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Every night is the same. You wait for it, unable to sleep, and tonight is no different.

The lamplight flickers and dims, its warm glow stuttering until the darkness takes over. The room is thrown into shadow, bringing with it the cold. The fine hairs on the back of your neck stand on end. You try not to shiver.

That’s when the covers move. You can’t see a thing, the darkness seeming oddly thick, but you can feel it. The blankets slide over your arms, encasing your shoulders and dragging all the way up to your chin. They stop there, warming your body, but your face is still cold. It gets even colder for just a second, a tiny patch of ice pressing itself to your forehead, but before you know it, it’s gone. The lamp flickers back into life and the room is normal once again.

“Goodnight to you too,” you whisper, and the lamp blinks once. You yawn contentedly and roll over with a small smile on your face.

It’s always easy to fall asleep after that - there’s just something so comforting about being tucked into bed by the one you love.

How to Deal With Angry Spirits (And Banish Them if You Need to)

Angry spirits are generally not very fun. They can act out, just like a living human could, though their reactions can end up being much scarier in some cases. This is a little guide on how to talk to and calm an irritable spirit, and hopefully get on better terms with them. I have also included a but about banishing a spirit if need be. (And let’s be honest, sometimes there is no reasoning with an angry spirit). There are individual steps for ease of use and reading, but if you feel certain steps don’t apply, or you feel need to be completed in a different order, feel free to move things around.

  1. Analyze the situation. Decide if you really think the spirit is angry/irritable, or if it is a new presence or energy. See if you can recognize the feeling the events or situations give off. Does it feel like a particular spirit? Is this even like them to do this? Could it potentially be another spirit, or even some negative energy or a curse? Try to really think before jumping to conclusions, because it may not even be the spirit causing havoc or making you feel angry or whatever else makes you think they are upset.
  2. Think about what you’ve done recently, in a metaphysical as well as physical sense. Do you have any new companions? Have you been ignoring the spirit lately? Have you brought anyone new into the home, ex: a child or significant other? Is there anything that could make the spirit jealous, upset, or offended? For example: did you disrupt their grave to bring them in, or even appropriate from their culture? Another thing to think about is whether or not you’ve said anything to bring about a change in the spirit.
  3. Talk to the spirit. As with most first steps, talking to the spirit can really open dialogue and help you understand their thought process. Try to remain positive, neutral in taking sides (if it involves another entity or person), and be open minded. I know some things may seem silly, you may think “well that wouldn’t upset me”. But the truth is, you’re not them. Validate their feelings and just listen for a while.
  4. Work out any problems if possible. Sometimes a spirit needs more interaction, and sometimes they just need their space. Other times they are lonely and want another spirit friend, or another companion (a human that is living). If you know the root of the problem, even if it seems silly, you’ll be able to work with them and help. Find out what’s really bothering them and work together to fix it.
  5. If they aren’t listening, aren’t willing to compromise, and are still angry, if not angrier, begin to think of other options. This could mean taking a break for a while, and inviting them back later. It could just mean making daily offerings. Try to base this off of their personality and wants.
  6. If they become belligerent and dangerous, begin planning to banish them. If at anytime you truly fear for your safety or the safety of others due to their presence in your home, it should immediately be deemed an unsafe situation. Banishing them can be hard, especially if you were once close, but you should not be in a dangerous environment.
  7. Keep in mind that some spirits are inherently angry or malevolent, whether due to their natural nature or the way they died. It’s okay to have to let go of those spirits if you can’t help them, or even feel that they want to be helped.


Banishment is usually a last resort, but sometimes it is very necessary. Here is a banishing ritual I used to get rid of a very malevolent entity a while ago, and haven’t had a problem since.

What You’ll Need:

  • Shredded Soap (I reccomend grating it, but you can shave it with a knife or whatever you think is safe and easiest)
  • Sage (I used the spice in my kitchen, it was dried and ground)
  • Moon Water
  • Gem elixir (I used a mix of rose quartz, clear quartz, amethyst, and hematite for this. Be cautious with hematite, as I am not 100% sure it is safe in water. I set it around the glass When making my water) (rose quartz for love and harmony in the home, clear quartz to clear away negativity, amethyst for peace and protection, and hematite to be rid of negative energy and circulate the energy through my home)
  • A spray bottle
  • Black Candle

Begin by mixing your gem elixir, moon water, and soap together in a bowl. To bless the soap and give it spiritually cleansing properties, use this chant, or direct cleansing energy into the soap:

“Soap you clean and clear away

Debris and dirt, and my dismay.

I bless you so you’ll remove

Everything I don’t approve.”

Add the sage and pour this mixture into the spray bottle. Spray around your entire house, focusing on doors and windows, ceilings, floors, and entrances. Don’t forget random spaces like up your chimney or down your vents.

Use as needed, and burn a black candle afterwards to burn away the lasting energy of the spirit.


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As I went through each of your blogs and I have learned a lot from each of them. In the future if at all possible I would like to do some collaborations with some of you if that would be OK. I don’t have any plans yet to do anything, maybe once I get further in my story first, but I hope when I ask I may get a yes form one of a few of you.

Same thing in the first set of gifts I made. Each of you has there own Amulet that I bound only to you. Giving you a little added benefit to your own magic that you do. Getting the magic matrix right was not easy. A few attempts and explosions later I started to get the hang of it along with the settings go make each of them a amplifier or focal point.


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Continuing on from my second set of gifts, making each Amulet took a me a bit of time to make since I am not a Unicorn at can use magic or a Pegasus to fly out to get something at another town. So each one was hoof made and finding the material was not easy. I had to do a lot of favors, trading items, and digging around since I don’t have a job yet and no bits. But despite all that I say I out did myself with each one.


Look what I found. Some animation I did on Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron. Found a whole box of my scenes (and some other animators too).

Angel Samael

I have seen a lot of negativity and bad reputation on Tumblr surrounding Samael, however he in fact holds great powers of protection.


  • His name means “Venom of God”. 
  • He rules the planet Mars.
  • Ruler of the Fifth Heaven.
  • One of the Angels of the Apocalypse.
  • One of the Angels of Creation.
  • He is associated with Aries and Scorpio, the zodiacal signs of Mars.
  • His sacred day is Tuesday and that is when he should be invoked.
  • Samael’s personal call sign is the upright sword unsheathed.
  • His sacred animals include the fox, the sheep, the scorpion, as well as the sparrow and the robin.
  • Trees that are sacred to him include Horse Chestnut, Monkey Puzzle, and all Pepper trees. 
  • His sacred plants include Thistles, Nettles, Peonies, and all red flowers except the Poppy. 
  • All stinging insects are sacred to him except the bee. 


  • Samael is visualised as a great being of scarlet flame, with sparks of green.
  • Flowing red hair and strong masculine energy. 
  • He wears mirror-like armour.
  • He bears a sword of pure flame, along with a white shield upon which appears the Yod-He-Vau-He of the sacred Tetragrammaton


  • The angel Samael should be invoked for all matters that require courage or perseverance until victory is won. 
  • Overcoming obstacles.
  • Manual dexterity.
  • Muscular tonicity.
  • Safe-guarding those serving in the armed forces.
  • He also protects the physical body - all wounds, rashes, infections, any ailment that causes eruptive spots, and migraines; Samael is the patron of surgery.
  • Regulates our interactions with our enemies


  • Upon invoking him for a petition, within seven days his signs of consent include the gift of a knife, sword, or any sharp instrument.
  • Knives falling onto the ground for any reason.
  • The spilling of pepper or spices.
  • Sparks jumping from a fire or anything catching on fire.
  • To see red light.
  • To be stung by a wasp or any other insect.
  • If you have asked for healing in a particular part of your body, Samael may signal his consent by generating heat there


  • Dragons Blood.
  • Black Peppercorns.
  • Wormwood.
  • Pepper.
  • Tobacco.

*Be very careful with the fumes and do not directly inhale any of the ingredients.

 Anointing Oil:

  • Dragons Blood.
  • Rue.
  • Peppercorns.
  • Basil.
  • Coriander.
  • Ginger.

*Always mix with a base oil. 

Spirit Roles

Some spirits may choose or agree to perform a specific job or role in your astral territory or as your companion. Some spirits prefer not to have a specific role, and that’s okay too. Below are my personal categories of spirit roles.

Spirit Roles:

  •  Familiar: helps with magic and witchcraft, spends a lot of time in both physical and astral.
  • Healer: helps with healing their companion as well as other spirits.
  • Teacher: helps mentor their companion as well as other spirits.
  • Gatekeeper: patrols the boundaries of their companions astral territory, helps with protection magic, recharges wards and monitors the borders to make sure no entities or energies with malicious intent get by.
  • Guardian: watches over their companion and guides them down a certain path
  • Muse: helps out with creative endeavors, inspires and motivates their companion.
  • Mate: forms a romantic bond with their companion, is especially close with them, protects and comforts them.
Please note that many spirits may already have chosen a role for themselves, and it is vital that spirits consent to the role they play in your life. It is especially important in regards to being a Mate that the decision must be consensual and occur naturally (just like forming a romantic relationship in the physical plane with another human).

I would like to tell you guys about one of my best ouija experiences, given the season and everything. 

So, one day my sister and I were playing with a board we had made, and whilst we were playing, she decided to show me a video she thought was funny. It was Family Feud. One of the man was on the show whilst very obviously drunk.

Several questions appeared which he answered oddly and we cracked up. Soon, her favourite question of the show was up, “What is a three letter name of an animal” or something along those lines, and the man answered “Frog.” Both of us cracked up. We were laughing so hard (and creating a lot of energy).

Suddenly we began to have activity on the board again in which an entity over and over spelt out “F-R-O-G” and kept s laughing for about an hour.

Ouija boards, if handled correctly, can be safe and really fun! Most spirits just want to chat or play, and you can meet friendly ones with a sense of humour.

Intuitively you know the answer to processing things better is to see the gratitude in everything!
It takes time but once a day if you choose to see the good side to a situation, you will be a changed person in a few months from now.
—  Soul Fulfilled (

Spirit Banishing Spell and Home Protection System

I wrote this for a good friend of mine. I really hope it helps them, I put a lot of effort into this spell, so fingers crossed. Anyway, this is a banishing spell for stubborn spirits.

What you’ll need:

Mint (cleansing) (use a lot of this)

Salt (cleansing, protection) (use even more of this)

Biodegradable Poppet (really, this could be something super simple, like a stick doll)

Witch’s ball (an ornament would work fine too, especially a clear one, since they won’t see it coming)

Moon Water (energy and protection)

Spray bottle

Four stones (any stone will do, but bonus points for protective crystals)

Begin by crafting your Poppet. Walk around the house with it in your hand, turning left into every room (I think of this as a banishing ritual in itself). Use this chant to bind and banish the spirit:

“I bind you now to this Poppet,

Spirit that has plagued my home and hearth.

You are unwelcome in this house,

And are banished from its walls,

And the property it resides on.

I cast you from my world into nature’s realm.

Goodbye, dreadful spirit.

You may never come back again.”

Place the Poppet somewhere in nature, or just outside. You can also throw it out away from your house.

Fill a spritzer bottle with moon water and spray every room. Then, sprinkle a mixture of dried mint leaves and salt around each room’s walls and windows. If you feel a presence anywhere, sprinkle more there. It’s most likely residual energy.

Hang the witch’s ball somewhere near the front of your home, preferably near the door. Bless it with your energy and this chant:

“With my energy I charge this witch’s ball.

May no unwelcome guest be safe from this trap.”

Make sure to cleanse and charge this every month or more if you need to. I suggest cleansing it away from your home.

After that, place the four stones in the four farthest corners of your home. As you do, put the intent of protection and cleansing into the rocks. Again, replace this as often ad desired, or at least once a month.