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The candle of dreams 😍 *ahhh* I’ve wanted one of @leahmouse candles for YEARS and I finally have one and not just anyone one of her brand new, revamped beautiful ones 😁 I wish Instagram had a smell cam feature cause in all honestly the BEST pumpkin scented candle I’ve ever come across, the three layers are all different too- pumpkin apple strudel, pumpkin pie and pumpkin soufflé 🎃 I think we’re going to wait till October to use it but I want more! 😆 I think Leah uses Tumblr yesterday for the first time in a few years since she liked some of my older posts about her- I was quite embarrassed of all my fangirling through the years but I’ve always just really enjoyed her videos, she’s so relatable and down to earth and her positivity, humour and silliness always puts a huge smile on my face she’s like ultimate best friend material 😄 anyway yeah the candle sent from the candle gods 👏🏻 

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Ooh! If Jon is Ned but not actually Ned (via Michelle Clapton, costume designer)... do you remember when Cersei said "bend the knee my lord" and he refused and that got him in trouble and ultimately dead? Jon "bending" the knee to this other queen to play the game would actually fit this. "Everything that happens will be something that you've seen before." What do you think?

I believe that LF’s cryptic monologue was actually referring to many plot points, but excellent catch, Nonny.

I currently do subscribe to the “undercover lover Jon” theory, and will do so until otherwise proven to be false. Jon’s scenes with Dany have been so forced, odd and one-sided ….many (including the other ship) have sensed that something is “off”.

Things that happened during our first "actual" dnd campaign yesterday

Our dm saying “and then time froze because God has to take a shit brb”

A cat and a mouse being gay lovers and hating their owner

Said owner drawing terrible shitty drawings of the cat and leaving them all over

Said owner also having a cheese grater in her drawer

I should also mention that my adventurer (Cyrus) was robbing her

@lonely-mothman ’s character (Dez) trying to beat his fuckin meat in a cold shower

Cyrus kept trying to fucking steal shit

Cyrus also threatened to stab the drug dealer and black market bouncer, Mario, in the eye

And no that’s not just a name it was actually the plumber himself, mario

We fought for like 20 minutes about the logistics of fish sperm (Dez is a fish boy) and then fought about which one of them would be the top and the logistics of Cyrus’ jizz (he’s a slime boy, don’t remember the actual name. Ooze something. I think it starts with a g)


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Do you think Tyrion is in on the undercover lover Jon plot? If so, he may well have told Jon about D and Daario and that she did not get pregnant with him - I know she may have lost a pregnancy by him in the books, but I'm talking purely show here.

Nonny, I DO actually think IF undercover lover/Jon the con is legit, that Tyrion is in on it -or at least picked up on it. Which would explain the odd way he lingered in the hallway of the ship during the finale. It would also explain the look that passed between him and Jon in the Drag0npit when he returned with Cersei the second time, and she agreed to help.

As Tyrion told D/any: “Give him something while giving him nothing -take a step toward a more productive relationship with a possible ally.”


He also told her: “we should never believe a thing simply because we want to.”

Hmmm …..

I guess we’ll eventually find out, Nonny. 😉

Dating Two-bit:

When you first met the famous wise cracking Two-bit he was of course drunk and hit on you. After you had enough of him harassing you, you splashed a drink in his face. The next day rolls around and he asks you out on a proper date.

Sometimes you don’t understand him. How can someone always crack a damn joke and have something to say? Doesn’t matter if he’s getting bothering by the police and lying his way out of petty theft or not.

Regardless of what people think, he can have a serious side. He just doesn’t show it. It’s his way of hiding his emotions, like Dallas being cold. Two only shows this side to you late into the hours of the night. You’ll be walking home from some random place he brought you too and he’ll say something serious, like when he confessed his love for you.

Your favorite place to be with each other is the park, lying down under the stars and talking about getting out of this dry town you all live in. A place where soc’s don’t exist.

It’s the soft side of him you fell for, but you know the gang and his sister will almost always come before you. I say almost because until you two become serious he does put them before you. He has a responsibility- even if he doesn’t like to admit to- to his mother, sister, and the gang.

The gang actually took a warming to you, you’re the only one who can keep up with Two-bit and his shenanigans. Including eating chocolate cake and beer for breakfast.

In the end, you are the only one who truly gets this Mickey Mouse lover.