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can you make an imagine where dacre accidentally forgets you birthday(mine is christmas eve so it’s easy for people to forget all about it) and tries everything to get you to forgive him. love your writing and you💘💘

Oh my sweet, sweet anon, we share the same birthday! I know how it is for everyone to forget it. And another thing about Christmas Eve birthdays, I have never had any friends hang out on my birthday, because they were all out of town or busy with their family for Christmas sigh. 

You sat grumpily at the dinner table after a long day. You and Dacre had gone to 3 different Christmas parties with different friends and family. You had texted all of them telling them to keep quiet about your birthday. You wanted to see if Dacre remembered. Considering you woke up this morning to Dacre telling you good morning before disappearing for a shower, you thought he was just planning something special for later in the day.

Though the day dragged on and there was no special surprise later in the day. Dacre never mentioned your birthday and the day seemed to drag on slower and slower. You had gone to different parties, receiving happy birthday wishes from everyone except for who it truly mattered. Some friends even gave you birthday presents, though you were able to get away with it considering they were wrapped in the typical Christmas wrapping paper. 

You dragged your finger along the tip of the wine glass letting out a small sigh. Your heels were still tight on your feet and your dress still clinging to you. You had barged through the door after being silent on the car ride home, only to make yourself a glass of wine and sitting down at the table. 

Dacre followed behind, sitting down at the table in the chair across from you. “No glass for me?” He rested his elbows onto the table. He had known something was wrong with you and was attempting to lighten it with humor to no avail. You simply rose the glass to your lips before taking a sip, resisting the urge to make a snarky comment to him. 

“You look tired.” He spoke again, his tone soft and gentle. You remained stiff in your disposition. He knew the second you got into comfier clothes and crawled into bed that you would be better. Your comfort was typically found in your shared bed with Dacre. You would come home frustrated and shut down till you were tangled in the soft sheets. You would tell Dacre everything once you were finally in bed and comfortable. 

“Do I look aged? Like I’m another year older.” The comment came out of your mouth with more malice than expected. You couldn’t stop the words from tumbling out and when they were out. They hung in the air for a moment before you finally looked up to see Dacre. His jaw was slacked as he realized what today had been. 

“Oh, baby. I’m so sorry.” He ran his fingers through his hair creating ruffles through out them. Your eyes fell from him to the table trying to hide any disappointment in your face. “I completely forgot that it was today. I do have presents for you though, I didn’t completely forget it.” Dacre’s palms laid flat on the table, his posture was slouched over the table. 

“Don’t worry about it, it happens. I’m going to bed.” You muttered, reaching down to tug your heels off. “It happens, but I shouldn’t have forgot. You’re my girlfriend, you’re my number one priority and I forgot the day that brought you into the world and into my life.” He was sounding frustrating with himself. You could feel the tears forming in your eyes as you tried to focus on tugging your second heel off, the tears blurring your eyesight. 

You left the heels where they were on the floor. You stood up beginning to walk to your room. “Could you clean this up please? I really just want to go to sleep.” You looked back when you were a distance away to hide your tears. Dacre nodded in response. “Just let me have some time alone, please.” Your voice broke on the last part as your feet continued to your bed. 

You washed off your makeup and changed into your pajamas before crawling into bed. You laid there for a while, you knew it wasn’t a big deal for him to forget your birthday. Plenty of people had forgotten your birthday before and not shown as much remorse as Dacre had. You could hear Dacre bustle through the house, putting the glass into the sink before it was quiet again. 

After a while, you heard the chair in the kitchen scrape against the floor and your heels being picked up from the floor. You quickly closed your eyes when you heard the door open. You heard Dacre set your heels on the floor. You listened as his footsteps got closer to you. 

He pushed your hair out of your face before planting a kiss on your temple. He ran his thumb down your cheek. “I’m an idiot who doesn’t deserve you, but happy birthday, my love.” He pressed a kiss against your temple again before disappearing into the bathroom to get ready for bed. 

You realized at this point that he was genuinely regretful about forgetting your birthday. When he came back out of the bathroom, you moved over, leaving room for him, and opening your arms to him. You could see him let out a breath that you didn’t know he was holding. He crawled into bed and wrapped his arms around you. 

He pulled you into his chest, you rested your head against his shoulder. “I’m so sorry.” He muttered into your hair. “It’s okay.” You whispered, relaxing into his touch. “Boxing day is going to be all about you, I promise you.” He spoke more confidently. You laughed before nodding, “But first let’s conquer Christmas.” 

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another sunday without tdbm and i'm sad, so here's another headcanon: because of matthew's leg injury, alice is often on top straddling, which has caused matthew to develop an obsession with her thighs.

While she’s on top of him, his nails dig into her skin, encouraging her to ride him. When they’re done–satiated and panting and slick–he kisses each scratch, each divot, each red mark in penance. 

But then there are times when he’s busy between her legs, setting to work with focused efficiency to bring her to the edge of climax. And still, her thighs are there to taunt him. He nips at the soft flesh, grinning against her when she arches off the back. He takes a chance and sinks his teeth in her skin a little harder, sucking and licking at her. Alice bucks up into his mouth, hands grabbing at his hair. “Matthew!”

When he’s done, there’s a minefield of pink and red and rapidly darkening purple spots all along the inside of her thighs and she rolls her eyes at him, prodding at the tender flesh. “I’m not a biscuit to be eaten, Matthew.”

He kisses her, unabashed, and growls against her mouth, “I disagree, sweetheart.”

“please don’t say you love me” - andreil

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“Just please don’t say you love me

‘Cause I might not say it back

Doesn’t mean my heart stops skipping when you look at me like that”

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“I cannot imagine Matthew and Alice being parents in any canon or au…”

Okay, little jump off point, but what about “I just have really terrible eating habits from being single so long” and Matthew still sneaking the broccoli into dishes because “you know the cause of scurvy, don’t you?” *glare* “I /am/ a doctor” “Well then you know to eat your veggies!” and basically the worst part about having a boyfriend is he’s always trying to feed her proper food. (She learns to love it eventually)

God, I’m real here for this. Also I love the idea that Matthew is a good cook because he kinda accepted that he would never have a wife or family to shift that responsibility onto, maybe, and so he took it up himself and found it was actually stress relieving? 

And one of his favorite new past times is cooking for Alice because he finally has someone to cook for? Someone who sips wine while he cooks and someone to look over his shoulder and ask questions and someone to hand a task to (”You can chop these, right?” “It’s no different than a scalpel.” “…..”)

And he enjoys the way her eyes flutter closed and the way she positively moans around the spoon when she tries his famous chocolate mousse (one of their few indulgences) and maybe that’s when he takes her hand, empty dishes and wine glasses still on the kitchen table, and leads her to the bedroom to kiss the chocolate from her mouth….

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You convincing Bellamy that siding with Pike isn't a good idea.


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“Bellamy, this isn’t right!  This isn’t you.  Pike-” his name comes out of your mouth with a hint of malice attached to it, and Bellamy’s jaw locks, “-isn’t the type of person you should follow.”

“He’s going to keep us safe.” 

“He’s going to kill innocent people.  I trust the Grounders.”

“How can you say that?” Bellamy rubs the back of his neck and paces back and forth.  

“Because, I trust Lincoln and you told me this was the Ice Nation.  Lexa’s taking care of it.” You snap.  “You need to give up control, Bell.  Pike is insane and he’s just going to start a war we can’t afford.  Don’t be stupid.”

“What if something happens?” His voice has softened and you can see the insecurity in his eyes.  He’s afraid.  You go to him.

“Just trust.” 

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lifs leg the time i thought of you

           that mad, RABID  dog of war ; how it snarled and sniveled and BARKED. mouth full of malice and rage and teeth.  how could she abstain from that sight in her mind, keep it at bay. their first meeting was nothing kind, born out of order and necessity.  he did as he was told, a GOOD boy for his masters, truly a well behaved pup.  but she was unlike he.  she was wild, unchained, free and willful – hard to capture, a rare beast.  

             but now she kneels, unwillingly before a lord she does not acknowledge, a power she refuses to see.  these creatures, these LIONS, they were hungry, and she was cut from the same cloth, was she not skilled in that same force, wise to those individuals who ought oppose them. no, to their SUPREME LEADER,  she was priceless.  a mind full of secrets, awaiting the day they are persuaded from lips.  

            how could she not think of him now, that feral knight of REN, the one who had been the very first to make contact with her. the first glimpse into a forced partnership, she looked into that maw and smiled.  she believed herself immune from their reach, from the chill of their grasp but how that smile faded and those eyes grew wide with fear. she was fortunate in some way, at least. 

                                        should they destroy her, she had NOTHING to lose. 

the time i thought of you.