Merkez laboratories was founded in 1934 as one of the leading drug company by pharmacist Emin EMAN who is also famed as the pharmacist of Mustafa Kemal ATATÜRK, the founder of Turkish Republic. In 1974 it became a limited partnership by the joining of four more pharmacist. In 1982 it was turned to an Incorporation and it was run by CEO pharmacist Mehmet ŞAPÇI.

Merkez Laboratory Pharmaceutical Inc. recently moved to its 7000 m2 modern production facility and got CE conformity certificate by the approval of European inspectors and Turkish Republic’s Health Department. Since we have CE certificate, our production process got the passport all over the world and we do not need any other document for export. It is the biggest company that has the wide product diversity and well-known by its antiseptic liquid soaps, mouthwashes, ointments,Waterless hand and skin antiseptics, medical equipments and floor disinfectants and gamma steril-non steril medical gauzes.

We are also the first and the only company that manufactures first aid bags and medicine chest applicable by the new traffic regulation (26.09.2006/26301), TSE and TSK.

We also produce first aid productions to companies by their logos.

We product high volume of tabloid, capsule, solution, syrup, pomade, external ampule and also products for other companies