mouse melons

My Chemical Romance

Ray toro is a world wide treasure, that needs to be protected 24/7. Fro power. Princess frofro. He “accidentally” punched a cupcake in the face. Emo dad that was not impressed with Amazon prime day. Coffeeeee

Mikey Way is a male model. Gay for Peter Wentz. He doesn’t have asthma, and for the last time, he is n o t obsessed with unicorns. He is my current vibe. Awkward knees. Nose ring. Coffeeeeee.

Frank Iero is an 8 year old smoker. Is short but still taller than me. Punk af. Loves dogs. Has more children than I do friends. Rad af. Is Mickey Mouse in disguise. Shark melon. Coffeeeee

Gerard way is a comic geek. Brother to mikey way. Emo dad af. Needs to learn how to take care of himself (smh, Gee get some neosporin God dammit) Sassy af. Prettier than me. Has been making boys sexually confused since 1977. King of Twitter. Coffeeee

Bob Bryar likes cats. Doesn’t like photos being taken of himself. Left the Emos.

James dewees has rad hair tbh. Skittles af. Pale but interesting. Has been in ½ of Frank Ieros bands. Chill and rad at the same time. Coffffeeee