movable homes

First house: (fire) This is the house of self, personality, appearance, self image, personal beliefs, and self-awareness. How we’re impulsive and how we initiate.

Second house: (earth) This is the house of money and possessions, hidden talents, what you value, how you value yourself, and self esteem. Possessions involving anything a person owns; (except the house or home) movable property, cars, furniture, clothing etc… How you gain and spend your own money, attitude toward wealth and material possessions.

Third house: (air) This is the house of communication, and all forms of transportation. This house also includes the intellect, thinking powers, early education and the lower mind. (Communication includes messages, deliveries, gossip, phone calls, visits, reading and writing)

Fourth house: (water)  This is the house of home and everything associated with it: family, personal foundations, land, and your roots. This is the house depending on the sign in this house tells how “at home” you feel here on Earth.

Fifth house: (fire) This is the house of creation, recreation, and self expression (not like the first house) including: ideas, dreams, music, and art. This is where you bring your soul into the world and how you show/express it creatively. 

Sixth house: (earth) This is the house of work and service, where you become aware of others. This house has to do with your attitude toward service and co-workers. 

Seventh house: (air) This is the house of partnership and marriage, one on one relationships, business partnerships, competitors, lawyers, mediators, and counselors. Every one on one personal relationship you will ever have and how you are in it.

Eighth house: (water) This is the house of transformation and sexuality, our personal beliefs, exploration, higher education, long distance travel, and personal truths. 

Ninth house: (fire) This is the house of your belief system and higher education, career/profession, position in society, social standing/reputation, spirituality and philosophy. This is how we understand abstract topics and also related tot he law and religion. 

Tenth house: (earth) This is the house of social success, ambitious achievements and related tot he general public. How you are in public and with those relations.

Eleventh house: (air) This is the house of friends, and protections in life. This describes the nature of your friends, and your place in your friends group, resembling the Aquarius. 

Twelfth house: (water) This is the house of enemies, hidden ordeals and secrets. This is the sign affiliated with Pisces, the dreamer. 

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