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“Don’t get me wrong, he’s a lovely bloke.”

signs as dumb YA novel clichés

Aries: The Chosen One~ “This wasn’t how my life was supposed to go. When I turned 18, I wasn’t expecting to be thrust into the Underworld. I was gonna go to college, be a normal student and rush Sigma Phi Chiapet my sophomore year. But everything is different now. The prophecy has spoken and I’m going to go through a training montage and become really badass really quickly even though I was against being the chosen one in the first place but now I have a black belt after a month of punching bags of sand and now I’m ready to save the world. And guess what. At the end of the book…………. I save the world.”

Taurus: The “you don’t know think you’re beautiful until a boy tells you so / not like the other girls” average looking protagonist~ “Hi. My name is Tookiewisp Flowerspark. I’ve got mousy brown hair and bright brown eyes. I’m tall and thin and I don’t have boobs yet. I love to wear my worn out high top converse and skinny jeans. Maybe if I wore a dress, boys my age would notice me. But to be honest, I’m just not into girly stuff like most other girls are. You could say I’m different.”

Gemini: Crush throughout the entire novel turns out to be an asshole~ “He’d never notice a girl like me. He doesn’t even know my name!’ *sudden makeover transformation where she takes her hair out of a ponytail and takes off her glasses* Boy: ‘Wow, Winteria Snow. I never realized how pretty you were until you put on makeup and put in some contacts. Will you be my girlfriend?’”

Cancer: Instant love~ “That’s when a saw her, walking down the street. She was coming my way. Her hair blew in the wind like a majestic mane of gold. The way she walked made my heart skip a beat. I started sweating and I couldn’t stop my heart from racing. I stared at her as she walked past and I tried to say hello, but my words came out in a jumble. She gave me a weird look and walked away. It was at that moment that I knew I had fallen in love and found my soulmate. Also, by the end of this book she falls in love with me even though I basically obsessively stalk her throughout the entire novel and have no redeeming qualities.”

Leo: The Queen Bee~ “That’s Brooke Richardsworth. She’s the coolest, most popular girl in school. She’s got long, straight blonde hair and wears pink skirts, pink cardigans and pink headbands. Those are her two slightly less attractive friends, Chelsea and Paige. Brooke is also dating my crush. We used to be friends, but ever since I accidentally spilled my chocolate milk on her back in the third grade, she’s done everything she can to make my life miserable.”

Virgo: Problematic parents~ “My parents recently got divorced, so now on the weekends I hang out with my dad, and during the week I hang out with my mom. It gets pretty tiring going back and forth after a while, but every other Saturday my dad (who is also a professor at a university) takes me camping and we roast hotdogs over a campfire which really makes up for it. Recently though, he’s been hanging around a new young blonde woman named Tamara Blake. He’s been spending all of his time with her. We haven’t even gone camping since they met!”

Libra: The improbable love triangle~ “What am I going to do? I have two boys who just got into a fight at school because they both are in love with me, average annoying weird superiority complex girl. On one hand, there’s Jackson- the brooding bad boy who wears leather jackets and rides motorcycles and treats me like garbage when he’s in a grumpy mood. Then on the other hand, there’s Theodore- the quiet sensitive one who reads books and drinks tea and I always catch him watching me from behind a bookshelf in the library! This is the hardest choice I’ve ever had to make in my life. I HAVE to choose one of them. But… who?”

Scorpio: The dystopian society~ “Hi, I’m Bland McBore. In our society, the rich and the poor are divided into two groups and all the rich people are evil and live in a city where there are floating vehicles and all the buildings are white marble and/or chrome, and all the poor people live in mud huts and have to eat bugs and also everything is a weird shade of gray to represent sadness or something. I am going to start a revolution and overthrow the government with the help of my two best friends and once we start to cause trouble with our rebellion, the leader who is probably an old white guy with a pointed beard will offer us riches that we originally fought against in the beginning but don’t worry we will heroically reject them and fight for equality and won’t stop until society is no longer divided. Also people will definitely die but it will all only be people we are conveniently close to. Me and my two best friends get to live until the very end because we move the plot forward.”

Sagittarius: Protagonist just moved to a new school~ “My dad got a new job so we had to move across the country. I’m really shy and quiet and dorky so I know that my first day is going to be horrible. The teacher will make me stand up at the front of the class and then I’ll cry because I’ll be thinking about my life in my old town. Then as I sit back down at my desk, the teacher will keep on teaching instead of addressing that one of her students is visibly upset and crying. Then, the boy behind me will tap on my shoulder and introduce himself- this boy will be the guy I keep as my friend until the end of the novel where, plot twist, he ends up being my perfect match all along.”

Capricorn: The Intellectual~ “My favorite past time is to go to this tree up on a hill where my mom is buried that is also conveniently in the middle of the woods but also within a short walking distance from my house. I go there and I just think. Not of a lot of kids from school do that these days. Everyone is so obsessed with the latest gossip or the latest trend that it seems like everyone forgot how to, well, think. Sometimes I wish I was like them. I wish I could turn off my brain and mindlessly walk around without a care in the world. But I can’t because I’m different and smarter than everyone else and I also like to read and I love the smell of old books and reading and did I mention that I also love to read.”

Aquarius: Really weird “quirky” names~ “Hi, I’m Ingridagelica Applewindbalmkettlefish and this is my story. I know, I know, my name is pretty strange. My parents picked it because they said that when I was born they knew I was going to grow up and do something really great and unique and they also said that it means “not like the other girls” when spoken in Latin.” 

Pisces: The “nice guy” guy friend who turns out to be The One all along~ “I just can’t believe my crush won’t notice me! Tell me Carter, what am I doing wrong?” “Nothing, Skylightquia. If it’s worth anything, I think you’re pretty…. uh, pretty awesome, I mean.” *Skylightquia sighs and looks up at the stars from the rooftop they got onto somefuckinghow* “The stars are really beautiful, aren’t they?” *Carter looks at her meaningfully* “Yeah they are”

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hey if you're still doing prompts, the time(s) someone outside of the team (or inside) mistakes aaron for andrew or the other way around?? thanks!! i love your writing!!

There should be some sort of rule, Aaron thinks, that identical twins have to avoid celebrity. 

It was disarming enough to be a teenager the first time he saw his own face with nothing inside of it, like an indifferent stone likeness. Then Andrew went and got himself famous, made himself important to everyone (including Aaron). He stares out from magazine spreads with his middle finger up when Aaron goes through the checkout counter, and he follows him closely with his reputation.

He’s had patients bow out of the exam room when they heard their intern was ‘A. Minyard’. He’s had anger and relief flip toggles in his chest when he caved and bought a magazine, finding Andrew and Neil piled in Exy gear to promote a product. They looked uncommitted and severe except when they were jostled together and shot from the side, candid, staring. 

It almost makes him miss the moments with the foxes when everything was as simple as watching Andrew’s face for the changes and catching the wave to the next game.

But it’s better to have the kind of work that he knows he does best, stockpiled for the rest of medical school and the rest of his life after that. It feels good to stretch on rubber gloves and distance himself from the worst sort of rot in the world. 

It feels good for his feet to throb and his head to twist itself into knots, and to come home to Katelyn, who always tries to wait up for him and never can. She passes out with her legs over the armrest of their secondhand couch and her hair fanned over the cushions. He kisses her awake more often than not.

He goes for runs, sometimes, like he never did in college. It’s when his own reflection makes his neck prickle and he thinks, god, he’s here. He’s never not here. If you’re a twin you’re a member of a club, and you’re constantly in uniform.

He gets stopped on the street and asked for his autograph, and he feels comforted to know that his “piss off” is gentler than whatever Andrew would have said. 

He sees his own face hoisted at pride, watches Andrew become half of a relationship that handcuffs exy to entire social movements, and it coaxes old fear into his blood. It takes some wrangling and undoing of rusted closed spigots before he realizes that he’s impressed, too. 

He hates Neil out of habit. He watches the sun make new colours with Katelyn’s hair at 5 am. He puts his alarm on snooze just so he can lie there with her. He likes that his life is a can on a string, and somewhere, tossed out into another state, in a high-rise with blackout curtains and an orange cat, Andrew has the other can.

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messy art of my childhood anime.. if ur interested i only rec the first episode it gets bad after it immediately

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series warnings: mature themes, violence, blood and gore, murder, emotional manipulation, bullying, mental health deterioration, eventual smut and substance abuse. this chapter contains strong language, light smut, bullying and claustrophobic themes

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miss stark [i]

miss stark: part ii

requested by anon: Hi! Could you write something in which the reader is Tony Stark’s daughter and is Peter Parker’s girlfirend but her father doesn’t approve the relationship between them, one night the reader has a bad discussion with Tony and runs away to Peter’s house, so he comforts her until she falls asleep in his arms??? Omg sorry if this was toooo long. Thanks, darling. 

pairing: peter parker x stark!reader
word count: 1.69k
warnings: small fluff, angst (bc what fic by moi doesn’t have a lil angst), prolly swearing?, suggested regret of adopting (i’m not sure if this is a warning, but jic)
summary: being a stark is stressful as it is. when your dad is arguably the most famous man on earth because of his superhero alter ego and company, it’s hard to lead a normal life without him being overprotective. but it’s even harder to fall in love.

a/n: hi! so, i’m making this two parts because i had way too many time-skip parts and that bothered me as heck! @ anon: i’m so sorry this is so late! like i said before, school has me stressed beyond compare and i wrote this instead of doing actual studying so !! anywho, I hope you all like!

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Being Tony Stark’s adopted daughter had it’s perks. 

For one, you always had tech so new, it practically didn’t exist yet. You’d basically grew up with The Avengers as your permanent baby sitters and you’d never admit it but your first proper crush had been Captain Steve Rogers himself.

But, while it had it’s perks, like all things, it had it’s flaws. 

For instance: Due to the fact you were still Tony Stark’s daughter, you had security personnel following you everywhere you went. You weren’t allowed to go to public school (top of the line private tutors for you!) and the name “Stark” attracted a lot of attention and you were never quite sure whether people approached you for you or, rather, for your Stark name.   

For that, Tony was perhaps the most overprotective dad ever. He did background checks on every single person you had ever try to befriend - which would’ve been a lot better if he hadn’t made it known that he did said background checks. God, you could still remember the day he had asked a girl named Kerry if she had been the one to start the fight that was on her permanent record from 5th grade. 

Him being so strict with friends, you hadn’t even allowed yourself to entertain the idea of having a boyfriend ever in your life. You could only imagine the nightmare it would be to introduce any possible boy friend material to him.

Tony, although once being one himself at one point, did not easily take a liking to many teenager boys. Or, maybe it was just because now he had a teenage girl. If anyone knew the ‘dangers’ of having a teenage girl and a teenage boy in the same room together, it was probably Tony Stark.  

You could only hope that this would someday change.

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He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not

It’s the summer of 1994, and Eddie is in love. More specifically, in love with Richie Tozier.

He denied the feelings he had until he was 15. The two had a sleepover one stormy summer night and they had cuddled to keep warm and that was it. Eddie couldn’t deny what he was feeling to himself anymore. He didn’t even know if 15 year olds could be in love, but he definitely thought he was.

Fast forward 3 years later, and he knows for sure he’s in love.

Richie was, on the surface, nothing like him. A rebel without a cause, wild and free, completely unrestrained by anything. He was impulsive and loud, with an eclectic style to match. Eddie on the other hand was structured. Crisp and clean, cautious and always prim and proper and quiet. His mother always said he was delicate and fragile, though he hated feeling that way, like a paper doll. Richie and Eddie were like oil and water it seemed, but regardless, Eddie was in love.

So here he is now, sitting on a rock by the river, alone with his thoughts. On his way to the river he found a flower with lots of petals, so he picked it, and is now examining it. Eddie strokes one of the soft petals before pulling it off of the flower and murmuring, “he loves me.” Again he pulls a petal off. “He loves me not.”

He repeats this, over and over, until he is left, staring at the final petal, and defeatedly has to say, “he loves me not.”

Of course it’s just chance that it ended up that way, but Eddie was looking for a sign, any sort of indication that maybe Richie wanted him too. He throws the petal ridden flower into the river and watches it get swept away.

Eddie is more than caught off guard when he hears a soft yet clear “He loves you, you know,” from behind him. He whips his head around, nearly knocking himself off the rock he’s sitting on, only to see a sheepish Richie, casually stepping out from the tall grass surrounding the river.

“Jesus Christ dipshit, you scared the crap out of me!” Eddie snaps, trying to get his heart rate under control. “How long have you been standing there?”

“A couple minutes. I saw your bike by the dirt path and wanted to come see you.” Richie responds casually.

It was then that Eddie fully processed the words that gave away Richie’s presence in the first place. He loves you, you know. Richie had seen him pulling the petals off of the flower.

“What did you mean when you said ‘he loves you, you know’, Rich?” Eddie asks slowly, his heart pounding in his chest, but this time for a different reason all together.

Richie smiles his warm, crooked smile. “I think you know what I meant, Eds.”

Richie walks up to Eddie then, and extends his arm, revealing a flower, the same kind of flower Eddie had just pulled the petals off of.

“For you.”

Eddie is blushing harder than he thinks he ever has. He watches Richie reach up to place the flower in Eddie’s mousy brown hair, just behind his right ear. He feels Richie slide his hand down to cup his jaw, brushing his thumb across the small boys soft cheek. Eddie leans into the touch.

Eddie reaches out to feel Richie’s worn jean vest, covered in patches and pins, some of which Eddie bought for him. He loves that vest just like he loves the boy wearing it. He finally meets Richie’s eyes, and he thinks this is what home feels like. More than anything else, Richie is his home.

So Eddie kisses Richie then, and it’s more than he could’ve ever imagined. Careful and cautious at first, just like how Eddie is, but once the two kiss for a while it becomes more like Richie is, passionate and impulsive and so, so perfect.

Richie is nothing like Eddie and Eddie is nothing like Richie, but maybe they’re two sides of the same coin. Maybe, they love each other enough that their differences will work together.

4 years later Richie proposes, and Eddie is still in love. He says yes.

Speak and I'll Listen

Cas and Dean have been neighbors since they were six years old, the fact that Cas is deaf meaning little to Dean until an accident makes it all too clear. Valentine’s Day special.

Dean had lived across from Castiel since he was six years old. He still remembered when the Novak’s had moved in, and how excited he’d been when a little black-haired boy with a bee stuffed animal had tottered into the house after his mother. Because they’d been the same age, and as far as Dean’s six-year-old brain had figured, that meant he got to make a new friend. Dean had always been happy to make friends.

He’d begged his mother for days – from the arms of their couches and edges of countertops – to go and meet them. With Sam on her hip, she’d said, “no, not now,” leaving Dean to wander up to his room dejected and staring out his window at the blue house across the lonely road.

Until the weekend had finally arrived, at which point Mary had packed together a welcome basket, spurred John out of the garage, and held Sam’s hand as they headed from one side across to the next. Dean had been jumping with excited nerves, smiling with his new football held in his tiny hands.

Up the stone walkway to the porch and front door of the house, Mary had knocked, the group waiting with varying degrees of anticipation.

A thin, mousy, blonde haired woman had answered, looking them up and down in silent surprise that Dean had failed to notice. He’d been too busy trying to peek past her legs into the house, looking for the little boy he’d thought he’d invite to play out in the yard.

“Um, hello,” the strange woman had greeted. Mary had said some nice words, introduced them, and soon enough they’d been in the house. Gathered in the kitchen, Dean had looked between the adult’s legs with a vigorous kind of searching, hands flexing around the football. Until, finally being noticed by Mary, an explanation had been given.

“Dean saw your son, I think,” she’d said to the strange woman, a questioning smile on her bright face, as if to make sure she’d been assuming correctly. “He’s been bugging me all week to come over and talk to you so they could play.”

“Oh…” Dean had turned hopefully up to them, not perceptive enough to see that the blonde – her name was Amelia – had been fidgeting in unease, her voice hardly above a murmur. “Well…” She’d looked Dean up and down – at his ruffled blonde hair and dirt-smudged face. He’d been teaching Sam how to catch earlier, to little success. “I suppose that… that might be alright.”

Both Mary and John had been perplexed by her hesitance, but said nothing on it as she’d walked from the kitchen. Figuring that perhaps she was simply overprotective, they’d instead focused on stopping Sam from wandering under the bar chairs, getting him rounded up just in time for Amelia to return to the room.

She’d been bent over someone, hands on the small shoulders of the little boy walking ahead of her. He’d been gripping his bee stuffed animal, a look of nervousness painted across his delicate features as he’d looked the newcomers up and down. His black hair had been nicely brushed, no filthy spots on his clothes.

None of this had deterred Dean however, who’d bounded forward with a smile, successfully startling the other boy, whose blue eyes had widened in surprise.

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A knock sounded on the door. Wade Wilson was on his feet and pirouetted his way to the door in a matter of seconds, flinging it wide open.

“Thank Thor (or Loki)! I was about to starve!

The kid at the door looked on, vaguely unimpressed at Wade’s antics. “Are you the mister Pool comma Dead who ordered a large, uh… pineapple olive, large anchovy mushroom, and large special order of four cheese with… mozzarella sticks as the topping?” he recited the order in a bored drawl, but there was a hint of judgement in his tone. So Wade liked his pizzas with a bit of zest and creativity. Was it a crime? Part of Wade hoped it was, how thrilling would it be to live on the run from the cops for daring to order a pizza outside the conventional system? It would make a great movie! He should write it, he could make millions-

“I’m taking that as a yes,” Pizza kid said, clearing his throat loudly. “If you could maybe pay for these, I gotta get going.” He shifted the pizzas in his grip with a peeved look on his face.

Okay, rude. It’s not like Wade had made him stand there for… Wade checked his watch. Oh. Nearly five minutes. Okay, maybe he’d been dissociating a bit longer than he realized. “My bad,” Wade said, reaching for his wallet, “what do I owe ya for, pretty boy?”

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It was a tiara. Several of the watchmen gasped. Roland looked smug. Letitia looked objectionably winsome. Mrs Proust sighed. And Tiffany… went back in time, just for a second. But in that second she was a little girl again, reading the well-thumbed book of fairy stories that all her sisters had read before her.

But she had seen what they had not seen; she had seen through it. It lied. No, well, not exactly lied, but told you truths that you did not want to know: that only blond and blue-eyed girls could get the prince and wear the glittering crown. It was built into the world. Even worse, it was built into your hair colouring. Redheads and brunettes sometimes got more than a walk-on part in the land of story, but if all you had was a rather mousy shade of brown hair, you were marked down to be a servant girl.

Or you could be the witch. Yes! You didn’t have to be stuck in the story. You could change it, not just for yourself, but for other people. You could change the story with a wave of your hand.

But she sighed anyway, because the jewelled headdress was such a wonderful thing.
—  Terry Pratchett, I Shall Wear Midnight
Orange Sherbet » Chae Hyungwon


summary: “I was thinking hyungwon as a single dad would be super hot so could I have a single dad hyungwon au where he’s got a son/daughter and he starts bringing them to daycare where you work and the first day he brings his kid he sees you and you’re trying to ask him questions but you’re so pretty and he’s really flustered around you and when he sees you with his kid his heart just melts and he’s always asking his kid about ‘miss y/n’ and the kid is so over it”
words: 4086
category: fluff, single father!hyungwon, nurse!hyungwon
a/n: this ends in dialogue but hopefully it’s not as messy as it seems i don’t know. anyway i think this is one of the cutest things i’ve written so pls enjoy and support monsta x thanks

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Woosung was Hyungwon’s pride and joy. No matter how dark things got, or how gloomy the world seemed, it was okay, because Woosung would always be there when he got home.

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pet shop girl

Harry is lonely and meets a girl at a pet shop 

 I slowly pulled in and parked in the spot directly right in front of the shop. I turn off the ignition and pull the keys out of the socket and stuff them in my pocket. I reach for the door handle and pull it down to step out of the car. I stroll up and step on the side walk, reaching and ripping the door handle open. I hear the loud chimes as I opened the door all the way. I see an older woman feeding a few of the puppies some kibble, when she notices my presence she lifts her head up and look over towards my way.

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When Sirius was a kid his mum always made him get haircuts in a ‘smart’ style he never liked .

it was still long enough on top to get knotted .

So every day his mum would yank a brush through his hair till his eyes watered and he felt like he’d been scalped.

He honestly thought a purpose of a brush was to hurt him. And he just assumed other people did it as a weird fashion thing. Like muggle lip injections

So first thing his did at hogworts was to grow his hair out and brush his hair as little as he could.

Third year came around and he’d settled on growing it out to his shoulder and he was happy with his look.

It wasn’t as messy as James’s but not the neet ponytail Remus wore.

He always joked he had the best sex hair.

One day he had put his hair up in a ponytail for herboligy and when he took it out it got stuck.

Panicking he would have to cut his hair he ran to Remus who had similar length hair as him .

Remus assured him they wouldn’t need to cut it off .

He sat him down getting out a Combe saying he could brush it out.

Sirius jumps away saying that maybe cutting it wouldn’t be so bad.

Remus manages to cokes him back saying if it hurts he’ll stop.

True to his word he slowly works the knots out and freeing the elastic .

Once he was finished he could work the brush all the way through his hair without snagging once.

Sirius found he actually enjoyed this new way of getting his hair brushed.

Remus found he didn’t mind being able to play with Sirius’ hair. It was thicker then his own mousy hair .

Soon enough it became a ritual of theirs.

Every other day in the common room Remus would be sat on the sofa near the fire and Sirius would come down with a brush and sit in the floor in-between his legs.

And Remus would brush out and play with his hair.

It also became common that Sirius would fall asleep Wilst having his hair messed with.

Quite often james would come in to see Sirius asleep against Remus leg resting his head in his knee

James teases him saying it was a dog thing

Sirius enjoyed it too much to care

1. The Meeting

A/N: It finally happened.  My self-indulgence has reached a new low.  Welcome to my ongoing imagine/blurb series about Niall and his dog, Abby.  

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Niall peered into the small kennel at the two lumps of chestnut and white fur.  His large hand was wrapped securely around a small stuffed moose and he picked at the fur absentmindedly.  After all, Maura had always told him to arrive with a gift.  The stout, mousy-haired woman running the Cavalier rescue knelt down and opened the wire door.  She beckoned Niall to do the same and he gingerly got down on the floor trying to ignore the tight creak of his left knee.  

“Now, these two were brought to us by a local breeder.  They were the only ones to survive from the litter and she just didn’t have the resources to care for them.  They’re up to date on their shots and heart worm preventative, now they’re just looking for a home!”  

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Overview: When the Malfoys host a Masquerade ball on the Vernal Equinox, old relationships are rekindled and new feelings are formed. But the clock always strikes midnight and good things always come to an end.
Word Count: 2,500
Note: No Voldemort, Death Eaters, etc.

⇢  A Draco x Reader work loosely based on the story of Cinderella.

The last time you visited England, you were four. Now, over ten years later, you found yourself back in the same place. Wiltshire: The location of the esteemed Malfoy Manor and the home of the even more prestigious Malfoys.

For the first time since you were given the choice, you attended the Equinox ball with your parents. Every year, the ball had a different theme; this year, the theme was a masquerade.

As you walked through the rustic entrance gates, you noticed the golden glow of the sunset reflecting off the newly bloomed flowers lining the eight-foot tall hedges in the front garden. Despite your parents’ stories of previous galas, the manor was even bigger than you imagined.

Still, something about the stone palace was rebarbative.

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the signs as good experiences

Aries: Laying in a brown tinted room with your partner, your legs on theirs while the tv plays in the background. Smoke fills the air from your recent cigarette and your both sit down drinking alcohol and admiring each others tattoos. You’re in love

Taurus: It’s mid July, school is out, you’re 9 years old hanging out with your friends. You run down the bright green field near a park with waterguns, the sound of children screaming as the ice cold water collides with them fills the air. The sun is shining, everyone’s happy.

Gemini: Your makeup looks good, you walk into the party side and side with your best friend and everyone is in awe of you. Music is loud and everyone is laughing having a good time. Neon lights appear in the air and for those few hours, you forget reality and just let loose.

Cancer: The flowers have bloomed and it’s late afternoon. Everyone has left your group apart from you and her. You sit down watching the sun in a field of daisies discussing future plans. She wants to spend her future with you. You lay down hand in hand and look at each other while she puts flowers in your hair and you admire her freckles.

Leo: The sky is a shade of peach and you can hear the birds chirping. The autumn leaves are scattered on the ground, each one of them waiting to be crunched in contact with your doc martens. Nobody is awake yet, it’s just you and you alone.

Virgo: Everything is the freshest shade of white, you can see your mousy brown hair and beaming smile in the reflection of the counter. Your new house is ready. As your partner wraps their hands around your waist, it’s hit you. Your life is coming into place and everything is good in the world. 

Libra: You’ve been meaning to tell her this for a long time and today is the day. The sound of people screaming on rides fills the air and the smell of popcorn tickles your senses. As you get closer in the line to your ride with her you take her hand and smile. You’ve never been this nervous. Once on top of the ride, you look her deep in the eyes and say ‘’I love you’’ before you drop down in excited screams.

Scorpio: It’s you and her, skin on skin. It’s currently 3am and life couldn’t be better. She climbs on top of you and kisses you passionately before she climbs off and points to the stars from the rooftop you’re on. ‘’You see them two starts next to each other? It’s me and you’’ she says with a happy sigh

Sagittarius: It’s the last day of school, both happy and sad cries are all around as people sign each others yearbooks. You won’t miss this place, truthfully, this is probably the best day of you life. But there’s one thing missing, her. Since you started this school all you’ve wanted to do was speak to her and get to know her, and even call her yours, but it never happened. Opening your yearbook you read the back with all the messages. ‘’Hey (y/n) We never spoke much but I’d like to get to know you over the summer! Here’s my number (h/n) xox- (H/N)

Capricorn: It’s mid October and school is going well. Your grades are high and you’re fairly like by your peers. You step out onto your front porch with your journal and copic markers and start doodling everything around you, the scattered orange leaves on the ground, the house with the broken window next to you. Your mousy brown short hair in the wind. The guy on the bike that just waved at you. Life couldn’t get any better.

Aquarius: The snow is falling down and school has been cancelled. You plan on a netflix marathon of your favourite show all day until there’s a knock at the door. It’s him. ‘’I have something to show you’’ he says. After about 10 minutes of walking in the freezing cold, you enter a forest, inside the forest there is a fire burning and all of your friends are sitting on wooden logs roasting marshmallows. He grabs you buy the face and kisses you while everybody ooh and aww.

Pisces: It’s a 3am pit stop on your road trip. You’re with your 4 closest friends as you exit the car and walk into a local supermarket. You grab and pay for a buttload of snacks before heading back into the car. The sound of neck deep blasts through the car stereo and everybody is having a blast singing along and dancing. You lean your head on his shoulder and he kisses your forehead. There’s 5 hours until your destination and you never want this night to end,

Intricate Designs - Bucky Barnes Soulmate AU

Summary: When Bucky is free from the brain washing Hydra forced him into him, Steve tells him of the patterns tat adorn some people’s arms.

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Class Dismissed - Remus Lupin

requested by anon: yooooooooooooo some smutty professor!lupin x student!reader smut please? maybe he dismisses a whole lesson because you were teasing him by (jokingly) flirting with a boy in class??? tysm!!

A/N: requests are still open! please keep them coming (:

warning: smutty smut smut, age gap relationship, Lolita complex, (wrap before you tap guys)


His lips puckered around the end of his pencil, teeth slightly grazing the edges as he studied his class; silent. Quills scratched against dry parchment and wind whistled gently against windows, sounds that made his heart flutter with delight.

Sitting three rows from the front and two seats to the left with a lollipop sitting firmly between your teeth, you looked like heaven in a classroom. He knew you were off limits, he was way too old and you were so young. So young, yet so beautiful.

Remus treasured the days he spent with you, simply because you were his favourite thing to think about, to dream about. To fantasise about. You were his girl, but only in his dreams. What had failed to escape both your lips kept hidden fantasies hushed in fear that you’d get caught. He didn’t know you wished for him too.

On this day you looked like a real dream. Your hair was fluffy and natural, curling slightly at the tips. Your eyelashes were thick and long- fluttering whenever you blinked. But the best thing was that your lips looked so pink and smooth, he wanted to know what his cock felt like in between them.

Currently you were struggling with a topic Remus had set for the class, and he was oblivious to your silent confusion. Your quill had hovered above the parchment for a few minutes whilst you thought, but when nothing came to your mind, you simply gave up writing.

Your writing partner for the lesson, Neville, was having trouble too. Neville usually had trouble with some subjects and you two normally were sat next to each other, and being close friends was a bonus.

Remus noticed your wicked smile as Neville’s heart began to race, your fingers lazily laying on top of his thigh. “Nev,” you mewled, chewing on your bottom lip. “I’m struggling.”

“M-mhm?” He stuttered, his cheeks flushing scarlet, his body flushing with heat.

“Yeah,” you said, giggling. “Do you even get this?”

Remus watched you both in agony, jealous of how easily you teased Neville’s emotions, wanting you for himself. Of course he’d give you a detention for you distracting fellow pupils, but he wanted to watch this scene unfold.

Neville was sweating. A thin layer of sweat was dampening his collar, and he struggled to breath properly. Your fingers now danced around the zip on his trousers, and you noticed the large bulge in his crotch. “I don’t think I g-get it either,” he agreed.

Remus held his breath as you flicked Neville’s zip, looking straight at him. Your eyes held a strong gaze with the Professor, a bright smile playing on your face. “Y/N… I think we should stop,” Neville whispered in your ear, his hot breath tickling the side of your face.

“Ok,” you nodded, gripping his crotch tightly. Neville audibly moaned, trying to cover it up with a cough. Remus gasped, standing up and slamming his hand onto the desk.

His eyes darted past all the students confused faces to yours; wicked. “Unfortunately there has been a slight change in events. You can all finish this for homework, I’d like you all to leave.”

You stood up, accomplishment adorning your features as you stuffed your belongings in your bag, Neville already rushing out of the door to his common room. You stayed behind, dragging your feet slowly across the classroom.

“Y/N,” he called out.

You smirked. “Yes, professor?”

The sound of his footsteps became louder as he stood behind you, grabbing your waist with both hands. His strong fingers dipped into your skin, probably bruising them purple already. “Mmm,” you moaned, leaning your head back against his broad chest.

“You’ve been a bad girl. You know that?” He breathed heavily, watching you close your heavy eyes.

Remus loved watching you, from early in the morning when you’d just woken up, to late at night when you’d sneak into the kitchens for food. He had no idea where this sudden burst of confidence came from, but he was enjoying it.

“I have?” You questioned, turning around in his grip to face him. His cheeks were flushed, his eyes slightly bloodshot and his mousy hair tousled. He looked like a real man to you.

“You have,” he replied, lifting you up onto a desk. Your legs involuntarily opened, your short skirt lifting slightly to expose your already naked heat to him.

“Naughty, naughty girl,” he tutted, undoing his brown patchwork tie. “No underwear? You’re fearless.”

“O-Only for you,” you gasped as he reached forward to circle a finger on your clit, awakening the nerves in your small bundle of muscle. His other hand was busy with throwing his tie to the side and unbuttoning his shirt, which you helped him with.

Remus slid one finger inside you, his thumb coming up to rub lines up and down your clit as you tugged his shirt off, gripping onto his arms. His muscles tensed as he worked, a second finger added to try and locate your g-spot, which he did almost instantly.

This resulted in a long, drawn out whimper from you, your legs shaking in pleasure. “Could your little toy do this?” he growled, biting your neck gently. “Could Neville fuck you with his fingers like I am?”

You couldn’t answer in words, only moans and groans seemed to fall from your plump lips. “N-No,” you gasped, him stroking your g-spot rapidly.

Your legs wrapped around his waist and his fingers pumped in and out of you at such a fast pace, you were sure you could pass out. Your orgasm washed over you like the tide, a wave of pleasure blinding your senses so all you could hear was white noise, all you could see was black.

He brought you back to reality with a soft kiss to your lips, a small smile on your face as he stood in between your legs to cover you. “I think I should tease Neville more often,” you laughed.

He growled, grabbing your jaw roughly. “I fucking dare you.”

You grinned even though your face was contorted by his grip, thick lashes covering your innocent eyes as you giggled. “Oh I’m glad I got your permission, Sir.”

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Nessian brown😁

Nessian + Coffee Shop AU

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Nesta was informed that day would be one of the most unfortunate of her life since morning. Her horoscope said so. Of course, she didn’t believe it.  

“Capricorn,” Elain had read from the glossy magazine left on the kitchen counter, munching loudly on her muesli cereal while tying her hair in a bun high over her head, “Retrograde Saturn. Take care, stubborn children of the Zodiac – this is most definitively not your day. Beware of strangers, rain, and unexpected setbacks.”

Pah,” Nesta had scoffed, voice dripping contempt, as she solidly hated each one of those things. “You should stop reading that stuff, Elain. It’s nothing but crap. Utter nonsense,” she added, and went out in the chilly April morning, her black umbrella boldly left resting by the door, just to prove her point.

Seven hours and half later, Nesta was privately – very privately – pondering the wisdom of that choice.  And of challenging fate in so bold a fashion.

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