Anthro Gotham AU. A selection of some of Gotham’s… notable figures. There’s so much I want to say about each of them haha, but I think I’ll try and make some individual posts instead!

From left to right:
Oswald Cobblepot (birdfolk)
Harvey Dent (dogfolk)
Ra’s al Ghul (birdfolk)
Jack Napier (deerfolk)
Harleen Quinzel (rabbitfolk)
Pamela Isley (plantfolk?)
Edward Nigma (weaselfolk)
Talia al Ghul (birdfolk)
Jonathan Crane (mousefolk)
Jervis Tetch (rabbitfolk)
Selina Kyle (catfolk)
Tim Drake (birdfolk)
Bruce Wayne (catfolk)
Kate Kane (catfolk)
Barbara Gordon (dogfolk)
Alfred Pennyworth (dogfolk)
Dick Grayson (birdfolk)

my friends and i are brewing up some tabletop campaigns, and for the fantasy one i am TORN over which 2 foot tall animal thing i should be. On the left is a Mousefolk named Clove, and the right is an unnamed Fledge. The character concept is for an unusually clean and business-like druid who is very into researching and cataloguing the natural world and its interactions with magic. They’re the D&D equivalent of a biologist, very self-indulgent.

Also they have special glasses with U-curve lenses to cover their entire field of vision, which is wider than a human’s.