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Stiles & Derek, post first time.

Stiles fell backwards onto a pillow, eyes wide with disbelief.

“Wow,” he breathed, blinking slowly a few times.  “Wow.”  Stiles wiped a hand up his sweat-slicked body.  “Was it good for you,” he teased before closing his eyes.

Stiles sighed, humming with content before rolling towards Derek and throwing an arm across him.  “I’m hungry, get me some food.”

When Derek didn’t respond, Stiles quirked an eye open, “Derek?”

Derek was fast asleep, eyes closed, mouth open, chest rising and falling slowly.

Stiles thought he was going to cry from how cute the sight of Derek sleeping was.  Eyes tearing up, Stiles smiled, pulling Derek closer and onto his side so their bodies fit together before joining Derek in his slumber.

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Hey I recently have started restricting, I've always had an unhealthy relationship with food but nothing serious. But the thing is I'm losing weight really quickly which I obviously like at the moment, but there's this tiny bit of me screaming that I need to stop now before this gets more serious. I don't really know any other way of putting this than please stop me, tell me everything you hate about eds make me not want to do this. Thank you so much

  1. Your [disordered eating] can and will take over. You will not be in control of what’s going on [x].
  2. Restricting does some SERIOUS damage to your body… it can eventually kill you [x].

For me personally, I’ve lost a lot. I had zero social life for a LONG time. I lost all of my friends from high school and then missed out on all the fun parts of college. I was miserable. I’m just not starting to try to make up for some of what I missed.

I’ve damaged my body. I did some really bad damage to my heart and I believe restricting played a role in me fracturing my spine because my bones were probably a lot weaker than I realized.

If you take care of yourself, you have have a healthy body and will not only be able to love the way you look but also all of the things it does for you. 

A healthy body can be physically active. You can run, lift weights, dance, do cartwheels.
A starving body doesn’t have the strength. Standing up can make you lightheaded… but sitting or laying down can be painful if you’re underweight.

A healthy body is strong. You’ll have more energy, you’ll be happier (restricting fucks when your brain chemistry a bit which is why a lot of people suffering eating disorders may also develop depression). 
A starving body has brittle bones. It feels cold so often that it’s difficult to even get yourself unwrapped from blankets to do anything.

A healthy body has beautiful, shiny hair. It has strong nails that can grow if you want them longer. It has strong, healthy teeth for a beautiful smile. 
A starving body has stringy, thinning hair. Weak yellow nails that are always breaking. It has teeth that are constantly requiring dental work and bags under your eyes showing how exhausted you always are.

I can show you two pictures- in both pictures, I am the EXACT SAME WEIGHT. The first, my eating disorder was just beginning to take control.
The second, was during a good point in my recovery. You can see a difference in my eyes. I know it sounds weird… but it’s true.

2007 vs. 2013

When you’re healthy, you have more confidence. Even if you don’t realize it. The way you carry your body is different and will help you gain that confidence and become proud of your body. You can stay out late and go dancing with your friends and actually enjoy yourself instead of having numbers and negative thoughts consuming you 24/7. You’ll have space to think of the things that really matter.