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Marauder’s: A Naughty Fiction (Part 2)


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Prompt: Y/N has always been a student at Hogwarts but has gone through her years practically unnoticed by anyone that caught her eye. This year, she expects that to change. Instead of shoving her nose between the pages of books someone will be begin to take quite the interest in her. Watch her finish off her last year of schooling while fucking around with guys along the way.

Warnings?: Mentions of sex, drugs, alcohol, extreme flirtation

Words: 1,569

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It was a blinding sun which shone in through my windows, shining down on me from its reflection by the sea. A twitch of my nose and my eyes squinting open, adjusting my position to face away from the bright light.

I heard a giggle.

I flipped over in my bed my eyes now wide open, looking over to Lily’s area of the room. It was her and james, sprawled out together half naked, basking in each others presence.

“Gross.” I said, pulling the covers over my head, sighing to myself.

“Good morning princess!” James said to me, I, rolling my eyes, shoving myself deeper and deeper into my warm covers, remembering the district moaning which kept me awake all night.

“Oh, Lily!” I mocked, moaning. Them both stiffening and looking over to me under my covers.

“Oh yeah, right there James!” I yelled a little louder. I crawled out of my bed, my large shirt fanning around my thighs.

“Lily! Lily I’m about to-” I was cut off by a pillow being thrown at my face and then a strong force tackling me to the floor.

“Lily get off me this instant!” I yelled as she tickled me relentlessly, knowing all the right spots.

“You didn’t hear anything!” She said to me pinning my arms down. “Understood?” She continued, cocking an eyebrow.

“Understood.” I said, she releasing me slowly. I walked toward the bathroom, and just as I turned on the shower I moaned one last time, “I love you James!” and they both raced into the bathroom after me.

It was a busy, loud morning in the great hall. Young students talked amongst themselves, getting to know each other, the older ones all reminiscing on old times. Lily, James, and I walked toward where Sirius and the others were. They both smiling, and me wearing serious bags under my eyes.

I sat down at the table in between Sirius and Remus, Lily and James sitting across from us with Peter.

“Morning.” Remus said, smiling at me, then smiling at Lily and James.

“Morning.” I said back, resting my face on my hand.

“Kept you up all night?” Sirius questioned, gesturing to Lily and James, I just nodded my head.

“Planning on doing anything about it?” He added, smirking at me.

“Killing them, or killing myself.”

“Hopefully neither.” Remus said, them both laughing.

Sirius watched you with a little light in his eyes; Your lashes fluttering up and down, your lips jutting out effortlessly, a little smirk on your face each time Potter made a joke or you thought of something humorous.

“Enjoying the view?” You asked.

“Indeed.” Sirius looked away smiling, sipping his tea. He subconsciously put his hand down atop your knee cap. You were startled at the feeling, but let it sit where it was, no harm in a little human touch, right?

Everyone continued to talk, blabbing on and on about this year’s curriculum, prank ideas, and parties.

“We should have a beginning of the school year party.” Sirius blurted, obviously excited.

“Good idea.” Potter added.

“We should mix houses… no slytherins though.” Said Remus.

“Whats a party without slytherin?” You asked, biting your lip, thinking about every eligible bachelor in the house.

“No slytherins.” Sirius said, slightly angry.

“Ugh, why not?” You asked, looking up at him, pouting your lip slightly, now resting your hand on his thigh.

“Because I just don-” He said, stopping suddenly, looking at your pout then eyes flickering down to your hand, in taking a sharp breath. “I just don’t like them…” He continued, as you moved your hand higher and higher.

“Please?” You pleaded, sticking out your lip a little bit more.

“Fine.” He said, defeatedly, resting his head on his hand, you haulting your movement on his thigh, leaving it there, four inches below his crotch.

The word about the party got around, very fast. Fifth years and up we’re the only ones invited, every house, every gender, everyone. People were coming up to you frequently, knowing you had something to do with it. The Marauders Beginning of Course Party, everyone had to be there. So, countless people asked the dress code, the theme, and what to bring. Others, were asking you if you had a date, you said no each time, but you didn’t necessarily want to have one. You we’re starting to have a liking for Sirius, but you didn’t want any sort of a relationship right now. Maybe a few hookups, and it seemed tonight was a perfect night for one.

The dress code for the night was casual, so that’s an excuse for all girls to dress promiscuously, but, I had to look the best. I adorned a deep red, off the shoulder, tight crop top, exposing my belly button and cinched waist. High waisted denim jeans gripped onto my hips tightly, and exposed my curves for everyone to see. I wore standard black chuck taylor’s on my feet, I was never really one for heels. I kept my makeup minimal, and my hair was lying naturally and effortlessly around my shoulders and down my back. I was ready.

When I walked into the room not only were guys mouths watering, but girls as well. I sauntered over to the drink table and grabbed a tall, plastic cup of alcoholic butterbeer. I smiled at the warm, sugary taste at the tip of my tongue. I jumped a little when a pair of hands settled around my waist, only to push me out of the way.

“Y/N.” A familiar voice said, grabbing the same drink as I did.

“Regulus!” I yelled happily, pulling him into a hug. “Missed you!”

He smiled lightly, winking at me, kissing my cheek. You and Regulus had a thing a year back, but his mother found out about the two of you, and she was not happy about her son dating a failed Slytherin.

“And me as well, you look ravishing.” He said nicely, obviously feeling guilty for not ignoring his mother’s wishes.

You both talked back and forth to one another, but something seemed familiar about him. His eyes? No. His smirk? Yes, it was oddly similar to… And speak of the devil, a hand fell lightly on your shoulder, moving to your waist.

“Evening Y/N.” Sirius whispered into your ear, gripping tightly onto you.

“Sirius.” Regulus said in disgust, eyeing him up and down.

“Oh, hello Regulus, didn’t see you there, introducing yourself to Y/N?” He asked cockily, giving him back the same glare.

Sirius straightened his posture, shoving his hand into your back pocket, practically having a staring contest with his, as you’ve figured out, brother.  

“I could ask you the same Sirius, but alas, me and Y/N already know each other very well.” He said back, putting emphasis on the ‘very’.

Sirius stiffened, and brought you even closer to himself.

“Do you now?” He asked, glaring at him.

You decided to interrupt the two, not wanting anything to have to go down between the two of them.

“Oh Sirius, me and Regulus used to date a while ago, nothing serious though.”

“Obviously not.” He countered. His eyes like daggers burning into him.

Regulus stiffened up, “Well, I’ll just be going.”

“Sounds like a good idea.” Sirius says back.

After he’s left and Sirius is done staring him down, he smiles at you, giggling slightly.

“Jealous are we?” I asked, teasing him.

“Pshh, no!” He said, undeniably trying to hide the fact.

You rolled your eyes, and grabbed his hand, finding the rest of your friends and sitting down on the couch.

Sirius places you atop his lap, resting his head on your shoulder, as everyone in the circle passed around a slim joint. You liked it, him wrapped around you, but still you felt as if he was getting more attached to you than you were to him, and this year was your year for messing around.

He shoved his head into your neck slightly.

“Sirius, that tickles!” You squealed, and he just burrowed further in.

His hands wrapped around your waist, protectively, his lips pressing tenderly to your neck.

The joint was passed to you, you looked down at it with concern and question. You relaxed into Sirius, and took a deep inhale. You grabbed his face from your neck, and released the smoke into his mouth. His eyes widened, but he blew the smoke off to the side. He looked into your eyes, and you looked into his, and your lips slowly collided into one another, moving in synch.

You tasted the bitterness of the weed, and the sweetness of the butter beer. His tongue inside your mouth, sweeping along the insides of your cheeks, massaging your tongue with his. He reached his hand up to your cheek as you wrapped your arm around his neck, pulling at the hair at the nape.

“Gross.” You heard Potter say, Lily grabbing his face and kissing him as well.

Remus and Peter looked at each other sadly, and wrapped themselves into each other’s embrace.

The party was dying down, Remus lay completed stoned, sprawled out along the floor. Peter was asleep on the couch and Lily and Potter had made their way up to your room sometime ago. You and Sirius sat on the couch, enjoying each other’s presence. Then, you stood up, a cocky smirk on your face, your eyes droopy and red. You old him to lead you up to his room.


word count: 1.6k +

pairings: hwamin, wheetae, sin (later), moonseok (later)

warnings: none 

1 - 2

a/n: don’t come after hwasa’s character y’all gotta wait for the explanation for why she’s like that.

Chapter 2

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WE GOT YOU (BVB Imagine)
{Requested by anon :3}

Your eyes slowly opened, the lighting in the room was very bright, causing your eyelids to open and close over and over again. Your eyeballs rolling around, wandering everywhere, “Where the hell am I?” was the first thing that popped in your mind.
“(Y/N)?….(Y/N)?….” you heard a sweet voice call, you couldnt really answer back, because the moment you tried to open your mouth, pain was released.
“Aaaahhh!!!” you growled, your jaw felt like someone had punched it a thousand times with a slegehammer. Why were you feeling this pain? what was going on? did someone knock you out? you slowly lifted up your hand and touched your jaw, you felt something blocking it though. it felt like an ice pack wrapped around your head. Whatever it was, it was trying to maintain your mouth closed.

“Ahhh…whaaa…uuhhh…” you mumbled, trying your hardest to talk.
“Shhh, dont talk (Y/N).” Commanded Ashley, he was the one calling out for you, you lifted yourself up a little and looked around very confused, all you saw was teeth x rays, yourself on the dentist chair, the dentist, and Ash, whom your figured was there the entire time.
“Wha…happen?…” you muttered.
Ashley chuckled and rubbed your arm, “You just had your wisdom teeth removed.”
“Whaaa?!!” you yelled causing him to laugh again.
“Yes (Y/N), youre all finished now, we can go home, the guys are waiting for us at your place.”
“Buuuhh…OW!!” you screamed, your eyes shut closed tightly, the pain was intense, you even shed a tear, it was a little too much to bare.
“(Y/N) dont talk, its only going to hurt more, come on the dentist said we can leave.”
He helped you get up off the chair and held you closely so that you could walk carefully without falling.
“Thi..hur…” you said.
“I know sweetheart I know, you’ll get through it, and the guys and I are gonna help you, we’re taking care of you until you get better okay?” he assured you smiling.
You tried to smile but you couldnt, anytime you tried moving your mouth all hell broke loose.
But Ashley could tell that you were happy, “Close enough.” he said.

Moments later, after resting a while at the dentist, you finally arrived at your house.
“WELCOME HOME (Y/N)!!!” Cheered the boys,
they had decorated your house like a birthday party, along with a huge banner that said,
“Congrats you made it through hell!” on it.
“Thankshh…” you muttered with a bored expression, giving them each a look.
“Aww somebody’s grumpy.” Said CC approaching, “Awww look at her cheeks theyre so chubby, she looks like a little chipmunk!”
He squealed, waving his index finger up and down as if he was talking to a baby.
“Naaaaahh!!” you groaned.
“OH MY GOSH she’s even cuter when she’s pissed!! I just wanna squeeze her!!”
Ashley slapped his hands away, “They will be no squeezing!”
“Dam Ash!! I wasnt really gonna do it!! that shit hurt!!” CC yelled, massaging his hand.
Andy laughed rolling his eyes and helped you over to the couch, he laid you down gently and carefully placed a pillow under your head.
“Now remember, no tossing and turning unless you wanna be in pain again.”
You nodded agreeing and just laid on your back, it was going to be really hard staying in one position.
“Okay, Jake and I are gonna go get soups since…well you cant really eat anything else at the moment, Jinxx is going to get your pain medicine, CC and Ash will watch over you, cool with that?”
You nodded once more, Andy smiled at you and stood up, but there was one more thing he did before leaving, “I brought someone to keep you company while you lay there.”
He reached inside a bag and took out a batman plushie, he swayed it around with a huge smile on his face, “Look who it is.” Sang Andy.
“Hm hm hm hm.” you hummed slightly laughing and hugging the plushie.
“Thankyu.” you managed to say.
“No problem, we’ll be back.”

As the day went by, the guys were nothing but patient and sweet to you, they managed to feed you soup and give you sips of water without hurting you.
Now you were napping on the couch as they were watching movies on your t.v, but suddenly you woke up to pain, “Uggghh…aaahhh!!” you yelled, immediately all five of them got up and went to your side,
“(Y/N) whats wrong?” Asked Jinxx.
“Uggghh…it hurrrrr.” was all you can say.
“CC didnt you give her the pain medication?” Questioned Ashley.
“Yes but either it takes a long ass time to kick in
or it doesnt work at all.” He replied.
“Uggghhh!!!” you screamed.
“Okay okay calm down calm down, let me see whats going on.” Jake tells you,
“Youre actually gonna look in there?” CC asked terrified,
“Oh grow up CC!” Jake yelled, he slightly opened your mouth and became a little shocked, “Oh shit her gums are bleeding!”
“Is that supposed to happen?” Asked Andy.
“Hang on let me google it.” Ashley said checking his phone, a few seconds a later he found what to do, “Well it says we need to give her salt water.”
“I aint doing that.” Said Jinxx stepping back.
“Oh yes you are Jinxx, we all fed her soup and gave her water you did nothing so far.” Ordered Andy.
“But she almost bit my hand off!”
“Ugh fine!!”

You felt a lot better after you rinsed your mouth with salt water, the guys also gave you another pain killer and this time it worked, you didnt really feel as much pain as before.
Now you were soundly asleep, the guys were watching over you as you looked like you were at peace.
Even though throughout the night you would sometimes wake up with either pain or bleeding gums, the boys would always be there for you, even if they were deep asleep, they would always tend to your every need. You felt really lucky to have such amazing friends like them who were truly there for you.
You slightly and carefully turned your head to see all of them sleeping like babies, you smiled at them and went back to sleep yourself.
Weeks went by, little by little you managed to start eating solid foods again, move your jaw a little more, even talk more, and the guys were by your side the entire time.
Now you were at the dentist again to make sure that everything was okay with your gums and jaw. The boys were standing by the door waiting for you.
“Well (Y/N) looks like youre good to go, your stitches are removed, and everything looks great with your jaw.”

“Thanks doc.” you tell him smiling.
He gave you the okay to leave and as you stepped out of the room the guys hugged you congratulating you that you were all better and you made it through.
“Thank you guys so much for taking care of me, I truly appreciate it.“ "Ah stop you know we got you.” said Jake. “Awww thanks again,and Jinxx, Im sorry that I bit your hand when you gave me the salt water.”
“Eh, I saw it comming anyway.” he says.
You laughed, “You guys are the best.”
You went up to each of them and kissed them on the cheek, but you were shocked when Ash actually pecked your lips.
“Oooohh!!” the guys cooed.
“Ash!” you said covering your mouth, blushing as red as a tomato.
He just smirked and winked at you.
Andy just laughed and said…
“Smooth motherfucker.”

(Hope you feel better honey! I know its a tough process but I hope this imagine helps make you feel better lots of hugs and kisses from me! 😘😘❤️❤️❤️)

Brad Pitt Wears Nothing but a Tee and Jeans, Makes Our Mouths Water

If a guy can make you do a double-take while dressed in jeans and a T-shirt, he’s got it going on. There’s just something about the way the tee clings. A pec here, a veiny bicep there. Maybe a bit of dad bod peeking through.

Such is the case with Brad Pitt. Yes, Brad Pitt and all things hunky are synonymous. However, the actor looked impressively charming Thursday in Los Angeles, when he did nothing but step outside holding a cup of iced coffee. First of all, this guy is 53. So let that settle in. Age is nothing but a number, but this dude looks to be about 34.

Back to our main point: He wore a loose-fitting scoop-neck blue tee that, thanks to the wind, gave us a glimpse of his beefy torso. His half-tuck shows he cares about style. The jeans? They were kind of low-rise and reminded us of the early 2000s, but man did they look great on him. Those boots screamed, “I’m 53 and I’ll wear these boots for the rest of time,” and the glasses were just plain classic.

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As for his other great accessory? That salt and pepper beard. Let’s not forget to take note of the way he closes the door behind him. So much confidence. So much chutzpah!

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You’ve still got it, Brad.

Wake Up And Smell The Roses

Submitted by: gabby227

Description: When Lydia’s friends kick her out of the apartment and force her to take a break from working on her thesis, Lydia is pissed. That is, until she walks down to the new pie shop and meets him.

Rating: MA

Genre: Romance, Fluff, Smut, Baker!Stiles, Student!Lydia

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Prompt: After your first kiss with Dean, he started acting weird. It’s up to you to figure out why. Or the one where Dean comes out as bisexual to his girlfriend.

Word count: 1760

Warnings: Coming out. Bisexual Dean. Crying. Fluff. John Winchester is an asshole.

A/N: sorry for disappearing. Last year of school has been killing my time before it even starts.

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