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So as @dateableyosuke noted in this post, Hide has a Red Dragon poster in his bedroom. Red Dragon is the first book in the Hannibal Lecter series, detailing Will Graham’s search for a serial killer named The Tooth Fairy. Though the story is vastly different from Tokyo Ghoul, there are some interesting similarities.

  • Will Graham, an FBI profiler, bears the same uncanny powers of observation as Hide does. 
  • Francis Dolarhyde, the serial killer, is obsessed with The Great Red Dragon’s power and strength, and kills people in order to become the dragon himself, just as Kaneki killed to gain power and strength.
  • Dolarhyde’s behavior came from abuse as a child, like Kaneki

Those are just the ones that automatically come to mind, if anyone else has any other similarities, please share!

The Wendigo, The Great Red Dragon, and the Ravenstag. My tribute to the end (?) of an awesome, awesome show. Digital Painting. 

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Already watched the finale? Well regardless prepare to be LOUD Saturday night!

In a world where we can receive anything instantly and it sucks to have to wait when a download is at your fingertips it can be hard to hold back. Many of us have already watched the finale of Hannibal while others are patiently waiting for it to air Saturday night.

Want a season 4 everyone? Well prepare to make yourself heard. Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, be loud and be proud. ESPECIALLY Twitter. Bryan said that a station may be more willing to pick up Hannibal for a 4th season after they see where the finale leaves off and what amazing fans the show has. Even if you were satisfied with where the ending left off, please show your support through social media to let the world know how fun of a ride these last three seasons have been and that we are very thankful for such a unique and groundbreaking show.


anonymous asked:

okay, you seem to know pretty much about the Hannibal-books, so maybe you can help me. At the beginning of Red Dragon, When Jack comes "visiting" Will, he says 'Hell, Will, saddle up and help us. Go to Atlanta and Birmingham and look, then come on to Washington. Just T.D.Y.' What does that last sentence mean? English isn't my first language, and in my German copy they simply "forgot" to translate that sentence. Could you maybe explain it to me?

“TDY” is a US Army/Air Force abbreviation for “Temporary Duty” - so Jack’s emphasizing Will’s being asked to step in to help for a short period, not coming back full time. 

It’s Harris’ way of letting us know that Jack was in the Army—we don’t learn that for certain until TSOTL, when we get the line that he was Army when he met Bella in Livorno. But for an attentive reader, it lets us know that Jack is a former military man. 

Actually, I’d just glossed over the abbreviation myself, so thanks for making me notice it!