K’s abiding love of all things Disney found a new outlet this fall, as our friends Christy and Laura introduced us to the phenomenon known as MouseAdventure, a scavenger hunt through Disneyland. M joined K, Laura, and Jamie to form a team (against his better judgment? perhaps) and we headed up to the park on a sunny Sunday in late September, bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, and ready to go hunting! We had met previously to make our team t-shirts to go with our team name: we were the Caterpillar Kidz, in honor of Toy Story 3’s infamous playroom where non-age-appropriate toys go to be destroyed by small children, and so each of our shirts had a character from the movie drawn onto it. K’s was Mr Potato Head!

On the day of the Adventure, the three girls all added little-kid pigtails and facepaint to add to the effect, and we were ready to go!

We took one team picture before the Adventure kicked off, and from that moment until we were done, no cameras allowed. So you’ll just have to take our word for it: MouseAdventure was QUITE an experience. There were definitely some frustrating moments, but we ended up doing quite well, plus we spent the rest of the afternoon and evening enjoying the park’s Halloween decorations, riding as many rides as we could, and basically having a fantastic time.

CanFans know that Disney trash cans make great writing desks, especially during events like MouseAdventure!

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// Walt Disney World, Magic Kingdom, Main Street U.S.A., 2012

[Source: MouseAdventure via Twitter. Used by permission.]

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For his spring break, K’s brother Michael came out to San Diego for a week! We were thrilled to have him, as always, and extra excited that he would be here in time to join us for our second (his first) MouseAdventure! M & K had been planning to play as a two-person team, but three turned out to be a charm. M picked our team name, Ball So Hard University, in honor of Raven Terrell Suggs, and we all got matching Ravens purple shirts.

Michael arrived late Saturday night and we tried to get to bed at a reasonable hour - but did I mention MouseAdventure took place on Spring Forward Sunday? And that we had to get up at 5am (which really felt like 4am)? Yeah. It was a good thing we had the adrenaline of competition to get us going that morning.

We had a blast. The format of the game had us focusing on different areas of the park at different times, working on sets of small puzzles in order to gain access to more difficult challenges. We played off of each others’ strengths, got lucky a few times, and ran around like crazy people for approximately seven hours. After? Well, then it was time to ride rides like normal people. Michael loved California Screamin’, and K was guilted into trying Tower of Terror for the first time. Michael finally got to ride Space Mountain and the new Star Tours, and loved them both. We played in the park until it closed - an amazing feat, all things considered. Not a bad way to kick off Michael’s stay in Southern California!

ohmuffins replied to your post: 8th!!!!!

I have no clue what this is, but: YAY! :]

Ha! It’s an epic scavenger hunt that takes place throughout Disneyland (and there’s one in Disney World too). Put on by a group of people that call themselves MousePlanet. It’s basically the epitome of my Disney dorkdom and I LOVE IT. It happens twice a year and this past fall was our first one. We placed fifth out of about twenty teams in our category that time - so to be eighth overall (out of 152 teams) is ridiculously exciting and I’m not embarrassed by my extreme dorkiness at all.

My brother and I are actually going back to Disneyland tomorrow. I’m not obsessed. I promise.

Per #MouseAdventure rules, we now have to assume radio silence, blacked out, no communication whatsoever! See you at 4 o'clock! @mouseplanet @mouseadventure (at Disney’s Paradise Pier Hotel)