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My childhood in 3 minutes ❤

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Hey folks here’s a beautiful piece of Art that I commisoned the brilliant @nick-and-judy-daily for and as you can see Alana has brought her A game and delievered this little beauty.

So in this image we have a few of the ships from Star of Ceartais…
Nick and Judy in top left corner, Robyn and Hannah in centre, Luna and Aleks on the top right, Kion and Jasiri in the bottom left and Olivia and her new flame Blake in the right. Feel the love folks 💞💓💕 The next chapter of Star of Ceartais drops tonight so stayed tuned 😋


The similarities between The Disney Renaissance and The Disney Revival (including the low years before both of them)

Yes, I know the chronological order was changed a teensy bit…

Animals | Animal Counters

Hey guys, I hope you’re all doing well! Today we’re gonna discuss animals in Japanese and some of the counters used for small and large animals.

  1. Animals=動物・どうぶつ
  2. Bear=熊・くま
  3. Bird=鳥・とり
  4. Cat=猫・ねこ
  5. Cow=牛・うし
  6. Deer=鹿・しか
  7. Dog=犬・いぬ
  8. Elephant=象・ぞう
  9. Fish=魚・さかな
  10. Fox=狐・きつね
  11. Giraffe=麒麟・きりん
  12. Hamster=ハムスター
  13. Horse=馬・うま
  14. Kangaroo=カンガルー
  15. Koala=コアラ
  16. Lion=ライオン
  17. Mouse=鼠・ねずみ
  18. Monkey=猿・さる
  19. Owl=フクロウ
  20. Pig=豚・ぶた
  21. Rabbit=兎・うさぎ  
  22. Snake=蛇・へび
  23. Squirrel=栗鼠・りす
  24. Tiger=虎・とら
  25. Turtle=亀・かめ
  26. Wolf=狼・おおかみ
  27. Zoo=動物園・どうぶつえん

e.g. I like dogs

       My cat is very cute.

       I wish I could have a pet monkey.

       Do you like animals?

As far as counters go, there are multiple counters for all the various animals in Japanese. I will only go into this a little bit but if anyone would like a detailed post feel free to request it in my ask box!

「ひき」 is used for counting small animals such as cats and dogs.

  1. 一匹・いっぴき
  2. 二匹・にひき
  3. 三匹・さんびき
  4. 四匹・よんひき
  5. 五匹・ごひき
  6. 六匹・ろっぴき
  7. 七匹・ななひき
  8. 八匹・はっぴき
  9. 九匹・きゅうひき
  10. 十匹・じゅっぴき

「とう」 is used for counting large animals such as horses, cows, elephants etc.

  1. 一頭・いっとう
  2. 二頭・にとう
  3. 三頭・さんとう
  4. 四島・よんとう
  5. 五頭・ごとう
  6. 六頭・ろくとう
  7. 七頭・ななとう
  8. 八頭・はっとう
  9. 九頭・きゅうとう
  10. 十頭・じゅっとう

I hope this helped you guys out, feel free to send requests in for posts you’d like to see on this blog!