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if you're aphobic unfollow me now

Honestly I don’t understand how people don’t get this aro/ace thing.

-It’s an orientation
-It’s discriminated against by straight people (and everyone else tbh…)
-It’s faced systematic oppression (I mean it was categorized as a mental disorder until… 2013 I believe was when DSM-V came out? Plus lots of other things although I’m too lazy to look up sources atm)
-People who have this orientation suffer under heteronormativity
-Much like any other orientation that isn’t straight it requires constant coming out and dealing with backlash
-There’s more but I’m tired

But somehow we’re evil parasites invading the LGBT+ community. I literally just saw a person saying they wished allies would “reclaim the A”. The LGBT+ community would rather have straight people than aro/ace people? What the fuck. Also, as a queer aro/ace spec person can I just say that NO, het aro/aces are not any more evil than otherwise LGBT+ aro/aces.

Please stop gatekeeping and bullying and making death threats. The LGBT+ community is supposed to be a community for those oppressed and discriminated against because of their romantic/sexual orientations and/or their gender. We fit under that category. We’re a part of the community, like it or not.

Expression of combinations of three different fluorescent proteins in a mouse brain produced ten different colored neurons. Individual neurons in a mouse brain appear in different colors in a fluorescence microscope. This “Brainbow” method enables many distinct cells within a brain circuit to be viewed at one time. 

Every user moves the mouse in a unique way. If you can observe those movements in enough pages the user visits outside of Tor, you can create a unique fingerprint for that user. Then you can identify him inside of Tor, based on how he or she uses the mouse.
—  Researcher Jose Carlos Norte realized that using Javascript, a ubiquitous coding language on the web that is enabled by default in Tor Browser, a spy or hacker controlling a certain website could fingerprint a user based on how he or she moves the mouse