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Scenario with Yuri Plisetsky and his gamer s/o!!

I’m sorry if this isn’t what you wanted; the ask was a bit vague and I didn’t know exactly what you were looking for ;-; I tried my best, though! Enjoy~

“(Y/N),” Yuri says as he enters your room, “come on. You said we’d go shopping together today.” He sighs when he sees you making no effort to move. You continue your game, tongue sticking out of the corner of your mouth in focus.

Yuri is used to seeing you like this: your headset on and controller in hand, parked in front of the television and gaming console and getting into whatever game you’re interested in at the moment. He worries about you sometimes; he doesn’t want you getting so into gaming that you neglect your health in favor of playing video games. He knows you know how to take care of yourself, but he just wants you to get fresh air and stay on a proper meal schedule. Yuri just wants you to be happy, and if keeping a consistent gaming schedule is the way to do it, then so be it.

“Oh, hey Yuri,” you say sheepishly, pulling your headset down to your neck as soon as you’re able to pause your game. You’ll admit it; you forgot about your promise to go shopping with your boyfriend. You just had an invite to play a game with a group of your online friends, and you lost track of time once you started playing. You didn’t mean to forget, but the game was just so fun. “I, uh, got carried away with my game. I forgot to check the time, and I’m sorry. Can we reschedule?”

Yuri sighs, walking over to you and slumping down to the floor. He sprawls out at your side, looking up at you with a defeated expressed. “You forgot last time. And the time before that. We’ve been putting this off for weeks now,” Yuri grumbles. You feel a surge of guilt come over you. “I just feel like you don’t have time for me anymore. I’m glad you enjoy games and stuff, but I feel like your games are more fun than I am.”

“Yuri,” you sigh, understanding. He’s just insecure that you enjoy games more than you enjoy spending time with him. You chuckle and fall backward, laying down next to your boyfriend. You give him a quick kiss on the nose before continuing, “you’re so silly. I love you, okay? I just…enjoy gaming. It’s kind of how I felt when skating season started. You were always practicing and I felt like I had to fight to spend time with you; I thought you were going to choose your career over me.” Yuri’s eyes light up in understanding.

“Okay,” Yuri says, sitting up. He grabs your hands and pulls you up to sit next to him. “Can I play with you? And maybe we can go shopping and get dinner later?”

“Of course you can play!” you exclaim, tackling Yuri in a hug and giving him a kiss. “This is going to be so fun, Yuri!”

Yuri chuckles and grabs the controller from you. It’s not the shopping date he anticipated, but it’s definitely way more fun; as long as he’s with you, Yuri is content with the one he loves most. Besides, seeing you with a smile on your face is way more important than any outfit he could ever buy for you.


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Word count: 3,614

Anchor (sexual + trigger warning)

His hands were running down your body, rubbing your tights with his long fingers, leaving your skin burning behind as he always accomplished to do.

Shawn’s tongue slipped out of your mouth and he bit your lip roughly instead, knowing you liked when he did that. It let a small whimper escape your trembling lips.

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This is my beautiful boy, Ecko. He loves belly rubs, eating, and being lazy. His tongue hangs out on the side of his mouth because his bottom jaw is slightly crooked.

OC Hour: The Real First Kiss
  • Emily, 19: *pulls a wine bottle out of her bag* Let's get hammered!
  • Adam, 19: Where did you get that?
  • Emily: Stole it from our kitchen. Figured if we're going to become criminals, we might as well start breaking the law now.
  • Adam: That's... hmm.
  • 2 Hours Later:
  • Emily: *surfaces from a very sloppy makeout* You taste like smoke. *giggles* I kinda like it. *slides off Adam's lap and hits the floor*
  • Adam: *feels around for her vaguely* Em... come baaaack...
  • The Next Morning:
  • Adam: *miserable, remembers nothing*
  • Emily: *squints at him* Why are you wearing my lipstick?