mouthful of malice

“please don’t say you love me” - andreil

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“Just please don’t say you love me

‘Cause I might not say it back

Doesn’t mean my heart stops skipping when you look at me like that”

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anonymous asked:

You convincing Bellamy that siding with Pike isn't a good idea.


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“Bellamy, this isn’t right!  This isn’t you.  Pike-” his name comes out of your mouth with a hint of malice attached to it, and Bellamy’s jaw locks, “-isn’t the type of person you should follow.”

“He’s going to keep us safe.” 

“He’s going to kill innocent people.  I trust the Grounders.”

“How can you say that?” Bellamy rubs the back of his neck and paces back and forth.  

“Because, I trust Lincoln and you told me this was the Ice Nation.  Lexa’s taking care of it.” You snap.  “You need to give up control, Bell.  Pike is insane and he’s just going to start a war we can’t afford.  Don’t be stupid.”

“What if something happens?” His voice has softened and you can see the insecurity in his eyes.  He’s afraid.  You go to him.

“Just trust.”