mov: the three musketeers

I am just so grateful for Mickey Donald Goofy: The Three Musketeers. For as much as people complain that Mickey is a boring character, I feel like this fixes that. I really appreciate how they made his small size such a big insecurity for him. And while he’s optimistic as always, he reaches a point where he’s been left to drown, he believes one lifelong friend is dead while the other’s abandoned him, and he just can’t pick himself back up again like he’s always been able to. It’s heartbreaking.

I don’t think that people appreciate how wonderfully extra everyone in The Three Musketeers is. Like d'Artagnan is just the epitome of a cringey child and in the scene where the actual three musketeers are introduced Porthos says that everyone knows Aramis is a ho so he should stop moralizing and then Aramis says “I say what I please and at this moment it pleases me to say you are annoying me.”