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#40: Did you just stick your fingers in my mouth?

The music blasting from that old radio on the counter fills your ears as you dance closer to Shawn, your feet gliding across the tile in fluent twists. He looks down at you with narrowed eyes and teasing lips, his hands itching to lock around your waist. 

“Taste it,” you demand, your frosting-covered index finger dangling in front of his mouth. You’re pretty sure it tastes like strawberries– it tasted like strawberries to you, at least. But Shawn’s a picky kind of eater, and it takes a genuinely delicious dish to earn his approval. “Made the same kind as the one you liked at that wedding a couple months ago. It was Marney’s wedding, I think,” you tell him, your finger still poised in front of his red pout. “C’mon now. It’s good, I promise.” 

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#685 Slurpuff

Yay dessert Pokemon! Day 23 is Slurpuff set against a chocolate kisses background!  ♡ ♡ ♡


OK so I literally spent the last hour trying to learn how to get a grip on some sort of style of drawing him

and while it took me a while by the last few doodles I think I got the hang of it??? sorta??? idk??? it’s been a while since I got that “i am DETERMINED to learn how to draw this character AND NOTHING WILL STOP ME” feel

so yeah here are the fruits of my efforts

A Guide to Lynel Slaying

As most of us know, Lynels have carried their “one of the most dangerous Zelda enemies” legacy into a game where everything’s already rife with danger. Staying two steps ahead of everyone here means having the best of all worlds: nasty attack patterns, crazy damage output, and a level of sturdiness that would make cockroaches weep.

But Lynel materials are necessary to upgrade some of the better armor, their weapon drops are among the strongest you’ll ever obtain, and if you train enough to tackle them, Silver Lynels may drop some otherwise-rare materials like Diamonds and Star Fragments. So here are some pointers I can offer to alleviate your gladiatorial labors.

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The Cake Fic

here’s my warning liam is making me post this bc he wants everyone to see it i swear i’m so sorry rip

disturbing content ahead

“Happy birthday, Phillip!”
“Why thank you, Daniel!”
Oh, no! Dan had forgotten to make Phil a birthday cake! He pushed Phil down onto a chair and handcuffed his hands to the arms of the chair. Phil could hardly budge, for he was bent into a painful position.
“Yes, Phil?”
“What are you doing?”
“Why, I’m making your birthday cake!”
“Why did you handcuff me to the chair?”
Dan shushed Phil, putting his finger to him lips and dragging it down to his chin.
Dan pulled out a box of birthday cake mix.

He opened the box. “Open wide, Phillip!”
Phil hesitated.
Suddenly, Dan’s sweet voice turned horrific and voilent.
Phil’s eyes snapped wide open as he flung his mouth open as well.
Dan smiled sweetly again and mix into Phil’s mouth.
Phil coughed the dry mixture everywhere, but Dan covered Phil’s mouth to make sure his cake was complete in the end.
Phil was almost choking on the dryness, as well as crying.
Dan collected Phil’s tears and dropped it into Phil’s mouth.
“Not so dry now?” Dan laughed. “Now, let’s read the directions.”
Dan read the back of the box.
“Let’s see, one cup of milk..” Dan looked evilly at Phil as he got up and walked to the fridge. He swung the door open and pulled out two gallons of milk. He opened both and began to pour them all over the floor. When they were empty, he looked back at Phil. “Oopsie doopsie!” Dan giggled. “It seems we are all out of milk.” Phil was staring at Dan in horror. Dan gripped the waistline of his jeans and began to slowly slide them down. “But this will be much better.” He slips out his massive, hard cock and sticks the tip to the entrance of the carton, as the whole thing could not fit in. “Now all you have to do my friend, is look sexy for me.” Phil was crying, but kept his mouth closed out of fear of what Dan might do.
Dan rubbed his smooth, stiff dick slowly, still looking into Phil’s eyes. Dan tried to scream in pleasure, but a slight groan escaped his mouth. A blast of come exploded into the carton. Dan began toward Phil again.
“Open up, dearie,” Dan smirked. Phil looked away, mouth closed.
A furious expression appeared on Dan’s face as he grabbed his penis by the base and flung it towards Phil’s face. It struck him hard, leaving a long red slash across his face. Tears pooled in Phil’s eyes as he opened his mouth for Dan. Dan then began to spill the fresh batch of come into Phil’s mouth.
“It says to mix the wet ingredients together first and then add it, but I like breaking rules,” Dan said.
Phil whimpered.
Dan tossed the carton aside. It was time for the next ingredient.
“Two large eggs,” Dan read. He went to the fridge again and pulled out the carton of eggs. He took two from it and brought them to Phil. “It says to beat them slightly before adding them to the mix.”
Dan cracked one egg and let it slide into his own mouth. Then, he lowered his head down to Phil’s genitilia. He undid the button in his jeans and pulled them down. Dan reached into Phil’s undies for his penis. It was soft.
Dan’s eyes darkened. He tried to scream without spilling the egg from his mouth. “Bitch! Am I not sexy enough for you??” He cracked the other egg open and let it fall into his mouth. Then, he picked up Phil’s cock and slid it into his own mouth. He flung it around in there, beating the eggs. It was hardening. Phil was crying out, letting out some ingredients.
“Keep your mouth shut!” screamed Dan. Phil shut him mouth immediately. Dan was tickling his dick with his tongue. Phil was squirming. Then, Dan stood up and looked at Phil. He took his lips between his fingers and spread them open.
Dan then opened his mouth and spit the eggs out into Phil’s mouth. Then Dan took his hand and put it under Phil’s chin and jammed his mouth shut. It hurt Phil’s jaw, and he let out a groan through his closed lips.
“A half cup of oil,” Dan continued. “Why, I know where there might be some oil!”
He walked into the bathroom, leaving Phil alone for a minute. Phil fidgeted with his hands to try to free himself, but didn’t dare open his mouth in case Dan came back. And he did indeed. Dan turned the corner holding a small container.
It looked familiar to Phil. Lube. It was lube.
“This will do nicely,” said Dan. Dan pulled out his dick once more and poured the whole entire thing of lube onto it. He rubbed it around viciously. “Ready to add it to the mixture?”
Phil opened his mouth slightly. Dan shoved his whole dick down Phil’s throat. Phil’s eyes fluttered, and he was making gurgling noises. He was choking on Dan’s dick. The chains from the handcuffs were rattling under the chair. Dan moaned. Phil stopped moving as much. He was almost dead. Dan decided he had had enough and pulled his hard dong out, all the lube had transferred to Phil’s mouth. Phil was weak and limp.
“That’s it.”
Phil was relieved for Dan to say that, but somehow knew it wasn’t over.
“Swallow it.”
Phil’s heart dropped. There was a ton of mix in his mouth. He regretfully swallowed all of it, choking as it went down. Every last drop.
Dan grinned. He got up and pulled a cake pan out of a cabinet. He brought it back to Phil and held it under his mouth. Phil was terrified of what was going to happen next.
“Open your mouth, babe,” said Dan.
Phil did as he was told. Dan stuck his index finger into Phil’s mouth and lightly touched the back of his throat. Phil gagged hard, but nothing came up. Dan ran his finger up and down the back of his throat, and soon, he started to see the mix run back up into his mouth. He pulled his finger out and watched as Phil vomited into the cake pan. When he was done, Dan got up to turn on the oven. He swung the door open and threw the pan in. For 15 minutes, Dan sat there, staring at Phil, attached to the chair and crying.
When the cake was done, Dan pulled it out and brought it over to Phil.
“This isn’t cake without frosting!” Dan said happily.
Phil’s dick was still hanging out in he open, so he grabbed it tightly and shoved the cake pan under it. The hot cake burned Phil’s cock so bad, but he had to. Dan slid his tongue up and down Phil’s erection. Semen then began to squirt out all over the fresh cake. When no more came, Dan slid it out from underneath. He then grabbed a knife from the kitchen drawer and stabbed it into the cake, carving a slice out. He picked up the piece of cake with his bare hand and forced it into Phil’s mouth.
“How does it taste?”
“It tastes… Amazing,” said Phil, his mouth full.
“I’m glad you like it. It is your birthday after all.”



I can see Jin filming an episode of Eat Jin and having to pause in between as he looks up and sees you stuffing your face. He’d probably be in shock as he has never seen anyone eat as well as he does. He’d find it endearing and in a strange way super cute. I can see him smile and wipe your face every so often before returning back to eating his own meal.

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With Suga I see it going two ways. He would either try to keep a straight face the whole time and pretend not to notice and attempt to continue to talk to you normally but would in the end fail and start laughing from how cute and ridiculous you looked. He’d even put some of his food on your plate so you had more to eat. Or he would make a contest of it all. As he’d be eating he’d look up and see you enjoying your meal thoroughly and try to eat even more hungrily then you.  

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Like all of them I think J-hope would be happy to see you eating well. I think he’d be more than overjoyed to see that you were comfortable enough around him to eat so well. He’d be laughing the whole time and even after you’ve told him to stop he’d continue and apologize, “I’m sorry Jagiya it’s just-” he’d only laugh louder as your cheeks expanded from the large amount of food you had stuffed into your mouth.

Originally posted by yoongiwara

Rap Monster/ Namjoon

I feel like Namjoon would be in shock the first time he saw you eating ravenously. His mouth would drop open as he started wondering how someone as small as you could eat so much in such a short period of time. I think he’d tell you to slow down, worried that you’d get a stomach ache. Overall, I see him being slightly impressed by how well you could eat.

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I can see Jimin just happily observing you eat  for a couple of minutes before pulling out his phone. He’d start filming you so that he could keep such a precious memory forever and to potentially blackmail you with later. Like Jin in the gif below you’d feed him whatever you were eating every so often which he’d gladly accept. 

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Oh Tae…he’d be in total awe from how well you ate. He’d be so unbelievably impressed and may even consider eating to be a talent of yours. I can see this boy even stuffing more food into your mouth and having a blast from seeing your cheeks expand even more, “Jagiya! You look like a bunny! How cute~”

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This boy would not let you live omg. Aside from finding it funny he’d use it as ammo to tease you with later. He’d constantly make little remarks and jokes about it. He wouldn’t mean any harm by them of course, he’d just enjoy getting a rise out of you. Everytime he’d see food he’d probably be like “whoa! Get some quick guys before Jagiya sees it!” 

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I really hope all of you enjoy this! 

~Admin C

Red and Yellow

Day 2: April 18th: Space/FantasyAU/Nightmares for @kiribakuweek2k17

Ao3 Link:

Pairing: Bakugou Katsuki/Kirishima Eijirou

Summary: Voltron AU! Bakugou wonders how he got dragged into this, and goes on a trip with Iida and Kirishima to recover the Yellow and Red Lions. 

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How would Ut and uf sans and us and sf paps react to walking into their crush's room and hearing 'All Star' by smash mouth blasting on maximum and singing the lyrics perfectly?

Requests are closed for now, dear

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80. “How can you think I’m anything but hopelessly in love with you?” With RexObi <3

Thanks for participating, I had a lot of fun with this prompt :D

I hope you like what I wrote you for it!

“How can you think I’m anything but hopelessly in love with you?”

Rex froze, turning on his heel to stare in bewilderment at Cody’s General, who wasn’t looking at Rex so much as he was looking at his blaster, clearly measuring his distaste for the weapon versus a quick exit from the depth of blushing embarassment the men was into, thanks to the plants they’d eaten earlier in the evening.

Rex had confessed first, the words just coming out of his mouth as he was thinking them, and had been looking forward to be stationed anywhere else from that moment on. He hadn’t expected a confession back.

“I hadn’t expected a confession back.” His blasted mouth said.

“I hadn’t expected a confession at all.” Cody’s General replied and then pressed a hand over his eyes, heaving the most put upon sigh Rex had ever heard in his life.

“That’s the most put upon sigh I’ve ever heard in my life. Why didn’t you expect a confession? You must be aware of my feelings for you.” Rex mouth said.

“I am aware that you have feelings for me, but I am your commanding officer and despite the devastating effect your professionalism and competency have on me, I would never dare to breach chain of command. I didn’t expect you to either.” It sounded like the Jedi was trying to stop himself from speaking, but aside from his words coming out through gritted teeth, he was also failing.

“My professionalism and competency have – they turn you on?” Rex boggled enough, at the idea that his conduct in the field could be found arousing that he didn’t even mind his thoughts had come out.

Of course they turn me on.” Obi-Wan replied, almost scathingly. “I am not dead yet, though I am rather much older than you and, if that wasn’t enough, your superior and one of the beings you were supposedly engineered off. What does it matter what my personal feelings are, if any move I make might be miscontrued as me taking advantage of a situation where you cannot say no?”

Rex bristled. “I kriffing well can and will say no to anyone I want to say no to!” He snapped. “And you might be older than me, sir but that doesn’t mean that it ought to be a problem. Give me a handful of years and we will be agemates.”

Obi-Wan groaned. “And that’s another part of the problem. Should you really be looking at me as a potential anything, when you have brothers who would be able to keep up with you?”

Oh he hadn’t.

“Oh you didn’t.” Rex growled. “Did you or did you not mean it when you said you are hopelessly in love with me?” He snapped out the words, almost biting them.

“Of course I did! I feel your absence when you are not here, I worry for you while also knowing you are one of the most terrifyingly competent at survival beings I’ve ever met in my life. I am reminded of you in the most disparate of moments. I cannot meditate without thoughts of your smile, your bad jokes, your sense of humour and the way you take care of your vods coming into my mind. I am smitten.”

He sound miserable and that was not to be borne.

“You sound miserable and I will not tolerate that one second more!” Rex’s mouth informed his Jedi and well, at that point Rex just had to act. He certainly wasn’t going to make a liar out of himself.

Not as if it was a hardship to reach out and fist a hand in Obi-Wan’s robes, dragging the man close to press their lips together. 

Rex had heard and read a lot about kisses and, as far as he could ascertain, there was no ailment or sadness or miserable feeling that couldn’t be cured with a lot of kissing.

Rex was more than willing to give this theory a try.

Drunken Actions

I didn’t make him 40 years old, because I was a little uncomfortable writing that but I hope I did ok :)))

Words: 1,647

Pairing: Joker x Reader

Warning: Smut at the end

“You called?” I enter the booth Mister J is sitting in, trying to sound un-amused.

“Ah, yes.” Mister J replies, sounding almost relieved. I sit across him, silent, waiting for him to continue. He continues to stare back at me as if he’s trying to mock me.

“So?” I pause, “Who do you want me to kill?” I assume, being his best hit man.

Mister J tries acting offended, “What if I just wanted to chit-chat with you, doll face?”

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No Payment Necessary

Fandom: Star Wars

Character: Boba Fett

Reader Gender: Female

Request: “Hi! I would like to request a Boba Fett oneshot where he goes out of his way to make sure reader is safe or helps her with simple tasks? And she’s confused (but secretly ecstatic because she has a crush on the bounty hunter) as to why he’s going out of his way to help her until something happens that makes her realize that it’s because he likes her? Thank you! :]”

Summary: You were acquainted with a Bounty Hunter after he saved you long ago, but he somehow happens to turn up every time you need help. Of course, you don’t mind, because the longer you can have him around, the better. 

Warnings: None!

Word Count: 1733

Author’s Note: Sorry a lot of these are pretty late, I’ve been trying to find the time to get them out. I’m going to be rewatching The Force Awakens soon as well, so it’ll be fresh in my mind again for all my other requests. 

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*she looks at her tail with shock,her eye and her head twitch in anger,her pupils become thiner and growl* NICE MOVE *from her mouth she blasts a powerful beam like the one of a Gaster Blaster*

He seemed very smug at her reaction however that changed when he saw her next attack, knowing there wasn’t enough time to get out the way he knelt down and tried to shield where his soul was with his arms to try and lessen the damage done.

This however proved to be a mistake as he managed to sustain more damage than he expected. He made direct eye contact as more magic started to leak from some of his joints and beneath his battle body. “WELL…IT’S NOT EVERYDAY SOMEONE APPROACHES WITH YOUR KIND OF POWER…” He managed to stand himself upright again and started to remove his golden weights off of himself. “I WILL NOT LIMIT MYSELF ANY LONGER!” He growled out at you in frustration.

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Do you think Bulma had a crush on Goku back in the day?

I think it’s pretty clear Bulma has/had a crush on Goku!  I don’t blame her, Goku is fiiiiiiiiiine!!!

But yeah, there are several scenes of Bulma fangirling over Goku throughout the series:


I wonder if Bulma ever casually remarks Goku’s given her the hots ever since he had that super sexy growth spurt right before the 23rd Tenkaichi Budokai.  Unfortunately, she doesn’t know Vegeta is RIGHT behind her sneak raiding the fridge and he HALTS with half a ham sticking out of his mouth before blasting out the front door screaming for a final fight with Kakarrot to restore his honor but it’s all unintelligible and muffled because his mouth is still full of ham.  Suddenly Bulma gets a call from an enraged Chi-Chi because Goku and Vegeta are currently tearing up her front lawn, the back lawn, the surrounding woods, the roof is shattered into pieces and littering her newly-swept floors.  She’s not even mad hearing that Bulma has the hots for Goku because this isn’t new information.  She’s known about it all along.

Chi-Chi isn’t threatened at all and is confident nothing would ever happen between Goku and Bulma (which she’s right!)


Don’t Let Go

Draco x reader, requested

y/f/n = your friend’s name

“Promise me you’ll never leave me, Draco.” The war was about to start and i stood in the shadows with my boyfriend. He was a Death Eater, and in the back of my mind I knew that something would happen to make me lose him during the battle. He grasped my hand even tighter and avoided my eyes.

“I don’t know if I can promise that, love.” I nodded silently, tears falling down my face. 

“Hey, hey don’t cry. I might be separated from you but that doesn’t me I’ll stop loving you. You’ll still be with me in here.” Draco patted his hand where his heart was and a sound that was a mix of a sob and a laugh escaped my mouth. 

“That was so cheesy, Draco.” He smiled a shaky smile. 

“I know, y/n. But it’s true.” Suddenly, a blast rang through the air. We hurried over to the window to see a swarm of Death Eaters, led by Voldemort, marching towards us. Lacing his fingers through mine, Draco pulled me after him as we started approaching the Death Eaters along with the other students and teachers. 

Voldemort was shooting curses all over, and some of us scrambled to dodge them. 

“Come out and fight the Dark Lord!” Voldemort cackled, and a shiver ran down my spine. Draco’s arm automatically moved to wrap around me protectively, but at the same time, the Death Eaters, who were marching behind Voldemort, scattered and ran towards us. The battle began as Professor McGonagall shot spells towards the Death Eaters and the rest of us followed suit.

Bellatrix Lestrange ran straight towards us and shot a jet of red light between me and Draco. A scream escaped my mouth as we were blasted apart. Draco’s hand slipped from my grasp and I whirled around, desperate to find him. 


“Y/n!” I heard Draco answer my call. I started sprinting towards his voice, but was immediately knocked aside by a big, burly man. 

“Where are you running off to, little girl?” he growled as a beam of yellow light shot at me. 

I couldn’t look for Draco, as spells were hurtling towards me at all angles. I ran to dodge them and turned around occasionally to shoot a curse back at the man. I felt a flash of pain rip through my leg and looked down to see that there was a gash and blood everywhere. 

I took no more that two steps when I was knocked over as another gash ripped through my cheek and blood ran down my neck. I gritted my teeth and pushed myself up, trying to ignore the pain.

“Draco where the bloody hell are you?” 


“Now is the time to declare yourself. Come forward… or die.”

“Draco!” Lucius and Narcissa’s voices echoed through the silence. My eyes swiveled to my boyfriend, who had cuts and bruises all over. He looked around, his eyes landing on me briefly. They flicked back to his parents, who were waiting for him. Then he took a step forward. 

I held back a sob and forced my knees to stop shaking. I watched as he joined the Death Eaters again and turned to face us. I could feel the air grow even more tense as Neville stepped up. 

“I’d like to say something. People die every day. Friends, family. Yeah, we lost Harry tonight. He’s still with us, in here. So’s Fred, Remus, Tonks… they didn’t die in vain. But YOU will. ‘Cause you’re wrong! Harry’s heart did beat for us! For all of us! It’s not over!” Neville pulled out a sword from the Sorting hat and Harry rolled to the ground from Hagrid’s arms. 

A laugh escaped my lips, seeing that Harry was alive, but Voldemort screamed in rage and started shooting hexes everywhere. I was pushed with the crowd that was running towards the Great Hall. All hell broke loose as the final battle began.

Flashforward again

I pushed through the crowd that was gathering in the Great Hall. I needed to find Draco. 

I scanned the floor looking for Draco’s body. It was nowhere to be found. 

Tears blurred my vision as I saw an overwhelming amount of people lying on the ground. Suddenly, I just couldn’t take it anymore and I felt my knees give away. I forced myself to stand up and ran out of the Great Hall. I headed towards the seventh floor and paced around the hall.

“I need a place to be alone. I need a place to be alone.” I mumbled, and a door appeared. I swung it open to see a small, cozy room with a fireplace and a sofa. closing the door gently being me, I sank into the sofa and pulled my knees up, burying my face into my arms. 

Draco’s POV

Harry Potter was alive. Voldemort was dead, and I was panicking. Where the hell was y/n? I hadn’t seen her since the beginning of the battle. 

“Excuse me, have you seen y/n?” I tapped y/f/n on her shoulder and she turned around, teary eyed.

“No, I haven’t.” My heart was pounding uncontrollably. I tried to think of where y/n might be… somewhere no one would find her…

Then it hit me.

I ran to the corridor where I knew the Room of Requirement was and paced around.

“I need a place where y/n is.” I muttered and a big door appeared. Inside, found y/n curled up on as couch, her slight figure shaking.

“Y/n?” She looked up at me, with bloodshot eyes and a face that seemed to have aged a hundred years with fatigue and injuries. I watched, tears streaming down my face, as her eyes widened. She jumped up from the sofa and ran towards me. She threw her frail arms around me and my own wrapped around her as our lips collided. 

“Draco!” Her voice was shaking as she hugged me, “I thought you were dead!” I shook my head, caressing her face. 

“I thought you were dead because I couldn’t find you!” 

She suddenly stepped away from me, sobbing. 

“Love, what’s wrong?” I crouched so I could peer into her face. 

“You left during the battle to join Vol-Voldemort and all my friends left me because they were k-killed and I can’t take anyone else leaving me again!” 

My eyes filled with tears against my wishes and I pulled y/n into me. 

“I’m so sorry y/n. I promise I’ll never leave you again. In fact, y/n, I don’t think I could live without you. Do you promise to marry me when this mess is all over?”


“Do you promise to marry me when this mess is all over?” Draco’s question echoed in my head. I wiped my face and managed to smile a little. 

“Of course I will Draco!” I grasped his hand and looked into his gray eyes, which were filled with pain and sadness. “I love you so much and we can stick through this together. We’ll help each other.”

Draco’s arms slid around my waist. 

“I love you more.” I felt Draco’s nose nuzzle my forehead and tighten around me. “Why don’t we go to the Great Hall? Together?” I gulped at the thought but nodded. We went down to the Great Hall, not daring to let go of each others hands. 

Because at the moment, each others’ hands were the only things preventing us from crashing down.