Tbh I wanna see movies and tv shows where Arab women are represented accurately and are allowed to be human beings whose stories don’t revolve around the fact that they’re Arab or that they’re facing A Struggle wherever they go. I want to watch something where Arab PEOPLE (men or women) have stories that depict what it’s like to be Arab in western countries post 9/11 but without making it centered around that. I want them to be stories where Arab Muslim families fast Ramadan together and make sambosek and eat dates, Christian Arabs celebrating Christmas and Easter the way Arab people do, stories where Arab families and friends get together and discuss politics or Egyptian soap operas, stories about Arabs cracking jokes at whatever racism they face because that’s how we get by. Arab Christians and other non Muslim Arabs living their lives and embracing their Arab culture because they exist. We have our own stories and our own lives and they’re not centered around Isis and Al-Qaeda please give us what we deserve.

my women’s studies teacher said Fair and Lovely is carcinogenic its basically cancer in a tube 
and thats on top of the actual use for the product being based off anti-black sentiments lmao