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Why is coloured Hermione so popular (that's not the right word). I understand it was never specified what colour her skin was but... I... Don't understand....

Oh my stars, let’s talk about POC Hermione, yeah?

Tiny Hermione, born in a nice suburban part of town, surrounded by white people who don’t want to be friends because she is different. Hermione complaining to her parents about it because she isn’t all that different, is she? She just wants to play with them. She tells her dad they laugh at her because her hair is so big. Her dad tells her it’s because she’s so smart, the knowledge pouring from her head into her curls. Hermione holding her head high and telling the neighbours exactly that. They roll their eyes and turn away, mumbling slurs under their breath, because now that she’s standing up for herself, the fun is gone. Hermione comes home crying that. Her parents smile sadly and buy her some extra books, so she never has to feel bored and can forget that she’s lonely.

Hermione growing up, surrounded by books, whispering to herself that different doesn’t mean bad, that alone doesn’t mean lonely. She never lets anyone’s harsh words let her down, but she’s always on her own and no matter how many times she tells herself it’s alright, it never will be.

Hermione reading Mathilda, and just like any other girl reading that book, tries to move things with her eyes. Imagine her glee when it actually works, her teddy bear floating in front of her, and yes, she’s different, but she’s special, and it’s wonderful.

Hermione going to Hogwarts, finding all these people who are different, but in the same way as she is. She is filled with happiness, right up until the moment she discovers they still don’t want to be friends with her, this time because of something weird with her blood.

She’s used to it, by now, and doesn’t let anything stop her from becoming the best she can be and talk to who she wants. She reads and writes and tells anyone who wants to listen about the new things she learnt. It’s exhausting, but she tries so hard.

Hermione hearing the ginger haired boy talk about her behind her back, and it’s been a long day and she’s so tired of all her efforts failing that she runs off. Later that day the same boy and his messy haired friend come save her from a troll - it’s a new level of weird - and afterwards they suddenly are friends. It’s different than what she knows, but it’s special, and it’s brilliant.

And then later on, when she discovers about the discrimination of species in the Wizarding world, she freaks out, because she knows, has experienced it so often, what it’s like to be pushed to the side and laughed at and treated like you’re worth less than others. She’ll do all she can to stop that, in all the ways she knows how.

Honestly, Anon, POC Hermione fits so perfectly within her character, that’s why so many people are behind it. Take some time to think about why you aren’t.

But but but just REAL canon book Hermione, OK? Hermione who fought for the rights of the oppressed, dedicating time she didn’t have in order to help house-elves. Hermione who was practically falling apart from stress in third year but who still managed to put together a legal case for Hagrid to fight out in court. Hermione who had a razor-sharp sense of humour but who often saved it for the most witty of comebacks. Hermione who stood by her two best friends through thick and thin, even when they didn’t stand by her. Hermione who never let someone else hold her back from speaking her mind, even when it scared her. Hermione who had a heart of gold and always tried to do the right thing and who was heartbroken when Ron would turn against her with no justification. Hermione who got up late for the Quidditch World Cup, instead of practically biting Harry and Ron’s heads off for not being up on time. Hermione who beamed when she was happy, who got excited by the little things, who cried at Bill and Fleur’s wedding. Hermione who was curious and appreciated all kinds of magic, not just the academic sort. Hermione who never even considered using a love potion but who was fascinated by the Patented Daydream Charms. Hermione who was ruthless as hell when she needed to be. Hermione who worried about the smallest things and was always there to help anyone who needed it. Hermione who made difficult choices which she knew would hurt her friendships but only because she wanted to protect those very friends. Hermione who was stubborn and willful and went by the book but who mastered the ability to be creative and think on her feet as well. Hermione who realised not everything written was the gospel truth and who fought her hardest to make things better. Hermione who was terrified of rejection, failure and loss but who stuck to her principals anyway. Hermione who fell in love with a flat-faced, bandy-legged cat who no one else would buy. Hermione who constantly got the best grades in her year, who was border-line genius, who memorised books off by heart and who was inventive and creative and who could adapt the things she’d learned to suit her needs, but who never bragged or boasted and who constantly pushed herself further, harder. Hermione who needed concrete proof of things because she was so logical. Hermione who accepted these things when they were proved to her, and didn’t hold a grudge if she had been wrong. Hermione who always put in way more effort and research than was required. Hermione who didn’t condone copying, because she wanted to actively help her friends’ education. Hermione who helped out with essays and classwork and who got very little in return. Hermione who was a very good judge of character. Hermione who gave advice about love and friendships just as much as about books and studying. Hermione who came up with incredible plans in seconds under huge pressure. Hermione who laughed and was cheerful and jolly, not perpetually grumpy. Hermione who got stressed around exams and who snapped at people but who still enjoyed them. Hermione who didn’t always know what effect she had on people, and who was fiercely logical. Hermione who was calculating and smart. Hermione who was the most ferociously loyal friend you could ever have. Hermione who knew her worth, and who wouldn’t stand for receiving anything less than she deserved. Hermione who was proud of her abilities, but who would praise others, admit when she was wrong, and who wouldn’t pretend to be better at something than she was. Hermione who was generous and brave and who had an enormous heart. Hermione who was the brightest character in the whole series, who was so fiercely intelligent it intimidated others but who never let that deter her. Hermione who went from having absolute faith in the established authority to starting a freaking revolution. Hermione who was her own person and wouldn’t change herself for the world. Hermione who was – Hermione. 


He caught a brief glimpse of a gloomy high-ceilinged, twin-bedded room; then there was a loud twittering noise, followed by an even louder shriek, and his vision, was completely obscured by a large quantity of very bushy hair. Hermione had thrown herself on to him in a hug that nearly knocked him flat.