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Something Darker

(For those of you who missed the craziness leading up to last night or even missed what happened on the blog last night, I’ve accumulated it into two parts that I’ll continue probably later today! Enjoy, cutie pies!)

Host is awoken by a call for a Full House meeting in the Board Room. He sleepily gropes around for his cane, but it’s not where he remembers leaving it last night. Deciding to leave it, Host gets up and starts to head for the door, but when he does, he trips over something and falls. He lands in several inches of something slimy and… sweet. Host feels around and finds that his desk has been surrounded by watermelon smoothie, and he tripped over a metal bucket left by his chair.

Host gets up out of the mess and wipes off his face, swallowing hard, and heads for the back room where his shower is. When he doesn’t show up to the meeting, Dark doesn’t seem surprised, and Wilford glances over at where Walter sits smiling in the corner.

The others find Host mopping up the smoothie afterwards, and while Doc stays to find out what happened, Wilford doesn’t have to. He leaves to find Walter.

A few minutes later, Wilford bangs on Walter’s door at Peebles Place. “WALT, OPEN UP!”

Walter opens the door a crack. “Can I help you?” Wilford forces the door open and storms into the room. “Well, of course. Come in, come in,” Walter says sarcastically as Wilford turns around to glare at him.

“You did exactly what I told you not to do.” Wilford is livid. His hands are shaking, and his hair is just beginning to glow a brighter pink. His eyes cut around the room that Wilford himself added onto the house, and that Walter has filled with every kind of watermelon decoration under the sun. What had happened? When had Walter’s goofs and pranks become so malicious? “Walt, talk to me…”

Walter crosses his arms over his chest and sneers at his brother. “It was that Amy who turned you soft, wasn’t it? Mark lets me die, and you let his girlfriend tell you what to do because you think she’s hot.”

Wilford’s hands turn to fists at his sides. “That’s not true, and don’t you dare make this about me.”

“It is about you, Wilford! Look how much you’ve changed! Your whole nature is different! You don’t want chaos anymore; you want to protect these useless figments!” Walter points out the door of his room. “They are more your brothers now than I am!”

Wilford waggles his hands at his sides as they become more and more shaky. “Walter, that’s not true, but you’ve been gone for so long…”

“And you’ve gone soft,” Walter cuts back. He straightens his ascot and his coat and points a finger in Wilford’s face. “You’re not Wilford Warfstache. You’re a nursemaid that just looks and sounds like my brother.” With that, Walter storms out, leaving Wilford standing alone.

Dark retreats to his office after the meeting, after the others disappear to look for the Host. The scent of watermelon still lingers, and Dark is repulsed by the overly sweet odor. He moves to stand beside his window, looking down over the city and pushing his hair out of his face. What he wouldn’t give for Mark to get a haircut already.

With his other hand, however, Dark holds a long piece of wood, knotted but glossy and full of the Host’s quiet magic from the figment speaking to it fondly for so long. Dark twirls the cane through his fingers. It’s lighter than he remembers, but it’ll do the trick all the same.

The Host is working in his study one day, pecking away at a project he’s been pouring himself into for the past few nights. It’s been a while since he’s gotten up and walked around, and he’s just made the decision to do so when he feels the distinct sensation of having his powers of narration drained. With the sensation comes a flow of words from his mouth that he has no control over, no prior knowledge of until they are already past his lips.

“Mark Edward Fischbach is walking in from work one dry, hot afternoon when the sudden thrill of cold creates gooseflesh across his arms and exposed shoulders. Mark doesn’t remember turning the air down quite so far before he left his little house that morning, and oddly enough, his faithful dog Chica does not appear when he arrives as she normally does. Mark steps cautiously inside only to hear the all-too-familiar tinny ring of Darkiplier’s aura.” Host chokes on his next words, trying with all he has to keep them between his teeth, but something is controlling him, pulling the magic out of him with sharp, splintering claws that tear at his insides. “Mark tries to shout, but he’s hit from behind with something heavy. As he falls to the ground, the last image he sees is Amy, lying next to him.”

Suddenly the horrible pull stops, and Host doubles over in pain and fear. He tastes sand in his mouth and feels like he’s falling, stomach lurching. With a few gasping breaths, he hauls himself to his feet and staggers, face drenched in sweat, to the elevator where he hits the button for the clinic and falls inside.

Spaceiplier Head Cannons

Because there’s not enough. Most of these are from a conversation with the lovely @alcordraws

-Space boi is very calm, very sen and relaxed.  Not easily angered but when he is run. He will likely make a black hole because he can.

- Loves to give people gifts.  Bim was given a space plant ( Dark lets that one live.)

- He gives people lots of hugs, he can read anyone like a book. 

-Mark cries when Space hugs him.

-He doesn’t come around a lot, he lives in space. When he does, everyone dresses up and makes him feel comfortable.

- Space visits lots of planets beyond our galaxy because hes scared NASA will catch him.

- His eyes and hair change color based on where he is and what he sees.

- He helps Host write it all down and Host likes the experiences he can get from it. 

-One time, Space spent the night at Mark’s house. He gave him a dream that even felt realistic to space. Mark was so happy, he was happy crying when he woke up.

maisontherose  asked:

Dr. Iplier and the Host angst as "Haunted (Acoustic)" by Taylor Swift

(i liked it so have something loosely inspired)

There’s so many emotions bubbling in his chest, anger, hurt, confusion and several more he can’t identify. The threat of tears build behind his eyes but Dr. Iplier refuses to let them fall, fury too close to the forefront of his mind.

He’d thought they’d been making progress, thought he’d been chipping away at the Host’s walls. He’d thought Dark’s hold was loosening.

The Host’s icy smile is seared into his mind (but he remembers the emotions that had swirled in the air, bitterness, a burning sadness, and most of all, petrifying fear for the brief moment they’d touched as the Host pushed him away). Dark’s expression is neutral but his eyes gleam with victory.

Dr. Iplier had known it would be narrow line to walk and that eventually the Host would have to choose between him and Dark but.

He’d thought it’d be him.

Down the Rabbit Hole (pt. 12)

Previous and Next

Amy feels a rush of charged air pass over her in a wave along with the scent of dust and ancient things left undisturbed for a thousand years. She takes a few steps into the chamber lit with an unseen source. The floor, walls, and ceiling are all one perfect piece of marble cut into a cube-shaped room that is almost entirely empty. It’s an impossible place, one of those moments that transcend words as Amy feels herself pass out of reality and into someplace else.

At the center of the room stands a suit of armor. It is not gleaming and bright. Rather it is beaten and battered with age and use in what could be a hundred battles, yet the armor still stands intact. In its outstretched hands is a sword, long and thin and perfect. In fact, it seems to be the source of the room’s strange ethereal energy that pulses with Amy’s heartbeat. She feels drawn to the armor and the sword, as if it were a trinket she once knew well but lost as a child, and now she’s found it right where she left it, here in this room.

“Wilford?” Amy turns back, but the three men cannot follow her. In fact, it seems that they cannot even see into the room. Their worried expressions make her stomach twist up with guilt, but she can’t resist the pull of the armor.

She reaches out her hand as curiosity drives her forward and common sense pulls her back. Finally her curiosity wins over, and she seizes the sword. When she does, another flash of light explodes from the point where her fingers have brushed the handle of the blade, and Amy’s hair is blown back.

When the light fades and the rush of power ceases, Amy finds herself now garbed in the armor. It’s been altered to fit her perfectly, and the chainmail sounds like the ringing of little bells when she walks out of the room with the sword balanced between her hands as it had balanced in the armor’s hands before. Wilford and Bim both take a step away from her, pulling the Host back as well, as she seems to shine with the strange light for a few more moments until the doors close, and the light disappears as quickly as it had come.

“Well, that was rather dramatic,” Wilford muses, obviously shaken by the otherworldly display.

Host breathes a shaky sigh. “Let’s not do that again.”

Bim is strangely silent, offering none of his usual sass or well-meaning words. Instead, he watches Amy—not her exactly but rather the armor—as she walks closer to them. Amy pretends not to notice, but part of her wonders what could be going on behind his attentive brown eyes. “Bim?”

But the figment merely shakes his head, replacing his blank expression with a more appropriate smile. “Nothing, I was simply worried what this means. Usually you don’t need armor unless…”

An explosion rocks the ground beneath their feet. “Speak of the devil,” Bim hisses and runs out of the vault. The others follow after him in quick succession, even Amy who is still slightly stunned by the latest developments. When they reach the ground floor of the castle, the grand doors explode inward suddenly. The force of the blast sends Amy and the three figments flying backwards among the shrapnel, and Amy is glad for the armor until she lands on the steps of the staircase and feels the metal shift uncomfortably under the impact.

The others slide a little farther, beneath the overhanging second floor where they struggle to get back on their feet quick enough to defend Amy. The young woman herself is quick to recover despite her shock, and when she gets to her feet, the sword is in her hand, poised at the ready.

The Red King sweeps into the entryway as the dust of the explosion clears. His dark silver crown is perched perfectly on his head as he smirks at the meager display of force before him. “How nice, the little chosen one found the magic sword. Funny, I wouldn’t have figured it to be you.” Dark gestures towards Amy flippantly. “A small, pretty thing such as yourself belongs in a garden among the flowers rather than in a suit of armor.”

Amy puts herself between Dark and the others. “I won’t let you hurt them.”

Dark looks somewhat amused, tilting his head to the side and continuing to study her closely. “We’ll just have to see about that.”

Dark's Heart (part 6)

Dark took you around the first floor. You go into the studio for Willford and Bim. You run around so excited looking the cameras, props, outfits, the set ,and even a stage for performances. While there you tell Willford if he still wanted to do that interview for fun.

“Yes!! My journalism skills will astound you.” Willford winks at you and drags Bim to help him set thing up.

“Why did you have to humor him…” Dark pinches the bridge of his nose already hating this.

“Come on he asked. Besides it looks fun. And how about I do this and you can go off and do your work.” You smile up a Dark. You did feel bad about keeping him from his work.

“I said it can wait. I don’t want to leave you alone with him. Who knows what will do.” Dark watches Bim set up two chairs and the lights and Willford curls his pink mustache at the ends to look good.

“Ok stay and suffer.” You laugh. You go to sit at the chair that faces Willford ready for questions.

“Will please don’t stab me at the end of this or shove a boom box in my face. I want to live to finish my shows.” You give him your pinky.

Will takes it with his, “I promise for you. But the boom box is out of my hands.” Will sits up and begins. “So (Y/N) you have become quite the internet sensation after the great boop. How are you handling your fame.”

“Well I did have a run in with some not so happy people but other than that the community thought I was really funny and thought is was brave. I mean come on look at him.” You look over at Dark. “He was asking for it.” Dark rolls his eyes.

“True true he did. Speaking of that. What exactly is this thing going on between you two hmmmm?” Will raises an eyebrow and leans in.

“O that. Yea so Dark helped me out in a situation and now I owe him. So im here til the date has been done.” You say smiling.

“Dark. That guy.” Will looks at a brooding Dark. “Helped you? Well am I in an alternate universe now? Are still talking about the same man?”

“I know right? Yes sir that guy. But you know I own him now because of it so he so planed that. But you know while I got him here mind as well have some fun with the guy.” You laugh.

“Ooooo your talking about the texting. I may have peeked at a few of those. Might I say the one about if he really is evil enough to steal candy from a baby was great.” Willford saids smiling.

“He said you did that once.” You look at Willford with a smirk.

“Hey that little brat took the last box of gummy bears. It was fair game.” Willford tries to act innocent.

“Sure keep telling yourself that.” You laugh.

“He does all the time.” Bim saids holding the boom box.

“Hey hey Willford doesn’t take shit from no one. But you get off because your so cute.” Willford winks at you. Dark glares at Willford from that.

“Anyway moving on. You have been putting quite the charms are good old Darkiplier here.” Willford tugs his suspenders.

“Really?” You look back at Dark smiling. “How so?”

“O he has toned down the evil. And I may or may not have seen a picture of you on his phone that the stares at from time to time.” Willford wiggles his mustache.

“We are done here.” Dark tugs you out of the seat. “Lets go.”

You tug back. “Wait I want to hear more about this. its very interesting!” You tease Dark.

Dark picks you up and throws you over his shoulder. He gave no choice and takes you out of the studio. You yell back at Will and Bim that you had fun. Dark leads you to where the Googles take care of all the electronics and technology of the house. You go to Green, Red, and Yellow and ask who was the cutest out of the four. Green and Red said Yellow instantly and you laugh telling Yellow he was a sweet cinnamon roll. Dark takes you away again still over his shoulder to his office and only backs in for a peek and then takes you away. Then you look at Dr.Iplier’s clinic to be greeted by him looking at you and Dark with a confused expression. He gives you a lollypop and you reach for it but Dark whisks you away before you could get it. You act like a kid and repeatedly smack his back saying no fair. He said he doesn’t care and lets you continue to smack him, he smiles at your attempts to hurt him. He makes his way to the garage and you get a peek at the cars; one pink, another sleek black, a old truck, and a van. Next is the kitchen he only makes a walk around and you look around and then he heads upstairs.

“Hey are you going to put me down soon? Aren’t you tired?” You ask.

“Are you questioning my strength?” Dark chuckles. “Please this is nothing. Although maybe you should consider losing a few pounds.”

You smack him again. “Rude!!” Dark actually laughs. It takes you by surprise and it makes your heart skip a beat at the sound of him laughing softly. You smile happily to yourself.

Dark only walks around to show each ego’s door to their room. The others poke their heads out of their rooms to see Dark walk down the hall with you over his shoulder. Host doesn’t look out his room but can hear your voices pass his room and he opens the door to his room. “Host has the list that (Y/N) wanted for books… (Y/N) is in a states where they can not take anything at the moment however.” Host holds the list to himself.

“Oooo I want it!! Please!!” You beg Dark to let you down. He does without question and you walk up to Host. He holds out the list and you take it carefully from his hands. “Thank you so much Host. I will read them all!!” You hug Host happily. He is taken back by it but he returns the hug shyly. You let him go and Dark drags you again. This time Ed pops his head out of his room with his calculations to prices for your games. You take it and hug him too and he bear hugs you. Dark growls at that and takes you again. You keep getting stopped by the others and you hug them all after talking to them. Dark finally had it and scoops you up again and takes you to his room.

His room is gray with all black modern style furniture. He has another smaller desk by a wall and beside it is a book shelf. A window that looks outside the front yard with a good view of the sun setting. He has a simple entertainment center with a flat screen T.V and the foot of his bed is facing it. Beside his bed is a small table with a lamp and his closet is open to show it is a walk in one.

“Fancy. Its so.. Dark.” You say with a sophisticated tone.

“You actually went there.” Dark groans. He puts you down infront of him. He didn’t realize how close you were to him when he put you down. You were inches from each others faces. Your chest and his are practically against each other. Dark can feel your chest go out when you take a breath and he can clearly see the color of your eyes picking out every shade. You can see his eyes too, thinking they were black but then realize they have hints of brown to them. You both look at each other for a while then you turn your head and see music sheets on Dark’s small desk.

“You write music?” You tilt your head. You walk to his desk and pick it up.

“I do at times. Helps me relax.” Dark watches you looking through the paper.

“You relax? That’s rare.” You say still skimming through the paper. “Can I have a demo?” You look at Dark with a tilt head and soft smile.

The smile did it for him. That dam smile he thought. He takes your hand and pulls you into his void and your now in his office. You look around more. A large desk in the center of the room and a larger bookshelf off to the side filled with books and binders. then you notice the piano at the corner. You walk over to it, its so pretty and smooth and of course its black.

Dark sits on the bench and looks at you. “Well?” You sit beside him. He puts the sheet music up and puts his hands on the keys. His hands move so gracefully along the keys. The tone starts off heavy like a storm and then hits a high point. It goes deeper and deeper then suddenly stops and transitions to a lighter tone. You look up at Dark, his eyes are closed and he focuses on the keys. The sound is so sweet now and calming. It gives off a feeling of being content and at peace. It ends with a soft tone and Dark opens his eyes and looks down at the keys.

“Wow… that was amazing. Does it have a name?” You look at him curious.

Dark looks at you. “It doesn’t. I don’t usually name them.”

“Well you should. Gives it good meaning.” You smile up at him.

Dark studies you. You put your attention to the piano and play some keys randomly. He looks at your eyes, down to your hands on the keys, and then up to your lips. He just focuses on your lips remembering when he brushed his thumb over them as you slept. They felt so warm and soft, it felt different to him. He touched his own while you were distracted, more firm and cold. He had the sudden urge to test if he can warm his with yours. Dark faces you and leans in slowly his other hand beginning to reach your cheek to make you face him. But then your phone goes off making him back off.

“O shit its late!! I really should get going now.” You look at Dark having no clue what he was trying to do. “Umm do you think you can just plop me back home?" 

Dark looks at you for a while longer before he answers. "If it gets you out of here sooner be my guest.” He snaps his fingers and a void pops up. You sit up and walk to it nervous. “Im not going to send you to a different dimension if that what you are wondering.”

“Somewhat disappointing but ok.” You poke your head into it and are greeted with your bedroom. You come back out and face Dark. “Thanks for the tour. Your house is very lively. Got to end this last day with a bang right?”

Dark remembers the date is tomorrow. The last day he will see you. “If that’s what you say then. Im just going to be glad to rid of you at this point.”

“Awwww your so going to miss me. who else will send you all the texts and important phone calls.” You laugh. “Goodnight Darkiplier. See you tomorrow for our date.” You walk into the void and it disappears once you make it to your room. You get into pajamas and lay in bed. You start to think of all the fun you had and get sad. You don’t want it to end. You think of Dark more and cuddle into your pillow more and blush thinking of his eyes.

Dark sits at his piano. He plays the soft part of the song he played for you slowly. He runs a hand through his hair frustrated. He thinks to himself why he almost tried to kiss you, why did he even think of it. Your date was it, your final day with him and he had been wanting to get it over with. Now he wants you to stay longer. To make an excuse to prolong it but he cant think of a good reason why. He begins to play a new tune he made on the spot. It sounds so soft and lovely. Comparing it to a feeling of longing and needing of you. It was a clear feeling of wanting you near him. Dark stops and takes out a pencil and writes down the notes.

Dark feels it again that thing in his chest thumping away. He clenches his chest, why does it do that the thinks. There it goes.

Thump Thump. He pictured your eyes.

Thump thump* He pictured your face.

Thump Thump* He sees your smile.

Thump Thump Thump* He thinks of how you feel so close to him.

Thump Thump Thump* Your lips so soft.

Thump Thump Thump Thump* The thought of his lips crushing into yours.

“(Y/N)…. why do you do this to me…” Dark whispers.

Hey so I wrote a song

( ´ ▽ ` ): During the time I was gone, I went to a songwriting class because songwriting is a passion of mine that I never expected to have but here I am now. I wrote a song about the Host (or rather, the Host talking to Dark) and I wanted to share the lyrics. I don’t know if you guys will care or not, but here we are. It’s called ‘Idol Coward’

Idle Coward

(Verse 1.1)

Once an idol, now a coward

I don’t talk to you anymore

I once held power, but strongly, swiftly

Pain brought me to the floor

You walk ‘round me, talking sweetly

Your words are nothing more (than lies)

I can’t help it, I must listen

Though this may have made me blind

(Verse 2.1)

Because in the end I realize, it’s not me who’s wrong; it’s you

‘Cause every time I hear you I feel paralyzed

Your words sweep through me soundly and I quickly change my mind

And though I want to speak it seems that I’ve lost the key

(Pre-Chorus 1)

And the world slows down

All eyes on me

As time stands still

I feel the words rise up in me

(Chorus 1)

Because yes, I may be blind

But I’m not to your lies

I can hear you venom dripping, spilling out on the tiles

And though my hands are tied

I will strongly defy

The way your words twist through my head and up to the sky

(Verse 1.2)

Once your idol, now your coward

I can’t talk to them anymore

You control me, restless, angry

Your fury is your core

I’m your shadow, humming softly

My mind is nothing more (than truth)

You take my hand now, and lead me slowly

And I let you without a word

(Verse 2.2)

Because in the end I realize, it’s not me who’s blind; it’s you

‘Cause no matter what I say to you, you chastise

Your words sweep through me cruelly and I fall onto my knees

And though I want to scream it seems that I’ve lost the key

(Pre-Chorus 2)

And the world slows down

Your eyes burn into me

And I shout your name

These words won’t stay inside of me

(Chorus 2)

Because yes, I may be blind

But I’m not to your lies

I can hear you venom dripping, spilling out on the tiles

And though my hands are tied

I still strongly defy

The way your words twist through my head and out to the sky


All the words I want to say to you

All the people that you’ve made me hurt

The sound grows louder every single day

I try to talk but you don’t hear

You always try to be someone to fear

But I can’t stand it, I can’t stand it anymore!

(Chorus 3)

Because yes, I may be blind

But I’m not to your lies

I can hear your venom dripping, spilling out on the tiles

And though my tongue is tied

I will always defy

The way your words cut through my throat, and up to my eyes!

Because you and I both know

That you’re running out of time

You’re fate is slipping through your hands like it’s made out of ice

And in the end, you’ll know

That I was never tied

Your head is spinning, I am grinning, your words cast aside

So yeah, that’s Idol Coward. If you guys are actually interested I could record myself singing it, but I don’t think I’m very good at singing so…. Anyway. I’m super nervous about sharing things so I hope you all like this.


Here is my cosplay of the host! I’m so proud of how it turned out!

I attempted to spray a gold stripe in my hair, but the can may or may not have exploded everywhere…

Thank you for inspiring me and for being so awesome!

Thank you for helping me make this cosplay and actually convincing me to go through with it! (And helping me find fabric for the bandages that I could actually see through!)

Thank you for your advice on what I could add to the cosplay: including the bag, notebook, and fidget!

HCS: The Host helping his S/O with anxiety

Requested? Yes!! Anon requests: Could I get The Host headcannons for easing his SO’s anxiety. Like how he would calm her down and help? Thank you so much! I love your stuff btw!

Fandom: Teamiplier (Mark)

Pairing: The Host x Reader

Warnings: S/O had anxiety so there will be mentions of the struggles that people with anxiety face.

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I have a serious question.

I watched “Markiplier TV” and there was one detail that really caught my attention. Why on Earth did the camera pan to Dr. Iplier before Darkiplier had begun to speak? And followup question… Why did Dr. Iplier look so angry? He can’t be upset about Wilford’s video… Because he clearly states he liked it. So what could he be so ticked up at during that part? Does he not like Darkiplier?

I was going to assume so, but he didn’t glare at Dark.

… Did he?