the song she was singing came to an end. He’d recognised the song, although it had sounded completely different to the original. A cover of My Chemical Romance’s “The Ghost of You.”

He’d turned back to the his drink, catching the eye of Ally who looked like she was wiping a tear away. He couldn’t blame her. If he could feel any sort of emotion right now he was sure he would have welled up at the song too. The way she’d sung it had sounded like she was mourning for a long lost lover, berating him for leaving her. She definitely had a knack for interpreting the different emotions of songs. The singer moved away from the mic stand, whispering something to the guitar player, him nodding at her. 

The guitar started up again and she spoke into the mic announcing that this was their last song for the night. Spencer turned back around, not recognising the song at first, as the timing had been slowed down, the sound different on just an acoustic guitar.

“I know you’ve suffered, But I don’t want you to hide, 
It’s cold and loveless, 
I won’t let you be denied
I’ll make you feel pure,
Trust me, You can be sure”

Her eyes scanned the crowd again, one of her hands on the microphone, her hips swaying lightly to the music. Her eyes had closed during the last two lines of the bridge and when opened she them again she was staring directly at him.

“I want to reconcile the violence in your heart
I want to recognize your beauty is not just a mask, 
I want to exorcise the demons from your past, 
I want to satisfy the undisclosed desires in your heart”

This time he couldn’t look away from her, her voice, every word she was singing seemed like she was singing it directly to him. He’d never heard the song sung this way before and it was hitting him deep in the pit of his gut.

“You trick your lovers, 
That you’re wicked and divine, 
You may be a sinner, 
But your innocence is mine
Please me, 
Show me how it’s done, 
Tease me, 
You are the one
I want to reconcile the violence in your heart, 
I want to recognize your beauty is not just a mask, 
I want to exorcise the demons from your past, 
I want to satisfy the undisclosed desires in your heart”

 She broke her intense gaze on him for a moment, one of her hands reaching up to her hair and brushing a stray strand back behind her ear. She turned to her boyfriend smiling at him before moving into the ending of the song. Her gaze came back to Spencer’s. He was too transfixed to notice some of the other patrons, turning around to follow her eyes, wondering who she was singing to.

“Please me, 
Show me how it’s done, 
Trust me, 
You are the one
I want to reconcile the violence in your heart, 
I want to recognize your beauty is not just a mask, 
I want to exorcise the demons from your past, 
I want to satisfy the undisclosed desires in your heart”

The applause was louder this time and went on for longer and she grinned widely around the room, giving a small curtsey and chuckling. Spencer watched her hop off the stage, helping the guy she was with pack up their equiptment, before taking a slow walk around the room, chatting with people who’d obviously seen her perform before.

Reid drained his whiskey again, Ally appearing once more as just as his empty glass hit the bar top. He was the only one sitting at the bar currently, although now the entertainment had finished more and more people were slowly trickling up to refill their drinks. Another bar tender appeared from the back room, flicking on a jukebox before helping tend to the drinks orders.

“Another?” Ally reached for Spencer’s glass. He shook his head asking for another beer instead.

She waved away the money this time when she handed it over explaining, “You’re new here. This ones on the house. Maybe come back and bring some friends?”

Spencer nodded, knowing he’d come back but that he’d be alone. “Do they….do they play here often?”

“She works here actually and she’s my room mate, but yeah they normally play a few times a month. We keep trying to convince them to try out for The Voice or something but she won’t. They’re really good together.”

“They are,” Spencer agreed, taking a long pull on the beer. 

Ally busied herself serving other people as the singer and her partner approached the bar, pulling up seats at the opposite end, chatting to each other. They gave their order to Ally when she approached them, chatting and laughing with her, her filling their drinks order moments later. Two whiskeys and a beer. Ally put the beer and one whiskey down in front of them, taking the singers money, before coming back over to Reid and placing the second whiskey in front of him.

“Courtesy of our beautiful song bird over there.”

“Really?” Spencer wasn’t sure why she was buying him a drink. “Does her boyfriend not mind?”

Ally laughed, “Who, Jake. That’s her brother. So no, he definitely doesn’t mind.“


He raised the glass to his lips, looking over in her direction seeing her watching him as he took a small sip. She smiled, before slipping of her stool and walking over to him.

Issy had seen him enter the bar earlier in the evening. It wasn’t often new people ventured in, especially alone. The bar wasn’t a bad place, it was just tucked away down an alley. It relied on custom from regulars most of whom the staff knew by name. Iss worked there as well as performing on a regular basis. The bar was home to her, she loved it.  

He’d pulled up a seat at the bar, almost completely blanking Ally when she’d tried to flirt with him. That rarely happened, most guys thinking Ally was a stone cold fox. Iss had to agree with them, her friend was a stunner. Issy had been intrigued by the new customer though, he’d initially seemed so lost in his own thoughts. When he’d turned to watch the singing she’d been struck by a sadness in his eyes. He seemed so……lost. Iss attempted to make eye contact with him, but he’d looked away seconds later turning so that his hair fell in front of his facing, shielding his eyes, a move she’d long ago perfected herself.

Issy had always been extremely good at reading people’s emotions. Her Aunt had told her stories about how even as a child she knew when family members were upset, often going up to them and offering them her favourite stuffed bear Lancelot to hold.

When she’d starting singing Undisclosed Desires, Issy couldn’t help but look at him. Despite never speaking to him before, she felt a certain affinity with him. This time he hadn’t looked away and she’d stared deeply into his eyes, watching the changes in his body language as the song had gone on. 
There was a reason he was alone in a bar on a Thursday night. This man had experienced something terrible and he wasn’t dealing with it. Issy could read it in his face, in his eyes as he watched her and in his mouth as it moved along with the words, him not even realising he was doing it.  

When she’d made her rounds after the set and pulled a seat up at the bar, Iss asked Ally what he’d been drinking and she’d raised her eyebrows questioningly. 


“He’s been drinking whiskey, I take it you’re buying him one then. He’s cute but very quiet. Not your usual type.”

Issy gave her friend a look, “Just take my money and give him the damn drink Al.“

 All t did as instructed, him looking over when she told him who had bought it. He’d looked suprised before accepting it and taking it a drink. Issy took that as a cue to slip off her seat and walked over to him.

“Hey,” she opened when she was close enough to talk to him. 

“Um, hey. Thanks for the drink.” His voice was quiet, and now she was standing next to him she could see his eyes were a deep amber colour, almost the same colour as the drink in front of him. 

“No worries,” Iss wasn’t sure how to do this. Did she just delve right in?  

“I liked the last song you did by the way. I’ve never heard it sung like that,” he smiled at her slightly, brushing a lock of hair off his face.

“Thank you. So, whats your name?”

“Spencer,” Not looking at her now, but at his drink.

Spencer. Nice name.

“And erm, what was her name?” Delving right in it was.

His eyes snapped up to Issy’s, confused. Had she read him wrong.

“His name?” she tried again.  

He shook his head, his eyes full of sadness. His mouth opening and closing, not sure what to say. 

“Am I wrong?”

He shook his head again, before a small whisper, “How did you know?”

“Because for me, his name was Adam. Thirty two months ago. Car accident.”

He was quiet for a moment, taking in what she’d just said before turning and asking, “Whats your name?”

“Issy, or just Iss.”

“Short for Isabelle or Isabella?"Spencer asked, a question she was used to answering her whole life.

"Neither actually. Short for Isolde,” she waited for him to comment on the unusalness of her name but surprisingly he needed.

“Isolde, her name was Maeve. Eight months ago. She was killed, right in front of me.”

Okay so Iss hadn’t quite been expecting the last part but she’d been right. She put her hand out going to place it on his arm in a gesture of comfort, stopping short when heard a sharp intake of breath and saw his eyes move to her hand.

“Sorry,” Isolde placed her hand on the bar instead. “I was the same when it first happened to me. Couldn’t stand to have anyone touch me.”

She downed her drink, signaling to Ally for four more.

“Spencer, there’s a booth open over there. It’s quieter. You can say no, and I won’t be offened in the slightest but do you wanna, maybe talk?”

He considered her offer for a minute before nodding, Iss leaning over the bar and grabbing a tray for their drinks before leading the way.

“Same bench, or opposite sides?” she asked. If he didn’t like contact she didn’t want to crowd him.

“We can sit on the same sides. It will be easier to talk.”

Issy moved into the booth first, so he could exit quickly if he felt like he needed to. 

“So,” she wasn’t sure where to begin.

“Iss, how long did it take for you to start feeling normal again after?”

Normal…..What was normal? 

“I don’t know is the honest answer Spencer. I’m still not the same person I was before. After it happened, I locked myself off from everyone. Literally. I wouldn’t talk to anyone, if my friends or family tried to touch me, I’d react violently. I just wanted to to be left alone.”

“What changed?”

“I’m not sure. One day, I just woke up and suddenly missed the feeling of another persons skin on mine. I missed being around people, talking and laughing with them. But then, because I’d not allowed anyone to touch me for so long, it just felt wrong and I ended up having panic attacks. I eventually booked into to see a therapist, who suggested exposure therapy.”

“Exposure therapy?”  

“Yep. Like with someone I trusted. So they’d start just by touching my arm over my clothes, and we’d sit like that for a while. And then work slowly up from there.” It had been strange. She’d chosen her childhood best friend and cousin, Anna to do this with. And then when she was ready to move onto the more intimate things Anna couldn’t help with, Issy met up with a guy from an online support group she’d joined.

“And did it work?” Spencer look intrigued. 

“Well I no longer scream and shout if someone touches me,” Iss smiled at him. “And I’ve been succesfully able to have relationships with people since.“

“I haven’t, I haven’t even thought about that.”

“No, I can’t imagine you have yet. It’s not the easiest thing, going to bed with someone else. The first time, I felt like I was cheating on him.”

“I never even got to do that with her.”


He must have seen the expression on her face. He began to explain, telling Iss how their realtionship had worked and how the first time he’d met Maeve , was the night she was killed. How he never got to tell her he loved her too, never got to hold her or do any of the things that couples do together.  

“I don’t even know why I’m telling you any of this. I can’t even tell my own friends. I’ve shut them all out. I’ve shut everyone out.”

“Because sometimes it’s easier talking to a complete stranger.”  

“It is. It’s only now talking to you that I realise that I do want to move on. Not to forget Maeve, but to learn how to open up again. I…..I miss it. It wasn’t until Maeve that I realised that I was capable of loving someone else. But now I know that I am, but I’m scared I’ll never be able to be with someone again. I want to have a relationship with someone. I want to have kids someday. I don’t…..I don’t want to be alone forever. But I’m scared.”


“If I can’t let my friends touch me or show affection, then how can I let another woman do it?”

Issy was unsure why she said the next thing. Was it because she knew how he felt, what he was going through?

“I could help? if you like?”


“We could try the exposure therapy thing?…..Or not? I don’t mean the intimate stuff Spencer, not at first. Although if you needed to then…….,” she trailed off.

Spencer was quiet for a moment. 

“Are you sure? You want to help me?”

“Spencer, what we’ve gone through is hard. Someone helped me. I can help you.”

He took another few minutes to answer, Issy almost able to see the cogs turning in his head. 

“Yes. I’d like that.”

“Okay. But not here. Not tonight.”

He agreed, and they swapped numbers, agreeing that he would call her. He needed to make the first move with this, if it was going to be his therapy.

Because it looks like the Ash London and Tom Green interviews with Harry have been pre-recorded I’m hoping we get H on the Breakfast Show for longer than an hour. I’m hoping Nick says, why don’t you stay? And Harry’s like, yeah, okay then, just released my first album, probably have a bit to do, but there’s nowhere else I’d rather be. I hope H makes Nick’s mic move away from his face. I hope the Breakfast Show crew all dress up as Harry - for Nick that’s just putting on his usual skinny black jeans, a shirt that H borrowed one time, and dusting off his Chelsea boots. FiFi can resurrect her ‘Biggest 1D Fan’ look, as styled by Kate Moss, but make it Harold specific. Tina can just look gorgeous as always or find some Harry inspired Crocs. I hope Nick gets his crane and Rylan is outside on it, wearing a Michael Myers Harry Styles stunt double mask. I hope Harry brings them all breakfast and we’re reminded of the times when Harry Styles wasn’t too big time for night time and used to bring burgers in for the crew. I’m hoping they have giggle fits and H says he loves Radio One soooooo much and that Nick fondly ribs him for flying over Scotland dressed like Sherlock or that FiFi brings up the Twilight aesthetic. I hope that nobody on the radio actually mentions Gryles (jfc, Nick, still not over that), but that my Tumblr dash is full of the Gryles love.

Most of all, I hope Harry tells lots of slow, rambling stories, I hope his songs are amazing and get all the love and I hope that Nick is excited for him too, being the supportive friend who loves H and drags him in equal measure, with all the fond laughter. ALL the laughter.


Cheating Pt. 3 || Luke Hemmings

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I M A G I N E 

After a fairly silent and awkward ride, you and the boys hop off and end up in front of a stadium.There were fans spewed all around, with body guards keeping them off the path to entry. Confused as ever, you turn to look at Luke and sigh.

“What is this? Why are we here?” You asked, looking at their fans scream at you. Cheering “(Y/N)!” and “she’s back!” As much as you wanted to be happy that the fans liked you, they were the ones to helped you expose Luke. Sometimes, throughout this week, you wished that they hadn’t told you. Your heart still aches and you really wish it didn’t. 

“Come, okay?” Luke said, looking at you with eyes of hope. Rolling yours, you follow the boys reluctantly. The fans scream as you all pass by them and enter the stadium. You follow passed the workers and all the machines being handled in the stadium. They have a show, you thought as there would be no other explanation for the activity and the fans outside. But why am I here? You pondered. 

“Now wait here,” Luke says once you all got to the left wing of the stage. You shrugged, standing there while looking up at your ex-boyfriend. He was giving you that stare of admiration he used to always give you when the two of you were together. It stung to see it because you love it and desperately want to hate it. “I’ll signal you when you can come.” 

“Signal what?” You asked, but you were too late. Luke already dashed on stage and picked up his guitar. You watched as fans swarmed into the stadium, coming with screams, cheers, and chants. You even heard your name into the mixture from time to time. The boys began introducing themselves, in the order of Calum, Ashton, Luke, and Michael. But, instead of usually getting into a song right away, a spotlight was given to Luke and he was stood with the mic in his hand.

“Before we begin our show, I just wanted to do something,” Luke starts. “As you all know, I cheated on my ex-girlfriend, (Y/N).” A few boos and gasps ensued. “I did something way worse than just a kiss, and I have never regretted something so much like I do right now. She is the perfect girl. She is my everything and she means the world to me. But I was stupid and didn’t realize what I had until I lost it. And so right now, I want to make it up to her. (Y/N), please come on stage.” You find yourself reluctantly walking on stage, your hands in your pockets. You watch as a worker brought a chair on stage and Luke gestured for you to sit. Sitting down, you watched as Luke got another chair and sat right in front of you. 

“This song is dedicated to you, (Y/N),” Luke says, adjusting the mic to be his height and began tuning his guitar. Michael, Calum, and Ashton sat around us on the floor, looking at the two of us. Luke then began strumming and singing Vapor. It was soothing, you admit. It was always soothing to hear Luke sing. But, something was different about the song. Not the lyrics, but they way they’re being sung. At this moment, you feel like you’re in a trance, unable to leave (with no desire to actually want to). 

“If you told me that we were through, you know that I would break the truce,” Luke sang, looking into your eyes with lust. It felt like time was going slower around the two of you. It was just you and Luke now. But, as you stared into those blue orbs you adore, you saw them get shinier. Luke Hemmings began to cry!

“I want to breathe you in like you’re vapor, I want to be the one you remember!” Luke was practically scream-singing, keeping his gaze on you. As he sung, though, his voice was straining from the overwhelming emotion he was experiencing. “I want to feel your love like the weather, all over me, all over me!” It was hurting, watching him hurt. He was putting his all in this song for you. His feelings were produced by you. Everything that he was doing right now was real, thin and thick. And it was all for you. “I want to print our hands in the pavement. Savour your words, I won’t ever waste them…” Luke began to really cry and moved away from the mic. He stopped strumming, his tears dropping on his guitar. The fans were shocked, a few crying with Luke and others taking photos/videos. Some were doing both. 

At this point, you gave in. 

“Look in your eyes and know just what you meant…” you finished, feeling tears well up in your eyes. Luke looked over at you, his eyes wide with his mouth open. He grabs your hands and looks at you, hoping for the answer he wants. 

“Can I have another chance?” Luke asked, causing the fans to swoon. They then started chanting “say yes” as the two of you stared into each others eyes. You sighed. You really loved this boy, and he really proved his love to you. 

“Yes you may,” you told him, leaning over to plant a kiss on the lips you’ve missed so much.


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Part 1 Part 2

“You said you loved me”-Jack Gilinsky pt.2

“Thanks for dropping me off Johnson, I’ll be gone by tomorrow morning”,you said walking inside. “You could come back with me and listen to us perform”,he said. “No, I don’t want to answer questions or see the lovebirds. I’m sorry”,you said giving a apologetic smile. “I understand. Listen you can call pizza in or whatever I don’t care. Here’s some money and have a good time in LA”,he said putting some money on the table. “Johnson I don’t need this, take it back”,you said handing the money. “No, you need it more than me. I talked to your brother and he said you worked your ass off just to get here, so you deserve a fun night”,he said kissing your temple. “Thank J”,you said hugging him. “I don’t know why bad things happen to really amazing people, I’m sorry he hurt you”,he said tucking hair behind your ear. “Promise me you’ll never break a girls heart Johnson”,you said. “Cross my heart”,he said crossing his heart. “Do good tonight”,you said. “Bye”,he said closing the door.

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“Hello?”,you said answering the phone. “Please come to the venue tonight”,Jack said. “I’m sorry, I think you dialed the wrong girlfriend”,you said hanging up the phone. Your phone kept ringing and ringing. “What do you want”,you screamed into the phone. “Woah, calm down babygirl, its Nate from highschool”,Nate said. “Oh, I’m sorry Nate I thought you were someone else”,you said. “You thought I was Jack, look I get it. I’m coming by to get you be ready”,he said. “Wait what, Nate how’d you find out?”,you asked. “The squad talks lil mama”,he said hanging up. You heard a knock at Johnson’s door and opened the door. “What’s good lil mama, damn you haven’t changed”,he said. “What are you doing here Nate?”,you said smiling. “I’m here to help you get pay back on stupid ass gilinsky”,he said lighting a blunt. “Nate, its okay I do not want him back”,you said extending your hand for the blunt. “Doesn’t mean we can’t give him a taste of his own medicine”,he said smirking. You took a hit and walked into the guest room to change. You brought a dress for a nice date with Jack. You put that on and walked out into the living room to show Nate.

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“Damn, if were my girl you’d never let that dress see the light of day”,he said. “You think it looks good”,you asked tugging at the bottom. Nate walked over and moved your hands and took the hem of your dress and made it look even shorter. “There now you’re baddie”,he said looking you up and down. You looked at him and smelled his aftershave mixed with weed, it actually smelled really good. “Ready?”,he asked. “Yea”,you said grabbing your phone.

“(y/n), woah you look hella good, I thought you were staying in tonight”,Johnson said. “Thanks Johnson, well Nate had a great idea of Jack getting what he deserves and i agree”,you said. You caught Jack’s eyes from the other side of the room. “Well, our second session is about to start”,he said. “Okay, go warm up”,you said. “Alright look theres Jack”,Nate said. You started to laugh and flirt with Nate. He lit a blunt and passed it to you and you two smoked while flirting. “Hey Nate”,you heard Jack’s voice behind you. You turned around and looked at Jack up and down. “Wow, you look good baby”,he said. “I know right, I helped her pick it out”,Nate said. “You should see what she has on underneath it”,Nate said raising a eyebrow. “Nate, stop it”,you said lightly slapping his shoulder. Jack couldn’t stop starring at you. “Um shouldn’t you be warming up instead of drooling over me”,you said walking toward the stage area. 

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“Dude, what are you doing with my girl”,Jack said pushing Nate. “Woah dude, I’m just picking up what you shattered and left behind”,he said pushing Jack back. “Nate, c’mon Daya is about to start”,you said smiling. Nate walked over to you and put his arm around your waist. You look behind your shoulder to see Jack raging in anger. “Jack, heres your ear piece”,the rat said coming out of nowhere. “What is she doing here”,she said behind your back. “Oh honey, do you need help finding your mommy maybe Nate can help you”,you said sticking out your bottom lip. “You’re just jealous Jack picked me over you”,she said. “You know how bad it would look on your pesky carrier if statutory rape was came up”,you said. “You can’t prove anything”,she said walking up to your face. “Really, because its also illegal for child pornography and you spread your little sex tape and nudes everywhere honey. Remember the fans love me, they despise you”,you said smirking and walking away getting the last work. 

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“Ready for the show baby?”,you asked Nate. “Been ready lil mama”,he said smirking back at Jack. You and Nate made your way to the VIP section and jammed to ‘Hide Away’. Minutes later Jack and Jack appeared on stage. “Welcome To Los Angeles everyone”,Johnson shouted into the mic. The fans cheered and screamed with excitement. They sang ‘California’, ‘Tides’, and ‘Groove’. “We actually have a special guest with us tonight”,Jack said. You met his eyes and shook your head no. “(y/n) is here tonight”,he screamed. “Should we bring her up on stage with us”,Johnson said. They crowd chanted (y/n) (y/n) (y/n)! You had no choice but to go on stage. “Hi guys”,you said smiling at all the fans. “WE LOVE YOU MORE THAN RATISON”,one girl screamed fairly loud. You laughed and nodded. “Should we sing distance together like old times sake”,Johnson said. The crowd screamed with excitement. You moved the mic away from you mouth. “No, don’t make me please”,you said. “Why not”,Jack said already knowing the reason. “Because its our fucking song”,you said. “I totally forgot”,he said lying. The music began playing and Jack began singing. “Missed calls and ignored texts and Late night, I’m stayin’ up stressin' Girl I got you on my mind I swear this happens every time yeah”,he sang. “But what about our last fight? Yeah I know it happened last night You can put that in the past right? I’m just tryna’ live the fast life (uh)”,you sang. “And what’s love without trust girl? And what’s love without lust girl? I’ve been thinkin’ bout us girl I’ve been thinkin’ bout”,he sang. With those lyrics they sent you over the edge in feelings and you couldn’t sing this with him not again, not ever. “I’m so-sorry guys I can’t sing this with him. I love you guys”,you said dropping the mic and running off stage.

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Concert Panic Attack

Requested: “hi, could you do one where you are shawns gf and you’re at one of shawns concerts and you’re in the audience (front row) and you have a panic attack and shawns sees, stops the show to help you out of the crowd… please :)”

~Trigger Warning~


Being Shawn’s girlfriend, you’ve watched a lot of his shows from the side of his stage. And you like that, but you realized that you’ve never actually watched the show from the crowd. You mentioned this to Shawn, and at first he was a little wary of letting you go into the crowd alone because he knows how excited his fans can get, but after some convincing, you finally managed to get him to get you a ticket for front row at his show tonight.

You’re surprisingly excited about this as you wait with him backstage. Shawn notices, “Why are you so excited right now?” He asks as he’s getting mic’d up.

“I’m watching the show from the audience!” You shout.

“You’ve watched this same show so many times before, (Y/n).” He responds.

“I’m excited Shawn! I’m watching it from the audience.” You say, as though he didn’t already know that. You hold your ticket up in front of his face for evidence. He just laughs and shakes his head at you. He pulls you in for a hug and kisses your forehead like he does before every show you’re at. Afterwards, he asks the security guard to escort you to your seat.

You make it to your seat just as Shawn takes the stage. The energy from down here is a hundred times more intense than it is when you watch it by yourself from backstage. You’re starting to get a little overwhelmed, but you try to focus on your boyfriend. He keeps looking over to you and smiling at you and singing to you. This makes the girls around you go even crazier because he’s always looking in their direction too when he’s searching for you.

About halfway through the show, you really start to feel overwhelmed. It spikes in intensity and you aren’t sure why. You suddenly feel like you can’t breathe. You want to leave, but the girls around you are pushing against you and pushing you against the gate that keeps the fans a couple feet away from the stage. You feel like there is no way to escape, and that only terrifies you more. Your heart feels like it’s going to beat out of your chest. You try to concentrate on Shawn, who’s still singing, but you can’t manage to center yourself. You try to breathe slowly and deeply, but no matter how hard you try, you only manage shallow quick breaths. You’re still shoved up against the gate, but you’re losing touch with what is going on around you. You’re on the verge of crying when a security guard rushes to where you are. It is in that moment you realize that Shawn stopped singing, but the crowd is still going just as crazy as they were before.

He’s standing at the edge of the stage, and yelling at the security guard on the ground to try and get you out of there.

Apparently, Shawn doesn’t think the guard is doing enough, so he hops off the stage, which creates another problem. The fans around you start going insane, and you really do start crying now. Shawn doesn’t even seem to care about all the fans reaching out to him and grabbing onto him because he’s now close enough to touch. He and the guard somehow manage to lift you up over the gate. Shawn and the guard lift you onto the stage, and Shawn hops onto it after you. You’re still hyperventilating and breathing hard, but you feel a lot better now that you’re not being surrounded and pushed from all sides. Instead of the violent shoves from the girls around you, you’re only met with Shawn’s strong arms around you. 

The entire arena is screaming so loud that it’s doing nothing to help ease your anxiety. Shawn seems to notice this. He lets go of you for a moment, moves to the mic stand and grabs the mic. He wraps his arms around you again and holds you comfortingly. He then says into the mic. “Hey guys, could you do us a favor and be silent for just a few minutes?” The crowd quiets down considerably although there is still a few rogue screams here and there. 

Shawn moves the mic away from his face and says so only you can hear. “Baby, it’s okay. I got you. You’re fine. Just breathe. Breathe with me babe.” He keeps repeating this until your breathing gets back to normal and the panic attack has passed. The crowd has been pretty respectful during this time. The entire thing didn’t take more than a few minutes so it hasn’t thrown his concert off too much. Once the panic subsides, you realize that you’re standing on the stage and interrupting the concert. Shawn is holding you at arms length, making sure you’re okay, and still saying comforting things to you. Your eyes get big, and you say, “Your concert.”

Shawn smiles knowing that your panic has mostly subsided and that you’re okay now. “Its fine babe,” he replies, taking your hand, he leads you off stage. He hugs you one last time and tells you to rest in his dressing room and that he’ll be there as soon as the show is over. He makes sure you’re okay one last time before running back onto the stage. You walk to his dressing room and let yourself inside. You feel exhausted after all that emotion and fear and adrenaline have started to wear off. You lie on the couch and drift off to sleep.

You awake with a start to see that Shawn is seated on the floor in front of you playing a video game on the tv. The tv is muted, the only sounds the soft sounds of him clicking the buttons on his controller. He’s the only other person in the room and you’re both thankful and surprised since normally after a show his dressing room is filled with people. “How long was I sleeping?” You mumble.

Shawn pauses his game when he notices you’re awake. He turns to look at you, “Only about an hour,” He answers. “How are you feeling?”

“Just tired,” You respond. “I can’t believe that happened in front of all those people.” You remark, the memory of the events of the evening rushing back to you.

“It’s okay, you couldn’t help it. I should have never let you go out in the crowd by yourself. I don’t know what I was thinking. I’m so sorry babe.”

You sit up, saying, “It’s not your fault, Shawn. I wanted to do it, and I didn’t think it was going to be that crazy.”

He gets up from his spot on the floor and sits next to you on the couch, pulling you into his lap, and wrapping his arms around you. “I should have known better and shouldn’t have let you go.”

“Don’t blame yourself. It’s not your fault. Thanks for getting me out of there and helping me.”

“Of course, babe. I got so scared when I saw you down there. I knew you were having a panic attack so I told security to get you but they weren’t doing it fast enough.”

“It wasn’t their fault either.”

He just kisses you in response. “I’m just glad you’re okay.”

“I am now,” You say, cuddling a little closer to him and treasuring how safe you feel in his arms.

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Hello, hi, yes. *clears throat*. Just want to tell you that I think you're a real gosh darn cutie, and that I want to be as beautiful as you. That's all. *nervously move away from mic and exits stage left*

Aww thanks buttercup, that’s real sweet ^_^ you already are and more though, I’m sure

Little Jackson (Jackson)

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Type: Fluff

Request: Can you do one with jackson where his son runs on stage during a song

Summary: Nothing could distract him from his work faster than his little boy.

“Jasper calm down” you coo as he whimper as he tries to squirm out of your arm. All he wanted to do was go to his dad who was in the middle of If You Do. You lost your grip on him as he made his way to the floor. As soon as his feet hit the ground he took off. He ran past people and towards the stage. In the middle of the performance the crowd got louder making the members look around. Jackson looked shocked as Jasper ran through the other members to get closer to his dad. 

Jackson stopped all his actions causing the moment in the song to be ruined and everything to be off. He bent down and caught the little boy in his arms “why are you out here?” he asked his son without the mic near his face. Jasper wrapped his arms around his dad’s neck making Jackson grasp him close to him as he stands up. 

“Sorry about that” Jackson says into the mic as he clutches the boy close “he’s in need of attention I guess or maybe he just wanted his daddy” he continues. The others began their performance as much as Jackson could while holding the little boy tight to him. He would feel Jasper’s hand reach up and clutch the bottom of the mic to bring it down before Jackson would move it away from Jasper causing a pout.

Between songs Jasper was handed a mic by his uncle Youngjae which earned him a smile. “Do you know any of our songs Jasper?” Mark would ask him in his kid voice. “Fly” Jasper would say making sure to drag out the ‘y’ long enough for him to enjoy. Jackson smiled widely “yeah good job” he would coo the little version of him. He would listen to Jasper tell stories to fans about his day and how he thought concerts were really loud but love how vocal he was about everything. “Buddy we have to do another song so Youngjae needs the mic back” Jackson told him watching how easily Jasper passed the mic back over. “How about I take you to mommy?” he asked his son without his mic. Nodding Jasper agrees “alright guys Jasper is going to go. Can you give him a good bye?” he asks getting many byes and yells as Japser waved bye to everyone as he was carried back off stage to you. “Keep better grip of this one” he teases “ he wanted his daddy. Can you really blame him?” you ask “no I don’t” he laughs as he plants a kiss on your lips before passing Jasper off to you and giving him a kiss as well. He waved as he walked back on stage ready to perform once more.

Michael was playing Call Of Duty. Luke doesn’t like it when he plays Call Of Duty since basically he ignores him just so he can talk to other people. Luke would try to occupy himself. It works some times but Michael can play for hours so Luke would just leave to go over his friend Ashton’s house until he recently got a boyfriend. But now he had enough and is going to do something about it. Luke left the kitchen and sat by Michael.

“Hey baby.” Michael kissed Luke’s check. Luke mumbled a ‘hey’ as he laid his head on Michael’s shoulder. “What’s wrong?”

“Nothing just a little tired.” Luke mumbled nuzzling his head in Michael’s neck. Michael hummed still deep into his game.

“No not you my boyfriend Luke.” Michael smiled looking at Luke then back at his game. “Yeah he’s cute actually really adorable. He’s mine so fuck off.”

Luke smiled feeling a blush creep on his face. As Luke went back to thinking Michael put his arm around Luke’s waist. That’s when Luke came up with a plan. He waited for awhile before he softly kissed Michael’s neck making his breath hitch. Then he started sucking on his neck his hand on Michael’s upper thigh. Michael bit his lip to try to keep himself from moaning. Luke stopped pulled back lightly blowing air on the forming bruise. Michael started squirming and messing up his sentence he was trying to finish. Luke smirked and started back sucking on the bruise he started on. He moved his hand up Michael’s thigh closer to his crotch.

“Luke what are you doing?” Michael asked laughing to cover up his moan. Luke stopped pulled backed and looked at Michael.

“I want to watch Teletubbies.” Luke said as innocently as possible. Michael laughed earning Luke to smiled.

“Why are you so weird?” Michael looked at Luke. Luke stared into Michael’s lust blown green eyes. He leans in his lips inches away from Michael’s lips he looks in Michael’s eyes. Michael kissed Luke but it was a simple peck and Luke wanted more.

Luke pouted and started whining laying his head back on Michael’s shoulder. Michael chuckled going back to his game and talking to some Irish dude named Jack. Luke started palming Michael through his sweatpants. Michael let out a soft moan but quickly covered it up with a cough. Luke slipped his hand in Michael’s sweatpants his finger tracing Michael’s bulge. Michael bit his lip still trying to concentrate on his game. Luke started back palming him while going to kissing his neck starting on a new spot. Michael whimpered bucking his hips up in Luke’s hand. Luke smirked pulling back the band of the boxers and letting it slap against Michael’s skin. He then sat himself on Michael’s thigh and started grinding down on it small whines leaving his mouth.

“Fuck Luke.” Michael mumbled. He moved his mic away from his mouth and attacked Luke’s neck making him whine louder. He started grinding faster on Michael’s thigh.

Michael left bruises all over Luke’s neck while pushing his thigh up making Luke moan out. Michael pulled Luke’s thigh over his other one making Luke straddle him. Michael bucked his hips up against Luke. Luke gasp biting his lip.

“This is what you wanted huh? Wanted to distract me from my game so I can fuck you on the couch. Is that what you wanted?” Michael lowly growled in Luke’s ear. Luke whimpered and nodded his head yes. Michael smirked putting down his controller. “Want me to destroy that pretty little bum of yours?”

Luke moaned looking at Michael. Michael hands gripped Luke’s hips as he pulled him in for a kiss. They lips moved together Luke wrapping his arms around Michael’s neck. Michael’s hands went up and back down Luke’s back one hand resting on his bum. They pull back panting. Michael put the mic back at his mouth telling Jack they have to finish the game another time smirking at Luke the whole time. Once the Michael turned off his game console Luke grinded hard on Michael.

“Look at you looks so pretty flustered.” Michael watched Luke grind on him. Luke’s head thrown back moaning out Michael’s name.

Luke stripped both they pants off leaving them in they boxers and shirts. Michael took off their shirts and started kissed down Luke’s collarbone biting on it lightly here and there. Luke squirmed.

“Please fuck me. I need you fucking inside me. I need more Michael.” Luke whimpered when Michael gently bit down on his nipple. “Fuck Michael.”

“You so desperate you at the point of begging.” Michael smirked lightly spanking his bum. He took off Luke’s boxers jerking him off thumb rubbing over the tip collecting pre come.

Michael still had a smirk place on his face seeing Luke head thrown back and bucking his hips into Michael’s hand. Small whimpers leaving his mouth when Michael would lightly tug. Luke started feeling a warm feeling in the pit of his stomach.

“F-fuck Michael I’m c-close.” Luke manage to get out being the moaning mess he is at the moment. Michael went faster but stop as soon as Luke was going to release. Luke whined. “Michael I hate when you do that.”

“Maybe it’ll teach you not to tease me.” Michael pecked his lips. Then realize. “We got no lube.”

Luke smirked. He reach into the couch pulling out a bottle of lube. “Yes we do.”

Michael shrugged. “Need prep?”

“Nope did it when you was gone.” Luke pulled Michael’s boxers down letting his dick hit against his stomach. “Thought about you the whole time.”

“You did how sweet.” Michael lubed up his dick. “You gone ride me mkay.”

Luke bit his lip and nodded. He raised his hips up and aligned with Michael’s dick. Michael had one hand on Luke’s hip. Luke started lowing his self down. His breath hitch once the tip touch his hole. He kept going biting his lip raw as it entered him. He let out a long moan as Michael groaned.

“Shit. You feel so good.” Michael groaned nibbling on Luke’s ear. Luke bit his lip and started bouncing up and down on Michael causing him to groan louder.

Luke slowly rolled his hips whimpers leaving his mouth. Michael tightly grabbed Luke’s hips not liking the speed he was going and thrusted his hips up hard. Luke screamed on the top of his lungs. Michael continued pounding into Luke. Michael wrapped his arms around Luke’s waist laying them down on the couch. Michael rammed back into Luke making him scream. Michael moaned in Luke’s neck while Luke’s hands tangled in his red dyed hair.

“Is this what you fucking wanted?” Michael groaned in Luke’s ear. Luke moaned loudly while eagerly nodding his head.

Michael tighten his grip around Luke’s waist as he started going faster and harder. Luke ran his nails down Michael’s back as he hit his bundle of nerves.

“Ah fuck Michael right there!” Luke moaned loudly as Michael bit his neck. Luke felt that familiar feeling pooling back into his stomach. “M-michael close.”

Michael nodded. Few more thrusts and Luke came on his chest screaming out Michael’s name. Soon Michael’s thrusts started to become sloppy and he came inside Luke as he bit his bottom lip. Luke cupped Michael’s cheeks and kissed his lips. Michael smiled. He got up and grabbed a rag cleaning him and Luke up. He pulled a baby blue blanket off under the couch knowing Luke puts blankets under there when he gets cold. He slipped in behind Luke on the couch and put the cover over them. Luke turned around facing Michael.

“I love you.” Luke mumbled on Michael’s lips before kissing him.

“I love you too.” Michael smiled pulling the boy closer to him.


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writer mikleo/motivational sorey au

IT’S FINALLY DONE! well no that’s a lie cause this is just part 1 and i’d love to write many more parts but at least I FINISHED PART 1! This is a fic based on @shamingcows and @minoath au that they talked about on twitter and i just fell in love with it. I changed some tiny things but I HOPE YOU GUYS LIKE IT! <3

It was through a raging fit that Mikleo met the one who would become the most important person in his life.

There was a sickness that affected the most creative minds. Someone could catch it at any point of the day, but it was more common at late hours into the night, when mental defenses were lowered and the person would be tired from the day’s events. The symptoms would show themselves slowly; a mild headache; tense shoulders and neck muscles; hands that refused to work, no matter how anxious the mind would get —and it would get incredibly anxious. This sickness fed on creativity and will to live, and could transform the toughest of humans into a mere pile of crying meat on the floor.

The sickness’ name was ‘writer’s block’.

Mikleo had suffered from writer’s block many times in his life. It used to be more frequent when he was an amateur writer — he used to stay up until sunrise writing pages and pages just to end up deleting them all when his insecurities showed their ugly heads—, but that didn’t mean he didn’t suffer from it now. In fact, even if writer’s block struck him less often now, it usually hit him with an intensity that left him unable to function for weeks, making him sit at his desk and stare at the blinking cursor with the same fright someone would regard a massive spider.

He was trying to fight his way through one of the worst writer’s blocks to date when it happened. Mikleo felt his chest constrict as he reread everything he had been working on for the last three days and found nothing he liked. The words didn’t match up to the idea he had in his head; the ideas weren’t as clear, the imaginary was all wrong. His text was a jumble of dates, and names and places and Mikleo hated it, hated it, hated it—

In a fit, he smashed his closed fists on the keyboard of his laptop, making thousands of letters appear on his document. It felt really good so he did it again and again, smashing the keys with enough force to hurt the sides of his fists, watching as gibberish wrote itself on his word document.

But it wasn’t until he stopped punching his poor, abused laptop that he realized he had changed the radio station he had been listening to without meaning.

The classical music that had accompanied him throughout the night had been suddenly replaced by a warm, deep voice coming from his speakers. He heard nothing except its cadence at first; just the sound of it made Mikleo’s fists unclench, the half moons his nails had left in his palms clear on his pale skin. But then he heard the actual words, pure and sweet like a friend’s encouragement, and Mikleo stopped breathing for a second as he listened.

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We Don’t Talk Anymore

Summary: Song based on Charlie Puth’s and Selena Gomez’ song We Don’t Talk Anymore.

Pairings: Jensen x Reader

Warnings: Angst (it gets relieved) 

Word Count: 1385

We Don’t Talk Anymore - Charlie Puth ft. Selena Gomez

(gifs not mine, credits to owners)

“So hey, guys.” You said to the mic. The crowd screamed for you happily. “So I wanted to sing this for my last song of the night, because for some reason it’s been stuck in my mind when I first heard it.” You said and they screamed for you even more. You were currently on tour. As a singer, you loved going on tours, meeting a lot of your fans, singing for them.

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  • nick: and harry styles, who thinks he's too big time for night-time.
  • harry: hello,
  • nick: hi!
  • harry: hi...
  • nick: why don't you come in at night?
  • harry: uhm, i'm always here. i'm just never... allowed... on the thing.
  • (example: ON THE THING!)
  • nick: i think you've probably been my... most... (popu-)
  • harry: i would say i've been the most supportive friend.
  • nick: i, i would...
  • example: shut up!
  • nick: i think it's between you and aimee phillips.
  • harry: i've been in the most times.
  • aimee in the background: IT'S DEFINITELY ME
  • nick: no, aimee, he comes in, he's here all the time.
  • harry: i'm here like, everyday.
  • nick: and everyone has to go "SHUT AH, 'ARRY STYLES IS IN 'ERE. IT'S A SECURITY NIGHTMAAARE!", why don't you tell the good people how you treat me, when i'm broadcasting on bbc radio 1?
  • harry: uhm, i usually throw things, (uh-huh) and uh, present things (yup), and uh, make your mic move away from your face.

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You were never really an adventurous person, but when it came to amusement parks, you became quite the thrill seeker. You would run around with big eyes, looking for your next challenge, getting on the biggest and even the oldest rides that everyone else were frightened of. You would always somehow fool people into getting on rides with you, but today, your best friend, Shownu, wasn’t being so easy.

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