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One of the cool things of doing this movie is that I got to bring out that side of myself for I get to be very taught. You don’t even realize that part of yourself until you get to do the stunts. - Alexandra Daddario

Annabeth Chase: A Serious Case of OOC

I have a problem with the way Annabeth Chase is portrayed in the movies.

When watching The Lightning Thief, I always had this nagging feeling that something about Annabeth was just… off.

And then, there I was sitting in the movie theater, watching The Sea of Monsters (without high expectations, I might add), when it hit me. To be more specific, let me tell you that it was the scene where the Colchis bull comes charging in. 

And then Annabeth fell and yelled out to Percy for help.

Annabeth Chase.

Falls down. 

And yells for Percy. 

To help her get up. 

That. Is. Wrong.

Annabeth Chase is a strong and independent character, not a weak girl who needs to lean on someone constantly for support. If Annabeth Chase falls, she gets up. Herself. She would never yell for Percy to help her get up, because she can do it herself, and even if she couldn’t do it herself, she would still try, because she has this thing called pride. And when you have pride, you don’t like asking for help. 

The movie makers messed up many, many things, but they seriously screwed up Annabeth’s character. The Annabeth Chase we see on the big screen, is not the real Annabeth Chase.

The real Annabeth Chase is strong.

The real Annabeth Chase is independent.

The real Annabeth Chase gets up herself when she falls. 

Annabeth Chase in the movies - a serious case of OOC.

I rest my case.