smdh when y’all gonna make up ur minds tho bc 1st u were mad that tony dragged peter along to the civil carpark fight and ‘’’’forced’’’ him into a war even tho he was a child and now ur mad when he wants to take away the suit, i.e. literally grounding him and protecting him from further endangering himself

HyunA to form a '2nd Trouble Maker' project group in May!

HyunA will form a new project group this May!

She and Hyunseung had a smash hit project group through the first Trouble Maker, but she’ll be working with someone else for the upcoming project group. An insider revealed that the unit group will be mixed gender just like Trouble Maker, and will be made up of Cube Entertainment artists.

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what are some hamilton ships you like?

im terrible at shipping bc i have strong opinions on maybe 3 ships and then everything else im just like

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lams is my #1 u cant go wrong with a classic (thats a lie u absolutely can)

but i feel like..there are so many ships…. i cant tell which ones 2 give opinions on