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avengers au possibly...?

Dark–Loki (Overly dramatic, trying to take over the world and always thinks he’s smarter than everyone else? Yup, it’s perfect.)

Host–Banner (Smol son with anger issues.)

Bim–Cap (He’s so pure and just wants to do what’s right.)

Wilford–Thor (ANOTHER!!)

Mark–Tony Stark (He’s finally an engineer…)

Doc–Hawkeye (The normal one that keeps all the others from killing each other.)

Amy–Black Widow (She’s so awesome, and she needs her own movie already. Don’t know which one I’m talking about? The answer is yes.)

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Can I have some of that sweet WilHost? Fluffy shit preferably

sure thing, sweetheart! hope these are okay for you! 💖

  • wilford loves going to sit at the beach to help clear his head. he brings host along just to have someone to talk too, but host loves tagging along as well. host enjoys how peaceful things are and doesn’t feel the great urge to narrate everything.
  • whenever wilford chews bubblegum, host always warns wilford to not blow huge bubbles. wilford mocks him, only to get bubblegum stuck on his face from a too big bubble about five seconds later.
  • wilford used to be really close with the author, the two of them being as thick as thieves. but now that the author is now the host, wilford befriends him once again, wilford and host joking at the host is so much more calm and collected than the author.
  • at night, wilford curls up on the couch and listens to host narrate and tell stories, which typically put him to sleep very quickly. wilford always wakes up with host’s trench coat draped over him.
  • wilford was the one who managed to convince the other egos that host should have a cat. it was a good thing they all said yes, because host has had a little grey kitty staying at his house for a few weeks prior.
  • wilford loves playing video games and brings his console and controller over to host’s house whenever he needs a quiet space. although host can’t see visually, he does help wilford navigate to find hidden areas and secret chests within each game. wilford always gets so overjoyed, which makes host beam.
  • host has a strange fascination with wilford’s mustache.
  • host loves holding hands, especially wilford’s, they’re at the same time both rough and soft, but warm.
  • wilford has a lot of scars on his chest and stomach, the biggest being a bullet he took back in the events of ‘the ned affair’. host enjoys laying next to him and tracing his fingers along each scar and curiously asking how wilford got them (even though host already knows the answer, he still enjoys hearing it from wilford’s mouth). 
Dark with a dog

Okay, but imagine Dark with a dog like Chica. Like a big fluff ball that he is in charge of and like instead of training her to kill, he trained her to be this sweet, innocent puppy. Like, the other egos see Dark with the dog and they’re all terrified that they’re going to get eaten by the dog, but the Host is the only one with the sense to go up to her and pet her and she just cuddles up to him and licks his face.

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May or may not have a headcanon that The Host knows how to use echo location and uses it to fuck with other egos/people he's chasing down

okay no but imagine you’re running away from him through some abandoned building and you hide and he just slowly walks around the room, humming. the sound of his voice echoing through the room as he drags the blood soaked bat behind him

also imagine him walking into a room, screaming really loudly and then just going “oh hey bim” and just casually sitting down


I have a serious question.

I watched “Markiplier TV” and there was one detail that really caught my attention. Why on Earth did the camera pan to Dr. Iplier before Darkiplier had begun to speak? And followup question… Why did Dr. Iplier look so angry? He can’t be upset about Wilford’s video… Because he clearly states he liked it. So what could he be so ticked up at during that part? Does he not like Darkiplier?

I was going to assume so, but he didn’t glare at Dark.

… Did he?