Face 14. A6. 2015.

A prophet was sent to Earth in the form of a kitten with a message that would change the world forever. But the kitten fucked about with a paper bag for like ages and shit and forgot the message. And so the world is still like all fucked up and stuff. That’s what he said.


Sarasota, FL-based freelance illustrator Morgan Davidson uses simple colored pencils to create awesomely realistic and detailed drawings. From the gorgeous saturated colors to the stunning depth and textures, the subjects of her pieces look like they’re about to pop right off the paper and walk, crawl, fly, or swim away. And the longer we look at her illustrations of human eyes, the more we expect them to blink.

In addition to her color pencil drawings, Davidson is also impressively skilled with ballpoint pens and watercolor. Visit her Behance portfolio or Instagram feed to check out more of her amazing artwork. You can also follow her right here on Tumblr at morgandavidsonart​.

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The Department of Marvelous Makeup is delighted to share lots of new cartoon lip-art by London-based makeup artist Laura Jenkinson (previously featured here). Jenkinson’s talent for using theatrical makeup and lipstick to transform her own lips into all sorts of colorful characters has only gotten better since we first discovered her photos last summer.

She’s taken The Internets by storm and now she shares a new character once week or so, including this fantastic rendition of Grumpy Cat:

To check out more of her cosmetic cartoon transformations and keep up with her latest creations follow Laura Jenkinson’s blog, Facebook page or Instagram feed.

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the new, almost finished big bad. the orange/dark green color scheme is what im working with for now, but u can see the alternates too !!! the blue and green was a close second so i might do that in stead with a couple tweaks just bc it looks less human

(the big bad isn’t actually that big ! only about 9 feet tall, so a bit taller than gecko)

its working name is ninja titan moonshine (maybe revised) and it has three holes punched in its tongue and a secret set of arms that are folded in its jacket.

its much older and smarter than gecko, and causes hallucinations. unlike gecko, it can posses people, but only if they ingest its saliva. its much more outright sadistic than gecko is, but far less aggressive, and seems to have an odd interest in personal relationships with and between human beings

She’s learned to hold
All her feelings inside
Until late at night,
And cover her mouth
With her hands so
No one hears her.

She’s perfected
Her fake smile.

And she’s been taught
- oh so painfully
To build her walls up
High, to keep everyone out.

—  A.S