The Trio

Request: Bruce and Selina have a best friend named Mouse who Alfred and Jim are surprised by, considering her personality, size, and simply just her differences from the pair.

Warnings: Mentions of an Orphan and Social Services.

Author’s Note: I’m just gonna set this at the time when BatCat was looking for Ivy, so… yeah. Hope you like it! I’m sorry this was so short and I hope it fills what you were looking for but I feel this is really crappy. 

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“You’re finally back, did you find the misses?” Alfred asked Bruce as he’d just returned from looking for Selina and their new counterpart Mouse, but to his dismay they weren’t at Selina’s usual spot.

Bruce trudged his coat off at the door and hung it on the coatrack, “Unfortunately, no, Alfred- I don’t know where they went.” Bruce sighed and slumped down onto the couch.

“They?” Alfred questioned as the young man had taken up to grabbing his journal and a pen from his father’s desk in the study.

“Yes, Selina and Y/N, but we call her Mouse… She’s Selina’s newest friend- or, I don’t know but I think Selina’s taking care of her? I’m not sure, but it seems like she doesn’t have anyone else.” Bruce realized how much he was talking and decided that he’d given too much unnecessary information. 

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Hetalia/Alice in Wonderland crossover
  • Mad Hatter - England:
  • "What do you mean tea isn't a solution I don't unde r s T A N D-"
  • Grey rabbit - Alfred:
  • "Yes hello I'm Alfred and you're watching an Englishman being insane af. *throws teapot at Arthur and runs* And that's it fOR TODAY-"
  • That mouse - Canada:
  • "Alfred calm the fuck down or I'll get my hockey stick"
  • White rabbit - Estonia:
  • "Oh wow look at the time, it's time for me to judge you all on so many levels."
  • Cheshire Cat - Prussia:
  • "Am I staring at you
  • Am I staring at your dick
  • Am I staring at a tree
  • I'm invisible, so you will never know."
  • Alice - the Italy brothers:
  • "Lovi no, you can't break down that house-"
  • ... Or Belarus:
  • "Can you all fucking n o t-"
  • Queen of hearts - France:
  • "Ok but seriously, where's my guillotine?? This country needs some rEVOLU T I O N-"
  • That King - Kiku:
  • "Mister Bonnefoy, would you kindly calm the fuck down and eat a snickers?
  • That smoking thing - Netherlands:
  • "Hey there
  • Wanna buy weed?"
There’s a Mouse in the House!

-The mouse originates from Tim’s room when he cleans up from his sleepless night activities(the TV goes on and off, endless array of snacks galore, so many empty bottles, etc.)

-The mouse is kinda cute, so Tim decides it’s not hurting anyone by camping out in his room.

-But where one mouse goes, others will follow.

-He didn’t realize the extent of the population of mice and genuinely thought there were only two, so he kept feeding them and cleaned up after them.

-Until he went on his class trip, which was an entire week long.

-Which meant he had quite a few other things on his mind than his pets, so he left without leaving any food at all for them.

-It only took two days for the brave ones to come out of hiding.

-Cass was the first to find one as it scurried across the kitchen’s island, where she sat eating her cereal. It didn’t get far before her hand slammed into it’s back, ending the mouse.

-Alfred watched on in horror, always priding himself of being able to say that the house never experienced one rodent within it.

-As Alfred was alerting Bruce of the situation, and explain he had no idea where they may have entered, a disheveled Jason grumpily entered the room and demanded that “Whatever damn invention Drake has in his room that’s squeaking all damn day and all damn night needs to be shut the hell off!”

-Bruce and Alfred gave each other a knowing look and Jason became more irritated, thinking none of them believed him.

-Before even answering Jason they called everyone that was there into the room and explained the problem.

-Damian was in an uproar, convinced Tim was using them for some twisted science experiment.

-Stephanie was outraged at how disgusting Tim kept his room that now it attracted mice.

-Jason was pissed off because he couldn’t sleep.

-Dick came up with some hair-brained idea that Tim was using them to fulfill a sick and twisted sexual fantasy.

-Barbra, who visited the next day, suddenly declared she “had plans” that she forgot about.

-Cass was the only one who was indifferent to the situation.

-After finding out what the problem was, Jason turned on his heels and grabbed a baseball bat while Damian charged after him, yelling obscene threats if Jason slaughtered the mice.

-Each and every one of them completely underestimated the problem and when Jason opened the door with Damian beside him, both their mouth hung open.

-They shut the door before any could get out and looked at each other.

-After everyone else assessed the situation they all decided, even Damian, that it was just illogical to try and set traps or try and capture them a humane way.

-Calling an exterminator was completely out, and Alfred made that clear, he might not be able to boast to the family that the house is rodent free, but he made damn sure he’d be able to boast to other butlers or guests in the future.

-For three whole days they took turns going into Tim’s bedroom in shifts, the first crew would kill as many as they could, the second would clean up those carcasses and so forth.

-On occasion, the person made to watch and guard the door would have to scramble after a loose mouse.

-Needless to say, all of them had quite strong words to say about Tim and multiple times they told Bruce he should just not pick Tim up when he was supposed to. And Bruce considered it for a while.

-When told his little friends had been found, Tim smiled and shrugged, “They’re harmless though!”

-Thankfully Damian kept all the bodies, even went to the trouble of lining all the over-100 mice up out side while he dug their mass grave.

-Tim was slightly surprised when he saw all of them to say the least and it took almost two whole months for his sibling’s(and his butler’s) anger to die down.

Two Can Play At That Game

To the beautiful anon who requested Magical Strike, thank you so much for your lovely words!! I hope this was what you wanted! I cannot thank you enough!

The Salary man and the CEO have quite an interesting dynamic at the office.



The salary man with emerald eyes had quite the reputation among office staff. He was quick and efficient in his work, sarcastic, highly intelligent, and respected by his peers. But he was also mysterious. No one quite knew for certain who exactly Arthur was. He kept his personal life completely separate from business and was a recluse. Besides small talk, the salary man kept to himself. But there was one interesting dynamic the whole office knew about and that was Arthur’s relationship with the company CEO, Alfred F. Jones.

They weren’t enemies per a say, more like… a cat and mouse. Alfred chased the Englishman like prey, and it was obvious the two had feelings for each other. Yet, Arthur would always run. Alfred would flirt, Arthur would insult, and that’s the way things happened at the office, from morning to closing time. The sexual tension was so heavy in the air, practically every staff member could notice it. But of course, Arthur was too stubborn to admit any affections he had for the handsome sandy-haired man in that fitting black jacket.


It was a regular day at work, and Arthur had run down to the copier room to grab some papers. He sighed in relief when he walked up to the copier. The room was empty and quiet except the buzzing of the machine as he waited for the paperwork to transfer. It was nice to be alone for a minute in the midst of the day, and his crowded little cubicle crammed next to a dozen others wasn’t quiet by any means.

“Well if it isn’t my favorite employee…”
Shit. Just when he thought it was safe. That slight southern drawl was back in his ear, no doubt the voice of the tall, predatory CEO.
“Jones.” Arthur grit his teeth, impatiently tapping the edge of the copier.
Alfred Jones was directly in front of him, smirking devilishly. Arthur couldn’t deny to himself that the man was in fact, quite handsome. From his dark blonde hair with a violet streak, the sparkling blue eyes, that tight fitting black pinstriped suit and trousers… It was enough to give Arthur chills.

“Howdy, darlin.’ You looked kinda lonely back here. Thought I’d keep ya company.” Alfred stepped closer, smirking at the smaller man.
Arthur backed up a little, feeling his heartbeat start to quicken.
“I’m perfectly fine on my own, thank you very much.” He barked back.
Alfred only looked more interested.
“You’re cute when you’re angry. Especially that little red blush. You know, I’d like to have that cuteness for myself.”

“Shut it, Jones. You don’t know what you’re saying. As if I’d ever be yours.”
Alfred looked mighty pleased at Arthur’s huff of anger.
“Is that a challenge?” He asked with a wolfish grin.
“No. It’s a fact. There’s no way I’d ever fall for you, so you should stop trying. Now if you would please leave, so I could get back to work.”
Arthur glared at Alfred. He really wasn’t in the mood for any bullshit. Why the hell was the copier taking so long? The next time someone asked a favor and that favor turned out to make 200 copies of something for them, he’d turn them down. He took a quick look at the screen.
95 of 200.

Suddenly he was being pressed to the copier, Alfred’s body caging him in place.
“Sorry, babe, but I don’t take no for an answer.”
The salary man was trapped. The smell of cologne burned Arthur’s nose. The CEO was even more gorgeous up close.
“I get what I want, Artie. And you,” Alfred paused, “are what I want.”
Arthur thought for a minute. Besides the constant harassment, this whole ordeal could work out nicely. Yes… Rather nicely.

Arthur looked up at Alfred with a smirk.
“Hmm… Well, you are easy on the eyes, Mr. Jones. I guess I could reconsider..”
Alfred licked his lips.
“Oh really, now?”
Arthur nodded, biting his lip as he pulled the boss down by his tie.
“But, you have to work for it, love.”
“Oh, I’m ready to work for it, baby.”
Arthur smiled, pushing Alfred off him.
“Good. Your first task is to bring these copies to cubicle 6A when they are done. Then maybe we can discuss this further in your office.” Arthur purred.
“You got it darlin.’”
“Bye, … Alfie.” Arthur said with a smirk as he went out the door.
The CEO was practically drooling.

Arthur laughed.
Git. There was no cubicle 6A.

anonymous asked:

Do you know any good (preferably completed) pirate! or teen!arthur fics? Especially UkUs/UsUk :)

Pirate!Arthur is amazing, isn’t he?

Pirate-y SMUT

Incomplete Stories

aph-alfred-deactivated20150927  asked:

I love your blog so much and just wanted to ask if you knew of any good teacher/student AUs?

I’ve done a few in a College AU list, but I have a few more to add to that. I hope you’re asking for smut, because you’re (mostly) getting smut!

High School Student x Teacher

  • Apple Nectar (by avalonroses) - Alfred gets really distracted when his teacher bends forward to help a student, putting his delectable ass right in Alfred’s face.
  • Bad Boy (by AnonymousVow)- Delinquent Arthur is determined to fuck his hot teacher. WARNING: Dubcon. 
  • Cigarette Smoke and Black Tea (by SpyMiss) - Alfred intentionally misbehaves to get detention with his hot teacher.
  • All Good Things (by Thrice Written) - Gym teacher Alfred finds himself lusting after one of his students. Unfinished, but has some good smut.
  • Untitled (by anon) - Just straight up student/teacher smut with Alfred as the horny student.

Hogwarts Student x Teacher

College Student x Professor

Single!Parent x Teacher

Teacher x Teacher