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The Tower

The Tower: An Avengers Fanfic

Chapter 1


Word Count: 2330

Warnings: Smut (F/F, fingering slight dom/sub)

Synopsis: How does someone with no superpowers, no real discernible talents and a whole lot of baggage end up being the girlfriend to all the Avengers?  Well, I’m glad you asked.  It all started with a blur and an abrupt crash. Here is the initial meeting, and the events that follow.

Author’s Note: Bug Kate @emilyevanston about the gorgeous Header, she made it. This story is NOT a Nat X Reader. It’s an Avengers X OC piece, which means a poly relationship. There will be many different combinations of pairings within this story.

How does someone with no superpowers, no real discernible talents and a whole lot of baggage end up being the girlfriend to all the Avengers?  Well, I’m glad you asked.  It all started with a blur and an abrupt crash.

As usual, I was late.  That happened a lot.  I tend to get caught up in my head while I’m working in the lab or the library.  Which is a problem because as part of my post doctoral position I had to teach an Intro to Biology class six times a week.  I was dashing down the steps of the library, across the lawn and just smashed headlong into another person.

All I really noticed as I picked myself back up, helped her to her feet and apologized profusely was she was small, dressed in black and had dark red hair.  She didn’t really even say anything to me, just ‘don’t worry about it’ and I took off again.

It was as I stood panting in the lecture theatre, getting the slideshow started for the lecture I realized how close I came to death that day.  The woman I had flattened was the Black Widow.

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From Here On Out // Chapter One

ONE // The One With The Rom-Com

Here’s the first chapter for you all! I hope you like it, I worked and reworked this story so much over the past month and this outcome is not at all how it started off, as @islareeveswriting and @harrysmeadow will know. Big props to them for sticking with me and suffering me moaning, particularly over the next chapter, which you will most likely get up tomorrow, because it’s been hell and they’ve seen me through several swift deletions and rewrites.

It’s a little different, I think, to how I usually write fics. I’ve got an OFC but I’ve left her pretty open to interpretation in terms of how much like the reader she can be. The story is going to focus less on the people around them and building a picture of their life, and more on the actual story and how these two work together. I hope that you enjoy it and please do let me know your thoughts! x

Word Count // 4k

Listen To // Perfect (Stripped Version) by One Direction

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In all of her twenty two years, Meredith Dashwood had never seen such a rainstorm. Heavy water droplets were banging against the wooden window ledge outside the glass pane of the hotel room she was sharing with Harry for the next couple of nights. Navigating the old and windy streets of Dunkirk to find the building would have been tough enough without fighting the weather outside, alas the rain had started almost as soon as she’d boarded the bus in Lille after her journey across the English Channel, and it hadn’t stopped since.

She’d no idea where she was going or when he’d make an appearance in the room but she was occupying herself as best she could going through the French channels on the telly and lying starfish across the double bed which laid in the centre against the back wall of the room. She’d already changed out of her wet jeans and jumper, and had them both hanging to dry over the radiator underneath the window. Her boots were soaked through, sat with newspaper in them to dry them out, and her coat was hanging miserably over the back of the door, leaving tiny drips on the ends waiting for their moment to let go and fall to the carpeted floor.

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Requested by: Anonymous
(Here are the specifics)

Pairing: Reader x Bucky
Word Count: 1K
Warnings: Fluff, pre-smut


You chew on your bottom lip, your eyes scanning over the outfit that was laid out on your bed. There wasn’t much to look at - just a black leather corset, black lacy booty short panties, sheer thigh highs and fishnet arm cuffs - which is what made you nervous. You consider forgetting the whole seduction idea, but your sexual frustration was clouding your judgement.

After months of flirting and lusting after one another, you and Bucky were finally official. Dating the guy you’d liked for so long was amazing; but you and Bucky still hadn’t shared a bed - not for a lack of trying on your behalf. Whenever you thought that you and Bucky were about to consummate the relationship, he’d pull away and leave you wanting him.

You hadn’t had the guts to talk to him about it yet. Instead, your sexually frustrated brain decided that the best move to make was to dress so sexily that he wouldn’t be able to resist.

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Old drabble prompt is so old, I don’t even know where it is anymore or who sent it.

14. First Kiss 15. Shooting Star msr

It was rare, but not unheard of, for Scully to go at a case with the same rabid fervor as Mulder usually did.  Even when things got frustrating, she remained steadfast and determined, but calm.  For her to show up at Mulder’s door on a Saturday night with a file in her hand was not quite as event-equivalent as Haley’s Comet, but it occurred about as often as one saw a shooting star.

Mulder let her in with a surprised look on his face.  She wore a sheepish, but determined expression, apologizing for the late hour at the same time she charged towards his couch to spread open the file in her hand.  He sat down beside her and tried to listen to what she had to say, but he was caught off guard by her casual attire.  He couldn’t remember the last time he’s seen her in jeans and a t-shirt.  Her tennis shoes squeaked against his floor.

An hour later, there were no new answers or theories and Scully was no less frustrated.  Mulder put a hand on the center of her back when she sighed.  

“We’ll catch a break,” he said.  “Just not tonight.  The answer will be in the tox screen.  I’m sure of it.”

Scully sighed again and Mulder’s hand drifted down her back just as she stretched her arms up over her head.  Her t-shirt rode up and suddenly his fingertips were brushing skin.  He froze, not sure of what to do.  It felt silly to pull away, like touching her was somehow distasteful, and he didn’t want to offend.  But, it also felt wrong to linger where he wasn’t invited.

Unconsciously, Mulder’s hand slid to Scully’s hip as she lowered her arms and adjusted her shirt.  She cleared her throat and he moved his arm back, embarrassed by the obvious awkwardness of the gesture.

“May I use your bathroom?” Scully asked.

“Of course.”

As Scully disappeared into his bedroom, Mulder fell back against the couch and put his hands over his face.  He felt like an idiot.  Actually, he felt like an inexperienced teenager instead of an adult man.  He loved Scully, no doubt about it, but letting himself lust after her was a different matter altogether.  Thinking about the warmth and softness of her skin under his fingers made all the feelings he kept suppressed bubble to the surface.  He pushed himself up from the couch and moved towards his bedroom.

Determined, and not paying attention, Mulder bumped into Scully in the doorway of his bedroom and they both grunted in surprise.  He grabbed her hips to steady her and she rubbed her nose where she’d hit his chest.  They ended up sideways, Scully’s back against the doorframe.

“Sorry,” he said.  “I wasn’t…”

“S’okay,” she answered, running the side of one knuckle up and down the bridge of her nose.
“Are you alright?”

“I’m fine.”

As though they had a mind of their own, his thumbs slid under the edge of her t-shirt and followed the lines of her hip bones where he held her.  It felt strange to touch her like that, but he wanted to so badly.

Scully’s lips parted as she sucked in a breath and her back arched, just a little.  Her arms swung down to grip both sides of the doorframe as though she was catching herself from falling.  Half her face was kept in shadow from his dark room and the other half was dimly lit from the low lamplight across the living area, but he could still see the stain of heat in her cheeks.

Mulder’s mouth felt dry and he knew he should say something, but he was completely tongue-tied.  He swallowed nervously and Scully’s eyes dropped to his mouth.  Her jaw moved a little as though she was about to speak, but she didn’t.  He tipped his head and lowered it towards her and she looked up at him as he descended.

Just as his lips touched hers, she tensed and squeezed the doorframe as she murmured his name.  He paused and pulled back just a fraction as she turned her cheek.

“Wait,” she said.

He took his hands off her, embarrassed, and took a step back.  “Sorry, I just…”

“No, I…”  She finally let go of the door and stood a little taller as she reached up to him, hesitating for a moment before holding his face lightly.  He put one hand above her head and leaned towards her.


She pulled his head down a little and stretched her neck up.  Their mouths came together and apart and then together again, longer this time, and then parted once more.

“This is weird,” she whispered, mouth brushing his as she spoke.

“Well, I’m weird,” he answered, huffing out a nervous chuckle.  “And so are you.”  

“Put your hands back on me.”

He put one hand back on her hip and let his arm fall from over her head to rest the other one on the other side.  Her thumbs ran across his cheekbones, back and forth, back and forth.  Very slowly, he moved his hands up under her shirt to circle her waist, just below her ribs.  She was so warm.  So warm and soft.  Her tongue slipped out to wet her lips and he bent his head again to chase it back into her mouth.  She answered with a whimpering sigh and he leaned his body into her to press her fully against the doorjamb.

Mulder couldn’t estimate the length of their next kiss, but it seemed infinite.  The gurgle of his fish tank was muted by the wet smack of their lips and their harsh, uncontrollable breathing.  At some point, her arms became twined around his neck and he pulled her from the door to lock her in the tight circle of his arms.  He could feel her shifting against him, on tip-toe, fighting to hold herself up.  Finally, reluctantly, he softened his mouth and pulled away slowly, easing her down while still keeping her in his embrace.

“Um,” she said.

“Wow?” he replied.

She shyly dropped her head, but he caught the corners of her mouth lifting into a smile.  Her head bumped against his chest and he loosened his grip on her to reach up and stroke her hair from the back of her head down past her neck, hand over hand.

“I should go,” she said.

“You could stay,” he answered.

She shook her head and then looked up at him.  He rested his arms on her shoulders and rubbed her hair between her fingers before he nodded and let go of her.  She slipped past him and went to his couch to collect the file she’d brought over.

“So, um,” she said, not looking at him again.  “I think…”

“Dinner?” he asked.  “Tomorrow night?  Or next week sometime?”

“We should get the tox screen back on Tuesday.”

“Monday night, then?”

“And if you’re right about those samples…”

“Our hands are tied until Wednesday.”

“Or we could do brunch tomorrow.”

“Sure.”  Mulder brushed his finger under Scully’s chin so she would pick her head up and look at him.  She lifted her eyes to his, looked away, and then lifted them again.

“The case is…the case is our priority,” she said.

He nodded.  “What time should I pick you up?”

“Like a date?”


She hesitated.  “The lab still could call tomorrow if they find something.  Even though it’s Sunday.”

“How’s eleven?”


“Even if they find something, there’s still not much we can do right now.”

“I know, but it’s…frustrating.”

He nodded in agreement and then reached out to give a small tug at one of the belt loops on her jeans.  “Are you sure you don’t want to stay?  It’s late.”

Boldly, he slipped his thumb up under her shirt again and ghosted over that smooth, silky skin once more.  Five minutes ago he wouldn’t have dared to touch her so familiarly and confidently, but that was before he’d kissed her.  Now, he owned that spot on her hip where the bone sloped so elegantly down into as yet mysterious and uncharted territory, but he had a feeling he was soon going to be able to take possession of that too.

“Night, Scully,” he said.

Scully hugged the file close with one hand and she pressed the other hand to his chest, palm flat.  Her eyes were wide.  Terrified.  He took his hand off her hip and covered hers against his chest.

“I’ll see you tomorrow,” he said.

She nodded in sharp, jerking motions with her head.  He smiled and ran his hand down her arm, blazing a trail of gooseflesh in his wake.  Before he stepped away, he pushed her hair away and skimmed the back of her ear with his fingertips as he tucked it back from her face.  She glanced back once at him before she left with just the faintest hint of a smile.  He knew tomorrow was going to be a good day.

The End

Tony stumbled into the kitchen, hands slapping at the counter irritably until he found a mug. He muttered under his breath as he poured himself a cup of coffee, taking a long slow sip as he turned around to lean against the counter. He squinted blearily at what looked like a man with icy white skin and golden antlers sitting at the table and reading the newspaper.

The man glanced at him with glowing green eyes before returning his gaze back to the paper. “Greetings, human.”

“Hello,” Tony said for lack of anything else. He took another sip of coffee because he was not awake enough for this bullshit. “Who’re you?”

“My family calls me Loki.”

Tony tilted his head. “Do you like being called Loki?”

Loki paused to consider it. “As I have no other name to be called, I suppose I do not mind it.”

“Okay, reindeer games,” Tony muttered, slowly making his way over to him. He peered at the golden antlers for a moment, then flicked one. It rang like the metal. He wondered if it was soft like the metal, too.

“What are you doing?!” Loki snapped, tugging his head away when he realized the boy was going to bite one of his antlers.

Tony huffed. “I just wanted to see if they were soft.”

“They are not!” Loki said, nearly shouting.

“Okay, man, chill out,” Tony complained, as if he had not been about to put his mouth on the monster’s person. “Gosh, you guys sure are grumpy.”

Loki tensed. “…There are more of us here?”

“Yeah, Steve, Bucky, Natasha, Clint, and Bruce,” Tony said, counting on his fingers. He paused, then hesitantly put up another one. “And Hulk? Hulk and Bruce are kind of the same person but also not.”

Loki relaxed a little. “I see.”

“Probably watch out for Natasha though,” Tony added. “She’s shown a worrying lack of shame about eating people.”

The monster blinked at him. “…And she lives here.”


“…With you.”

“Uh huh.”

Loki covered his mouth as he stared at the human in concern. What a worrying lack of self-preservation. He’d known that humans could be stupid, but this… this was a new low.

“I’m gonna go blow something up,” Tony said. He began to circle the table and paused when he saw that the monster didn’t have human legs, but what looked like the rear legs of an albino deer. “…I can bring you a stool.”

Loki shook his head. “Nay.”

“Nay?” Tony asked in disbelief, than rolled his eyes. “Fucking nay, he says.”

Loki raised his eyebrows as the boy wandered out of the kitchen, muttering to himself. “…What is wrong with ‘nay?’”

Steve looked over his shoulder, frowning. “Hey, did you know there’s a guy with antlers in your library?”

“So he’s not in the kitchen anymore?” Tony asked, lifting his goggles. “He said his name’s Loki.”

“Weird,” Steve said, coming up behind him to wrap his arms around the human’s waist. “Is he staying?”

“I have no idea,” Tony replied, slapping the monster’s hand away when it tried to dip under his waistband. “Steve, I’m welding here.”

Steve pressed a kiss to the side of his neck, using just a little bit of fang. “So stop welding.”

Tony shivered and bit his bottom lip as the monster began pressing little nipping kisses up and down his neck and shoulder. “I need to get this done.”

You need to get done,” Steve countered, grabbing at his crotch. Then he screamed as he was covered in foam.

Tony snorted and turned to give Dum-E a smile. “Guess Dum-E thought you were getting a little too hot.”

“I thought you liked me,” Steve told the robot, hurt.

Dum-E beeped and waved the fire extinguisher cheerfully.

“Mean,” Steve whined, like the child he secretly was. “Fine, but when you come up to get cleaned up, I’m showering with you.”

Tony rolled his eyes. “Fine.”

“…And by showering, I mean fu–”

“I know,” Tony cut in.

Steve pouted, crossing his arms. “So when were you going to tell us about the new guy?”

“When I figured out what to say about him,” Tony admitted. “He just showed up this morning.”

Steve tilted his head. “Weird,” he muttered thoughtfully.

Tony frowned, concerned. “Bad weird?”

“…Yet to be determined,” the monster decided. “I’ll do some recon.”

“I think you could just go up to him and ask what he wants, Steve,” Tony said gently. “He seems like a nice guy.”

“You thought Tiberius Stone was a nice guy,” Steve hissed, shooting him a glare, before slithering out of the workshop.

Tony would be hurt, except every time Ty saw him these days, he went ghost-white and ran in the other direction. He didn’t know what (or which one, for that matter) the monster(s?) had done, but they’d obviously done something.

“He is not a nice guy,” Clint snapped, turning to show Tony his back. “Look!”

Tony frowned when he saw the patch of missing feathers and the two puncture wounds on his flesh. “…Were you trying to roost on his antlers?”

“Well they’re big!” Clint said defensively. “He wasn’t doin’ anything with ‘em!”

“Clint,” Tony sighed.

“Well he wasn’t!” the monster snapped, hopping up to roost on the back of the couch.

“Stop trying to roost on people. Without permission,” Tony added thoughtfully, because Hulk always let Clint perch on him. “Not everyone is like you guys with no boundaries.”

Clint scoffed, ruffling his feathers. “Well! See if I roost on you anymore!”

Tony glared at his back. He’d love it if Clint stopped roosting on him. He was heavy and always knocked Tony down.

“So, uh,” Tony asked awkwardly.

Loki lifted his gaze from his book.

Tony shuffled his feet. “…You can read?”

Loki tilted his head in acknowledgement but stayed silent for a few minutes, thinking. “…Is that so strange?”

“None of the others can read,” Tony began, then stopped. “Or, well. Bruce can. Hulk can, too, but he has trouble turning small pages with his gigantic fingers. The others just… choose not to learn, I think.”

“Ah,” Loki said, and understood, for the most part. It was hard to learn to read when you had to hide most of your life.

“Anyway,” Tony added, looking away, and began wringing his hands nervously. “I, uh, wanted to apologize for Clint, since he’s probably never going to. For, um. Roosting. …On your head.”

Loki raised an eyebrow. “Ah.”

“So, um. Sorry. For Clint.” Tony jumped as the monster stood. He’d never seen him at full height–Loki’d been kneeling at the kitchen table, and he’d been sprawled on one of the couches when he’d come in.

He was… intimidatingly tall. Nearly as tall as Hulk, all long, lean lines. It should have seemed delicate, but Loki just looked powerful, the muscles in his legs bulging and his chest all hard lines. With his antlers, he looked regal, and also incredibly terrifying.

Loki reached out to cup his cheek, skin cool against his own, the tips of his fingers ending in hard, blunt hoof-like material. “You are a good human.”

Tony blinked up at him with wide eyes, the hair on the back of his neck standing on end. “Y-yeah?”

“I hope,” Loki began, then paused. “…That you continue to be.”

Tony squeaked, terrified, because that sounded incredibly ominous. “O-okay.”

Before he could say anything else, Natasha dropped from the ceiling, hissing quietly as she glared at the other monster. “If you do not take your hands off of him at once, I will rip off one of your antlers and shove it up your ass.

Loki held his hands up placatingly. “My apologies.”

“I don’t know what you want, trickster, but if you hurt Tony in any way,” she added, just a hint wild-eyed. “I will fetch the Hulk and he will tear you limb from limb. And then I’ll eat your guts.”

“…My apologies,” Loki repeated, looking her right in the eye as he did.

Tony looked back and forth between them, brows furrowed together in confusion. Eventually, though, both monsters relaxed, and then Natasha was whirling him around to march him out the door.

“You are quite possibly the most unconsciously suicidal human I have ever met,” Natasha spat. “Do not trust Loki, even for a minute. He’s an old monster.”

“…Older than you?” Tony asked hesitantly.

Natasha paused, making him slow down as well, before she answered, “Older than the rest of us combined. He’s still got Old Magic clinging to him like a cape of dust. I’m not sure anyone but Steve and Bucky would have noticed, and even then, that sort of magic was swallowed up by humans before they could get a proper taste.”

“But you know it,” Tony said, frowning. “The–the taste?”

Natasha stopped again, shoulders stiff. “…I know of the taste. Sometimes if you go into the deepest, darkest forests, or the deepest, darkest caves, you can find Old Magic. I was too frightened to approach the one I did find. There’s a feeling to it, of great power, that’s terrifying to behold.” She shivered, then began walking again. “Only old monsters know how to wield it properly, and there’s so few of them left. I shudder to think of what life would be like for humans if more of those monsters walked the land still.”

Tony shivered as well. That… that sounded horrifying. “Should I ask him to leave?”

“Creatures like Loki leave only when they mean to leave, Tony.” She swallowed. “I can only hope he does so soon.”

Tony curled up into her side as they walked toward the stairs, only relaxing when her two arms curled around him. “…But you threatened him with Hulk.”

“You heard Bruce,” Natasha said quietly. “He’d been messing with something that he shouldn’t have been. You can’t taste the Old Magic on him when he’s the Hulk. But you can when he’s human, lurking in the shadows, waiting for the change.”

Tony shivered again, feeling even luckier that Hulk hadn’t crushed him when he’d hidden behind him.

Coffee Run

It was Tyler’s turn to go get coffee for the team. He didn’t mind really, in fact he enjoyed the quiet time in his car. Some times things at the office just got a little too chaotic. They always went to the same coffee shop and because of that the workers knew their order every time. Tyler walked in and the friendly girl behind the counter greeted him.

“Hey Victoria, good morning.” Tyler smiled down at her, oblivious to her blush. She was short and had long curly hair that was jet black. There was a stud in her nose and scattered tattoos up her forearms. Tyler had always thought she was pretty in a punk rocker chick sorta way.

“Hey Tyler. The usual, I presume?” Without waiting for an answer she began getting the order ready. After all, 5 drinks was a lot to make. Tyler just watched her flow through the motions flawlessly. He drummed his fingers on the counter in a fidgety way. Standing still never worked well for him.

After what felt like forever but was really only 5 minutes the drinks were done and placed neatly into a cardboard cup holder. Already knowing how much it would, Tyler handed the girl the cash and was about to leave. Then Victoria slid a napkin towards him. It had some numbers scribbled on it. It’s slowly settled in that it was her number. He glanced up but she was already off doing something else.

When he got back to the office things were surprisingly calm. Everybody was just hanging out in the living room area brainstorming video ideas. They all looked up when he walked in, and immediately rushed him for their coffees. Once everybody was satisfied idle chatter picked back up. Tyler decided to join in, sharing the encounter with Victoria.

“Yeah she, uh, she actually gave me her number.” Tyler said shyly pulling the napkin out of his pocket as proof.

“Way to go man, finally getting you a girlfriend. Well maybe. If she can handle The Scheid.” Mark patted him on the pack and made a bunch of tiny dick jokes that were too cringy to he included in this story.

“She always seems really nice..” Kathryn supplies trying to be helpful.

“Yeah and she has a great taste in music from what I hear.” Amy throws in. Everybody had something to say. Except, that is, Ethan. He just kind of smiled and nodded along to what the others were saying, but never chimed in. Tyler could tell he wasn’t there all the way.

Later in the day Tyler had a chance to get Ethan alone and talk to him. Ethan was taking a break from editing and was scrolling through tumblr. Tyler tried not to peek at his phone, but he couldn’t help but notice his face on the screen. He started blushing at the thought of Ethan just looking through pictures of him.

“Hey,” Tyler announced his presence, causing the younger boy to jump and hurriedly put his phone down.

“Oh, hey.” Ethan responded, seemingly still down in the dumps.

“Wanna tell me what’s bothering you? You know you can tell me anything…right?” Tyler looked him in the eyes trying to convey how serious he was being. He hated seeing Ethan act this way.

“I just…I…UGH,” Ethan covered his face in frustration and took a deep breath. When he pulled his hands away Tyler almost thought he had cried. “You got that stupid girls number this morning. I mean im sure she’s great and not at all stupid but I just hate the thought of you spending all your time with someone else. Especially now that I’ve moved out. I don’t know why I feel so clingy but I do. And I don’t even understand my own feelings half the time.” He looked up at Tyler, relieved to see understanding in his expression.

Tyler reached into his pocket and took out the napkin. Never breaking eye contact, he ripped it in half, and laid it down on the table. Ethan’s mouth was agape and he was truly speechless. Tyler ruffled his hair before walking away. He stopped in the doorway, however, and took one last look at Ethan.

“You will always be my little baby boy blue. Nobody, no girl can change that.” Then he left without another word.

Save Me - Part 2 - Chapter 46

With a side-eyed glance to Shannon, Jared turned to me. I know he suspected we were talking about something else, most likely him, but he didn’t ask. Slipping his arm around my waist, he pulled me into him as Shannon stepped away.

“Stick with Em, okay?”

“Yep. I’ll be fine.”

Jared smiled, “I know you will.” he said as he leaned in to give me a quick kiss before he walked into the room, “Ready?”

Nodding ‘yes’, I stepped back as Emma opened the door. Tomo and Shannon walked in first and you could hear everyone’s excitement that the show, so to speak, was getting started. Jared timed his entrance perfectly, following just as the cheers started to die down.

Throwing his hands up, “Heeeyyyyy!” He loudly said drawing everyone’s attention to him. Of course, cheers erupted once again as everyone realized all three were finally there.

“Once things start, we’ll head in.” Emma said.

Giving it another few minutes Jared easily had everyone’s attention so Emma and I could slip in and move to the back of the crowd. Like the other Meet and Greets I’ve gone to, this one was set up much the same. The only difference was that everything was taking place in just this room so it was a bit noisy.

I was quiet for no other reason than to listen to the conversations between everyone as the guys made their way around the room. Jared was definitely in his element as he chatted and goofed around.

Emma was on her phone, replying to one of many emails she receives in a day. Jared was busy and not a distraction so she could catch up and take a minute to breathe.
Once she was done, we started to chat. Knowing what she walked into earlier, I was sure if given the opportunity, she’d bring it up so I wasn’t surprised when our casual conversation turned more serious.

“About earlier,” she started seemingly uncomfortable, “I heard what happened. Are you okay?”

Taking a deep breath I quietly answered her, “Yeah, I’m okay.”

Glancing at Jared while Emma and I spoke, I could see he was carefully watching and knew what we were talking about. Despite trying to keep a smile on my face, I’m sure he could read me like a book. Although he knows Emma would only try to be supportive, it really didn’t matter. He doesn’t like to be the source of gossip and the fact that our little argument was making the rounds was upsetting.

“I just want to forget about it and move on, ya know?” I said not wanting to be rude but also trying to make it clear I was very much done with this particular topic.

“I totally get it. I just wanted you to know I’m here if you need to talk.” Emma said warmly.

“Thank you, Emma.” I said sincerely, “I really do appreciate it.” She nodded as I added, “I’m sure I’ll end up taking you up on that offer…”, hoping to lighten the mood a bit.

By the time this subject was put to rest, hopefully permanently, the Meet and Greet was nearly over. As Reni made the announcement detailing how the photo session would go, out of the corner of my eye I saw Jared walking towards us. His brow furrowed, he didn’t seem happy. Emma noticed it too and quickly excused herself to go help Reni, instead of dealing with an irritated Jared.

“What was that about? You looked upset.”

“No, it’s fine. We were just chatting.” I reassured him.

No need to get Emma in trouble, her intention was sweet and I was grateful. I was happy her and I had become friends.

“Alright.” He said as he looked around the room, probably for my next babysitter.

“Don’t worry about me, Sir, I’ll be a good girl.” I smiled innocently, “I’m just going to stay here and watch.”

His blue eyes darkened as he let out a deep growl, “This won’t take long then we’ll go back to my room, okay?”

“Yes, Sir.” I said just before Robert approached us and was in earshot, followed by Emma.

Any further flirting would have to wait.

“Photographer’s ready.” Emma said to Jared.

“Okay, I’m going.”

For the next half hour or so Emma, Robert and I sat around talking until they were done with the band photos. Everyone would now file out so they could claim their spot for the show, either in front of the stage or on the side of it while the guys had time to eat then warm up.

Once the room started to empty, Jared waved me over to him so we could head back to his dressing room. Taking the back of my neck in his hand, I felt his fingers squeeze into my skin.

Pressing his lips against my ear as we walked he whispered, “All I could think about was how much I enjoy hearing 'Sir’ roll off your tongue, amongst other things, my flirty little girl.”

I could feel my pussy clench as my mouth watered. If he asked it of me, I’d drop to my knees right here in the surprisingly empty hallway. Unfortunately, that wouldn’t wouldn’t happen though. As we rounded the corner, his dressing room door was propped open and Emma, Shannon, Tomo and Robert were all inside.

“Fuck.” He said in a low growl.

Shannon caught a glimpse and from the look on his face, not to mention the giggle he let out, he knew he just cock blocked his brother. He loved it too.

“Foods here!” Shannon said in his cheeriest voice as he held up his plate of food.

Shannon elbowed Jared as I heard him say 'shut the fuck up’ and I giggled, brothers will be brothers. Tomo was none the wiser as he grabbed a few more chairs, dragging them near the couch so we could all eat and chat together.

As we finished eating, it seemed like Jared was more like himself than he had been all day and that was probably a relief to not only me but everyone else as well. A frustrated Jared isn’t exactly the easiest to deal with.

“I’m going to my room,” Shannon said, standing up to throw away his trash, “We have like twenty-five minutes, right?”

Looking at her phone, Emma said, “Yeah, about that.”

Then in unison, Jared, Emma and Tomo all said, “Don’t be late.”

The look on Shannon’s face was priceless, I couldn’t help but laugh. Apparently he was notorious for being late to literally everything.

“Vivie, don’t you believe them!” He said, waving them off as he swung his arm around my shoulders, “It’s all lies!”

“I don’t know, I could kinda see it.” I laughed.

Pulling his arm from my shoulder he huffed, “That hurts…” but couldn’t hold his giggle back. “I’m goin’. See ya in an hour!”

“Twenty-five minutes!!” Jared shouted after him to which Shannon waved him off.

A few minutes later, the rest of us were cleaning up our trash as everyone else started heading out themselves. Still on the couch, Jared watched as I cleaned up our mess. Just as I was about to sit back down with him, I heard my phone start to buzz. Fishing it out from my overstuffed bag, I saw I had four texts waiting to be answered.

“Someone called?” Jared asked.

“No, it’s just texts from Kelly.” I said as I sat down next to him, my eyes still on the screen.

“Anything important?”

“Umm, not really. Just confirming meetings I have scheduled when I get home.”


I could tell he didn’t want to think about parting anymore than I did. Still, our time together was coming to an end already which is crazy because it felt like I had just gotten here. Tossing my phone back in my purse after a quick reply, I turned my attention back to Jared.

Without saying a word, he pulled me across his lap and into his arms. Wrapping my arms around him as I buried my fingers in his hair I pulled him close. Finally resting my head on his shoulder, his scent invading my senses.

“I don’t want to think about leaving yet.” I quietly said.

“Then don’t.” He whispered, weaving his fingers in my hair as he held me tighter to him, “Stay a little longer.”

My head told me I shouldn’t be contemplating that as an option but my heart was telling me otherwise. I didn’t want to leave him but at the same time I knew I shouldn’t stay. Closing my eyes to my emotions, I sighed against his neck feeling torn.

“I can’t do that as much as I want to.”

My head won out and probably always would. Memories of a time when I was lead by my heart only to have it broken, along with the rest of me, were still very much present in my mind. I promised myself I wouldn’t do that again.

“I know, I just thought I’d throw it out there.” Jared said, shifting himself against me, “I should get warmed up.”

He was disappointed, I know he was. Or maybe just resigned. I could see it on his face and I could feel it in his body as he immediately tensed.

Biting my lip, I wanted to stay cuddled up against him but he was determined to get up. Moving myself off his lap and out of his way, he got up then walked to the desk immediately putting his earbuds in.

As his voice began to echo throughout the room, I laid my head back and closed my eyes. I answered him the way I knew I should but I know Jared doesn’t take NO for an answer very easily. Staring at him, I could only hope I could be strong enough to not fold.

anonymous asked:

For your prompt request maybe a grunge or punk au for dear captain swan? Please?

*disclaimer* I know nothing about any kind of music so I did my best…

The place stank of cigarettes and broken dreams. But that was par the course for Hatters, especially Sundays: Open Mic Night.

Emma Swan pulled up to her usual spot- the one at the farthest end of the bar where she wouldn’t be bothered by any of the regular crowd of middle aged men who still thought they could pull off leather pants and the younger guys who thought there were the first to discover the pure pleasure of rock.

To be fair, Emma wasn’t the type you would expect to frequent a dive bar that specialised in heavy metal and grunge. Her days were spent in confining wool suits, defending questionable types in court as a partner at Gold and Son’s law firm. But that wasn’t who she was. She was much more comfortable in a pair of jeans and a leather jacket, knocking back a couple of fingers of whiskey and letting the relentless bass of some Black Sabbath or Metallica hum through her veins. (And actually, she kinda liked having this secret side to her: her colleagues had no idea about her musical tastes, or the boxes full of vinyl she kept in her spare bedroom.)

She always liked Open Mic. There were, of course, always a few acts who were questionable in their talent, the bands who after ten years were still seeking that big break and the drunks who, well, usually didn’t make it though one chorus. Still it was all worth it, for that one moment when someone special took the stage with raw talent and emotion: that spark was something special, the first flickering of a flame that if given the right encouragement would grow into something unstoppable. Already in the five years she’d been coming, a few of the bands she’d seen at Hatters had gone on to gain national recognition and she couldn’t help but feel a sense of pride that she had been there at the start.

Tonight, she was late. An early dinner with friends had overrun and she’d barely enough time to dash to her apartment and pull on some black skinny jeans and a faded grey t-shirt. Leroy, the bartender, had kept her seat and was already pouring her drink when the lights dimmed and the first act took the stage.

It was one person on a stool, guitar in his hands, amp at his feet. His head was down as the lights rose, his long hair brushing over his forehead and obscuring his face. He didn’t introduce himself as they normally did, instead he started playing.

Yeah, he was good. She watched mesmerised as his hands flew over the strings, picking out complicated chords as he built up to a crescendo and dipped his mouth the the headphone.

And dear god he could sing.

Emma ignored the drink in her hand, the condensation running down her fingers as she became lost in his words. She didn’t recognise the song which surprised her as she had a pretty extensive knowledge of music. It was a tale of woe and angst, of lost love and the pain of moving on when you don’t really want to. Towards the end, he stood, kicking back the stool, his body arching towards the microphone as the whoops and hollers began to fill the small club’s air. She felt her hair stand on end: this was that something special that kept drawing her back here, week after week.

A shiver ran down her spine as the last note hung in the air, his fingers poised above the body of the guitar as she finally lifted his head and nodded, whispering,‘Thank you’.

Craning to see him - see his face - above the crowd who were now stood, she latched her heels onto the stool and rested her palms onto the bar so she could raise herself higher. Heads booked in the way, raised fists in the air - both had her bobbing from side to side to catch a glimpse of this artist who seemed not to want to introduce himself.

And then there it was. A flash of recognition. Those steely eyes that she knew were blue even from this distance. That jaw, with more of a beard that she was familiar with but just as sharp. That face, of a man who had tormented her for months in more ways than one.

It was Killian goddamn Jones: a one time client charged with grand theft of some very expensive jewellery from a very rich widow who her boss had gotten off on a technicality. But not before she had spent countless hours preparing him for court, dealing with his innuendo, his cocky arrogance and his far too cavalier attitude about the whole damn situation.

Clutching her glass, Emma scowled. This was the last place she wanted to be if he was here - no matter how talented he was. He’d done a fine enough job of getting under her skin previously and he just knew how to press her buttons. (So much so that more than once, she’d almost kissed him. His taunting face almost begging her to: knowing that fraternising with a client was a dismissible offence. She was pretty sure he liked to wind her up on purpose, making her hot with his loaded looks and the flowering words he liked to bandy about.)

She downed her drink and tossed a note at Leroy who gave her a curious look. Not in the mood to explain, she shrugged and pointed at her phone. A second later she was stomping towards the door, whilst noticing she actually did have a text message, which she tried to read until she found herself stepping on someones foot.

“Shit, sorry-“ she muttered.

“My my my, Emma Swan, what the devil are you doing here?”

Yeah, of course it was him.

Her mouth went dry. He was too close for her to pretend she didn’t see him (or not realise how good he smelled…). She settled on a shrug.

“Cat got your tongue,” he drawled, taking a drag from the beer in his hand. She could see the beads of sweat on his forehead from the lights on the stage and his dark flannel shirt hung open, revealing the low v of his t-shirt and the hair beneath it. “Drink?” he asked, pointing to the bar.

She opened her mouth to say no and the bastard took a step closer, his slight height difference making her have to look up into those dark lashed eyes of his. “I never did get to thank you properly for all your work with my little problem.”

She raised her brows: she’d never heard grand larceny described as a ‘little problem’ before.

“I should go-“ she said. (Even though her heart was already racing a little and her body was saying ’stay, goddamnit’.)

“That’s a shame,” he replied, his face dropping a little and, fuck, she actually believed he meant it.

And then she saw the guitar sat by his table and and the plectrum threaded between the strings and the case behind it covered in ancient band stickers that she remembered from her own youth.

“Yeah,” she shrugged, “Places to be.”

He nodded, his eyes lingering on her face. She was turning to the door, when she thought of something.

“The song - what’s it called.”

“Broken Heart.”

“Never heard of it before,” she shrugged.

“That’s because I wrote it,” he quipped.

She paused, confused and a little uncertain about his honesty. But she was pretty good at spotting liars.


He nodded.

She chewed on her bottom lip a little, before sighing. “One drink. And you have to explain where you learned to play like that.”

“As you wish,” he grinned, his face lighting up and slowly coaxing a smile from her in reply.

Ladrien Summer (3/?)

ladrien summer tag | table of contents


Okay, okay, okay, she could do this.

All Ladybug had to do was go in and… and…

What did she have to do again?

She jolted back from the open window before one of the people milling below could catch sight of her.

She was sitting high on the roof of the studio Adrien was modeling at this week, trying to screw up her courage to just get over herself and dive in, find him, and make out with him in some forgotten closet, but that was proving easier thought than done.

He liked her, he really liked her, but oh god

What did she do now?

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Oooh, which one of them do you think is the better cook? Or do they cook together? FOOD HEADCANONS PLS *chinhands*

In my foodie brain this translated into Victuuri Chopped featuring Yurio bc the podium fam is competitive af and I’m a weirdo…..

“You only have two minutes left,” Yurio snaps from his vantage point at the kitchen table.  He holds a knife in his fist like a scepter, leaning back with his feet propped up on a chair.  He resembles a king deciding whether or not to sentence his servants to the guillotine.  “I’m not eating it if it’s raw, Victor, so move your ass.”

Victor darts across the kitchen to his side of the stove and cranks the burner to high.  He frantically flips his beef with a spatula, cursing himself for spending so much time carving decorative flowers out of beets. Still, he’ll be damned if he–Victor freaking Nikiforov–loses points for presentation.

“Behind you,” Yuuri warns. He presses up against Victor’s back as he passes, hands slipping a little too low on Victor’s pelvis.  Victor shudders violently and almost knocks the skillet off the stove.

“No cheating, pig!  I saw that!”

Yuuri doesn’t respond, though Victor catches him smirking in his periphery.  

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anonymous asked:

"I wish you would write a fic where... Matt and Kylo are foxes"

(Heavily inspired by David Sedaris and his love of his fox friend, Carol)

Techie has always loved foxes, ever since he was a kid. Fox plushes, Beanie Babies, plastic toys. Fox costumes for Halloween, repeated viewings of Robin Hood until the VCR practically tore the tape to pieces. In college, he got a tattoo of a fox on his thigh, bright and alert with sunbeams shooting out from behind its head. But he’s rarely seen foxes in real life– they just don’t live in the city where he and his brother reside. They went to the zoo once, and he practically sprinted to the arctic fox house, only to be crushed when he saw the sign that said she was off display because of a minor illness. 

But fate has finally taken pity on poor Techie when he and Armitage rent a cabin in the rural part of the state, on the edge of a lake where nobody vacations because the nearest Target is an hour away and the only places to get food are the dusty roadside stands selling peaches and corn but not shaving cream or underwear. This, surprisingly, is exactly what Armitage wants. “Let’s just get away,” he says, possessed by something, most likely the spirit of work draining him. So they get online and find this place, where Armitage plans to lie in a hammock, drink blueberry wine, and read for a solid four days.

Techie is too restless to do that for more than a couple of hours at a time, though, so by afternoon, he’s ready to go walking around the woods. Not hiking, he’s not quite fit enough for that, but walking, yes. Birdwatching. He’s seen birds of prey, lazy hawks the color of dry summer grass and owls sleeping, hidden so cleverly that Techie has to do a double take, and little birds, cardinals and fat chickadees and birds he can’t really identify. The lake is thick with frogs, a sheet of chirping croaking noises, and a butterfly the size of Techie’s hand flits by when he makes his way down the hill to the stony lakeshore. 

And there– there they are!

He isn’t expecting foxes, but there they are, two of them down maybe fifty feet, at the edge of the water, snapping up a fish, one trying to steal from the other. The thief lets out a yap, frustrated the other one won’t give in. They’re not the bright orange foxes Techie always thinks of – the thief is the color of yellow cake batter, and the other is sooty-black. But they’re foxes, sure as anything, and they haven’t seemed to notice him, and Techie stays still as he can.

The one with the fish takes off running back into the woods to enjoy his prize, and the yellow one rolls onto his back, wiggling and snapping his teeth in irritation. Techie hardly dares to breathe. He should have brought his phone, to snap a picture, but it’s a gift just to see them at all. Finally, the yellow fox rolls back to his feet and trots off, and Techie heads back towards the cabin, almost shaking with his excitement.

Armitage shares his excitement when he tells him about the encounter, but he maybe shouldn’t have done that, because his older brother sees through his after-dinner plot right away.

“Tech, what the hell are you doing with your leftovers?”

“Just, tossing it outside,” Techie says, trying to sound like the picture of innocence. “It’s not junk, it’s all biodegradable. Why fill up the trash can?” It’s true that everything on the plate is fine to toss – an apple core, some chicken bones with a little meat still attached, peanuts and trail mix– but Armitage gives him a look that says he knows exactly what the fuck Techie is up to. “What?” Techie asks, his voice pitching way up, forcing that ignorance.

“You cannot feed those animals. They are not your pets.”

“I’m just composting!”

“No feeding those foxes,” Armitage continues, heading to the living room to find a comfy spot to sit and listen to music. “They’ll get reliant on people and then they’ll be worse off.”

Techie supposes that’s true, but he’s not really feeding them, not like you’d feed them by hand. He’s just making sure they have food, especially that buttercream one who might not be as good of a hunter as the other. So he leaves the chicken and fruit and nuts a safe distance from the porch, and once he’s sure his brother is asleep, he pours water into a cereal bowl and sets it beside the plate, and waits. And waits. 

He’s just nodding off in one of the dining room chairs, positioned by the open window beside the sink, when there’s the sound of something crunching – yes, sure enough, it’s one of them gnawing on the chicken bones! He peers out the kitchen window to see which one it is. The yellow one, which he finds the most deserving somehow. The little thief, he crunches the chicken bone and gobbles up the trail mix in just a few quick bites, then laps at the water in the bowl. Techie looks away for just a minute, just so he can adjust his position, get a better view, and then his entire body jolts when he sees a tall, blonde-haired man standing in the place where the fox had been standing. He claps his hand to his mouth, somehow more concerned with bothering his sleeping brother than afraid of this stranger.

The guy looks up, gives an unconcerned smile, and there’s a cranberry stuck in his teeth. “Thanks for the water,” he says, low and almost sheepish. “You got any beer, maybe?”

Techie shakes his head, then says, even in his confusion, “Um. Wine, though?”

“Wine works.”

Techie pours it in a plastic cup and the blonde guy downs it all in one gulp. 

“You’re an angel,” the stranger says, still smiling that little smile. “Maybe I’ll come back, yeah?”


“I mean, you left all this stuff out…”

“For the foxes.”

“Well, I hope not for both of us. One of us is more deserving.” The guy hands the red cup back in through the window and gives Techie a nod. “So, if you do it again. I’ll come back. Kay?”

Techie nods, disbelieving, and the man turns, and in the blink of an eye, the buttercream fox is dashing into the woods, leaving the empty bowl and the bone shards lying in the yard, the air thick with the sound of frogs.

caricature-of-a-witch  asked:

Drabble meme - Petrichor? ♥

Rating: Teen
Pairing: Ten x Rose
Summary: Rose lands on a mysterious planet while dimension hopping and encounters some unexpected help.
Tags: Reunion, Bad Wolf, Wolf, Dark & mysterious forests
Words: 1744
Find it: AO3TS
Notes: Petrichor - The smell of dry rain on the ground.

I’ve been picking at this fic for aaaages. It just wasn’t working in the original version, so this morning I rewrote the beginning and the rest of it just flowed. I hope you like it!!

Unbeta’d, so please excuse any mistakes.

Following the Wolf

The cannon ejects Rose onto the ground, the energy so powerful it buckles her knees, and she falls forward onto her face with a grunt, the breath forced from her lungs.

It takes her a moment to get her bearings. This journey through the void was worse than any other thus far, the force of it almost making her feel as though her body was about to explode in a thousand tiny fragments. She needs to find the Doctor – and soon – because she fears the consequence of her jumps might one day destroy her.

Rose shuts down those dark thoughts and returns to the present, carefully checking her body for injuries and studying her surroundings.

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Pretty dress, pretty princess (Jin smut)

Summary: Dress up time with Jin.

Length: 4,583

type: smut lmao…I’m deadass postin before Easter Sunday

A/N: I really don’t know, dress play and shit my unofficial kink I guess ..,,.I lov Jin

Originally posted by jungkooksarms

“Mmmm. Such pretty fabric.” His hand ghosted over your thigh, and you smiled like he liked, small and prompt, and you heard him grunt in approval.

“This fits you so good, doesn’t it baby girl?” He hummed, his hand a little harder on your thigh now as you shivered, but you continued to stare straight forward.

“Yes, Jin.” You said clearly, knowing the tone of voice he liked the most at this time, and you felt him move again behind you on the bed.

“Did it take you long to get into this, princess?” He asked again, your pink dress squeezing your breasts tightly as he moved to play with the strings on the back, and you nodded your head, gulping as his hands and fingers played in between them.

His hands were cold at the tips, and you arched your back only a tiny bit, hearing his low chuckle as he reached over and pulled you a little closer to him on the bed.

“It makes you look so pretty though, so clean.” He murmured, your stockings ruffling at the bottom as they reacted with the soft bedsheets underneath you, your feet, clad in baby pink heels, sagged off the edge of the mattress.

Jin’s nose ghosted up your neck from behind you, and you closed your eyes, feeling his hands began to wrap themselves around you as his mouth began to open slightly. His tongue poked out, drawing a small pattern in the side of your skin as you let out a strained breath, and you felt him smile against you.

“My pretty princess, does she wanna get dirtied up?” He asked, it felt like a rhetorical question to you, one you didn’t have to answer. But you nodded your head slowly either way, feeling Jin’s warm breath make its way and wrap around your neck.

“But you look so nice…lets have some fun, right baby?” He cooed, and you whimpered lightly, his hand curling it’s way around your neck in a teasing way as you squirmed, unsure of where to put your hands.

Jin sniffed at your hair once, humming lightly, before his hands removed themselves from you, and his back that was supporting you disappeared as well, causing you to plop back against the mattress as your dress ruffled around you, and you blinked up into the dim lighting of the room.

Jin was now at the foot of the bed, his eyes oddly hazy for you to be seeing them at this hour, and you knew yours were too, your curled hair tickled against the side of your ear as you breathed in and out lightly, unsure of what to do as Jin sat there and observed you, keeping eye contact the entire time.

“Sit up.” He told you, voice stern and demanding, your back straightening immediately as you placed your hands on your dress, in a folded position as your legs crossed out of habit too.

He watched you for a little again, and you wiggled slightly underneath his gaze, unable to look away, he hated when you looked away.

“Mmm, I spent a while looking for that dress, you know?” Jin commented, non chalantly throwing it into the heavy air as you nodded, bringing your hands to clutch out the puffed out bottom.

“I know, I love it.” You smiled, eyes glinting with admittance and adoration as you watched him, and Jin let a small smile warm up his face.

“Prettiest things for my prettiest princess.” He murmured, and you felt your stomach heat up again, as he took a few steps towards you on the bed. His thin white t-shirt was clinging onto his muscles, his jeans not too tight but close enough to cling at his hips, and his brown hair was tossed lightly to the side, puffed out from a day of work.

You followed him as he walked forward, his eyes warm the entire time, and he stopped at the foot of the bed completely, watching you with a look you knew well.

“Can I ask a favor of my princess?” He tutted, his hands coming down to wipe a piece of glitter that was spreading on your face from the dress, and you nodded vehemently, excited to do whatever Jin asked of you, and he chuckled, always one to fall for your eagerness.

“So ready to please, so cute.” He whispered, mostly to himself as he watched you, and you looked down in slight embarrassment, Jin’s hand coming up to bring you back to his eyes.

“Start slow, babygirl. How I like.” Was all he said. And you nodded slowly, already aware of what he wanted you to do as he stood still, standing over you as you breathed in a shaky breath, the dress holding you together because you felt like you’d pop off into pieces.

Inhaling again, you slowly closed your eyelids, the glitter on top of them glinting as Jin watched you, the warm hue for your cheeks feeling like it could heat up the entire room.

You removed your hands from their position on your lap, slowly moving them around as you got a feel for the fabric underneath your hands. You leaned back a little bit, letting the patterns play underneath your palms as Jin surveyed, his face unreadable like always as he watched.

Placing your right hand against your side, you smoothed it down, with your left one moving slowly against your stocking, and you began to get lost in your own movements you were supplying to yourself.

You raked your nails up your thigh lightly, not enough to tear into the rights, that was Jin’s favorite part to do, but enough to give you small chills as you mewled lightly, and eyebrows coming together as you began to roll the fabric all against your body.

It was an odd feeling of skin against cloth, the varying patterns along the dress giving you chills in different places as you rubbed continuously, the sounds of the fabric rustling music to your eyes as they blended in with your soft breathing, and you peeked open an eye, Jin’s eyes never leaving your body as you warmed yourself up.

You began to move your hands from the top of your dress and side of your leg, adjusting your own position on the bed as you began to pull your legs up. Slowly, you placed yourself on your knees, your heels hanging behind you now as you held yourself up by your thighs, and you kept your eyes open so you could look at him, knowing his favorite was coming up.

“Go ahead, princess. Don’t get too dirty though.” He warned, while at the same time giving you permission. His hands were crossed against his chest as he continued to look down on you, and you pushed your curls back as you nodded up at him, licking your rose tinted lips as you sighed in agreement.

“Okay, jinnie.”

You moved your hands again, from the tips of your dress in a swirling motion, feeling your body against your hands as you moved your hands lower, around your hips, down your decorated stomach, until you got to the hem of your dress, and noticed a change in the pace at which Jin’s breathing continued at.

You clutched at the fabric, bunching a large portion of it up in your hand. Making a ball of sorts with it. You toyed with the fabric for some time. Getting a feel for the way that it felt between your fingers, against your skin and relished in the slight pleasure that was creeping up.

You didn’t play too long, knowing Jin didn’t have the patience of a saint, so you began to grab the bundled up fabric, and leaned down, pushing your body on top of it as it all bunched up underneath your stockings, and underneath those, your panties. And you sighed in content as you sat completely on the fabric, creating a small mound for you underneath your heat.

Jin groaned, loving your flushed cheeks and the way you breathed against the air between you both, and you smiled despite yourself, hearing his mouth open as you rested atop the bunched up fabric.

“Go ahead, move princess.”

You didn’t need to be coaxed much more, instead putting pressure as you began to grind down. The tight dress that was restricting some of your breath only making you slightly more excitable as you ground into the fabric. The small mountain of clothing beneath you rubbing against your clit through all the other layers of undergarments you had on, being both enough, and not enough.

You moaned lightly, moving your hips in a circular motion as you ground yourself against the clothing, feeling yourself grow a bit wetter with every press against it. You closed your eyes, the dress pulling down from your shoulders as you struggled to bunch up enough fabric to pleasure yourself on, as Jin stood above you, watching you try, and fail, to get enough pressure from it, and from your groan, you were getting irritated.

“What’s wrong, princess?” Jin hummed, bringing his hand up to place on your cheek, and you leaned your flushed face into it, continuing to grind as you breathed out heavily, knowing he wanted a response.

“It’s-not enough.” You told him, burying your face in the smell and feel of his hand as he looked down at you with a slightly pitiful smile, as he watched you bundle up the cloth and roll your hips atop it.

“Do you want me to help you, baby?” He asked, and you looked up, your glittery and popped eyes looking up at him with want and need as you nodded your head vehemently, trying to nuzzle into his hand at the same time. Jin chuckled again, causing you to groan in impatience as he smiled.

“Okay princess, get off the dress.” He commanded, lowly, and you immediately obeyed, lifting yourself off the small bundle of clothing you had been grinding against lightly, with small beads of sweat against your forehead as you watched Jin wipe some off.

“You worked hard, lay back baby.” He hummed again, and you let yourself fall back, the dress splaying around you lightly as you hit the pillows. Your heels now straight against the bed as Jin began to remove his shirt, and you whimpered, your legs moving in anticipation as he moved slowly.

“What should a princess always have?” Jin hummed, hearing your sounds as he began to make work of his jeans, and you blew out some breath. Before opening your mouth.


He nodded his head then, not necessarily saying anything as he moved closer to you, his jeans now across the floor and his body only clad in his boxers, that held his member back by thin cloth.

“Ready for me to come on the bed?” He asked, already making his way towards you but you nodded anyways, mumbling quick words of agreement as you propped yourself up on your elbows, watching as Jin made his way towards you, creeping up the bed as you waited for what seemed like forever for him to get up to you.

Finally, his body finally reached your clothed clad one, and you felt your hands reach out, gliding against his skin as you happily felt against him. You leaned up, nuzzling into his neck and chest as Jin chuckled above you, hands of his coming to grip at the sides of your dress.

“You smell good, Jinnie.” You mumbled, your voice soft and sweet as you rubbed against him, and Jin hummed a sweet sound towards you, before he leaned down, and enveloped your lips in a small kiss that had you panting quicker than you thought.

He played with his tongue against your lips, sucking on them like he wanted to take some of the color out, and you moaned, your hands feeling his back muscles as he moved along your body. His lips played down your chin, kissing and licking at the underpart of your jaw, and you breathed in a large breath as he got to your neck. His tongue rolled against the top of your skin, dancing along it like it was ice as you squirmed underneath him, his breath warming it up and heating your body up.

You found yourself grinding up to him, the dress playing around his hidden member making him groan in impatience, and he moved his hands to hold your hips down, his mouth already kissing down your arms as he looked up at you, elbows propped.

“Do you think you can behave until I get down there?” He asked, amusement in his eyes as you nodded your head, stopping the movement of your hips as Jin smiled, his mouth kissing you again on the underside of your wrist as he moved himself down.

“Good girl.”

His face ghosted down the front part of your dress, taking some of the fabric into his mouth as he moved along, and you moaned into the air when you finally felt his head finally hit the area you needed him to most.

“Can you spread your legs for me, baby?” Jin asked, sickly sweet as he watched you start to open yourself up to him, and he smiled as his hands continued to hold your hips down.

“Thank you.” He mumbled, and you were going to say how you needed to thank him, before his head disappeared underneath your dress, his fingers leaving prints on your hips as he began to kiss up your thighs, the wetness of his mouth evident even through the stockings.

You moaned again. Louder this time as he kissed across both legs, his tongue poking out sometimes as he ghosted over your heat, his head and mouth making their way slowly against your skin as you struggled to not grind your hips in any way.

“You smell great down here, you know that, princess?” Jin mused, and you groaned again, his words making you clench as you felt his mouth began to brush up against your clothes heat.

“So cute.” Jin chucked again, as his mouth began to kiss little patterns where your underwear and tights were their thinnest, his heat coming from his mouth filling your body with the same type of warmth.

His tongue popped out, and he slowly began to apply more and more pressure as he swiped up and down, your eyes closed and Jin’s head completely hidden by your dress and you clicked your teeth together in anticipation as his tongue played dangerously close to your clit.

“M-more.” You asked, clenching onto the blankets next to you as Jin began to flatten out his tongue against your clothing, his pressure harsh enough as he rubbed up against your clit and lips, sucking and biting at the spots he knew you liked best.

His spit was coating your thighs and underwear as he went to work, sucking in the place where your clit was buried as he gnawed at parts of you and the fabric, and you squeezed your eyes shut, unable to focus as his tongue on you began to make you dizzy as you bit your lip, his mouth still wet and still hot as he switched between blowing and nipping and licking at your heat.

“Jinnie, please.” You whimpered, unable to stop your thighs as you rocked against his face, and you felt the will in him break as he allowed you too.

He stopped for a second, and you groaned as you saw his head pop out from underneath your dress, but before you could complain, he turned onto his back beneath you, and grabbed at your hips, ideas clicking into your head as you moved your body the way he wanted you to move.

After some shuffling on the bed, your still cloth clad heat was positioned above his mouth, his body underneath you as you held yourself up, your dress helping him hide underneath you in his small pink fort.

“Come on baby.” He groaned, and you nodded your head, slowly lowering yourself down to his willing tongue, and you moaned out loud, unable to stop as you felt his wet muscle begin to make patterns against your sensitive parts as you rocked against him, his muscles tensing beneath you as you fucked yourself on top of his wetness as he licked up until yours.

“Jinnie…more please.” You begged, knowing it wouldn’t take too much to get him to do what he loved best. He removed his mouth again, only to talk for a second.

“What do you want baby?” He asked, laughing when you groaned at him and pouted, his cheeks heating up from being underneath you and shielded by the dress.

“I want…you know.” You mumbled, and Jin laughed again, as you frowned lightly. But after his laugh faded, you felt his fingers snake their way up your thigh, and you squealed in delight.

In one swift movement, he ripped a whole in your tights, tearing them apart as he opened a hole big enough to get close to your underwear, and you gasped when you felt his breath much closer now, and Jin groaned, his member harder than before when he finally ripped your tights, and he couldn’t hold himself back.

Quickly, his tongue shot up, finding its way into the hole underneath you, and his muscle weaved its way up into your underwear, massaging against your clit as you fell forward a bit, holding onto the headboard as you groaned. You looked down, feeling him work on you but not seeing him making you even wetter by the second, his tongue was swiveling and wet and making you want more with each minute that passed.

Jin growled beneath you again, feeling you slowly become weaker in the legs as you squirmed above him, as he slightly pulled your clit through the underwear with his teeth as he breathed into you, and you let yourself hit the headboard slightly, wanting it to cool your face off.

“J-Jin…” You moaned, feeling him placate you with slight kisses as he removed his tongue slightly, his hardness getting the better of him.

“Can you lay yourself on your back, princess?” His voice sounded hoarse, but you complied with him anyway, sad that you wouldn’t feel his tongue on your anymore, but excited for what was to come.

You removed yourself from his face, flipping over as you laid flat against the bed, breathing heavily still as you swallowed to moisten your mouth.

Jin got up quickly, his lips flushed red and glossy with his spit and your juices that coated him now.

He put his lips on yours as soon as he was up, and you accepted him gladly, feeling him press his member into your thigh as you wanted desperately to rid yourself of the dress, but knowing Jin wouldn’t let you was driving you crazy.

“Jin-” you started, feeling his mouth gnaw down your neck as he rubbed his clothed cock against you.

“Yeah?” He breathed, already fully hard and leaking some wetness onto your thigh as you moaned again.

“Fuck me.”

“Such profanity for my princess.” Jin tutted, but it was only a half hearted condemnation, knowing that his want to be inside of you was too much for him.

He groaned again, and kissed from your neck up to our mouth one last time, before he moved himself upwards, opening your legs and wrapping them around himself as your heels draped behind him. You felt him grind up into your underwear from his position above you, and you closed your eyes as he did.

His hands moved down again, feeling for the whole he made as he groaned against the feeling of your heat moved with the feeling of the tights. You moaned too, ready to go as you felt his hands move down to where the hole was.

“May I, baby?” He asked, breathless.

“Please.” You responded, before he could even take another breath in.

His strong fingers reached for the rip in the tights again, pulling apart the fabric as he moaned above you, the feel and sound of it moving him forward as he slowly ripped it piece by piece, strand by strand.

He moved for a second, trying to shimmy out of his boxers as you breathed wildly beneath him, watching as his cock sprang free, your mouth watering as it appeared, shaven and already pointing the way to your slit.

His hands gripped your hips as he began to position himself at the entrance he had made for himself, and you opened your eyes, watching one of his hands move and bunch up some of the fabric of your dress as he began to slide in, and you felt your eyes flutter close as your head hit the mattress, the feeling of him sliding into you making you a moaning mess as you felt too hot in the dress.

“You feel so good around my cock, don’t you princess?” He moaned as he slipped himself inside. His member passing through as both you and the tights squeezed him as he moved in, and your squeezed your legs around him, rubbing the tights on his skin the way you knew he liked it.

“Oh my gosh, jinnie.” You moaned back at him as he finally moved himself completely inside, and you felt yourself start to adjust to him again, the feeling coming back to you as you looked up at his heated face, bangs sticking to his forehead as he watched himself move in and out of you slowly.

“You look so good, babygirl.” he started, his cock sliding in and out of you with ease as you leaned back, clenching and rubbing with him as he moved, mewling as you heard his words hit your ear.

“So cute, so pretty in your dress.” He moaned, his pace quickening as he leaned down again, his pink lips nipping at your neck as he began to move his hips forward in a fast pace, your body clad in the dress still, moving beneath him.

“Jin-” you tried, feeling his hips angle up in a way that made your thighs tingle and the odd shocks of electricity making its way to your toes, by you couldn’t find it in you to finish the sentence as he fucked up into you, and you felt yourself beginning to over heat.

“You’re so tight, fuck. And look at you, spread out for me, fucking you in your pretty dress.”
Jin began, moving his hips even more as you found yourself going quiet from the stimulation, your mouth dropping open as you moved your face to the side and clenched your eyes shut in pleasure

“You’re such a good girl for me, fuck, letting me do this to you.” Jin groaned, and you felt your orgasm fast approaching, quicker than you thought, and you couldn’t let out any specific sound for him.

“I should come in you, make you walk around in your little outfit like that, huh princess?” Jin was straining his voice, and you knew he was close, and you opened your eyes to watch him, trying to get yours to come sooner as you looked up at him, watching his eyes squint in concentration as he fucked you, your body moving underneath the dress as Jin’s hands clutched at the fabric, the feeling of your wetness dripping onto the bed and down his cock as the dress rumbled against him becoming to much.

“Does it feel good baby?” He questioned, and you licked at your bottom lip, your hands clutching at the blankets as you moved yourself along his cock too, watching him as much as you could as you owned your mouth.

“Y-yes, so good jinnie.” You moaned, feeling his left hand come up to clutch at your face, his thumb dipping into your mouth as he swirled it atop your tongue, your mouth automatically coming up to suck on it as he moved inside of you.

“Come on princess, I wanna see you come, I wanna feel you clench around me in your little outfit, dirty you up.” He groaned, pumping further up into you as you began to feel a familiar spring of pleasure retract.

The finale came when he bent down to lick at your neck, lapping at the skin as his fingers moved all along your thighs and hips, his member hitting straight up into you, friction from the dress rubbing against your clit, and you finally found yourself coming around him. You couldn’t find it in your lungs to get enough air as you felt a wave of pleasure shoot through you, Jin’s breathing in your ear and his whispers of dirty mornings propelling you through, helping you ride it out, your entrance continuing to clench every time he slid back in and out of you.

“Fuck, I’m coming baby.” Jin groaned, his thrusts never decreasing as he watched you finish coming around him, and a minute later, his was spilling himself inside of you, the wetness causing some of his come to spurt out onto the sheets and your thighs, tights covered with marks from his hands.

He milked himself in you for as long as he could, before he had to pull out from over sensitivity, and you were still reeling from your first orgasm, feeling his hands on your hips still even though they weren’t.

Jin rolled onto the side of you, both your chests heaving as his fingers played with the hem of your dress, and you felt the odd sensation of his come leaking out of you as you shivered and felt yourself coming back.

After a few minutes of strained breathing, you felt a kiss place itself on the side of your cheek, and you struggled to move your head to face Jin, watching his pink cheeks deepens with color as he opened his mouth.

“Was-was that like,-” he began, his eyes downcast as he leaned against your shoulder, as you struggled to look at him, your body still vulnerable and open.

Wild?” You asked, feeling him nod against you as he propped himself up to look at you, and you shook your head in agreement, the fan hitting your still wet, dress clad body.

“Wild, but worth it.” You giggled, watching as he put on a small smile, moving some of your hair out of your face As he looked down at your body, deep set into the bed.

“I guess I dirtied you up pretty bad-” he started, and you hummed up at him, feeling yourself slowly become sticky as you began to dry and you grimaced.

“You know, the best cure for my princess?” Jin finished up, watching as you cocked your head to the side, his breathing still trying to slow down as he watched you.

“No, what?”

“A warm bath and some Chinese takeout.”

“I don’t have to eat in my dress though, right?”

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the rfa boys+V and M!MC giving them oral. Its so good that they moan.

I’m going to make some changes to this ask to make it simpler to write. It’ll be in public and they’ve gotta be quiet so yeah (Peony is eloquent AF obviously…heheh….also I was pretty awkward when writing this so I’m sorry if it’s trash)

This isn’t insanely NSFW but it’s kind of NSFW so like, don’t read it if you don’t read stuff like that heh


  • The two of you were at a convention and you had been teasing Yoosung ALL day
  • Finally you decide to relieve him so the two of you go into the bathroom and then you drop to your knees
  • Yoosung was not ready, he KNEW the two of you would not get away with this, but he couldn’t bring himself to tell you to stop
  • He was holding his breath and then you put your mouth around him and he already had to shove his fist in his mouth
  • He could not make any sounds because someone would hear him if they hadn’t already seen the two of you
  • When he looked down at you he couldn’t help but let out a whimper, seeing you with red cheeks and hooded eyes, and you wanted more of those sweet noises so you upped the ante
  • Yoosung is actually falling apart at this point and he’s let himself start making very soft noises just so you know how good you are, how fucking amazing you are
  • Very quickly he was reaching his climax and he was about to shove his fist back in his mouth to keep himself from making too loud of a noise but you grabbed it before he could, his other hand tangled in your hair
  • Yoosung let out a very high, very loud moan and you knew anyone in the bathroom would’ve heard him and maybe even he people stood right outside the door
  • He let out another whimper as he saw you swallow his essence and he noted your smirk
  • Cleaning yourselves up you exited the bathroom and you noticed the small group of people stood outside the bathroom and noticed the whispers that shot between them when you passed


  • The two of you were at one of Zen’s shows and he was embarrassingly hard
  • You hadn’t even done anything to him
  • He’d had you pushed up against the wall of his dressing room and was trying to get you heated too, which he was, but you decided his needs were more important currently as he was about to go on stage in front of hundreds of people
  • So pushing him off of you the slightest bit, you ignored his confused look and sank to your knees reveling at the hitch in his breath when you did
  • From past experience you knew these dressing rooms had thin enough walls that the people next door could hear anything if you were a little too loud and Zen was known for being loud
  • When you took him in your mouth Zen let out a low groan and you were worried that the others could already hear him but thankfully there were no bangs on the walls or shouts from the others so you were okay, for now
  • Zen was panting, hard and choking out hushed moans of your name when he felt himself getting closer and closer to finishing
  • He’d been trying to bite down on his lip to try and keep quiet because even he knew how loud he was getting
  • But then he snapped and as he reached his climax a low moan escaped him
  • At first no one responded so you thought no one had heard but when you both left the dressing room you saw the knowing looks on all of his co-star’s faces
  • After his show he attended to you and you’re needs and he made sure you couldn’t hold back any sounds so everyone heard you and honestly you thought you were going to get kicked out


  • You’d gone to visit Jumin at work and one thing led to another and here both of you are now, hard as all hell and incredibly flustered
  • When the door opened suddenly Jumin pushed you under his desk and sat down, trying to hide his boner from the surprise visitor
  • Sadly for him you were feeling oddly sadistic today and decided you’d help him relieve himself, even if that meant it’d be in front of the visitor.
  • As soon as you took him into your mouth you felt his entire body tense
    and then you felt him relax
  • You also noticed the sigh that left his lips, when questioned he blamed it on being tired, that it was nothing. Because of this you pulled away from him and near immediately his hand was under his desk pushing you closer to him
  • The most you did was give him a peck here and there but never giving him what he really wanted
  • It wasn’t until the Director of Western Imports left that he finally pulled back in his chair to look at you
  • “Please…”
  • You let him beg a little more before finally giving up on teasing him 
  • As soon as your lips had wrapped around him though he let out a loud, low moan that you were sure could’ve been heard outside, and apparently so had he because he slapped his hand over his mouth a little too late
  • Poor Jaehee came in to see what the commotion was and was met with her boss getting head from his boyfriend.
  • She is not paid enough for this


  • The two of you were out at dinner with the rest of the RFA and the two of you had been teasing each other under the table the entire night
  • You were surprised that no one had noticed, and if they had, brought it up
  • When Seven had abruptly left to the bathroom you knew exactly what he was thinking. You gave yourself a few minutes and then told the others that you were going to go and check up on him
  • Upon your arrival in the bathroom you were pushed up against the wall and attacked with rough kisses. Thank God this was a one person bathroom so you could lock the door and keep everyone out
  • “Blow me.”
  • You had to stop for a second, had you heard him right? Boy was sadistic but he’d never been like this in public in such close proximity to the others
  • He was actually pushing you down and you weren’t going to be the one to stop this so you followed along pulling his pants down as you went
  • Of course though you continued to tease him, palming him through his boxers and giving him soft kisses every now and then until he was properly begging for you
  • When you finally took him into your mouth he let out a high moan, both of you were shocked by this but it didn’t stop you from trying to receive more because they were delicious
  • He couldn’t seem to quiet down either so he was showering you in noises and you were so hard it hurt
  • After the two of you had finished in the bathroom you walked out and noticed the entirety of the RFA shaking their heads looking ashamed and you knew they knew
  • Yoosung honestly looked so traumatized


  • The two of you were at a gallery for one of V’s showings/viewings and he was uncharacteristically anxious about it
  • You had been doing your best to comfort him all day but nothing seemed to be helping, he was so tense and he was also very unrespondent
  • You had been sitting with him on one of the couches, peppering kisses on his neck and shoulder as he faced forward
  • When you noticed him tilt his head as to give you more space to kiss you began biting down and leaving various marks on him
  • You’d have to help him cover them up later
  • V was mewling as you continued your attack on his neck and shoulder, he very shyly brought your hand over his boner and whimpered when you palmed him
  • He was your sweet and lovely V though so you would do anything for him
  • Dropping to your knees you wiggled your way between his legs and pulled his pants and boxers down
  • You didn’t think teasing would be the way to go today so you immediately took him in your mouth and received a satisfying groan from V as his head fell back against the wall
  • The two of you were in a special room where you could gather your bearings and prepare for the viewing but anyone could come in at any point
  • He was biting down on his lip to keep back all of his noises and you were kind of upset but you knew that it was probably best that he was being quiet
  • V finished fast and when he did he let out a loud cry and both of your eyes widened and he clapped both hands over his mouth, turning to look at the door
  • He had only just managed to pull his pants up and you wipe your mouth before someone came in asking if everything was okay
  • “Yes, everything’s fine, I just stubbed my toe.”
  • The look they gave you made you think they knew V didn’t stub his toe

~Love, Peony who is insanely tired. 2:57 AM

MysteryPearl Week Prompt 1: Firsts

When Pearl regenerated, she had about thirty seconds to enjoy her new form before she was attacked by something. The something doing the attacking was Sheena, thankfully, rather than the pain-crazed gem monster that had damaged her in the first place—Pearl just managed to stop herself from drawing her spear, and curled her arms around her girlfriend’s warm back.

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Cas tries to ignore the drumming of Dean’s fingers so close to the back of his neck as he rests his arm easily along the edge of the couch. He resolutely feigns indifference when Dean’s knee brushes against his, or Dean’s hand knocks against his own when he reaches for the bag of popcorn wedged between them; the leaning in with his other hand that isn’t dangerously close to Cas’ neck means that he feels the heat of Dean’s shoulder pushed against him often.

Cas wills his heart to silence, and wipes the palms of his hands down his pant legs for what feels like the hundredth time.

Dean is apparently engrossed in what they’re watching, but Cas can’t honestly even remember what they’d started marathoning hours ago. He’s been too busy, caught in a tortuous loop of cataloguing the feel of Dean beside him and mentally cursing himself for it.

It’s happened too much lately. Cas has let his mind wander, his thoughts taking him places he knew he could never go. He might, he acknowledges to himself, have some sort of feelings for Dean. But there’s no way he needs to disgust him, or discuss them, with Dean.

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      Everything felt hazy. Avery wasn’t sure if her eyes were open, or if this was all some sort of dream. All she could see was pale, unfamiliar walls and vague, shadowy shapes in the distance. She blinked ; the room was dark. Her tongue felt too heavy in her mouth, refusing to move. It was exhausting even to try, and Avery let her eyes fall closed once again. When she opened them again light was shining bright in her eyes. She felt disconnected from her body, like she could float away, but things seemed a little clearer. She could make out more shapes this time - a figure beside her bed, unclear still but something, at least. Avery tried to force her mouth to work, though at first all that came out was a low, incomprehensible mumble. At last she managed to make what she hoped was a recognisable word: ‘ Mum? ‘