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Stay Alive for Me (Lin-Manuel Miranda x Reader) Part 2

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Pairing: Lin-Manuel Miranda x Teenaged!Reader

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Prompt: Lin finds a teenage girl unconscious at his doorstep and decides to nurse her back to health. As her stay is extended, Lin finds himself attached to the troubled teen that captured his heart.

Words: 2000+

Warnings: Mighty Dad Lin, Mentions of abuse, STDs, rape, alcohol, and family death.

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You slowly stirred, returning to reality from your fever-induced sleep. Your eyes opened slowly but closed again when the sunlight poured through the open window. After your eyes adjusted, you fully opened your eyes and sat up slowly. You immediately felt like you were burning up and you pushed the blanket off your body. You weren’t wearing the tank top, jeans, or shoes from yesterday, but a sweatshirt and sweatpants that were somewhat baggy on you. You felt dirty and your muscles ached. Where the hell were you?

You looked around the room. It was some sort of living space in an apartment. There was a doorway across the room that lead into a small hallway. You had a clear view of the front door. You could just bolt right through the hallway and leave. But, you need your clothes, money and your phone. Maybe the person, or people, that own this apartment have your phone? You needed to know who was here and why they changed you out of your clothes. 

You were so deep in thought that you didn’t acknowledge the man walking into the room until he snapped his fingers in front of your eyes, making you jump. You looked up and came face to face with your ‘savior’.

The man wasn’t too tall, a little shorter than your six-foot father. He was thin and pale, with shoulder-length dark-brown hair and matching brown eyes. He had a goatee that was dark and slowly growing out into a beard. He was dressed in a gray sweater and jeans, Mickey Mouse socks covering his feet. He held a mug of coffee in one hand while the other was tucked in his jeans pocket. You couldn’t help but notice that purple-almost-black circles under his eyes, making him look older than he was. He had to be somewhere in his thirties minimum.

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so RiverClan cats hunt most like actual cats, right? kinda? they're just normally shown on the riverbed waiting for fish, right? also the chapters in CP when Crookedkit and that mouser kittypet waited in front of the mouse holes? thats... honestly kinda funny, seeing as thats what RiverClanners do.

yep ! at least thats how normal cats hunt. its kinda tiring when the erins write hunting as “he sniffed, and caught the scent of a mouse 3 feet away. he crouched down and slowly crept on up on it then POUNCED, the mouse swinging from his jaws” like bitch TF ??? how is it that whenever cats go hunting there is ALWAYS prey like 2ft away from them and they catch it 99% of the time. like damn domestic cats are good hunters but their kill rate is still only like 1/3 of the time  

Happiest Place On Earth

Hello everybody!! This one shot was written for Lau’s Alternate Universe Funny Quote Challenge! Congrats on reaching 2000 followers @dancingalone21! Make sure you’re following her people… seriously, if you’re not I don’t know what you’re doing with yourself, she’s amazing!!

My Quote was: “And you know what? After we kill it, we can go to Disneyland!” -Sam

AU!Sam x reader: Sam’s a teacher, you’re a dentist, you live a normal Apple pie life!

Word Count: about 1400

Warnings: Shirtless Sam, cheesy fluff, rodent death

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This may or may not be (but definitely is) vaguely based on true events with my husband… enjoy!!


There he was. Your insanely gorgeous, incredibly intelligent, dumbass husband. Crouched like an idiot in nothing but his boxers at the end of the bed, gun in hand. Granted, it only shot BB pellets, but still he looked like a madman, knees bent up under him ready to pounce from his squatting position, like a freaking cat. It reminded you vaguely of when the two of you went bird hunting. His hazel eyes were wide, methodically searching the room.

Oh my god, your room! You’d just returned from a week-long dental convention and had promptly reunited with your husband, Sam, between the sheets before falling asleep naked in his arms. But the scene that greeted you now was not the same as when you first walked in the door. You’d come home to a spotless house- being a high school English teacher, Sam had the summer’s off and always kept a tidy home. But now…It looked like a tornado had ripped your bedroom apart! The drawers of your dresser we’re all pulled out, strung haphazardly across the floor. Your shoes, usually neatly lined inside the closet, had also been flung across the room.

“Honey, WHAT are you doing??” you asked the naked man perched by your feet, propping yourself up against the pillows. His head whipped towards you, his long brown locks flipping him in the face, gun pointed towards the ceiling.

“There’s a mouse,” he deadpanned, turning away from you to continue his search.

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Happy #NationalTapDanceDay to these animated stars!

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(Cue Cantina Band theme since it’s also STAR WARS’ PREMIERE DAY ANNIVERSARY)!

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CHILLY WILLY - Snow Business

Walter Lantz Space Mouse #2 Gold Key comics ( Feb. 1963)

1)      Space Mouse – (Space Litter) – 1 page inside front cover (untitled)
2)      Space Mouse – Meteor Menace – 7 pages
3)      Space Mouse – Caterpillar Cowboys – 8 pages
4)      Chilly Willy – Snow Business – 1 page text story
5)      Woody Woodpecker – The Man From Mars – 4 pages
6)      Space Mouse – Milk Shake-Up – 6 pages
7)      Space Mouse – A Fishy-Type Tale – 6 pages
8)      Space Mouse – (Glass Blower) – 1 page inside back cover (untitled)

Less than innocent

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Mcree/Hanzo/Genji is doing their yandere thing (stalking, killing, etc.) and their s/o finds out, but instead of being horrified like they KNOW they should, they’re actually flattered??? An s/o that realizes they’re not such a good person either.


Walking home, s/o stumbles across Mccree standing over the bodies of two of their co-workers. “Darling, I know this looks bad, but they were talking about you like…like you were some piece of meat,” Jesse confessed with a worried look in his eyes, “I just couldn’t take it. Don’t worry, I’m cleaning up this mess. This ain’t gonna lead back to us, I promise.”

They stare at the scene for a moment, eyes darting back and forth, from their boyfriend’s earnest face, to the corpses cooling at his feet. “It’s okay, I never liked them much in the first place,” they blurt, shocking themselves with the truth of it. They weren’t shaking, or screaming; A calm affection had washed over them the minute they’d seen Mccree there. The realization made them sick.


There was a cut off scream as they opened the door. In the living room stood Hanzo, crouched over a bleeding body. “Hanzo, what the fuck! Really, in the house?” They screamed, shocked both at the sight of a corpse and Hanzo’s audacity.

“I didn’t think you would be back so early,” Hanzo told them, “I’m sorry you had to come home to this.” He rose from the floor abruptly, wiping his bloody hands on the apron he was wearing. He stood there contrite, like a little boy guilty of eating sweets before dinner.

His s/o let out a put-upon sigh, somehow finding the situation reminiscent of a cat leaving a dead mouse at its owner’s feet. “Roll him up in the carpet, I’ll scrub the floors, just get him out of here,” They grumbled, angrier about the mess than anything. Thank god they loved cats.


As they walked home, something stopped them in their tracks. A feeling of unease stole over them as they scanned the quiet street, looking for something or someone. Out of the corner of their eye, there was a familiar green glint. Surprised, but not unpleasantly so, they shouted up toward the rooftops, “Genji? Genji, is that you?” A soft sound behind them made them whip around to take in the sight of their boyfriend. “Were you following me?” They asked, arms folded across their chest.

“I was a bit worried, is all,” he confessed almost bashfully, refusing to meet their eyes.

“Next time, you don’t have to walk me home at a distance, okay? You scared me for a second,” His s/o told him, taking his hand in theirs.

Courage and Kindness: Part 11

PAIRING: au reader x Bucky Barnes 


WARNINGS: angst! 

We’re getting so close to the end now guys!!!! I can’t believe how big this has gotten!!! I hope you all still enjoying this as much as I love writing it!! 

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Part 10


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Leaning out of the carriage you watched in horror as the Palace guards galloped after you.

“Hurry, Mr. Goose!” you urged him, you could hear the chimes of the village clock tower, anxiety gripped at your chest and time was running out.

“Come on! Hee-ya!” Mr Goose cracked the reins encouraging the mice/horses to move faster. The carriage went careening around the corner, the motion and speed of the horses caused the carriage to tip onto two wheels. You watched in shock as you could see how close you were to the edge of the cliff. Thankfully the carriage righted it’s self, throwing you back inside. You sat back trying to catch your breath in the madness around you.  The chimes of the bell grew louder as your company raced through the village; the place guards hot on your tail.

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Ballerina Oso + Kara’s magnificent leg = A THING THAT MUST BE DONE.
You bet your ass that’s a sparkly leotard.

It’s really messy, I’m just trying to stay alive at this point. My head is not in the game at all. I might redo this or even colour it but for now, here it is lol
I love how I put all the effort into Kara’s hands and Oso just has little mouse feet

Let them dance!
More multi-bro activities!

-Sirius was a bit scared when he decided to go for his first tattoo. He spent hours that day whining to Remus about how his delicate skin will be pained. “But Moonshine I’ll be needing loads of kiss after that.”

-tho Remus rolled his eyes at his boyfriend’s dramatics, but smirked as he pulled him forward and placed hot opened-mouth kisses all over Sirius’ torso.

-his first tattoo was that of a phoenix (he did that one one he left his family as a metaphor) on the left top side of his back

-Sirius also have the constellation Leo on his left ribs and Canis Major in his right

-the moon phases (magical tattoo this one) on his left wrist.

-antlers on his hipbones, with mouse feet imprints around

-his right arm is filled with tattoos. Mostly muggle ones. All of them being coloured. They are an intricate design of colourful flowers.

-reg did most of his tattoos after school( the boy had a real talent for that) except the Leo one. Sirius wanted it to be a surprise and Reg was very pleased and his eyes were very bright at that moment.

-Remus accompanies him whenever he can. Mostly because his lover was a big baby, but also Remus liked being there for him.

-Remus wasn’t present for only three tattoos. The first one was the moon tattoo Sirius got. He knew that the tawny haired man would have not approved that much.

-the second was the one he got when he was about to propose to Remus. He had RJL just on his left pec(on his heart)

-the third one was for the birth of their son Teddy. It was simply his date of birth.