Thanks for sending all those prompts, guys! I’m drawing them now, but I’d like to upload this before Thanksgiving ends :P

Branch has one hell of a sweet tooth and he’ll often try to get his hands on Poppy’s cooking before it’s served or even cooled

AKA, Poppy finds use for Branch’s ridiculous amount of mousetraps 

(what probably happened when Tanaka and Souda first introduced themselves on Jabberwock island)

Tanaka: I must ask you, fiend; whose master are you?

Souda: Huh? Come again?

Tanaka: Which tribe have you formed a pact with? Answer me!

Komaeda: *whispers* He’s asking if you had a pet, Souda-kun.

Souda: Pet? I’ve never had any…well, there was this one time when we had a lot of mice…

Tanaka: *looks interested*

Souda: Yeah…come to think of it, those might have been one of my first inventions! Those mousetraps were sweet - we were able to flush out every one of those rats!

Tanaka: ……

Souda: Crap, I think I said the wrong thing…


wandering around london lusting over pretty theatres, 18/03/15

[ wicked @ apollo victoria theatre // shakespeare in love @ noel coward theatre // a view from the bridge @ wyndhams theatre // billy elliot @ victoria palace theatre // the mousetrap @ st martins theatre // stomp @ ambassadors theatre // les mis @ queens theatre // the curious incident of the dog in the nighttime @ gielgud theatre ]

Sherlolly Halloweek: Day Two
  • *a haunted house*
  • Molly: *looking around nervously
  • Sherlock: *examining paintings; smirking* Fascinating.
  • Molly: *moves closer* What?
  • Sherlock: *gestures* A panel behind the eyes. I thought they only did that in movies.
  • Molly: *hurriedly* Yeah, does it mean anything?
  • Sherlock: *shrugs* Perhaps.
  • Molly: *exasperated* Why did I agree to this?
  • Sherlock: *feels along the frame* Because you love a challenge.
  • Molly: *folds her arms* An And Then There Were None themed dinner? Against our friends? I like a challenge not Mission Impossible.
  • Sherlock: *amused* What makes you say that?
  • Molly: *blushes* Well, you know...I'm sorry you got landed with me *smiles nervously*
  • Sherlock: *smiles at her* You're excellent company, Molly *goes back to checking out the wall* and we're going to win.
  • Molly: Oh?
  • Sherlock: *nods* Our host stupidly paired John and Mary together. First night away from the baby? They're not going to be interested in a fake murder mystery.
  • Molly: *chuckles* I suppose not.
  • Sherlock: *still looking* Graham and Mycroft started in the kitchen. No chance of them winning. Irene and Anthea are our biggest competition. Ah-ha! *pushes the painting upswards*
  • -a trapdoor opens beneath their feet and they fall into a dark cell-
  • Sherlock: *rubbing his head* Are you okay?
  • Molly: *groans* Yeah. It's okay I landed on something soft.
  • Sherlock: *pained* Yes. would you mind-
  • Molly: *hastily stands up* Oh, God, sorry *looks uo at the trapdoor; sighs* Nice one, genius.
  • Sherlock: *mutters* I didn't see you do any better.

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just dropping in to say that i love centripetal force!!! (mutual pining is my weakness) and also that i opened the fic w/o reading the summary bc the title was centripetal and not centrifugal force! (physics nerd here)

Eyyy that makes me so happy!!! *hugs* And haha tru!! Honestly I’m so bad at physics (and science in general) myself but I do know that centrifugal is the fake one ;)