mouse in a teacup

So imagine a deaf student going to Hogwarts

They can’t pronounce the spells just right all the time, so transfiguring a teacup into a mouse turns into “Stop the devil teacup from eating students.” And Snape is awful to them all the time because he refuses to help someone who “just won’t listen” and the kid is stuck making a draught on their own, so of course they melt the cauldron. And they basically fumble through their first year and is pretty much ignored.

But then in Herbology second year the kid can deal with Mandrakes even better than Professor Sprout. And they make a pretty damn good seeker because they can spot the Snitch from half a mile away. And then they figure out they can do non-verbal spells and suddenly this dumb kid can kick your hearing ass

Side Effect and Waiting for a Prince

Cinderella isn’t necessarily waiting for anything - she is surviving.

To begin, Cinderella is logistically forced into servitude for her livelihood (of shelter, food, and family home and possessions).  She doesn’t openly defy or rebel because escalating a situation when one is already overpowered would very likely result in something worse.

  • If Cindy defied by doing chores wrong then she would be punished with more chores for causing trouble, like in the teacup-mouse scene
  • If Cindy rebelled by getting physical or vocal she might prompt something like the dress-ripping scene.

The picture above is Cinderella’s life. She’s a servant in her own home and her home is a prison.

Because of her very busy and limited life, Cinderella would have little to no chance of meeting anyone. Also, considering her servitude is her livelihood, even if she tried to secretly meet someone, she would be neglecting her chores and therefore risking more than just romance - she would be risking her well-being.


Cinderella and NOT Waiting for a Prince

(For this section, for sake of argument, I’m going to assume that Cinderella went to the ball only to meet the prince like the stepsisters)

Contrary to “waiting for a man”, when Cinderella sees a chance to change her life, she is very active in “going for a man”. She seizes the opportunity to go to the ball:

  • fights for her right to go, and is granted it conditionally
  • works very hard to meet conditions (=completed purposeful overload of chores)
  • accepts dress gift from animal family  to fully satisfy conditions

Even after the dress-ripping scene, she still has the optimism that allows her Fairy Godmother to appear and she goes to the ball right away. She wastes no time getting ready and once at the ball she dances with the first person who meets her.

This section is summarized a quote from Walt Disney: “She believed in dreams, all right, but she also believed in doing something about them. When Prince Charming didn’t come along, she went over to the palace and got him.” Thus, rather than being passive, Cinderella is as active as she can be in regards to romance.
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If it were just a fancy cat lady doing her makeup I’d go “eh that’s cool I guess, but $600 for an unarticulated doll, even though it is a CAT PERSON, just doesn’t jive with me.”

But the little pet mouse on a leash like some alternate universe teacup dog, that tips this doll into “holy crap I wish I had an extra  $600 lying around” territory

Easter eggs, unanswered questions and fun facts from Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone:

Arabella Figg is actually a squib: In the first Harry Potter book, it’s revealed that Harry is often forced to spend time with a severely un-fun neighbor while the Dursleys go on fun trips without him. It’s not until the fifth book in the series that we realize Mrs. Figg is a squib, a non-magical witch, and has been tasked with keeping an eye on Harry on behalf of Dumbledore and the rest of the Order of the Phoenix.

That snake at the zoo is probably not Nagini: A fan theory suggests that the snake that Harry frees at the zoo in Sorcerer’s Stone is the same snake as Nagini, Voldemort’s BFF that also becomes a Horcrux — but we’re gonna go ahead and call BS on that theory. Not only are there no clues to support it in the books, it also doesn’t make sense that a snake that owes Harry a favor would team up with his greatest enemy.

“Erised” is “desire” backwards: Um, duh. Harry Potter was only 11 in the first book, so let’s forgive him for not figuring out that the mirror that shows you a vision of what you want most in the world is conveniently named the Mirror of Erised, aka the Mirror of Desire. Pretty chill.

Lingering questions and concerns:

What’s up with Hagrid? Hagrid definitely does some illegal magic in the first book in the series, using his “umbrella” to give Dudley a pig’s tail. But we know that Hagrid was kicked out of Hogwarts, and he’s technically not allowed to do magic. So what’s up with that? Why wasn’t Hagrid exonerated when it was revealed he didn’t actually open the Chamber of Secrets? Does anyone care that he still has his broken wand hidden in his umbrella? What, exactly, are the rules that govern who can and can’t perform magic? Are witches and wizards who don’t graduate from a magical academy forbidden from doing magic?

Why don’t they teach anything else at Hogwarts? Harry and the gang arrive at Hogwarts when they’re only eleven, and they’re immediately expected to write essays. Who’s teaching them to write? Are there any non-magic classes offered at Hogwarts? What about algebra or creative writing? Do they graduate from Hogwarts knowing how to turn a teacup into a mouse but not understanding basic cell biology? Did wizard-born kids go to muggle schools before Hogwarts?

What’s up with wizard money? The first Harry Potter book introduces a lot of basic details about the wizarding world — which means that it also brings up a lot of logistical questions, many of which are too small and specific to bring up. But one pressing question that must be addressed is wizarding money: Why is it so weird? There are 17 Sickles in a Galleon and 29 Knuts in a Sickle. Why?

What about Harry’s grandparents? In the first book Harry discovers (some of) his family story, as well as his family wealth, but it’s never explained why none of Harry’s grandparents, on either side, are still around. It becomes clear over the course of the series that Aunt Petunia is Harry’s only living blood relative, but did Harry’s grandparents die peacefully of old age? Or were they casualties of the devastating war that divided the wizarding world around the time of Harry’s birth?

What’s up with wizard religion? Everyone at Hogwarts seems to celebrate Christmas and not really any other holidays (except Valentine’s Day) — which begs the question, do witches and wizards have religion? Do they celebrate Christmas just for fun? It seems as though there’s pretty clear evidence of some kind of afterlife for wizards, but is there any particular unified belief system in the wizarding world?

Next up: Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

Canvas - Chapter Three

Sound of Silence 

Cowritten and Proofread by @aoimikans

Izuku trained every morning at 6AM. When All Might moved into the Class 1A dorm, he joined Izuku on the field, a welcome addition to Izuku’s mornings. The transition was seamless and natural. It was as it had been for those ten months of hell, before All Might passed One for All to him. Before U.A. Before Kamino.  

When the field was empty that morning, Izuku hadn’t thought much of All Might’s absence at first. The retired hero was still healing from his fight with All for One and usually appeared on the sidelines of the training field while Izuku was still warming up, a steaming thermos of tea in hand and huddled in his long coat against the morning chill. Some days he contented himself with watching Izuku train, allowing the boy to think through his own movements. Other days he got up, walked onto the field, and gave Izuku small tips and advice lightly disguised with casual jokes. All Might’s raspy laugh and praise echoed loudly across the field in those early morning hours. But not today.  

Izuku gripped his cell phone tight, All Might’s voicemail repeating from the speaker. Izuku hung up and bit his lip. An uneasy feeling coiled in his gut and the hairs on the back of his neck stood on end. All Might always called back on the rare occasions he couldn’t answer right away, but it had been hours since Izuku’s first call.

Where are you? Izuku nervously bounced his leg, glancing outside. The overcast sky was far too dark for midday. The clouds hung ominously low, still heavy with rain. Early fall winds blew through the cracked window and sent a chill into the room. It smelled like rain.  

Izuku almost launched off his bed when his cell phone rang loudly.

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zinfandelli  asked:

who shovels all that magical shit lindz, and where does it go? Does newt repurpose his creature poo, does he make little pats of it to burn like firewood? does he secretly bottle it up and sell it black market style as a magical facial mask?

(emily jfc im dying how perfect)

Bonus of magic is you can disapparate things to wherever the hell you need them. Fertilizer for the gardens is the usual place stuff goes, and besides potions Newt’s other skill is transfiguration (may not even be a particular talent so much as a patient teacher who didn’t judge him when he cried over turning a mouse into a teacup). And it’s very easy to transfigure a pile of manure into more suitable soil since they’re already so close together.

Newt also is probably a master of knowing what…refuse is best for what purposes (sterilized erumpent dung is one of the best fuels you can find) and doesn’t see why people get so PARTICULAR about it.

Of course, there are some particularly vile refuse piles. And he DID ONCE have the perfect place to send them all.

But then he got an extremely loud howler from his mother telling him off because dear Theseus has only ever been patient with Newt’s little games and habits and has bailed Newt out of so many legal issues that he is the LAST person who deserves this sort of treatment from his little brother

anonymous asked:

What are some uses for magnolia flowers?

Funny you should ask, I just finished drying a few handfuls of plucked petals this week! They were pinkish and snowy white when I picked them, but as they dried, they mostly turned all pink or a deeper almost hibiscus-red. Very pretty.

Magnolia flowers are great ingredients for love spells, particularly those where you want to make sure that the love you find will be faithful and true. They’re also good for beauty and confidence spells or any charm where a glamour is needed. They can bring out inner beauty or create the illusion of beauty, depending on how you use them.

A simple springtime flower divination can be made from magnolia and cherry blossoms. Mix the petals together in a bowl, whisper your wish to them, and then fling them up in the air. Look for patterns or letters in the fallen blossoms. It’s a bit like reading tea leaves, only on the ground instead of in your teacup.

Done by Zac (Technique) Arduini at Tattoo Factory in Chicago. He’s an amazing artist and super great to work with. He’s also done the other tattoos on my arm, a mouse in a teacup and Harry Potter. I’ll be going back to him to complete my half-sleeve. 

To Catch A Swan (3/22)

“Mr. Gold”

Neal stared at Regina in disbelief.  “You’re telling me that Henry is missing?” He thundered.

“As if you didn’t know,” Regina hissed and Graham moved between them, checking the hotel closet and under the bed. 

“Aw, geez,” Neal rolled his eyes. “If I was gonna kidnap the kid, do you really think I’d spend the night here? Wouldn’t it make more sense to grab him and go?”  He looked at the sheriff pointedly and Graham shrugged towards Regina.

“Madam Mayor, he’s not here,” Graham confirmed. “Looks like Emma was right.” 

Neal glanced at Emma who did not meet his gaze. 

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