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20m fem boi i have a sexy 21m roomie who is very straight he’s very nice to me and that makes him even more sexy. I’ve wanted to suck his cock for months and last night he came home a bit tipsy he sat on the couch laid his head back i sat beside him asked if he’s ok he said he was I took the chance and started to rub his cock he didn’t stop me so i just went for it unzipped his fly taking his half hard cut cock out and into my wet mouth it took about 15 minutes for him to fill my hungry mouth!

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Descendants of the Sun - Poisonous Picture

Week 3, day 3

Late in the evening, when Izanami was sure most residents of Sunset Valley were home from work and chilling on their couches with their ipads, smartphones or laptops, Izanami sent the picture she took with Jamie to Connor. Together with the picture she added a message to explain the photo.

Dear Connor,

Today I met your wife. I wanted to show you that your view on the world is naive. Even though you may have believed your marriage was true love, Jamie certainly didn’t think so. I didn’t even have to do much for this picture. Jamie was very happy to share her mouth with me in all kinds of ways.

Wake up Connor. Why should you be the only one who plays by the rules when everyone around you is cheating?

We’ll see each other soon.


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the three stages of getting ready in the morning: vulcan, human, and whothefuckinventedmorning

Movie Date

Pairings: Peter Parker x Reader, slight Stony


Could you please write a Peterxreader where reader is the youngest member of the team. One day they have a movie date in the tower and the team spies on them?Could it be in the point of view of the team?[bonus points if deadpool is in it] thanks <3            

Wade has created a chatroom.

Wade has added Natasha, Tony, Thor, Bruce, Steve, Clint, Vision.

Clint: What, Wade?!

Tony: Can we text later? You’re going to distract me!

Bruce: I need to ask, but is it not weird that us, adults, are spying on Y/N and Peter, our youngest and most loved members movie date in a very cramped up spot?

Natasha: If you don’t like it, then you can leave, Banner. It’s not weird. We are just being protective parental units/uncles/adopted android sibling.

Vision: Overprotective*

Steve: Should they be sitting so close? Natasha, should they? Maybe I should go in and sit between them.

Tony: I will kick your ass, Rogers! Don’t you dare ruin their date!

Thor: Grab him, Stark! I shall lay Mjolnir upon him so he may not move.

Steve: Try it and I will run off with Mjolnir!

Thor: You? Worthy? HA! Do not fight us!

Steve: I know you have your doubts. I know deep down you know that I was faking not being able to lift Mjolnir. Would you like to test me?

Thor: Anyone has any rope?

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Now that we have this shot in HD and some context all 2.5 seconds of it: Let’s revisit what we considered after SDCC.

- Obviously, that’s Pink Diamond, confirmed.
- Still squinting suspiciously at her holding giant destabilizers….
- At least one Gem we don’t know here, possibly “Snowflake” and “Crazy Lace”? The one on the left looks like a Zircon to me, but it’s mostly the hair and the pants.

- Let’s revisit the height comparison between Garnet and Bismuth. There is perspective at work here. Malleable heights for artistic framing, and all. This does not depict Pink Diamond’s literal height.

But now we have some timeline placement pieces of the puzzle, too:

- Pearl defected BEFORE Pink Diamond was shattered.
(A lot of people are already buzzing about her “hand over mouth” secret-sharing disability, and theorizing it’s Some Kind of Spell or Power from WD. This would indicate that whatever WD did to her, it had to have been done BEFORE Pink was shattered, BEFORE Pearl defected, and BEFORE Pearl joined Rose!)

(( P.S.: Regarding the theories that “WHITE MADE HER UNABLE TO TALK ABOUT IT TO HIDE WHITE’S MURDER OF PINK DIAMOND”: It would have had to have been looong premditated, for WD to block Pearl from talking about that BEFORE Pearl joined Rose. Or at the LEAST, premeditated long enough in advance for the Crystal Gems to have grown from Rose and Pearl, to Garnet in The Answer, to finding /recruiting /including Bismuth and the other two.))

- Garnet joined the Crystal Gems BEFORE Pink Diamond was shattered.
(Which also confirms, the Blue Diamond we saw in the Answer was certainly in a different mental state than the Blue Diamond we’ve seen since Steven’s Dream. The whole “BD ran away from Pearl+Rose because she didn’t want to end up shattered like Pink” idea is debunked.)

- Bismuth got involved BEFORE Pink Diamond was shattered. 
(Which means, Bismuth definitely had no idea about Rose supposedly already having shattered ANYONE.)

- Amethyst said she’d been “hanging out” in the kindergarten for “5000 years”. And Garnet narrated this as “5,750 years ago”. So, we can conclude that Amethyst emerged a good deal AFTER the initial rebellion, AFTER the war, and AFTER Pink was shattered. 

But this brings up an incredibly curious question:

While the others are standing there…
……………..Where the heck is Rose Quartz?

MBTI types as people I know

MBTI types as people I know
I’ve seen this a lot around here and I thought heck why not
Written by an INFJ

- Best Friend
- Seriously get yourself one of these they’re THE BEST
- Super stable and don’t like drama
- You can have fun with them over really small things like sharing M&M’s on the way to school
- Can cook like heaven
- Easily offended so watch your mouth
- Will share anything with you but you have to ask first
- Mom friend

- Best Friend
- JUDGMENTAL AF seriously go to a random city with them and they can give an half hour roast on a stranger’s shoes
- Notice literally everything
- Likes their cats over you and will send you adorable snapchats of them
- Will argue with the teacher and ask impossible questions until they cry
- They’re aesthetically gifted
- Sometimes does things that make you go “wtf kid” but you love them anyway

- MBTI buddy. I introduced them to it and now they finally feel like somebody understands them even if it’s just the internet
- Seriously if you know one of these TALK TO THEM AND ASK THEM QUESTIONS they’re usually quiet but if you ask they’ll like that
- Intriguing
- Emotions are not their thing so don’t be feely with them
- They can’t cry
- Will somehow get you to tell your deepest traumas at 2 am for no apparent reason
- Do not take their painful, mean, accurate comments too seriously or you’ll end up with a major inferioritycomplex

- Highly Recommended
- You can talk to them about literally anything
- Seriously there is no private when you talk to one of these which is kinda nice because sometimes there’s shit you can’t even tell your bff and that’s when the esfp comes in handy
- Will do stupid stuff and then continue to do even more stupid stuff
- They mean well but it somehow goes wrong every time
- Drama Queen
- GOSSIP they’re not good at it but if you wanna shit talk about someone they’re yours
- You easily forget you’re angry at them
- Feed them lemonade and say it’s wine and they’ll believe you and act drunk

- Perfect
- Annoyingly Perfect
- They join like five giveaways a day and they actually win something
- Confident af on the outside but secretly pretty insecure
- Friends with everybody and they genuinely like everybody
- Knows everything about everyone but you don’t know a thing about them

- Lazy genius
- They do everything except for the things they have to do
- Has watched a lot of shows and will remember every single episode which is great because they’ll understand your references when others don’t
- They have no sense of timing
- Sometimes make harsh comments without knowing the impact on someone and then act like the others are being petty
- They mean well but they’re not very insightful
- Snapchat game is on point

- Supersmart and annoyed at people who are not
- Watches horror series for fun
- Probably was the kind of kid that operated on their stuffed animals with real scissors
- They have a strange liking for the dead
- They care a lot about their friendships
- They expect you to feel what they are feeling and are Highly Disappointed when you don’t
- Secretly cinnamon rolls

- I had never met one of me so you can imagine my happiness
- Big Sis Friend who shares everything with you
- They know about literally everything and everyone’s secrets
- Will get you to spill your crush and darkest secrets without asking and without returning the favour
- So pair them with an INTJ and you got yourself a duo that knows it all
- So nice omg (this is where she and I are different because i’m not as nice as her)
- They care about you A LOT even when they don’t say it
- Not the best talkers but write like Shakespeare would they want to

- So innocent
- Their pure souls don’t even know what smut is and all that
- They always have food and/or are talking about food
- Under appreciated
- Cry over every goddamn movie even Kung Fu Panda
- They will tell you when you’re being rude or when you death stare and they won’t go easy on you
- Put them together with an INTJ that results in a ten-minute lecture on being nice from the INFP it’s hilarious
- Not taken seriously but you should because they give pretty damn good life advice
- “If you ever wanna be happy in life, buy purple sunglasses”

- Will someday be president
- Moral knight
- Will sigh at your stupidity but help you anyways
- Not the best at communication when it comes to group projects
- You only know you love them when they’re gone because then you realize that they are the link between everyone in your friend group and without them everything falls apart
- The one I know is super innocent idk if that goes for all ESTJs
- Is willing to do A LOT for their friends
- The grumpiest grump or a super hyper and happy no inbetween

- Way too nice
- Seriously they’re nice to everyone so I’m never sure if they genuinely like you or if they’re just being nice
- Look good in every goddamn photo even when they’re not trying
- They look like happy campers but they have secrets that they don’t wanna tell to anybody (except to the INFJ and i’m really annoyed it’s the one I know and not me)
- Did I mention they’re too nice?

INTP *the intj friend wrote this because he knows the intp better - Really likes food - The best person to have an argument with, but will at the same time try to agree with you if it means something to you - Sleeps 12 hours a day - Always late - Looks after and cares for his friends a lot although they don’t notice it - Does not like telling intimate stuff - Needs to solve the fuck out of everything - The best person to have stupid and meaningless conversations/arguments (something in between) with about the immortality of lobsters

I’m sorry to istp, estp and isfp (edit: and enfj, so sorry!) i don’t know any of them