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For A While I Was A Cynic About My Childhood But Screw It:

High School Musical was awesome.

“That’s So Raven” was amazing.

I still watch the first three Halloweentown movies.

“The Suite Life of Zack and Cody” was cool.

Nothing will ever replace “Kim Possible” in my heart.

“Phil of the Future” doesn’t get enough credit.

I still remember Now You See It, Get a Clue!, Phantom of the Megaplex & The Scream Team. (I can’t really find a GIF for that)

I would still watch a third season of “American Dragon Jake Long”.

I wish “House of Mouse” was still on the air.

Twitches was awesome.

I never really got into “Lizzie McGuire” & “Even Stevens”…but I wish I had.

There are still songs by Hannah Montana in my iTunes library.

I’m still watch “Phineas and Ferb” with a passion.

What can I say? I was a Disney Channel kid.


i found cute the pirate thing so (btw the song is this one)


I took the liberty of cleaning up the sample pics for the [new merch]! 

It’s not great, but it will do until we have proper high res versions. 

Just look at these cuties! ;A; I thought it was supposed to be Haru’s birthday, but we got gifts instead?! 

One day you find an old computer mouse in your backyard. Jokingly, you point it at a rock and right-click only to find that an options menu popped up just like on a normal computer. Detail your first week with the mouse, then detail your life ten years and how it’s changed just by being able to right-click anything

You know what representation I wanna see in television and movies?

Autoimmune diseases.

I have only ever seen diabetes on screen twice: one was a minor character in a single episode, and the other was less a representation and more a reference. Both were such full of such horrible misinformation its terrifying to think people might actually believe the info presented.
One was Hansel and Gretel Witch Hunters “sugar sickness”. it was supposedly magical, but it was obviously a diabetes stand in. I’ll give it a pass because they never called it diabetes and because magic, but his need for a single injection once every 24 hours at a very specific time is laughably far from the truth.

The second was slightly less forgivable because they explicitly call it diabetes, but then got the facts wrong. blue bloods had an episode very early on where a girl with t1d was kidnapped. the entire episode, my dad and I just sat critiquing the show for getting so many facts about t1d, insulin, and sugars wrong. the idea that someone might reference this for info is terrifying.

Diabetes is already subject to a ton of misconceptions. many people don’t even know that there are two kinds, let alone the extremely important and rather large differences between them.

So I would love to see more characters with autoimmune diseases and misunderstood disabilities on screen done well and accurately informed so that more of the general populace is better informed about this kind of thing.

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it looks like ryan’s about to do some pitying(if you read throam you will know what i mean)