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Knock, Chapter 6

Knocking the Habit

You might not be perfect, alright, so you’re not perfect. Who is?

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Warnings: Fluff, Angst, Simon/Reader

Words: 2284

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It’s points day and it might not be the best idea you’ve ever had but you know exactly what you want to buy. Once a smoker, always a smoker. Still, you find yourself muttering the request under your breath like a dirty word. It is a dirty word. You’re pregnant and no doubt Negan has already spread the good news with his almighty mouth.

It’s a woman called Doris working the desk today and she’s never liked you, you don’t think Doris has ever liked anyone. She looks you up and down, not even trying to hide her distaste as she slowly eases stiff legs off her chair to fill your order. When she returns she’s holding a grey plastic crate filled with supplies, she sits them in front of you and slumps back onto her seat with an overexerted heave of stale breath.

It makes your stomach turn but you manage to swallow the feeling down as your eyes quickly scan the contents of the crate. It’s mostly filled with fruit, tinned and fresh. But it’s what’s sitting on top that truly catches your attention. A tub of Prenatal Vitamins next to a box of decaffeinated tea. “What’s this?” you hiss, trying to keep your voice as low and even as possible.

Doris doesn’t even bother to look at you, she just starts flicking through the pages of her ledger, placing a big red tick next to your name, “that’s your allowance.”

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Zootopia /Robin Hood Fanfiction: Take A Stand Ch.21

(AN/ Hey guys it’s Garouge / Crewefox here with another chapter of TAKE A STAND. WOO-HOO! This fan fic just hit some milestones, it broke 500 reviews last week, also 500 follows and with this chapter the fanfiction is now over 100k words!!! Thank you to everyone who has supported this project!!! So without further ado let’s get cracking with this chapter!!!)

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Chapter 21- Love and Trust are two separate things

Robin Loxley had never been the type to sleep in, he barely slept four hours a night ever since he was a kit. It was just after seven am when his hazel eyes opened, the orange light of the sunrise was breaking through the curtains just enough to shine a streak of sunlight on the vixen snoozing beside him. Robin smiled as his eyes adored the slumbering form of his wife, he had missed this, for over two decades he woke up wanting to beside the woman he loved and now she was here in his arms. Robin was telling the truth when he said he thought Marian looked more radiant than when she was a teenager, not to say he was not enamoured with the beauty when she was younger. Marian Wilde was Robin’s first and only love, he listened to her soft breathing as she slept whilst his mind drifted back to their first meeting.

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Siva: Jay, are you going to show them the t-shirt you’re wearing today?
Jay: Yes, can you hold my triangle, Siva?

Siva: Come closer. (x)

Summary of my WC2014 experience: day 15

Germany 1 vs Usa 0

The game started out dry… you know i say it as it is. first half was dry and then some people opened their mouths:“You Mean Almighty Ghana is Struggling to Score against the Usa?”

But Thomas Muller came and saved us from the goallessness of that Match with a clean shot

and he the did the “mom brought nutella pose” i

Meanwhile Ref fouls a player… is there anything we wont see in this world cup?


But Germany’s next top model turning it up

Portugal 2 vs Ghana 1

This match was fun to watch because they were both playing to save them selves from the chop. but unfortunately for them as it happened they are both leaving.

Own goal is still in contention for the golden boot. Boye of Ghana had an unlucky day and he put it behind his own net.

Gyan scored and leveled it up for a draw

But Ronaldo’s shot said no

and he was so gutted at the end of the game… because who wouldn’t be?

Meanwhile different kinds of ball are being discovered and the camera men are distracted. but i don’t think its a ball…well. its something.

and look a bruh, so excited to have saved a header from Ronaldo.

Belgium 1 vs South Korea 0

Belgium hasn’t impressed much in their Matches. they’ve been basic and just done enough to get them through. lets hope they up their game for the knock out stage.

A red card was issued Defour and no one protested. It was a well deserved red card.

Vertonghen with a nice goal for Belgium

Algeria 1 vs Russia 1

5 minutes into the game Russia is already leading by 1-0. Beautiful header from Alexander Kokorin 

but in the 60’ minute Islam slimani with an equally amazing header for Algeria

Algeria progresses and Russia goes home

Day 15 was low key. Day 16 doesn’t start till after a day. we never said we wanted a break. am having a meltdown. Waiting for day 16!