So here are some more pictures of the cleric I painted yesterday. I tried several new things I’ve never done before with painting. The most noticeable would probably be the little cross I put on his robe. After I finished my wash layer on the red part of his robe I took a little time to practice painting white crosses on cardboard. I tried putting a similar wash coat on the white cross after I was finished, but I couldn’t quite make it blend in as much as I wanted. After spending way too much time on it I decided to live with what it turned out to look like before I wound up making it look like a bad white smudge. I decided to throw out my idea of making a white lab mouse fur color and go with a light brown fur color. After thinking about it for a while I worried about being able to make it work or contrast with what I wanted to do with his robe without making his fur turnout to be light grey. I was kind of going for a white mage-y kind of look on his robe (from the early Final Fantasy games). I really wanted to try to add more small red designs to his robe kind of like the triangular designs here:

External image

but I don’t think I have a brush small enough to do that well, nor the skill - at least for now :D But all things considered I think he turned out well.


So here is the fully painted Flynn the pirate mouse from the Reaper Miniatures Mouslings set. I just recently got one of the new nexus 7 tablets (2nd gen) and have been using it to take pictures of future miniatures I plan to paint or completed miniatures like the one above. It’s kind of hard finding a decent camera that can focus on such a small object with this much detail. So sorry about the image quality - it’s not the best - but it’s one of the few picture taking modalities that I have that will at the very least not show an unrecognizable fuzzy little glob on your screen.

While I was painting him I was listening to my “Two Steps From Hell” channel on Pandora radio (If you haven’t heard of TSFH and like theatrical music - fit with orchestra, choir, and the occasional electric guitar with drum set - then you need to check this group out, awesome music!) and I was about to wind down for the night, but The Pirates of the Caribbean soundtrack came on and so I just had to keep painting :D It was so fitting.