mouth replica


RebelCaptain AU: A Midwinter’s Nightmare

Skilled magician Cassian Andor has been sent to England by the Spanish crown to help ease tensions between the two nations, and perhaps help resolve the ongoing issue of Napoleon and his war. Once there he meets the fiery Jyn Erso, a young woman orphaned as a child who has no fortune but is vivacious and intelligent, a genuine person amongst a sea of frauds. They wed but soon after he is sent to fight Napoleon’s army with magic. On the warfront he corresponds with her and is devastated when he learns she is ill. Rushing back to her side he finds he is too late and chooses to summon the Faerie king to bring her back. The Faerie king does so, but only once Cassian agrees to give half Jyn’s life to him, tricking him into a disastrous choice. By day she suffers a morose, exhausting life, by sleep she is enchanted and living in the court of the Faerie king. Knowing that the Faerie king has cheated him by his wife’s actions, Cassian sets about uncovering the means to freeing Jyn, whose life is tied to a magical tapestry that hangs in the Faerie king’s palace. Time is running out as she weakens but Cassian is willing to face fire and death itself to free his love. Only once he finds the tapestry and removes the rose from the mouth of the embroidered replica of Jyn can she be free…

Dancestors and Aphmau AU

Damara- Lucinda. Both of them are witches and are great ones at that too!
Meulin- Kawaii~Chan, of course! Both of them talk loudly and obsess over their ships and fandoms! (And Zane~Chan/Kurlin bonus)
Porrim: OH MY GOD CADENZA! fashion designers!
Aranea- Michi or Ivy. The thirst for power and kind of causing trouble along the story^^
Horuss- Garroth, maybe. Both have their adorable quirks similar to each other??
Kurloz- Zane. The stitching of the mouth kind of replicas his mask in canon, pluS THE VOODOO~~
That’s all I can think of, at the moment!

Draco is ranting about Harry in the Great Hall once again and really getting into it & he won’t stop talking and his mouth is open and Harry thinks to himself y'know what Malfoy needs to stop & so he gets up and walks over to the Slytherin table and kisses him fully on the mouth and then just smirks and leaves looking all self-satisfied, he finally got Malfoy to shut up, but inside he’s completely freaking out bc crush 101 you don’t kiss them randomly in public????
And Draco is standing there shocked, having finally closed his mouth, and bristling at the nerve of Potter, because unrequited crush 101 they don’t kiss you randomly in public????
And in the moment of silence that follows, nobody notices Pansy slip Blaise a galleon under the table and a glare, free of charge