moutian dew

This popped up on my facebook feed this morning and I think that its really interesting. i have a few questions for the author though.

The first question that comes to mind is “What do you consider to be ‘privileged’”?

Personally I would consider those who dont have to work as hard for things as other people to be as such. Having privilege in an economical sense, which this survey partly covers, means that Daddy is a doctor, lawyer, or investment banker, and you’ve never had to lift a finger and were able to get into Yale because the dean is on your Mother’s Christmas card list.
Or maybe you collect a check from a government agency, as in “I gave my two year old Moutian Dew before coming to see this social worker because my child has ADHD so I deserve money for that.” And for the SJW peanut gallery in the back, that was a joke.

My second question is why is the scaling on this survey so sqewed?

If you notice each category starts with a +50 or +25 but the opposite end of the spectrum goes as low as -750.
Wouldnt it be easier to generate the statists of “who is more discriminated or un privileged” if the scaling was closer together?
Maybe not, itd probably make to much sense to consider white cis straight people and people of other races who may or may not be cis and straight as equal human beings who all have a chance for life.

Thats really the point if this picture. If your cis, straight, and white, you’re the scum of the earth. How dare you be born that way? How dare you go to school and get a job and muddle your way through poverty to try and pay for the roof over your head?
Another joke by the way. Just like this picture… its obviously satire.