Some of my favorite parts of the Lightning Thief Musical:

-THE SONGS ARE SO PERFECT. HOLY CRAP. It’s this angsty rock musical and it fits everything perfectly.

-Sally sprays Febreeze wherever Smelly Gabe goes.

-“Are you ever wearing pants again?” “NOPE!”

-Mr. D kept slamming his folding chair into a wall and it’s hilarious.

-Chiron was just a dude in a jacket with a tail sticking out of his pants. But he galloped everywhere.

-“Liiiiiiiiiife just couldn’t be worse when your parents run the universe.”

-*Percy recognizes Annabeth from when he was semi-conscious* “You’re my dream girl!”

-“Who’s your dad?” “A history professor.” “Oh, your mom is-” “Athena. Sexist much?” “No, I love girls!” *Grover and Luke crack up in the background*

-Annabeth’s whole song. It fit her characterization perfectly.

-The way they revealed the story of Thalia’s tree was gorgeous and super emotional.

-The Lotus Hotel scene, aka the best easter egg ever. “Excuse me, how long have you been here?” “Oh, me and my brother just got here yesterday. May first, 1939!”

-Charon was a woman and had an amazing song.

-“What did he want with my shoes?” “They were really nice shoes.”

-Toilet paper + leaf blowers + blue lighting = super cool water.

-“It’s a do-it-yourself statue kit.” “Oh!” *Sally starts to open box* “WAIT NO! It’s Medusa’s head.”

-When Luke was revealing that he was siding with the Titans, he reprised Percy’s song “Good Kid” from act one and it was super intense.

-“You met my dad?! …Did he mention me?” Clarisse, my daughter.

That is all I can think of but it was so amazing and I am Emotional.


I haven’t posted a picture in a while. So here’s one from the other day.

How often do you think Yoongi stares at Hoseok’s lips? 

Like, Yoongi would be listening to Hoseok ramble about something absolutely ridiculous per usual, when his eyes just get naturally drawn to Hoseok’s mouth. And it’s just so pretty, y’know? The heart-shaped curve that becomes more pronounced when he laughs, the cute little mole on his upper lip, and Yoongi just stares and stares and stares until he just kinda blurts out “Your mouth is distracting.” And Hoseok pauses, confused slightly, before laughing. 

Hoseok assumes that is Yoongi’s way of telling him he’s talking too much, and Yoongi lets him think that’s what he meant, because the truth is WAY too embarrassing.