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ok so heres a bit of talk about games. do you guys remember when amnesia the dark descent came out? sure it wasnt perfect and it had a boring story but it broke some ground, namely that it was pretty scary using only limited effects: lighting, mouse-controlled world interaction and great sound design. there was like 5 people on that games team and they worked around their constraints by using simple sound and screen effects to lull you into the feeling of danger. but it also had a bunch of other unwieldly shit, like it pretty much brought the despicable Find Glowing Boring Lore Pages mechanic into the world

idk what happened to horror games after that but for some reason they all copied amnesia but literally all the worst parts of it: voiceover cutscenes, a monster chases you and hits you a few times and it makes your screen bloody, and more goddamn Find Pages gameplay. big studios were all like ‘lets take this popular pewdie pie game and give it really good graphics and make you encounter scary monsters ten times as much that will make it way better’

in my new horror game. you go to Satan Chthulu Nightmare Cathedral (also asylum for some reason (never mind i know the reason you fucking bastards)), you get chased by a naked guy through a sewer, you collect lore pages about an experiment and dont read any of them. 100/10-overwelmingly positive-steam

Here is a tutorial on how to have mouse effect or sparkling mouse.

1. go to
2. scroll down until your see Mouse Effects
3. Select your color
4. Generate and copy the whole code
5. go to your tumblr and click on customize
6. paste the code between the head tags
7. save it

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Some pixel art of my asura mesmer :)

Hi there! I don’t consider myself an artist but I really like to do some pixel art sometime… well some of it turns out to be quite complex in the end, like this portrait of my asura mesmer, Nodri Mabobo!
This is done mostly with Paint and just by using mouse, with some effects added later :) Hope you like it and share!

External image

[Submitted by Nodri]