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For the aesthetic request ummmm something with space would be cool! Thank you


DIY Soap Crystals

DIY Moon Clock / DIY Galaxy Slime / DIY Cosmic Mouse Pad

DIY Bottle Nebula

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Wtf am i doing..

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Having a clean and eye-pleasing workspace is the key to a productive, positive day; and your mousepad is the perfect canvas for a desktop enhancing DIY. There’s no reason to stick to a straight old square - get creative by using a foam sheet to make a custom shape. We opted for an oversized gem…and with an easy trace job and some colorful paint to fill it in, sitting down to tackle that overflowing inbox is instantly a more chic and cheerful experience!

To create: Trace the outlines of the faceted gem template with a pencil. Place template face down on the foam sheet and scratch over the lines to transfer them with a bone scorer. Cut out the template with scissors. Tape sections of the facets with ¼" thick painter’s tape and paint them in with a sponge brush. Let section dry completely before moving on to the next one.