Another Red Head (Closed RP with Mountainman-Kristoff)

Merida groaned as another wisp disappeared. She had been following their trail for hours now, it was getting a bit exhausting. Her horse Angus, normally pretty calm and a good listener, was even beginning to get ornery with her commands. He grunted for what felt like the hundredth time that day. “Yea yea, I’m sure we’re almost there,” She muttered,“Whatever these lil devils are trying to show us better happen quickly, or I’m leave'n." 

Suddenly the trail of wisps stopped appearing. The red head furrowed her eyebrows,"What? Where’d they go?!” She jumped off Angus onto the earthy ground and wandered a bit before yelling in frustration. Not a single wisp in sight. Just great. Then she heard a distinct rumbling noise, the source was her stomach. Merida grimaced, Angus and her had already finished off the last of the apples in the saddle. "Dammit.“

An unmanly blond mop of hair through the trees caught Merida’s attention. A person! Perhaps they would be willing to help, or better yet, share some food with her. She carefully made her way over, but bow still strung to her back. She’d be quick enough to draw it if this person caused her difficulties. "Oi, you there! Yea, you. Got any food ye could spare?” She asked in a quick, straight to the point tone of voice.