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32 - Eleven brushing River's hair and River letting him even though it'll be an absolute disaster

“yep sure feels like it”
“I’m not panicking, sweetie”

he is trying his best and that means he’s only going to break one (1) hairbrush this time

A Timeless Meeting

This is mainly what happened when I stayed up too late. To be fair however, I had felt it was very odd that Mickey wasn’t around in the Timeless River level of Kingdom Hearts II. They could spare the budget to add Pete’s original design into the level but not Mickey? So I decided to have Sora sneaking back into the Timeless River and meeting Mickey… and added Oswald because Ozzy is awesome!!!

“I gotta hurry before the guys realize I’m gone…” the teenage Keyblader muttered to himself as he slipped through the door, the familiar feeling of his body magically adjusting it’s properties to better fit in other worlds washing over him. The first time Sora had felt such a thing had been when he first visited Atlantica… the shock of appearing in the world and slight pain as his body’s anatomy changed had been overwhelming at first to thepoint of him driving himself into the wall his first attempt to swim.

Now however, he was used to such a change, and he was most certainly not changing into a fish! No what happened first is his color faded, until his pallete consisted of various shades of black and white. Then his limbs stretched, becoming a more noodlelike, and if he had a mirror he would of noticed his eyes becoming larger while his nose shrank and mouth lost its detail. Sora was becoming a toon, one that would fit in nicely in the monochromatic world of the Timeless River.

After their battle against the Heartless whom had somehow managed to penetrate Disney Castle, he and his friends had decided to rest at the Castle for a time. He himself was exhausted after the battle while Donald and Goofy wished to visit their family and ensure they remained safe and sound.

After speaking to Queen Minnie about the strange world they had to travel to in oder to save the Cornerstone of Light, it became clear that what made it so special wasn’t because it was another world, but rather a version of Disney Castle’s world that took place in the distant past… before royalty, Keyblades, or the war againt Heartless and Nobodies had anything to do with the denizens of his traveling companions’ home.

Obviously he was going to be curious about what his friends’ lives were like back when their world was still too innocent to fight any wars, so when the castle was asleep he chose to sneak out so he might visit the Timeless River and explore a bit. So long as he was careful, he shouldn’t affect the timeline too badly and a little curiosity never hurt anyone!

And so that was why he now stood, blinking into the gray sunlight as he watched various toons go about their day. With a small wave to Clarabelle, he trotted off to see what there was to see. On the way he’d have strange looks pointed his way, many still remembered him from when the mysterious appearance of the older, more cruel Pete occurred and how he beat the, assumed, imposter back with the help of the ‘real’ Pete.

Opting to ignore the stares, he chose instead to explore the town. It looked as though many were preparing for a festival of sorts, though now that he was paying attention to the town and not the Heartless he was noticing that the place seemed a lot more chaotic than before… and violent, if the raging curses of various toons were to be believed.

Dodging past an angry mob that seemed determined to chase after a mismatching figure he couldn’t get a decent look at he, he stared in awe at the how casually people would lose their temper around here. This was where the King, Donald and Goofy grew up!? With Donald’s temper he might understand… but Goofy is one of the most calm minded individuals he’d ever met! And the King, what few times he’d been able to speak to him, had always seem so serious and levelheaded!

Unknown to him, the figure, or rather figures, the mob was chasing had given the ol’ run around and decided to lead them back where they came from. Which the only path to was incidentally being blocked by Sora.

“HEY FELLA! WATCH OUT WILL YA!?” The eldest of the figures, a rabbit with a scowl upon his face, called out as he carried his younger, and more danger prone, brother up on his shoulders.

“Wha-?” Sora was unfortunate, or perhaps fortunate depending on your few, enough not to react in time and found himself being stomped upon by said rabbit who, incidentally, lost his hold upon said younger brother as he ran past. Leaving his poor sibling to blink at his dust trail as the mob continued their chase, trampling poor Sora in the process.


A certain mouse was forced to stand in slight confusion as his brother left him and the mob, too busy bein’ a mob to notice that one of the targets of their ire was left behind, rushed past. The confusion however, did not last for he was a clever mouse, one as small and curious as he had to be, especially with his unfortunate penchant for causing trouble. There was a new guy getting up from being trampled next to him, someone he’d never seen before!

But this fella looked really different, just like that weirdo Yen Sid that kept on staring at him for some reason. He had a theory that the old man was from another world or something, so did that mean this new guy was from another world too? He must have been terrible at blending in though, because if he weren’t he’d of just dodged the mob and kept walking. So naturally, the mouse had to correct him on his mistake!

“Y'know… most other toons woulda just kept walkin’… or joined in the mob.” He stated, casual as could be about the idea of an angry mob chasing him, and why not? It happens almost every day!

“Uh, well I don’t see how I could! It’s not every day you get trampled by a- wait… the King?” The guy did a turnabout, looking ridiculous with his eyes all bugged out. Did he only just notice he was there?

“King? What are ya talkin’ about. There ain’t no king! At least, not yet… maybe when they finish that castle.” Now he was really curious, and confused. What was this yahoo going on about kings for? Everyone knew the king of the castle was gonna be picked when there was a castle! He must of been hit in the head a little too hard when Ozzy jumped on him.

“Uh right… sorry. Um, I’m Sora! And you are?” The guy quickly corrected himself, as if the mouse hadn’t already noticed the slip of the tongue. Said mouse was tempted to raise his brow, but if the guy wanted to pretend it never happened who was he to stop him.

“Nice ta meetcha Sora! Everyone jus’ calls me Mickey Mouse! ” He grinned brightly, signature laugh and pose at the ready. 


Fantasmic! by Jeremy Wong

Welcome to Fantasmic! Tonight, our friend and host Mickey Mouse uses his vivid imagination to create magical imagery for all to enjoy. Nothing is more wonderful than the imagination. For, in a moment, you can experience a beautiful fantasy. Or, an exciting adventure! But beware–nothing is more powerful than the imagination. For it can also expand your greatest fears into an overwhelming nightmare. Are the powers of Mickey’s incredible imagination strong enough, and bright enough, to withstand the evil forces that invade Mickey’s dreams? You are about to find out. For we now invite you to join Mickey, and experience Fantasmic! – a journey beyond your wildest imagination.
—  Introduction of Fantasmic!

Darry tells his little twin sisters to go to bed… 

“Okay, River and Olivia, it’s your bed time. Let’s go.” 

Darry crossed his arms as he watched River’s nose scrunch… he knew what was coming, another tantrum… he was hoping to god he’d be able to avoid this one. 

“No.” River said sternly, her hands on her hips as she glared at her eldest brother. “We are not going to bed. We want to stay up with Two-Bit and watch Mickey Mouse.”

“Uh-oh” Olivia whispered, her mouth created a perfect ‘o’ shape as she tugged on her sister’s arm. “Let’s go to bed, River.” 

“No. We are watching Mickey Mouse.” 

“River, I said that it is time to go to bed time, so you get your little butt up off that couch and you go to sleep.” 

“No.” She said once again, turning to look away from Darry and at the television set. “I’m staying right here.” 

“Come on, Dar, let ‘em finish watching the rest of it. It’ll be finished in no time-”

“Sodapop, don’t you dare try to defend them, they know what their bed time is and they are going to stick to that time. Now, both of you, get to bed this instant.” 

“You’re a pooh head, Darry, I hate you!” River growled as she put her hands on her hips, giving him the angriest little look that she could muster. 

“W-well.” Darry wouldn’t admit to anyone the way his heart had just broke. “That’s just something I’m gonna have to live with, now go to bed.” 

River stomped her feet as she dragged herself to her bedroom, she left Olivia behind who had a sad look upon her face. 

“Darry?” She said softly, she ran as fast as she could to her big brother and wrapped her tiny arms around him. “I don’t hate you. I love you.”

“I love you too, Munchkin.” He wrapped his arms around her tiny body.

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Do you think you'd draw River having a nightmare/River in the night mare itself? Idk, just a thought.

Melody Pond absolutely had nightmares, Anon. “What did you dream about?” Kovarian would ask when Melody woke up shaking.
“I don’t know,” she would whisper. “I don’t know.”
…but then Melody Pond died, remember?

I don’t think River Song dreams at all.