Anthro Gotham AU. A selection of some of Gotham’s… notable figures. There’s so much I want to say about each of them haha, but I think I’ll try and make some individual posts instead!

From left to right:
Oswald Cobblepot (birdfolk)
Harvey Dent (dogfolk)
Ra’s al Ghul (birdfolk)
Jack Napier (deerfolk)
Harleen Quinzel (rabbitfolk)
Pamela Isley (plantfolk?)
Edward Nigma (weaselfolk)
Talia al Ghul (birdfolk)
Jonathan Crane (mousefolk)
Jervis Tetch (rabbitfolk)
Selina Kyle (catfolk)
Tim Drake (birdfolk)
Bruce Wayne (catfolk)
Kate Kane (catfolk)
Barbara Gordon (dogfolk)
Alfred Pennyworth (dogfolk)
Dick Grayson (birdfolk)

My Dragonborn's Alcoholic Mousefolk Companion

So in this homebrew campaign I’ve set up in a homebrew setting, I’ve put the 8 players I DM for. All my players are amateurs who have never played before except for the one trial session we played before this second one. In the last session they left off in the middle of a hidden war city, whom they’d just agreed to assassinate someone for. The one player of mine had the privilege of speaking to the dark mage leading the (hive-minded) army and was begging to leave the city ASAP because of an actual fear that showed on his face during the game.

It was the day after that my player, a half-witted Half-Orc, decided to go meet up with the fat short (2'3") mouse-humanoid NPC that ran construction on weapons and other things (basically an extremely intelligent mouse), Mil. Mil is a very important person to the dark mage and the players knew this well. So after talking for a little bit, Mil opened his bag of holding to grab something to give him for the road, as I made him a kind and innocent character among the evil atrocities of the dark war city. It was then that my player says, “I pick him up by the underside and toss him into the bag of holding,” in his very ignorant voice & accent.

With a heavy sigh and nervous laughter I instruct him to roll a dexterity check, with a natural 19 he flips my innocent little mouse character, many levels ahead of the party, into the bag and slings it over his shoulder. He then continues to raid everything Mil was working on, including a half-finished magic great-weapon & its misc parts, several potions, a few handmade desks, and everything that was already in the bag of holding. In his mind he was thinking he was saving Mil from staying in this place (he wasn’t). He then goes back to the inn they were staying at and takes every single barrel of mead and shoves it into the bag. 

After a week of travel later, they reach the city of their target. One of the players wanted some practice so they slaughtered some farmer’s nearby livestock and threw that in the bag of holding as well. Coming to the night of the hit one week later, they decided to let Mil out of the bag.

They open it and a Mil, covered in dried blood & gore matted into his fur (from the slaughtered livestock), pupils wide, gropes over the corpses of cows and sheep to climb out of the bag. Breathing heavily, eternally scarred by his time in the dark and drowning in blood, he goes silent and comatose. After talking some to him, they find he was in their for a total of a month (because time in the bag goes twice as fast) and had drank 7 barrels of the mead and eaten much of the raw livestock to survive. After a natural 20 to convince Mil to join them, he only would do so for the promise of more alcohol (to feed his addiction he gained living off of it for a full month) and the ability to continue construction on the weapon. My Dragonborn player handed him a mug of mead and said, “I think this will work out fine.“ 

So now to forget what was done to him, Mil drinks large amounts of alcohol. He is forever swayed by the influence of spirits and will do anything to keep drinking. He sits on the shoulder of the person who most feeds his addiction, the Dragonborn.

my friends and i are brewing up some tabletop campaigns, and for the fantasy one i am TORN over which 2 foot tall animal thing i should be. On the left is a Mousefolk named Clove, and the right is an unnamed Fledge. The character concept is for an unusually clean and business-like druid who is very into researching and cataloguing the natural world and its interactions with magic. They’re the D&D equivalent of a biologist, very self-indulgent.

Also they have special glasses with U-curve lenses to cover their entire field of vision, which is wider than a human’s.