Heart Breaker Burger. Bun aux sésamours perdus. Cœurs d'artichauts. Cupithon cru mariné au Saint-Valenthym. Cœur fendu de laitue. Tomate cœur de meuf. Vinaigrette au miel citrompée au cocumin. Moutarde seule qui maille. Barbapapa infidèle.

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Idioms are phrases that are most often unique to languages and don’t always have an exact translation. For example, in English if we are correct when guessing something someone might say “you hit it right on the head.”

Other languages have these weird phrases as well! Here are some quirky, useful French idioms.

  1. La moutarde lui monte au nez
    1. Literal French Translation: The mustard is getting to my nose
    2. English equivalent: I’m getting angry
    3. Example: Quand tu as trompé, la moutarde me monte au nez.
  2. Être à l’ouest
    1. Literal French Translation: To be in the west
    2. English equivalent: To be crazy
    3. Example: Quand ma mère est morte, j’étais à l’ouest!
  3. Ça marche
    1. Literal French Translation: That works/functions/walks
    2. English equivalent: That’s fine/ok or that works
    3. Example: Vous -“Je commencerai ici et vous commencerez là” Moi- “ça marche!”
  4. Je dis ça, je dis rien
    1. Literal French Translation: I say that, I say nothing
    2. English equivalent: Just saying
    3. Example: Vous aimez le garçon? Pourquoi? Il est laid, je dis ça, je dis rien.
  5. Appeler un chat un chat
    1. Literal French Translation: to call a cat a cat
    2. English equivalent: Telling it like it is
    3. Example: J’ai besoin de devenir mieux au français. J’appelle un chat un chat.
  6. Faire la grasse matinée
    1. Literal French Translation: to have a fat morning
    2. English equivalent: to sleep in
    3. Example: Samedi, j’ai bu beaucoup donc dimanche j’ai fait la grasse matinée.
  7. Pose un lapin
    1. Literal French Translation: to put up a rabbit
    2. English equivalent: to stand someone up
    3. Ex: J’ai arrivé a six heures et j’ai attendu jusqu’a huit heures. Il m’a posé un lapin!!

This list isn’t exhaustive but I feel it’s getting a little long. I’ll do another Idiom list soon that way I’m not throwing too much out there at one time.

I learned most of these in class but it’s important to give credit where credit is due- this site helped me remember some of the important idioms. I hope you find it useful as well!

Bonne journée!