Hey guys I’m Chuck how’s it going? FUCK! Look I’m here ‘cause I want some dusty hallway with some money. Fuck. Oh! I have to keep writing on this thing? Shit. And…uhh! So anyway’s I’m looking for some poo-OON that’s also a little bit on the FUCKIN’ older side. I think that would be great shiiit. Uh. My favorite thing to do is- FUCK. Especially if you belong in a fuckin’ geriatric hospital. So. Anyways I- JUST TO BE CLEAR WE CAN’T GO TOOO YOUR FUCKIN’ OLD FOLKS- YOUR HOUSE BECAUSE I CAN’T FUCKIN’ SHIT GO THERE ANYMORE.
—  Kerry Shawcross and Cole Gallian on On The Spot [x]

Les Miserables Dubai Cast

“The production will be sung in English by a sensational international cast, led by current Broadway stars John Owen-Jones as Jean Valjean and Hayden Tee as Javert” X

 So apparently the international / Asain Tour / World Tour cast will be the cast in Dubai other than John Owen Jones and Hayden Tee going the cast and replacing Simon Gleeson and Earl Carpenter.


2 World Wide Icons - the most recognizable images in silhouette.

“We wanted something appealing, and we thought of a tiny bit of a mouse that would have something of the wistfulness of Chaplin — a little fellow trying to do the best he could”. - Walt Disney

Bottom drawing - On March 16, 1931, this George Corley illustration of Charlie Chaplin with Mickey Mouse appeared in “The Portland News”. Chaplin had insisted that a Mickey Mouse cartoon accompany first showings of City Lights.

Caption: Author Terry Ramsaye’s assessment of Mickey Mouse in 1932.

Terry Ramsaye, a writer for various entertainment and trade publications of the day.   He wrote about Charlie and “the tramp” for many years, as far back as 1916.  He had some amazing and astute observations about him.