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mrleozombie: My good buddy @colinodonoghue1 let me try on his coat. Not sure who looks better in it. Thanks to @abcnetwork setting me up with this surprise experience. That was hilarious. I’m looking forward to the new season of Once even more now. ⚓️🗡☠️

Con/Signing Schedule 2017!!!


  • Queer Comics Expo — July 8-9 (featured guest; I will be tabling with prints, and also signing & giving away my ATLA/Korra poster!)
  • San Diego Comic Con — July 20-23 (we will have early retail copies of TURF WARS: PART ONE!!!!)
  • Rose City Comic Con — Sept 8-10 (more details to come!)
  • Illusive Comics & Games (Santa Clara, CA) — Wednesday July 26th, 5-8 pm (release day signing!! I will have my Korrasami prints, too!)
  • Fantastic Comics (Berkeley, CA) — Saturday July 29th, 5 pm Q&A, 6-7:30 pm signing (I will also have prints here!)
  • Isotope Comics (San Francisco, CA) — Sunday July 30th, 12-3 pm (and here)

See y’all soon! :)

It’s 2.15AM. Bryan is still working his way round the tables. There are two tables left, and he’s still spending at least half an hour with everyone.

Seriously though. 2.15AM. This is unheard of at these events. Half 11, midnight maybe, but never 2.15AM.

He’s not paying lip service to us when he claims he loves us as much as we love him, he genuinely does, and he really wants to be here. He’s still super excited and enthusiastic as well, doesn’t seem to be flagging like we all are.

Bless his heart.


Super excited to share the news with you guys! And SUPER excited to join Fanime once more. We had a BLAST last year and are excited to once again see everyone on the coast. We’ll be Hosting the Masquerade as your MC’s this year, and bringing back our panels!!!

SO PLEASE stop us when you see us! PLEASE say hello and give us hugs and take selfies with us! 

We are there for YOU GUYS! :D 

anonymous asked:

What are you most excited about in regards to The 100 after what you saw and heard from SDCC 2017 so far?

That’s a tough question. That they’re getting ready to start filming, I think. I want the show back. I want to see the stories they are telling.

I don’t really think I learned very much that was new for me? Got some confirmation on themes and sci fi stuff and some logical things about how people would have gotten along in the 6 years stuck where they were. But like, people were all shocked at the cryo reveal of Eligius, and I was like, of course they are the same prisoners they sent off into space. They were in cryo, they disappeared. Something went wrong. Now they woke up and they came home. But I like that twist because I guessed something about cryo-freeze before last season even came on and even if it didn’t apply to our heroes, it’s sci fi gratification that they brought it into play. 

I still don’t like the time jump. I feel like it’s cheating. But I recognize that tv storytelling and book storytelling are different in nature and stories that need to make room for hollywood filming and time schedules and social politics and business and actors and the technical aspects of production are not the same kind of stories that are free to do whatever they want in a book.

They needed to reboot. The horrid controversies and drama they went through needed to have distance. It might have been ruining their story. I can see that.  Hollywood allowed them to reboot. Pisses me off that they’d leave us and the Clarke hanging like that, and poor Bellamy and spacekru grieving over her loss. But oh well. Them’s the breaks. TV is not our daddy. TV screws us over on a regular basis. 

SDCC gave me some assurance that the story is still Clarke and Bellamy’s story. Also I need to rewatch and pay more attention to Octavia’s story, because it’s pretty clear that they are going to make Octavia VERY important next season, and with all the drama from fandom, we weren’t really paying attention to her story except to get angry at her. Which means, I have no idea what’s happening with her. 

I’m most looking forward to Bellamy and spacekru coming back to earth and getting back together with Clarke. I’m sure that whatever happened up on the ring, Bellarke will eventually get back together and I’d really like to see them fall in love. Clarke is already canonically obsessed with Bellamy. He’s her first thought. He’s her rock. He’s her hero. I don’t believe that Bellamy’s love for her will have died. So, it’s going to be amazing to see what happens between them when they meet again. That could be a really good story.

And that’s not even counting the story with what’s going on with the Eligius. I do find that story interesting and we haven’t gotten enough info to know how that will work out but boy do I want to see it. 

Again, I have not cared enough about the bunker to pay attention and I feel that’s my flaw. The grounders pissed me off. Octavia pissed me off, so I let the fandom drama convince me to ignore it. Wasn’t wise. I need to watch it again without the influence of dramatic fandom. 

Oh wait. My best piece of news was when JR told Lindsey that Raven she would be learning how to do combat. She’d learn how to fight. That’s good. They’re learning combat up on the ring. Probably getting the biggest badass, Echo, to teach everyone how to do hand to hand. Very smart. They all should. That means Murphy and Bellamy and Emori and Monty and Harper. They’re going to need it when they come back I think.

I’m not going to be happy until I find out how and when spacekru comes home and what they went through up there.