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Inktober 6: Pumpkin Heads

when i saw this prompt, i wondered what mood i wanted to go for and finally decided on 19th century portraiture. what i didn’t expect was that when i looked up inspiration for a pose/composition that i’d find so many delightfully silly portraits. upon further research, tricks of editing–such as headless portraits, or ‘impossible figures’–were a popular thing, but took lots of forethought and effort to achieve at times. so a simpler, but equally fun option was to swap clothes.

here’s the photo i used as reference, and while i am sad that i couldn’t find its origin, it is one of several ‘crossdressing’ portraits that exists from the victorian era. i highly recommend checking them out, everyone looks INCREDIBLY dapper, and i adore that in each of them you can see the humor in their suppressed smiles.

A probably incomplete list of Reasons why @historicalfrenchgays is rlly rlly great:
-the other half of the xtreme Chevy defence squad (maybe third? Maybe she mentioned another person?? There are v few of us anyway it’s a high and mighty mission)
-one of those people you just know gives really really great hugs?? I’ve never had a hug from her but I am convinced she’s great for cuddling
-huge history nerd willing to participate in v serious historical investigations such as deciding whether or not Philippe had the family moustache
-such a lovely face?????? A very lovely face 10/10 good job
-so good for talking to like she always knows the right thing to say even when it’s a tricky conversation and there isn’t a right thing she just?? Gets that fine balance between comforting and realistic
-not afraid to voice her thoughts and opinions even if they aren’t universally popular??? Braver than like 10 of me it’s v impressive but she’s good at doing it in a non-obnoxious way
-gives off this lowkey really safe comforting vibe like? One of the people I’m most confident about not losing outside of my family
-have I mentioned so great and easy to talk to wow no wonder everyone loves her
-sends puppy gifs and versailles gifs what more could anyone want in a conversation
-listens to me whining about les mis and being the pickiest fan in the world and even joins in how great how wonderful
-might actually be Philippe who knows

Feel free to add more lads idk if I remembered all the important things