mouth hold

the three stages of getting ready in the morning: vulcan, human, and whothefuckinventedmorning

film noir scene

written using a predictive text interface

source: screenplays for ‘the maltese falcon’ and ‘the big sleep’

method: 12 word options for the user at each step. stage directions used to write the stage directions. dialogue for the dialogue. arranged and formatted in final draft.


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westallen + slow mo kisses

someone: i’m really glad jyn and cassian just had a platonic relationship and that there weren’t any feelings between them!
me: did …. did we see same movie or ….

Ruin part 3


AN: Honestly, I think I would’ve done another part even without a request. Considering making this into a series? Let me know what you guys think of that idea… Hope you enjoy it 

Part 1  Part 2

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The bell for government was about to ring and you waited until the last moment before walking in.

Your head to your seat, whilst your friend waved you over excitedly.

“I haven’t heard from you in days! Where have you been?!”

‘I just broke up with my boyfriend. Found out Shawn likes me. Came to the sudden realization that I did too. Oh, we kissed!  Also, we may or may not be dating.’

“You and there.” The bell rings, interrupting your vague answer. Thankfully she doesn’t pay too much attention and copies the note down from the board.

You glance back to where Shawn is seated. A headphone dangles from his right ear, but he’s still paying close attention to the teachers beginning lecture.

You turn back to the front, not wanting to get called out. There was no doubt Mrs. Mitchell wouldn’t have been able to tell just who you had been looking at. You didn’t need her to announce it to the entire class.

“Remember, papers are due this Friday! Homework is to annotate this hand out and come up with questions. We’ll be having a Socratic seminar tomorrow. I don’t want to deal with anyone lacking and not completing this simple assignment. I’ll see you all tomorrow!”

Rose doesn’t stop to wait for you, or revisit the conversation. You’re glad when she rushes out of the class. Government being her least favorite subject.

“Y/N,” the voice is incredibly familiar behind you, and you try to not seem too flustered.

“Hey!” You cringe at the excitement lacing your response, while Shawn chuckles. “Sorry..”

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Cherry Lip Bomb (Totally Spies Inspired Spell)

A spell to break through any barriers that prevent you from speaking openly; promotes speaking with confidence.

You will Need:

  • Cherry Lip Balm (or any sort of lip balm)
  • Thyme
  • Water


  1. In a jar place some thyme and water. Screw the lid shut and place in a window overnight to charge and infuse the water.
  2. Come morning take the jar of water and bring it to where you are getting read.
  3. With your lip balm and begin putting it on focusing on how it is unbinding and removing the ‘stitches’ that hold your mouth shut and keeps you from speaking.
  4. Dip your dominate pointer finger into the thyme water and gently dab it on your lips but not enough to wash off your lip balm. Imagine as you dab on the water, your lips glowing strong and red. 
  5. Rub lips together to finish the spell and mix in the last of the thyme infused water

one of my least favorite things about myself is how if i pay attention to someone long enough, i’ll pick up their habits
in your black heart (is where you'll find me) - notcaycepollard - Captain America (Movies) [Archive of Our Own]
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“Hey,” he tries, “hey darlin’, can you pass me the milk?”

“Oh sure,” Sam responds after a long pause. “Here you go. Sweetie.”

“Thanks, hon, you’re a real doll,” Bucky drawls, and pours himself another bowl of cereal, tops up his coffee, takes a mouthful of milk straight from the carton just for good measure. Sam narrows his eyes.

“That’s disgusting,” he sighs, and Bucky makes deliberate eye contact, swallows another mouthful. Sam holds his gaze. “Cupcake, come on, I gotta drink that shit, stop putting your mouth all over it.”

“I’ll put my mouth all over wherever I want,” Bucky tells him. “Sweetheart.”

“Will you just,” Sam mutters, and sips his black coffee like he’s totally unruffled, and Bucky is startled to discover that he’s the one who’s blushing. Shit. Maybe this was a tactical error.

clearing out my drafts, happy friday, enjoy this sambucky pet names bickering

This Life We Live: Part 2

AN:I decided to go with a kind of twisted version of the Nolan movies.

Words: 673

Part 1

You and Bruce go completely off the grid. The two of you take as much money as you can carry, and you just go. You spend the first several months just traveling around, never staying in one place for too long. It’s easy at first, but when that small bump starts to appear things get a bit more difficult. You know it won’t be long before the pregnancy makes it impossible to move around.

The two of you find this little apartment in the countryside. For about a month, everything is good. The two of you settle into a routine, Bruce is even able to get this minimum wage job. Then one night, while the two of you are asleep, everything changes.

They sneak into your home while the two of you sleep. They cover your mouth and hold you back while they beat Bruce to a pulp. They gag you, so that the sound of your sobs is minimized. Bruce on the other hand never makes a sound, his eyes stay completely focused on you. Then, all of a sudden, you feel this pressure on your neck, and everything goes dark.

You wake up in a concrete room. There’s dirt all around you, and a bloody and battered Bruce is propped up against the wall farthest from the mattress you’re lying on. The only other thing in the room is a small basket with medical supplies. You don’t even hesitate. You’re on the other side of the room in a matter of seconds.

It’s a rather long process, cleaning Bruce’s wounds, and then wrapping them. You try to get the swelling in his face to go down. And right as the panic is about to set in, he takes your hand in his and says, “It’s all going to be okay. I’m going to keep us safe.”

You do your best to bite back the panic, as his hand moves to your slowly growing bump. You want to cry and throw up all at the same time. Instead you crush the feeling, and try to help move Bruce to the mattress but he refuses. “That’s for you, not me.”

You grin a bit and say, “Stubborn as always.” He just kisses the side of your head. You’re not exactly sure how long they leave you in the room. The simply slide meals through a slot in the door twice a day, along with some prenatal vitamins. You can’t help but think it’s strange that they seem so concerned for the welfare of your baby.

They come in the middle of the night again. They drag, a mostly healed Bruce away, and they don’t return him for what seems like days, he’s gone for about three meals. When they do return him, it’s in fresh, all black clothes.

He doesn’t speak for some time, but when he does, it’s late at night and in a low whisper, “They want to purge Gotham.” You don’t say anything. “They say it’s become a cesspool for crime and injustice. They say that I’m the key. I’m Gotham’s favorite son.” There’s this long silence as he takes your hands and rubs your fingers, “There are good people in Gotham. Gotham doesn’t need to be purged, it needs to be saved.”

You swallow thickly, “What are you going to do?”

He gives this grim smile, “For now, I’ll play their game. I’ll do exactly what they tell me to. I’ll learn everything they have to teach me. And when the time is right, when I’m strong enough, I’ll get us out of here, and we’ll save Gotham.”

“You’ve been thinking about this for a while, haven’t you?”

He doesn’t try to hid it, he knows better. “Since I watched my parents die,” he turns and smiles at you, “They loved Gotham, it was their home.” He moves his hand back and forth on your bump, “It’s our home. And I’m going to make it safe again for us, and our child.”

You just nod and ask, “What do you need me to do?”