mouse poop*

Pro-Tip #35: Check the Cabinets

When you’re house and apartment hunting, there’s a lot to look at. Probably too much. More than you’re going to remember to look at, that’s for sure. But you should probably look in the cabinets and make sure they’re not secretly full of mouse poop and insects. Most evidence of this throughout the rest of the place will have already been swept and scrubbed away, but just like you are going to forget to look in the cabinets, landlords forget to deep clean them. If there’s any evidence of household pests to be found, it’s gonna be in the corners and on the undersides of those suckers.

For more information on what to look for & what to ask on a walk-through, try my guide (link).

When you think you're helping by cleaning your museum's supply area & end up throwing away the ashes of a volunteer’s dog.

Anonymous submitted: 

There’s no other way to shorten that title and this is 100% true. 

When I first started my current job, my education supplies section of our basement was a complete mess. Think: unlabeled boxes, supplies in cardboard boxes (which rodents love and leads to lots of mouse poop everywhere) and a former employee who saved EVERYTHING. 

By Day 3 of cleaning and organizing, I was getting into my angry “hoarders purge” mode. When I arrived that morning, a pile of random items arrived in my space, and my fists clenched, thinking it was the former employee who placed them there. 

Boy, I could not have been more wrong.

I go through the random items –  a round dog bed, a hula hoop, and, then I find an UNLABELED wooden chest with two bags in it that were filled with a mysterious powered substance. I think to myself, “That would be a great box for something!” And after finding way too many unlabeled supplies previously (and honestly thinking it was possibly kitty litter…) I tossed the bags and kept the chest. 

You all knows what happens from here, but I’ll elaborate.

I learned from my boss the next day that a certain volunteer (who holds doggie training classes at the museum) was missing her dog’s ashes that she had placed (for whatever reason) in the area I was cleaning out. 

Let me state for the record to all that I am a huge dog lover, my nephew is an adorable dog and when I found out what I did, my heart just fell. Luckily, the trash hadn’t been taken out, so she was able to recover the ashes and I was able to apologize (profusely, and frequently). We’re good friends now and she plays pranks on me now and again, which I let her do because, well, yeah.  

Moral of the story? If there’s a bag of mystery powder at your museum, keep it. You never know what it may be!

Things I've said to my cat

“You’re nothing but trouble wrapped in a furry burrito.”

“Why are you so full of tears and poop?”

“Yoda Mouse does not belong in the litter box!”

“Litter is not for eats!”

“Darth Vader cannot be in the bathtub when Mommy takes a shower.”

“No, you cannot eat Mr Rabinowitz. Fish are friends, not food.”

“Why do you hop everywhere?!?”

this is thyme
she lives deep in vietnam rn but is nomadic and has probably been everywhere
her hobbies include fishing and sleeping
she also likes to fight
normally by just jabbing people with her spear and or staff
shes 4'8 and really sneaky, most of the times if she cant find anywhere to fish she’ll just steal from venders

plus shoes are her enemy