mov: the host

Ok, I admit it. I put off reading The Host for a really long time. And honestly I was probably never going to read it, but a good friend who has excellent taste in books recommended it. And you know what? I actually liked it more than I was expecting. 

Have any of you guys read The Host? What did you think of it? 

I love reading, but I hate when I finish a book and there’s that empty feeling you get. It’s like you lived a life that you loved so much and it ended and now you have to find a new life, but don’t want to leave your old one. Does anybody else feel this?

ok so “the host” by stephenie meyer is actually my favourite book of all time and you should all definitely read it

yes the twilight books were basically garbage but the host is actually well written and the characters are amazing and i just love it so much i cry every time