mouse guard rpg

4"x5" Mouse Guard Character Standee commission.

Here’s the final version, all finished! Doing all of the fiddly texturey bits in this was a ton of fun and I’m quite happy with the end results. Jesua was the tenderpaw in our mouseguard campaign - the campaign ended with him earning his cloak - and always had his eyes on the horizon. Maps and shipyards were two big themes for this particular character  so I tried to include that as much as possible. The character design itself was put together by the player - everything in his outfit was drawn on the character sheet. 

Dourblue: Session 1

Playing the tabletop RPG Mouse Guard with the lovely @groddramitfronk​.

*disclaimer: many liberties used with the universe. the following is a rough transcript of the events–it changes past to present tense, and things have been simplified for better reading outside of the session*


The matriarch of the Mouse Guard, Gwendolyn, called for Dourblue in the map room of the citadel. It’s a simple patrol route. She draws each place she wants Dourblue to go with her finger, pointing lastly at Elmoss. “Make sure to check in at Elmoss before coming back.”

“Unaccompanied, ser?”

Gwendolyn does not answer the question, to which Dourblue takes it as a yes. Unaccompanied. It’s not too much of a disturbance for her, she prefers to work and be alone anyways, but still…a close loop around Lockhaven or not, unaccompanied is unaccompanied. Dourblue is a mouse used to cities and crowded towns.

It matters not.

Looking up from the map and keeping a gaze far too direct for someone as superior as Gwendolyn, Dourblue asks if she is expecting anything particular. Gwendolyn frowns at her directness, and answers that nothing in particular is expected, but patrols are meant to expect the unexpected. Without breaking eye contact, without nodding or shaking her head, Dourblue affirms there are no more questions, and leaves at once.

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