“Mo Soul” Player Playlist 18 November

1. Terrace Martin - Angel
2. Marvin Gaye - Come Live With Me Angel
3. Gil Scott Heron - Angel Dust
4. Anita Baker - Angel
5. Khalid - Angels
6. Massive Attack - Angel
7. Mystic Diversions Feat. Mario Puccioni - Angel Soul
8. Chaka Khan - Angel
9. Pharrell Williams - Angel
10. Stevie Wonder - Angel Baby
11. Alphonse Mouzon - Crying Angels
12. Tower of Power - Heaven Must Be Missing A Angel
13. Doobie Brothers - Road Angel
14. Gov`t Mule - Brand new angel
15. Aerosmith - Angel

If you really want to enjoy music and help musicians and bands, buy their lp’s or cd’s and don’t download mp3 formats. There is nothing like good quality sound!!!

(Angel Lo Verde / Mo Soul)


On this day in music history: September 23, 1977 - “Feels So Good”, the thirteenth album by Chuck Mangione is released. Produced by Chuck Mangione, it is recorded at Kendun Recorders in Burbank, CA from May - July 1977. Coming off the successful “Main Squeeze” album the previous year, musician Chuck Mangione returns to the studio in the Spring of 1977 to record his fourth album for A&M Records. Having worked with an ever changing line up of musicians throughout his career, Mangione assembles a new group of players for his next album. He recruits jazz guitarist “General” Grant Geissman (a former side man with big band legends Stan Kenton, Gerald Wilson and Louie Bellson), after the guitarist backs Mangione at a live gig in late 1976. Also coming on board is James “Jail-Bait” Bradley, Jr., an L.A. session drummer and former child prodigy that has been playing since the age of four, and is just barely out of high school when he joins the band. Saxophonist and fluteist Chris “Vadala” Vadala and bassist Charles “Meat-Man” Meeks (having previously backed Patrice Rushen, Earl Klugh, Sonny Rollins, Alphonse Mouzon and Lee Ritenour to name a few) complete the line up. The new group clicks instantly in the studio and recording goes smoothly and quickly. Initially released without a single, the album sells well out of the box until A&M decides to issue the breezy title track as a single in January of 1978. A&M takes the nine and a half minute plus “Feels So Good” (#4 Pop, #1 AC, #68 R&B), and drastically edits it down to under three and a half minutes. With 1978 being the pinnacle of the disco era, and the Bee Gees leading the charge, no one is able to predict the impact the jazz/pop instrumental will have. Radio programmers looking for an alternative to what else is happening at the time, begin adding it to their playlists. It catches on with listeners and becomes a surprise smash in multiple radio formats. By the Spring of 1978, sales of the album are exploding, as it rapidly moves toward the top of the jazz and pop album charts. Its massive success makes Mangione a huge star in the US and internationally. The albums cover photo of the musician embracing his trademark flugelhorn (taken by photographer Benno Friedman), becomes a 70’s icon. The single also receives a Grammy nomination for Record Of The Year in 1979. In later years, “Feels So Good” becomes the subject of a long running gag on the animated TV series “King Of The Hill” with Chuck Mangione appearing as himself, playing snippets of the song in various scenarios. Mangione’s signature brown felt hat worn on the album cover, is donated to the Smithsonian Institute in 2009, along with the original handwritten sheet music for the title track. “Feels So Good” spends two weeks at number two on the Billboard Top 200, spending seven weeks at number one on the Jazz album chart, and is certified 2x Platinum in the US by the RIAA.

The Wire: Stringer Bell (INTJ)


Introverted Intuition: Stringer Bell is first and foremost a visionary. He has a clear, bold, and singular idea for his future: turning the Barksdale-Bell drug empire into a legitimate business and becoming himself a legitimate, respectable businessman. His hobbies and passions are all centered around this goal. He takes economics classes at the local community college, where he excels, and when the police finally raid his home they find his bookshelf filled with works like The Wealth of Nations. Stringer has little to no respect for past traditions; he ignores the venerated Sunday Truce and he is quickly attracted to and supports new ideas that fit into his vision of drugs as a proper business, like Prop Joe’s New Day Co-Op or Bunny Colvin’s Hamsterdam. Stringer’s Ni-tunnel vision will ultimately prove his undoing, as he ignores past and traditions right until they show up in his face with a shotgun.

Extraverted Thinking: Stringer is good at the day-to-day management of the Barksdale-Bell crew because he’s great at logical, clear-headed decision making. He gives his subordinates clear, consistent, detailed, and logical rules to avoid detection by the police and he expects them to be followed. He enjoys structure, implementing the Robert’s Rules of Order for use in drug crew meetings when he takes over for Avon in Season 2. He’s blunt and unflinching when expressing his anger or disappointment at someone (as opposed to his Ti-Fe partner Avon, who is generally more diplomatic). Rather than solve problems by logically thinking through multiple scenarios (Ti-Ne), he instead intuitively comes upon the root cause and efficiently enacts a solution (Ni-Te). This approach serves him very well when it comes to things he’s familiar with, like the drug game (he effectively crushes the police case against him in Season 1 at the first sign of trouble by destroying pay phones and ruthlessly murdering any witnesses who might testify against him) but in Season 3 his similar efforts to cut through the red tape of real estate development end with him losing thousands of dollars. In general, he’s ruthless and practical at solving real-world problems,ordering a hit on anyone he sees as a threat.

Introverted Feeling: Stringer keeps his emotions very close to his chest, rarely expressing to anyone how he truly feels about any situation . He has a deep loyalty to his childhood friend Avon, and remains loyal to him even when Avon is in prison. When Avon becomes too much of a hindrance, Stringer tries to send him back to prison rather than murder him as he has with every other threat. Stringer shows little to no compassion for anyone other than his very closest friends, and he orders the deaths of multiple members of his own organization, even ones who have shown loyalty. Stringer is deeply hurt when Avon or Clay Davis questions his view of himself as an intelligent businessman and imply that Stringer is little more than the jumped-up gangster which he has tried his entire life to rise above. But in general Stringer doesn’t care what others think of him. While Avon constantly worries about his “rep,” and takes disrespect as a personal affront, Stringer only cares to the extent that having a bad rep will be bad for business.

Extraverted Sensing: In general, Stringer doesn’t like to get involved with the street-level dealings and violence of his business, preferring to live in the intuitive world of upper management. He is excited by the prospect of being able to sit back and live off his money while other people do the dirty work, as opposed to Se-dom Avon who needs some kind of hands-on involvement. However, Stringer’s inferior Se bites him a couple times in the series. He can’t fully divest himself from day-to-day workings of the operation in S3 even after he’s made enough clean money that he can never go near drugs again (this decision is also fueled by his Te control freak side), and he jumps into a few rash decisions, most notably leaping into Clay Davis’ investment before fully thinking it through, to disastrous results, and his impulsive move to send Omar to eliminate Brother Mouzone will eventually lead to his death. 

Jazz Funk 9
by Phat-Bastard
Jazz Funk 9

01. Sergio Mendes - Mas Que Nada 
02. Coconuts Crew - Sambolero
03. Ramon Morris - Sweet Sister Funk
04. Seawind - He Loves You
05. Lonnie Liston Smith - Give Peace A Chance
06. Ozone - You on My Mind
07. Baya - A Vegas Kind Of Guy
08. George Duke - Sugar Loaf Mountain
09. Alphonse Mouzon - Just Because of You
10. Jeff Tyzik - Inner Space
11. Wayne Henderson - Lady Bug
12. Roy Ayers - Goree Island
13. Paz - Cravo E Canela
14. Chuck Mangione - Steppin’ Out
15. Gary Bartz - (give me your best) shot!
16. Ned Doheny - To Prove My Love
17. Joe Thomas - Fancy Fanny

Manifeste du collectif Prenons la Une publié dans Libération le 3 mars

Nous, femmes journalistes, dénonçons la trop grande invisibilité des femmes dans les médias. Dans les émissions de débat et les colonnes des journaux, les femmes ne représentent que 18 % des experts invités. Les autres femmes interviewées sont trop souvent présentées comme de simples témoins ou victimes, sans leur nom de famille ni leur profession.
Nous, femmes journalistes, ne supportons plus les clichés sexistes qui s’étalent sur les Unes. Pourquoi réduire encore si souvent les femmes à des objets sexuels, des ménagères ou des hystériques ? Par ces déséquilibres, les médias participent à la diffusion de stéréotypes sexistes. Or ils devraient à l’inverse représenter la société dans toutes ses composantes.
Ces stéréotypes sont à la fois la cause et le résultat des inégalités professionnelles, des propos et attitudes sexistes au sein des rédactions, mais aussi du manque de sensibilisation des journalistes à ces sujets.

Nous, femmes journalistes, refusons que persistent ces inégalités professionnelles entre les femmes et les hommes au sein des rédactions*. Non seulement nous sommes plus touchées par la précarité, mais nous nous cognons aussi au « plafond de verre » : plus on monte dans la hiérarchie des rédactions, moins on trouve de femmes. Plus de 7 directeurs de rédaction sur 10 sont des hommes. Quant aux salaires, ceux des femmes journalistes restent inférieurs de 12 % en moyenne à ceux de leurs confrères. Ces inégalités se reflètent mécaniquement dans les contenus de l’information. Comment accorder de la crédibilité à la parole d’expertes quand on peine à reconnaître les capacités des femmes journalistes à diriger des rédactions ? C’est le cercle vicieux qui touche toutes les femmes et encore plus -c’est la double peine- les femmes issues de la diversité.

Pour lutter contre ces inégalités et créer les conditions d’une société plus juste pour tous, le collectif « Prenons la Une » s’engage à :

– pointer au quotidien les propos et stéréotypes sexistes dans les médias.
– dénoncer les inégalités tant qu’elles seront encore présentes.

Nous appelons nos consœurs et confrères à :

– veiller dans leur travail quotidien à une juste représentation de la société.
– constituer et diffuser dans leur rédaction une base de données d’expertes pour diversifier les sources et les rendre paritaires, comme la BBC le fait déjà.
– imposer aux dirigeant-e-s d’appliquer la législation sur l’égalité professionnelle en commençant par un diagnostic de la situation de l’entreprise.

Nous réclamons :

– l’intégration de la parité dans les critères de déontologie du futur Conseil de presse.
– la présence de 50 % d’expertes à l’antenne et sur les plateaux de télévision, en application concrète de « la juste représentation des femmes dans les médias », prévue par la loi sur l’égalité entre les femmes et les hommes ; dont le CSA doit préciser les contours.
– le conditionnement de l’attribution « des aides à la presse » au respect des lois sur l’égalité professionnelle.
– la création de modules de formation, dispensés auprès de tous les étudiants en école de journalisme, sur la lutte contre les stéréotypes et l’égalité professionnelle. Et l’insertion de modules sur ces thèmes dans les offres de formation continue.
Nous appelons tous les journalistes, femmes et hommes, à rejoindre ce combat pour l’égalité !

Suivez-nous sur Twitter : @prenonsla1

Envoyez-nous vos signatures et témoignages à :

Le collectif Prenons la Une rassemble 25 membres, des femmes journalistes issues de différents médias :

Claire Alet (Alternatives Economiques), Cécile Amar (Le Journal du dimanche), Anne-Laure Barret (Le Journal du dimanche), Carine Bécard (France Inter), Marianne Bliman (Les Échos), Claire Boubé (France 24), Lénaïg Bredoux (Mediapart), Sophie Caillat (Rue89), Carole Chatelain (Sciences et Avenir), Alice Coffin (20 Minutes), Ixchel Delaporte (L’Humanité), Rokhaya Diallo (éditorialiste), Nassira El Moaddem (i-Télé), Clémentine Gallot (indépendante), Ségolène Hanotaux (indépendante), Marie Kirschen (indépendante), Valérie Landrieu (Les Échos) , Ariane Lavrilleux (Europe 1), Léa Lejeune (Libération), Myriam Levain (Cheek Magazine), Céline Mouzon (indépendante), Rachel Mulot (Sciences et avenir), Camille Neveux (Le Journal du dimanche), Valérie de Senneville (Les Échos), Julia Van Aest (LCI et BFMTV), Laure Watrin (indépendante et Les Pintades), Laure Daussy (Arrêt sur images), Hélène Guihunt (Elle), Céline Mouzon (Alternatives Economiques), Eloïse Elle (indépendante). 

Les signataires et les soutiens :

Adeline Fleury (JDD)
Agnès Thouvenot (Indépendante)
Alexandra Willot-Beaufils (Indépendante)
Alice Coffin (20 minutes)
Aline Kiner (Sciences et Avenir)
Amandine Cailhol (Indépendante)
Amelia Pujol (Afp)
Anaïs Cordoba (Magneto Presse)
Anaïs Rouyer (Sortir Bordeaux Gironde)
Anasthasie Tudieshe (indépendante)
Angeline Montoya (Indépendante)
Anne Dhoquois (Banlieues créatives)
Anne Laffeter (Les Inrocks)
Anne Orenstein (France Bleu)
Anne Poiret (Indépendante)
Anne Roy (AEF)
Anne-Laure Barret (JDD)
Anne-Marie Thomazeau (Viva)
Anne-Sophie Lechevallier (Paris Match)
Ariane Lavrilleux (Europe 1)
Aude Lambert (Cheek Magazine)
Audrey Pulvar (D8, i-télé)
Audrey Racine (France 24)
Aurélia End ( Afp)
Aurélia Rusek (i-télé)
Aurélie Romanacce (Arts Magazine)
Bénédicte Dubreuil (Le Particulier)
Camille Dorival (Alternatives Economiques)
Camille Neveux (JDD)
Carine Bécard (France Inter)
Carine Caussieu (Sud Ouest
Carine Fouteau (Mediapart)
Carine Mayo (Indépendante)
Carole Bibily (Les Echos)
Carole Chatelain (Sciences& Avenir)
Caroline Langlois (Indépendante)
Caroline Laurent Simon (ELLE)
Caroline Piquet (
Cécile Amar (JDD)
Cécile Dehesdin (L’Express)
Cécile Guery Riquier (France 5)
Cécile Rousseau (L’Humanité)
Cédric Morin (Indépendant)
Céline Hussonnois (BFMTV)
Céline Mouzon (Alternatives Economiques)
Charlotte Lazimi (Indépendante)
Charlotte Pudlowski (
Christian Chavagneux (Alternatives Economiques)
Christian Guyard
Claire Alet (Alternatives Economiques)
Claire Boubé (Indépendante)
Claire Chaudière (Le Mouv)
Claire Laudereau (Le monde des ados)
Claire Perdrix (Indépendante)
Clémence Badault (Elephant&cie)
Clémence Dunand (Les Echos)
Clementine Gallot (Indépendante)
Coralie Schaub (Libération)
Coraline Salvoch (KTO)
Cordélia Bonal (Libération)
Corinne Ingold (LCI)
Cyril Graziani (France Inter)
Danièle Laufer (Prismamedias)
Danielle Michel-Chich (Indépendante)
David Belliard (Alternatives Economiques)
Deborah Claude (AFP)
Delphine Le Goff (Stratégies)
Diane Saint-Réquier (Electron libre)
Dominique Perrin (Challenges)
Dominique Rotival (France 3)
Dorothée Barba (France Inter)
Dorothee Ducheminn (Citazine)
Dounia Ben Mohamed (Africa News Agency)
Edwy Plenel (Mediapart)
Elena Sender (Sciences&Avenir)
Elisabeth Philippe (Indépendante)
Ellen Salvi (Mediapart)
Elodie Vialle (
Elsa Margout (416 prod)
Elvira Masso (L’Express)
Emilie Lançon (Indépendante)
Estelle Faure (Indépendante)
Estelle Maussion (AFP)
Cécile Dumas (Eurélios)
Faïza Zerouala (indépendante)
Fanny Doumayrou (,L’Humanité)
Faustine Kopiejwski (Cheek Magazine)
Claire Flochel (Radio France)
Florence Broizat (Paris-Match)
Florianne Finet (AEF)
Gaëlle Legenne (indépendante)
Géraldine Delacroix (Mediapart)
Geraldine Ruiz (Indépendante)
Géraldine Sarratia (Les Inrocks)
Gerard Biard (Charlie Hebdo)
Guillaume Launay (Libération)
Hélène Decommer (Le Plus Nouvel Obs)
Hélène Binet (Indépendante)
Isabel Hirsch (France 3)
Isabelle Germain (Les Nouvelles News)
Iris Gaudin (indépendante)
Guillemette Faure (M le magazine)
Julie Gardett (VSD)
Karine Hendriks (Indépendante)
Katia Touré (Indépendante)
Julie Schittly (Ouest France)
Judith Wesch (Le Figaro)
Laura Heurteloup (Arts Magazine)
Julia Van Aelst (LCI, BFMTV)
Jennifer Matas (Les Echos de la Franchise)
Julie Connan (Le Figaro)
Julie Dulac (Elephant& cie)
Julia Tissier (Cheek Magazine)
Johanna Luyssen (Indépendante)
Isabelle Lefort (la Tribune)
Jade Lindgaard (Médiapart)
Jeanne Drean (Elle)
Isabelle Regnier (Le Monde)
Laura Tangre (Indépendante)
Jacky Durand (Libération)
Hélène Riffaudeau (Le Nouvel Obs)
Laure Bretton (Libération)
Hélène Fevrier (indépendante)
Ixchel Delaporte (L’Humanité)
Laurence Rizet (Mediapart)
Emmanuelle Barbaras (Indépendante)
Laurent Janneau (Alternatives Economiques)
Laurence Peuron,(France Inter)
Laure Daussy (Arret sur images)
Pascale Bertrand (Connaissances des Arts)
Françoise Ménard (Les Echos)
Laurence Defranoux (Libération)
Laure Bretton (Libération)
Laure Fillon (AFP)
Laure Watrin (Indépendante/Les Pintades)
Lauren Bastide (Elle)
Laurence Mauriaucourt (L’Humanité)
Léa Salamé (Canal +)
Leila de Comarmond (Les Echos)
Léa Lejeune (Libération)
Linda Daovannary (
Lucie Delaporte (Mediapart)
Madeleine Pradel (AFP)
Maïa Mazaurette (GQ)
Manuel Domergue (Alternatives Economiques)
Louise Fessard (Mediapart)
Louise Pothier (Le Plus- Le Nouvel Obs)
Lucie de la Héronnière (Indépendante)
Lénaïg Bredoux (Mediapart)
Manuel Jardinaud (Indépendant)
Manuelle Calmat-de Gmeline (Indépendante)
Marianne Bertrand (Le particulier immobilier)
Marianne Bliman (Les Echos)
Marie Barbier (L’Humanité)
Marie Bernardeau (France Info)
Marie Hospital (AFPTV)
Marie Kirschen (Indépendant)
Marie Nicot (JDD)
Marie Vallerey (TV5 monde)
Marine Apruzzese
Marion Esquerre (L’Humanité Dimanche)
Marie-Emilie Catier (indépendante)
Marie-Noëlle Valles (AFP-TV)
Marine Turchi (Mediapart)
Marion Festraets (indépendante)
Marion Henry (APM)
Marion Sauveur (Europe 1)
MarionThibault (AFP)
Marjolaine Jarry (Le Nouvel Obs)
Marlène Bruguière (Maman travaille, Yahoo)
Martine Orange (Mediapart)
Léa Minod (France Inter)
Mélanie Gallard (indépendante)
Melanie Mermoz (L’Humanité)
Mélissa Theuriau (416 prod)
Mélodie Viallet (Indépendante)
Merieme Alaoui (Africa News Agency)
Myriam Alma (BFMTV)
Myriam Levain (Cheek Magazine)
Myriam Weil (D8)
Nadia Hathroubi-Safsaf (Le courrier de l’Atlas)
Nairi Nahapetian (Alternatives économiques)
Nancy Correia (Elephant&cie)
Nassira El Moaddem (i-télé)
Natacha Vesnitch (France 24)
Nathalie Raulin (Libération)
Nathalie Segaunes (L’Opinion)
Nelly Daynac (I-Télé)
Nora Bouazzouni (
Olivia Cattan (Paroles de femmes)
Ophélie Colas Desfrancs (indépendante)
Pamela Pianezza (Tess magazine)
Pascale Colisson (IPJ)
Pascale Sarfati (indépendante)
Pascaline Vallée (Arts magazine)
Patrick Apel-Muller (L’Humanité)
Pauline Grandd’esnon (VSD)
Pauline Talagrand (AFP)
Peggy Corlin (indépendante)
Philippe Douroux (Libération)
Philippe Merlant (Indépendant)
Philippe Chibani-Jacquot (indépendant)
Pierre Duquesne (L’Humanité)
Marie-Claude Pinson (Radio France)
Priscille Lafitte (France 24)
Rachel Mulot (Sciences et Avenir)
Rachida El Azzouzi (Mediapart)
Raphaël Debengy (indépendant)
Raphaëlle Peltier (indépendant)
Catherine Robin (Elle)
Rokhaya Diallo (éditorialiste, essayiste)
Ruth Elkrief (BFMTV)
Sabrina Kassa (indépendante)
Salome Legrand (Francetv)
Sandra Janssens (Prisma media)
Sandrine Marques (Le Monde)
Sandrine Mercier (RFI, AR Mag)
Souad Mechta (Arts Magazine)
Sarah Bosquet (Libération/Arte)
Sandrine Roustan (France Télévision)
Stéphanie Arc (Arts Magazine)
Sybille Veron (indépendante)
Sophie Massieu (Upside Television)
Sophie Larmoyer (Europe 1)
Sophie Gourion (Slate/Rue89)
Sophie Caillat (Rue 89)
Sonia Dauger (Canal Plus)
Simon Ruben (Europe 1)
Segolene Hanotaux (Independante)
Sébastien Deurdilly (Upside télévision)
Sarah Diffalah (Le Nouvel Observateur)
Sarah Delattre (indépendante)
Sophie Lacaze-Masmonteil (Les Echos)
Thomas Huchon (Independant)
Virginie Bagouet (Agence Presse Médicale)
Virginie Vilar (Indépendante)
Veronique Soulé (Libération)
Veronica Noseda (indépendante)
Valerie Landrieu (Les Echos)
Valerie de Senneville (Les Échos)
Valentine Oberti (Indépendante)
Thomas Legrand (France Inter / Lui)
Thomas Lemahieu (L’Humanité)
Titiou Lecoq (Indépendante)
Valérie Talmon (Les Echos)
Tatiana Kalouguine (indépendant)
Virginie Delahautemaison (
Virginie Demange (Francetv)
Virginie Sassoon
Virginie Violette (Le 13 du mois)
Xavier Molénat (Sciences Humaines)
Yasmine Chouaki (RFI)
Zineb Dryef (Indépendante)
Szymanski Josiane (FranceTV)
Sylvie Lotiron (VSD)
Veronica Noseda (indépendante)
Sylvia Zappi (Le Monde)
Thomas Cluze (France Culture)
Hélène Jouan (France Inter)
Florence Coupin (Les Echos)
Françoise Laborde (CSA)

Laure Sala (Les Echos) 
Bénédicte Weiss (Indépendante) 
Anne Sophie Novel (Ecolo-info)
Matteu Maestracci (Radio France)
Thibaut Pézerat (Le Lab)
Elisabeth Lebovici (indépendante)
Estérelle Payany (indépendante)
Julie Rasplus, (Francetv info)
Hélène Guinhut (Elle)
Gwénaëlle Conraux (AEF)
Sylvie Braibant (TV5 monde)
Sandrine Goldschmidt (Cnikel Enquête)
Julie Clément (indépendante)
Flora-Lyse Mbella (indépendante) 
Judith Silberfeld (Yagg)
Laure Constantinesco ( 
Amandine Schmitt (Le Nouvel Observateur)
Delphine Gotchaux (France Info)
Daphnée Leportois (indépendante)
Christine Laemmel (20 Minutes).
Rozenn Le Carboulec (Le Plus du Nouvel Observateur) 
Caroline Rochet (Marie Claire)
Mélissa Bounoua (
Matthieu Delaunay (journaliste multimédia pour l’ONG Enfants du Mékong) 
Benoît Berthé (Le Parisien) 
Jonathan Pariente (Le Monde)
Mathieu Magnaudeix (Mediapart)
Pascal Bonnefille (Immoweek)
Victor Joanin (RMC)
Michel Deléan (Mediapart)
Valérie Nataf (TF1)
Joséphine Lebard (indépendante) 
Anne-Charlotte Dusseaulx ( 
Brigitte Martin (Indépendante)
Aurélie Abadie(Correspondance économique) 
Juliette Demey (JDD)
Camille Bouissou (AFP) 
Nadia Henni-Moulaï (MeltingBook)
Valérie Parlan (indépendante)
Anne-Laure Pineau (indépendante)
Mathilde Carton (indépendante). 
Clarisse Chassigneux (ELLE)
Sana Sbouai (indépendante)
Tâm Tran Huy (Public Sénat)
Charlotte Pommier (Le Quotidien du Médecin)
Lorenzo Virgili (indépendant) 
Anne-Marie Romero (indépendante)
Cécile Hautefeuille (indépendante)
Lucie Tourette (Astrapi, Bayard-Presse)
Laure Garcia (Le Nouvel Observateur)
Aude Lorriaux (AFP) 
Nicolas Dutent (l’Humanité)
Stéphanie Torre (indépendante)
Cyril Petit (JDD) 
Frédérique Crépin (France Région)
Claire-Hélène Bouzgarrou (AEF)
Isabelle Boucq (indépendante)
Jean Marie Leforestier (Marsactu)
Delphine Vailly (Indépendante) 
Pascale Solere (Indépendante) 
Valérie Hubert-Cassant (Le Démocrate Indépendant) 
Mélina Huet (Humankind Production)
Stéphanie Cabre (France 5/Radio France)
Maryline Dumas (Indépendante) 
Christophe Mollo (Les Inrockuptibles) 
Paul Martin (Bayard-Presse)
Charline Lecarpentier (indépendante)
Léonie Place (indépendante)
Brice Laemle (indépendant)
Jérémy Felkowski (indépendant)
Jean-François Tealdi (audiovisuel public)
Marie-Caroline Missir (L’

Dan Israel (Mediapart)
Anne Bourse (FranceTV)
Cécile Varin (Sud Radio)
Géraldine Tribault (Hospimedia)
Henri Rouillier (Le Plus du Nouvel Observateur)
Mariana Sanchez (JDD) 
Charles Vieira Sanchez (indépendante)
Mathilde Goanec (indépendante)
Florian Bardou (Indépendant) 
Pauline Fréour (Le Figaro) 
Françoise Siri (indépendante)
Carole Dieterich (Africultures)
Nathalie Croisé (BFM Business)
Agnès Vernet (Biofutur)
Sophie Péhaut-Bourgeois (Aubagne AJJ) 
Charles Vieira Sanches (ARTICLE 19 Sénégal/Afrique de l’Ouest)
Armelle Parion (indépendante)
Marie Kostrz (indépendante)

Aurélie Chateau (Journal Du Dimanche) 
Laura Berny (Les Echos) 

Lysiane Baudu (indépendante)
Alice Cornélus (
Claire Servajean (France Inter). 
David Crouau (Les Echos)
Vanessa Descouraux (Radio France)
Anne-Laure Walter  (Livres Hebdo)
Alina Reyes (écrivaine et journaliste indépendante) 
Magali Sennane (Indépendante) 
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*4 journalistes sur 10 sont des femmes, mais elles représentent 54 % des pigistes et 58 % des CDD, selon les chiffres du 3 janvier 2014 de la Commission de la carte d’identité des journalistes professionnels.
Alphonse Mouzon, Jazz and Fusion Drummer, Dies at 68
By Nate Chinen

Alphonse Mouzon, a powerful jazz drummer who made his greatest contributions with a funk backbeat, forging a standard for 1970s fusion, died on Sunday at his home in the Granada Hills neighborhood of Los Angeles. He was 68.

The cause was cardiac arrest, his son Jean-Pierre Mouzon said. Alphonse Mouzon learned this fall that he had neuroendocrine cancer and used a crowdfunding platform to help pay for treatment.

Few other drummers were as integral to the development of fusion as Mr. Mouzon, who combined volcanic intensity with a brisk attunement to dynamic flow. He played in the first edition of Weather Report, and was a charter member of another defining jazz-rock band, the Eleventh House, led by the guitarist Larry Coryell.

Mr. Mouzon had a productive association with the pianist McCoy Tyner, playing in a volatile acoustic setting on albums like “Sahara” (1972) and “Song for My Lady” (1973). He also served as the propulsive engine on notable fusion albums by the keyboardist Herbie Hancock, the flutist Bobbi Humphrey and the guitarist Al Di Meola, among others.

Outside of jazz, Mr. Mouzon worked with major touring acts including Carlos Santana, Eric Clapton and Stevie Wonder. The drummer John Bonham of Led Zeppelin acknowledged him as an influence. [Read More]
Why I Saw How to Train Your Dragon 2 Twice?

I know, I know, my title may sound a bit redundant but the truth is the first time I saw How to Train Your Dragon 2 I…hated it. Not loudly or emphatically but with a quiet burning dislike….

Apparently this was posted two days ago… (ignore his error calling Wreck-It Ralph a Pixar film ughhrhhg) I just found it interesting. The author talks about exactly what we all discussed the first few days of its release. Not just “it was MUCH better the second time” (which is true and probably the main point of the article so close to the release of the DVD thus encouraging sales), but also how it made him so upset and sad for many weeks. It was too realistic for a fantasy movie. But that’s what made it good.

I personally am still not over the death of Stoick. I still get choked up and often cry at the thought of it despite having seen the movie 11 facking times. I know that might just be me being sensitive me, but like this guy says, it WAS so hard because these characters are so real, so lived in, and we cared for them so much. And unlike Disney-deaths, Stoick didn’t come back. Remember how this caused such a huge backlash from parents and how word-of-mouth possibly affected the initial box office? Self-sacrifice is common in movies but as of recent we aren’t used to the effects being permanent.

Even manly man Gerard Butler admitted to crying while watching his own character’s death. Craig Ferguson said Gobber’s eulogy was really difficult for him to do. Like these guys and all other voice actors for any animated movie are only there to show up and say lines. They aren’t required to actually care, but in the case of httyd, they all do.

I don’t really know where I’m going with this and it’s late and I should stop blabbering about stupid things, but there was always something infectiously magical about these movies that made them different and affected me so much. It’s about vikings riding dragons ffs but these characters feel more real to me than any other animated or even live-action character ever could.


Weather Report - “Mind Your Own Business (vocals by Alphonse Mouzon)

1971, Germany

It’s frustrating to watch white musicians be so ready to have legions of Black dancers/singers behind them, work with Black producers, sing about how “we” do and then be nowhere to be found when a Black tragedy takes the national stage. It in many ways cements the same things their art and music attempt to embody. A type of post racial illusion where minstrel images or just part of exploring your creativity and having fun. But we don’t exist in any sort of post-racial world. Racism is still very real. An unfair double standard faced by Black men and women face a very real double standard when it comes to dealing with law. And there is a complete lack of value in the Black body…except of course as a sexual tool or as a means of entertainment.